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Chapter 2: Everything falls apart.

Previously, in Hyoton no Naruto

There was a sudden displacement of air, a characteristic of shunshin, followed by the arrival of Akai, their eldest daughter. She was a 12 year old, with violet eyes, and a lithe figure. Unlike her mother, she had brown, cropped hair, with one bang covering her eye. She was wearing a black shinobi outfit, and tied around her hand was the Uzu forehead protector. Akai Uzumaki was considered a once in a generation prodigy, and had already become a chuunin and a seal master at the tender age of nine. Her parents couldn't be more proud of her. She was a strong ninja, a doting sister and a loving daughter. She was also polite and curt, which couldn't be said for many others of their clan.

So it didn't come off as a surprise when she spoke the next two words; "I accept"

Current time,

Uzushiogakure No Sato.


This is what her parents felt.

Pride tinged with sadness.

Why'd it have to be them, making sacrifices for the sake of the village?

Why did Akai have to be so selfless? Did she not want to live a life filled with happiness? Even when they were going to propose this option to her, it wrenched their hearts that the two words that came off their daughter's mouth would separate her from their family.

Being the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi meant that she would be watched at all times by the Konoha military. They would not be able to meet her much due to Konoha's valid concern of having their jinchuuriki morally swayed.

They were sure that Akai too, knew those things. Then why would she be so easygoing on this matter?

Their unspoken question was answered by Akai herself.

"For Kushina."

They were two words. But all present in the room knew the weight they carried. Akai loved her sister too much for her to simply let Kushina become the Jinchuuriki, the Human Sacrifice. She was not naive. She knew the lives the jinchuuriki led. Hated for the deeds of the demons they held back. Carrying the burden of thousands of deaths, for years. Doomed to lead their lives in solitude. She did not want this fate for her little Imouto.

Her parents reluctantly nodded their heads, appreciating her thoughts, if not exactly liking it.

Any further conversation was halted, as suddenly, the doors burst open, and in came a red streak, bounding across the room, straight to a surprised Akai, who had only enough time to wrap her arms around the bubbly 7 year old.

"Nee chan!, Tou chan!, See what Shigu-chan got me! A real kunai-ttebane!" the ecstatic red head told her elder sister while wildly waving the kunai in the air. An action that finally caused the gathered adults to finally break out of their stupors.

Arashi immediately blanched when he saw the kunai in Kushina's hand at an uncomfortable distance from her shoulder. He was going to speak when a stern voice cut him off.

"Put that kunai down, now Kushina!" Akai demanded harshly. Hearing her sister talk in that tone, Kushina hung her head down in shame, tears prickling her eyes.

Akai now felt a little bad. It was not as if she had wanted to hurt her little sister. She ad just seen Kushina in Danger and reacted. Well at least she wasn't hurt. That kunai, a masterpiece from the Higurashi clan, a clan specializing in forging weapons, and known for producing extraordinary weapon specialists, could kill Kushina in a second if she was not careful.

'Why did they even give it to her!?' she furiously thought.

She couldn't believe how a person could be so reckless with weapons!

She looked around her room, noting absently the haggard secretary who was trying to apologize to tou san, and finally landed on the chucking form f her mother, the somberness all but forgotten.

'That is why I love you so Kushina. Always making others happy with your actions. Even unknowingly.' she thought fondly.

Akai knelt down to her sister and fondly ruffled her hair. "Ne, Kushina chan, let's talk about this at home, over a cup of ramen. Do we have a deal?" she asked kindly.

You could've never seen something moved so fast. "DEAL!" .And with that Kushina left the room, leaving two adults and a teen, giggling at their princess's antics.

"I sometimes feel like I'm manipulating her, using ramen like that." Akai murmured.

"Ah no need Akai!", the Uzukage said, walking out of the room ,now that all matters had been discussed. "After all this runs in the blood, and you at least only do that to Kushina!" he said, mumbling the last words.

Akai was confused. Until she remembered how her mother had often offered her yakisoba, whenever she did something she asked.

The villagers ignored the cry of indignation coming from the Uzukage's office.

Evening, The Uzumaki Head Family mansion

The Uzumaki Clan Head's mansion was not at all what one would expect a man of such stature to have. It was a modest home, with two floors, enclosed within medium height walls, which had their surfaces filled to the brim with security seals. The hose was also guarded by an ever present force of 5 shinobi. They were also called the Whirlpool guardians.

The hose itself was painted in a pristine white, with various walls adorned with the stylized versions of Uzumaki Spirals. There were 4 bedrooms, a living room and a spacious and well equipped dojo. Though the dojo was used more for practicing sealing than sparring.

Let's just say that it gets messy when you can form appendage-like golden chains while trying to practice Uzumaki taijutsu, which uses the chakra draining constructs, liberally.

In one of these rooms, we see a bob of red hair, fiercely snuggling in to a girl with brown hair. Akai.

"Why nee chan! Why do you have to go! I won't have anyone to play with! Please, don't go! At least come back if you do! Yu promised not to leave us alone-ttebane!" By the end of her tirade, tears were freely flowing out of Kushina's eyes. Se could not believe this. Things had been so good mere moment ago. Then her sister had told her.

Told her that she was leaving the village, and most likely wouldn't come back again.

And she could not come with her!

"I am sorry Kushina chan. But this mission is very important for both the villages. And only I can do it."

'Except you. But you don't need to know that.'

That did little to placate the emotional 7 year old. Sighing, she kneeled down and wrapped her hands around her sister's small form. She then quietly asked, "Will you do something for me Kushina?". This surprised Kushina. Her nee chan always gave. She had never asked her for something. In her dazed state, she could only nod dumbly, getting an approving smile for her efforts.

Huh...Her nee chan could see right through her. Couldn't she?

Seeing her sister's smile widening only confirmed her theory. But it quickly turned serious again.

"Promise me, Kushina. Promise me that you'll always fight to protect your family, your friends. Always listen to what your heart says is right. Remember, the greatest authority, too, can be at folly.. And become strong to protect, not to destroy"

"But I don't understand, nee chan. Isn't it basically the same thing? If I am a super cool and powerful ninja like you, can't I do both of these things? And what should I strive to protect?" the redhead inquired.

Giggling at the praise, Akai quickly soothed, "No Kushina.. just remember my words.. Right now, you're too small to understand my words. But one day you will. The answer will come to you, if you keep searching for it.", and with that she stood up, ruffled her cute imouto's hair and quickly left via shunshin, leaving behind an indignant redhead.

When Kushina was sure that her sister was not there, Kushina quickly bowed.

'I thank you for all the love you've given me, onee chan. I, too will always love you, regardless of how far apart we are.'

That night, the Uzumaki family had a huge feast (ramen included, of course) ,prepared for what was supposed to be a family dinner. Unsurprisingly, most of it was food that the older sister liked. Wanting to do have as many fond memories with their daughter before she was sent off to Konoha, Arashi and Miki had decided to let the two sisters do all they wanted to. This, despite Akai's abundant patience (for an Uzumaki), turned into a tickling contest, and then, a game of who had had the most embarrassing accident on a mission. Raucous laughter could be heard till late hours from the main house, all over the island village.

The morning of departure saw teary faces of Miki, Kushina, and surprisingly, Arashi. They all said their goodbyes, and a few choice words to Akai.

Finally, when Kushina was going to bid her sister farewell, her sister knelt down and placed a kiss on her forehead, mumbling "Remember what I said Imouto.. And also that I love you..", with that, she spread her arms for a hug, which, was joined in by the rest of the family.

"Good bye, nee chan..."

Then, Akai set off with her escorts towards Konoha, to be made the new Kyuubi jinchuuriki.

Six years later,

Uzushiogakure no Sato

It was a pleasant day as any in the island village. The birds were chirping, and it was another peaceful day for the villagers under the protection of the island dwelling ninjas.

Suddenly, a commotion was heard in the street. Curiously, no one seemed to pay it even a little mind, like it was just as part of their lives as walking or running.

It was.

A red hared girl, dressed in a yellow (yellow!) shinobi outfit, complete with mesh shirt underneath, complete with black arm guard, was chasing after a black haired girl, wearing a pink variation of the same outfit. Any person knowledgeable in Uzu's prominent clans would quickly identify them as Kushina Uzumaki, Heiress of the Uzumaki clan and Shigure Higurashi, heiress of the Higurashi clan, two of the most powerful clans in were both genin for over 3 months now, and were both considered as prodigies in every sense of the word. But neither of them cared for that title. They had their own goals to fulfil. Goals which required them to dedicate every ounce of their time to it. They were expected to be courteous to others and behave in a manner appropriate for the heiresses of the two prestigious clans.

But what the two were doing currently was far from being appropriate for their station.

The two were, as always running bout i the streets of Uzu. Well, Shigure was running (not fleeing damn it!) from the red haired demon her friend had become after she spilled her ramen (accidentally of course!) .

She did it every day. And this had nothing to do with training her evasion skills.. So here she was, running around the town, evading sharp, pointy objects thrown by her best friend. She absently noted that her friend's skills with weapons increased when fuelled by her righteous, ramen induced fury.

After a few minutes of evading, and running for dear life, Shigure was finally exhausted. Luckily, for Shigure, Kushina had never been one to hold her temper for long.

So, when she finally caught up, she was not in what Shigure dubbed as the 'demon mode'.

Shigure glanced at her friend. Uzumaki vitality or not, she was definitely tired. Her cheeks were red from the exertion and, her red tresses were drenched in sweat. She herself was in worse shape than the redhead. In fact, she was panting.

The two walked in companionable silence, and it was, surprisingly, Shigure who tried to break it.

"I think we went for too ... long this time.", she ventured.

The redhead just huffed, took on a pensive expression as if considering something and then , reaching a conclusion for her thought, sighed.

Her friend was just too easy to read sometimes.

"You should not have spilled the ramen to get me to play tag. You could just ask me to do it. We are friends-ttebane" Kushina exclaimed heatedly. But Shigure, being her friend for as long as she had, discovered the uncertain tone her voice had taken towards the end.

It was no secret that Kushina had been sad when her sister had left.

Very sad, in fact.

She had stopped meeting her friends or family members, and this had caused a rift. Many children had thought that Kushina thought them as lower than her, and hence didn't want to talk to them. This rumour spread and by the end of that year, when Kushina had regained her bearings, only a handful of her previously large group of friends even talked to her. Shigure was one of them.

Hence, she had a underlying fear that Shigure, too would leave her.

Shigure shook her head. "Of course, Tomato!"

The brightening face of Kushina, immediately turned red with anger.

Making her look like a tomato.

Shigure quickly whipped out a mirror from...somewhere,

"See?" Shigure's lips twitched when Kushina pouted. Relishing her momentary victory.

"Come on Kushina, let us go to the ra="

Anything she had to say was cut off when an explosion rang out from the Uzukage tower.

Both their faces paled.

"TOU CHAN!" Kushina shouted, and began sprinting towards the Uzukage tower. Suddenly explosions started rocking the entire village. They could see the burning buildings. The smell of burnt flesh plagued the air. Even many shinobi were caught unawares by the sudden assault, and many were killed as a result. Kunai rained down from the sky, thrown by lightly armoured ninjas, flying ninjas. Many were caught flat footed, and in their surprise, fell in the most mundane of ways. The redhead didn't dare look up from the ground, while running, afraid of what she would see.

There was a low, rumbling voice. When she looked up, her eyes, along with everyone's i the vicinity, went wide with fear.

A flying machine, with what seemed to be a village atop it, appeared on the horizon, charging what seemed to be purple cannon. Suddenly, it fired the wall towards the east side of the village.

There were mouths carved on the front of the grey coloured ship. That was when she spotted them.

Hundreds of the same flying ninja were jumping off from the ship with golden flying devices on their back and kunai launchers in their hands.

The enemy had brought in reinforcements. The Uzu shinobi wasted no time in moulding chakra and firing jutsu at the ship. Collaboration techniques, Kinjutsus, Kunai tagged with explosive notes , hundreds of golden chains went flying at the ship.

The ship didn't even get a scratch. 'It is as if...'

Kushina's thoughts were interrupted by the loud voice of a Jounin.

"The ship has got chakra absorbing seals. Long ranged Justus will not work, all ninjas who have flying summons, report to Jounin Taichou! He will decide what we have to do!"

The previously faltering men all obeyed, willing to obey their superior.

They all started falling back, forming small groups to watch each other's backs.

Then, there was a tingling in her mind, as if someone had intruded in. She was startled when she heard the voice of the Jounin Taichou in her head.

'All genin, evacuate the civilians, lead them to the safety shelter! Barrier tut up barriers around the red zones. All chuunin and jounin make groups of five and spread out. Don't make big groups. All squads should have at least one long range fighter. Uzukage sama with us on the battle field. He has ordered us to their wings like the flies they are! Will you follow his words!?' The thousands of 'hai's and battle cries ringing across the battle field were confirmation enough.

Kushina now had no doubt that they would win this. At least until the mouths on the ship slowly started opening, and from inside, a long cannon came out, pointing towards the military district.

A narrow, but powerful beam was fired.

It hit the various unprotected buildings and sky scrapers with a resounding BOOM...Several such cannons were fired, hitting may other parts of the village. The village was now burning, bodies of ninja and civilians alike littering the cratered landscape..

Chaos descended on the battlefield again She wasted no time in commencing the extraction of the remaining civilians. Many of her peers and surprisingly a few jounin clones doing the same.

They led the civilians down a path towards the shelters hidden in the steep hill. Suddenly a loud reverberation sounded throughout the village, forcing them to close their eyes.

They turned to see what it was that had caused this, but then, they found a scene from their worst nightmares. A beam had impacted the second most important building in Uzu. The centre of shinobi operations. The impact sent a large shockwave rippling through the village, bringing with it, dust and debris.

Kushina had to apply chakra to her soles so that she would not be blown off. When the dust cleared; a most horrific site awaited them. There was nothing left of what was once the base of military operations in the village. Despair started gnawing in her heart. Abruptly, her eyes widened. As the ground where the remains of the building lay, stood the base once again, in all its glory. It's walls seemingly tinted purple.

'A Protection barrier coupled with an illusion barrier', her mind supplied immediately.

Then her eyes rested on two figures. She immediately recognized them, despite the distance they were at. She could also hear their muffled voices over the shouts of agony resounding in the village.

"You betrayed our trust, shinobi san. We allowed your sky ships in our island, and you used that opportunity for attacking us? You have betrayed the deal we had. Uzushiogakure will not forget this. . .This. You must get ready to pay the consequences for your actions.", the singed Uzukage said, his voice calm, yet portraying his thinly veiled fury, to the mysterious man. She had never seen her father so furious. It seemed as if a demon had appeared behind her fath- no, the Uzukage. And if the expression on Miki's face was any indication, she was feeling the same, cold fury.

They had put up a barrier so that their battle wouldn't harm their own.

In spite of herself, Kushina cringed. The man was going to be in a lot of pain. That was for sure.

She had no time to think though, as she ducked to dodge a kunai strike that would have take her head clean off. Manoeuvring herself, using her small body, to kill the ma-THUNK!-or to see the man fall down in a heap. He was wearing light blue padded jacket.

She raised her eyebrows to Shigure, who was still in the process of retracting he outstretched arm, all she got in return was a blank stare...

Huh..She should help her in her social life. Not that she had any right to it , what with all her friends long gone.

She dodged another kunai. Three enemy ninjas were targeting her, probably trying to use her as a leverage against her father. They must have been hoping for a quick victory.

Kushina smirked. Big. Mistake.

As soon as the first ninja came close to her, three golden chains popped up from the ground and skewered him. The redhead sighed. She had hoped that they would all come together so that she could end them in one fell swoop.

She and Shigure shared a glance. Being her friend so long, she knew her friend's techniques inside out.

Shigure unsealed a katana, and dashed toward the enemy nin. The sky shinobi, thinking she was just another kid in over her head, lazily brought up a kunai to block the strike.

Unfortunately for him, she had coated her blade with a thin layer of wind chakra. The blade sliced through the kunai and cleanly bisected his chest. Shigure paid no mind to the blood pooling on her feet. She turned to gaze at the man's partner, who was literally frothing through his mouth in anger.

"Y-You Bitch! I will kill you!" raising his hands, to form hand seals, he was stopped when a golden chain wrapped around his arms, draining his chakra. In seconds, the chakra deprived shinobi fell to the ground like a puppet with his strings cut. The two girls wasted no time in piercing his heart with their weapons.

Kushina turned around to see her vill-no, battlefield. She saw many ninjas wearing the same uniform as the ones that had tried to kill her, combating against the Uzu shinobi. Assessing the damage, she was depressed to see over 3/4th of the village destroyed. Most of the shinobi she knew were already dead in the surprise attack and the rest were fighting a losing battle against the mysterious ninjas. They had to divide their attention between dealing with the threats and safely escorting the civilians to safe houses.

The invading shinobi were also being helped by their flying comrade. When a sky shinobi was surrounded, his comrades' would fire kunai from their launchers at the offending ninja. It was only through the liberal use of the vast reserves the Uzumaki shinobi had that Uzu was even holding up.

She turned towards her parents hoping for some reassurance. What she saw shocked her.

Her mother had a fist sized hole through her shoulder, lying on the ground, dying, and her father was holding the muscular man by his shoulders. You did not have to be a genius to know that he had used the Shiki Fuuin to permanently deal with the threat to his people.

As if sensing her gaze on them, he turned, smiling thinly in her direction and beckoned her over. She wasted no time in doing just that.

Tears threatened to spill from her eyes seeing her parents' blood soaked forms. But she daren't do so, for she didn't want to sully their sacrifices by crying. She should be proud of them, and she definitely was.

So why was this ache in her chest threatening to tear her heart out?

"Come...H-here Kushi-na..."

She was broken out of her stupor by the low, raspy voice of her father.

His voice cracked like someone had ripped out his soul.

"This can't be happening; I still want to be with you and mother tou chan...Nee chan will be back in few years, then we can be a big, happy family again.. don't leave me like nee chan, please." she pleaded, and it broke his heart that she was going t go through another heartbreak again. He could only hope that she could forgive him for what he was going to do.

But first things first.

"K-Kushina..." he managed, straining for every word, "Y-Your mother, she asked me to give you this"; he spoke, clearly strained, holding out a light green crystal, glinting when sunlight fell upon it.

"This belonged to your mother and grandmother both, Kushina. Always wear it as a sign of your family's leg-", he trailed of, coughing blood. Kushina, for her part was feeling intense sorrow for her loss and hatred for the people who did this to them...

"Kushina ... When you a-arrive at the safe h-house, s-stay there. The survivor Nin will find you", with that he hugged his daughter; she hugged her father back, absently noticing how his shoulders sagged in relief at the contact.

But she didn't care. She just wanted to keep hugging her father for eternity, be lost in the warmth and protection his body provided.

So lost in her thoughts she was that she didn't even hear her father mutter the word "Uzu tereporto"

With a bright flash, Kushina Uzumaki disappeared from her spot, to reappear in a safe house on the outskirts of Mizu no Kuni.

And Arashi Uzumaki, 3rd Uzukage of Uzushiogakure no Sato died with a smile on his face, by his wife's side.

Uzumaki Safe house- Outskirts of Mizu no Kuni

Kushina felt very disoriented by the sudden change in surroundings.

'Did tou chan know space time ninjutsu?' .Kushina knew they were very difficult to master. To use one on her when his soul had been ripped out meant that her father truly was a master of space time jutsu.

In her exhausted state, she couldn't stay awake for long and promptly fell asleep.

Next day

The next- morning? , it was difficult to say with only artificial light seals keeping the room illuminated- Kushina woke up groggily. Wiping her eyes of dried of tears, she unconsciously gripped her pendant. She was reminded of how her life had taken a turn for worse in 24 hrs. She had lost her mother, father, village and countless comrades. Maybe Shigure too? No...No use dwelling upon it.

She remembered how her father had called the man a traitor, a former ally. There was only one ally she knew of, which was so close to Uzushiogakure that they could afford lowering their defences for.

So had Konoha betrayed Uzu? She couldn't be sure. There could be an Uzu ally that she didn't know of.

But the nagging sensation was definitely there. But there was no reason for Konoha to harm Uzu. She knew her nee chan would not let something like this happen. But her father had said something about Konoha wanting Uzumaki in their ranks. So was this all a deliberate plan to show them that they couldn't defend themselves and offer them sanctuary?

If so, then the survivors were definitely in danger, and may come here beaten up.

She stood up and steeled herself. The least she could do in the fallen comrades' memory was to prepare the safe house for their eventual arrival.

Nodding to herself, she set to work.

A few weeks later

4 weeks. This had been the time elapsed after the fall of Uzu. Still, there was no sign of surviving nin. Her mind was conjuring up the many ways her comrades could have ended up dead. Each thought more gruesome than the last.

Tired of waiting in the safe house, she decided to head out and get some information. Tying the most identifying part of her body, her red hair, in a bandanna, she set out to gather some information.

She saw two people discussing something in hushed tones. Silently wiling her chakra to her ears, she tried to listen in on the conversation the two were having.

She wished she hadn't.

One of the men had said it, but the jounin chakra reserves of the men were enough to tell him this was not just gossip.

Uzushiogakure had been wiped off the face of the Elemental Nations.

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Sante !

Q.) Why did Uzu fall so easily?

A.) Easy really. These were sky ninjas, if you didn't catch my reference.. Conventional wars were fought on land. Uzukage thought they were allies, so as show of trust, dropped the barriers protecting much of the village. Then someone blew the Uzukage tower up, which led to confusion within the ranks. Then they tried blowing up the command centre while bombing the village. Miki was at the command centre and was able to just activate the barriers in time. The rest were not as skilled as her, and could not save themselves in time. Then ninjas were killed wholesale initially and they couldn't hit the airship. Then the sky ninja came in to finish the job. This also gives Konoha a reason to wipe out sky.

Q.) Why is Kushina suspecting Konoha?

A.) She is 12 y/o. Lost all she had, sitting alone in a safe house, with no outside view. I think her imagination would definitely run rampant. Don't worry she will not be like "I'll burn Konoha to the ground". More like I don't want to be near the village, even my sister is inside the village... How else could I believably make her go to Kiri?

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Q.)What about the Uzu shinobi who survived?

A.) Stayed in the village to find civilian survivors and hold off Sky Nin. Sky shinobi bombed Uzu, most of them died. Some lived but scattered to parts unknown.

Kushina would've died too, if Arashi hadn't teleported her.

Preview of chapter 3-


That is what Kushina felt while trying to outrun her pursuers.

Stupid! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! How could she have let her guard down!. Her bandanna had slipped off, showing the world the fiery red hair of the Uzumaki clan. She had quickly covered it up again. Unfortunately for her, a few missing nin had seen the slip u and were now chasing after her, hoping for a bounty in exchange of an Uzumaki.

She gripped her pendent hard, tears spilling forth. In her distressed state, she unconsciously bled chakra to the stone. Suddenly, the world went black. When she woke up, it was to a face she had not seen for two long months.

"Hello Kushina chan"

Standing in front of her, was...

"K-Kaa chan..."

Miki Uzumaki.


Shiki Fuujin- Dead demon consuming seal.

Uzumaki seal capable of summoning death god. He can seal enemy's soul.

Cost for using the jutsu- User's soul is taken by death god too.

Uzu tereporto (original)- whirlpool teleportation

Transports whatever user will in a bright flash to a predetermined location. Takes time. Not viable during combat.

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