Capsuleer's Log 472

Caldari Prime. What a beautiful place. Well, not exactly. It's a frozen iceball with cities stuck in the frozen waters below. But it is home, an I have to respect that.
The Board of Directors has chose me for a special mission. The EVE gate has re-opened, and they wish for me to see what exists on the other side. I am honored to be chosen for this great expedition. I must begin assembling a fleet.
The fleet has been assembled, and the Board has outfitted us with several unique ships. They look like regular ships, but they have actual cockpits and have a device called a Light Drive, which enables lightspeed travel. This means that the ships have actual crew now, and so the mission begins.

Capsuleer's Log 473

We reached the gate in a matter of minutes. It was quick, let me tell you. We sit poised at the entrance, waiting for the Board to give the go-ahead.
Orders stream in over the intercoms ten minutes later. Our fleet of 1 Leviathan, 2 Wyverns, 2 Chimaeras, 1 Phoenix, 5 Charons, 3 Ravens, 7 Nagas, 7 Drakes, 9 Cerberi, 3 Tengus, 9 Flycatchers, 13 Coraxes, 300 Manticores, and 400 Crows launch into the warp and into the new Galaxy.