A/N: So, this is my first Teen Wolf fic and is pretty much written for the sole purpose of getting the final scene out of my head...

Characters: Erica, Boyd, and Allison are all alive.

Warnings: Suicidal thoughts (mentioned), murder of teenagers (mentioned), human sacrifice in a ritual.

I have seen the first two episodes and half of the third, but the majority of my knowledge comes from other people's fan fictions. If there's something majorly wrong, please let me know and I'll fix it. Otherwise, please sit back and enjoy.

The rating is for description of torture and human sacrifice. Please don't read this if these are triggers for you.

I'm not sure if I'll continue this, but in the future this may also contain non graphic descriptions of sex between characters of the same or opposite sex.

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Life had been going well. Beacon Hills, while a popular place for supernatural activity, had begun attracting creatures that weren't psychotic, revenge seeking, or in pursuit of world domination. There were also fewer species that had sociopathic tendencies.

Of course, it didn't last.

Something was killing the supernatural – by removing the supernatural.

Shape shifters could no longer turn, losing everything that they had gained in the transformation; witches couldn't perform rituals or even the most basic of spells. The random satyr chasing a nymph through the forest no longer had his nature magic, his music, or his life.

The corpse was left as a human man with an oddly shaped skull and a parody of human legs. In a small clearing, about 20 feet away from the former satyr, an oddly shaped laurel tree reached it's branches forward and to the sky, as if running from something more terrifying than a lustful satyr.

The wolves of the McCall and Hale packs had been on edge for weeks before these events began occurring…

"Hey Ms. W, I'm back for some more mountain ash!" Stiles yelled as he entered the small shop.

"What have you been doing to run out so soon? You were just here last week!" The crone screeched at him. Honestly, sometimes her voice was worse than some of Lydia's Banshee Shrikes. Stiles winced internally and rethought that statement. Some of those Shrikes were much worse, but for different reasons, of course, so the two really couldn't be compared at the same level—.

"Just trying to keep some curious 'wolves from nosing around my stuff again," he replied cheerfully.

The witch snorted at him and shoved the bag into his hand. "I'm sure. Now, get out of here. I don't want to see your Spark near this store for another fortnight!"

Stiles saluted and replied, "No problem, ma'am! Not unless…something…"

He started down at the bag. "Um, Ms. W? …There's no magic in this ash."

"WHAT! Of course there is! Let me—" She grabs the bag and reaches the same conclusion as Stiles. "By the Goddess, what happened? This is from the strongest grove this side of the Mississippi and this has never happened before…"

Stiles, too, stares at the bag, face suddenly straight and his eyes focused and narrowed. "Have you ever heard of something like this occurring before?"

The witch shakes her head, wrinkles on her forehead becoming more pronounced. "No, never. I'll ask around and see if I can find anything from the rest of my coven."

"Thanks Ms. W. I'll talk to the packs and let them know."

"You do that Spark." And with that, Stiles left her shop, pulling out his cellphone to call Scott.

"Hey man, call the packs together. Something's going down. Ms. W's mountain ash didn't have any magic and she doesn't know why and neither do I. I'll grab Lydia before heading over, ok?"

"Yeah, I'll call everyone."

"Thanks, bye."

"Bye." Stiles ended the call before climbing into his Jeep and heading towards the library.


Lydia was there, of course, pouring over a compendium of miscellaneous math theories. However, her head snapped up while her hands snapped the book closed as soon as she caught Stiles approaching from the corner of her eye.

As soon as she saw his face, she pushed the tomb to the side and began shoving her notes into her bag.

"Now or later?" She asked.

"Later. Let's get to the meeting."

She nods and follows him out.


It's been months since the first meeting (but before the unfortunate satyr and nymph) and neither Lydia nor Stiles nor Deaton nor any of their respective contacts have any idea as to what is the problem.

Stiles, at his wit's end, decided to call Derek and vent.

"…And Goddamnit, I don't even know where to look anymore!" He finished after a solid half hour of nonstop talking.

"…Stiles, I don't have any more ideas than you do…" Derek paused to clear his throat.

"Well, yeah, I know that, but seriously, can you think of any other place I could look?"

"Not off the top of my head. You know Peter would be better for this."

"Yeah, but I don't know his number," ok, he actually does, "and I don't want him knowing mine."

"…I'll ask him for you, but he might not get back to me for awhile." Again, Derek clears his throat.

"I know, dude. But at least I might get something. …By the way, why'd you keep clearing your throat?"


"Dude, just tell me before I annoy it out of you in three hours of your life that you'll never get back."

"…Fine. I feel like something got stuck in the back of my throat."

"Okaaaay. Well, is it like a film or something spread over the back of it? You can't be getting some kind of werewolf sinus infection, can you?"

"Werewolves don't get sick. …But yes, that's what it feels like."

Stiles' eyes go wide. No way.

"…Do you have a fever?"

"Stiles, you know wolves run hot."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Do you have a fever?"

"…I guess I'm feeling a little warm."



Life became worse from there on out. Derek eventually became bedridden as whatever was draining the magic of Beacon Hills' resident supernatural population constantly sapped his immune system and energy levels. The rest of the wolves were suffering too. Scott's asthma was back in full force (and that had been one heart pounding trip to the hospital that Stiles had hoped he'd never have to be a part of again) and Erica's seizures restarted. Isaac repeatedly injured himself attempting stunts impossible without his werewolf strength and speed. Boyd was mostly exempt, if only because he recognized the symptoms the other wolves had been demonstrating in himself and abstained from anything necessitating werewolf powers.

Even Lydia was not exempt. She too was experiencing the energy drain, but she was almost relishing the lack of visions and screams. For the past year, she had been having flashes of various deaths, but was unable to name the persons being killed.

Stiles hoped (again, that fragile thing that had never brought him anything but grief in these situations) that she wasn't seeing the deaths of the pack. But he couldn't be sure and he knew it was haunting Lydia as well.


Skirmishes broke out again among the supernatural. Many creatures felt that the wolf packs weren't doing enough to keep them safe.

"I'm never allowing any more kitsune back in the town," Scott said as he wiped his face free of blood and tried to get his breath back without using his inhaler (it wasn't working, so Stiles shoved it into his hand).

"Except Kira," Stiles and Allison felt the need to add while Scott used the inhaler.

He nodded in agreement. "Except Kira.

"But, it isn't like they don't have a point. We haven't been doing anything to solve this problem. There's nothing we can do."

"Excuse me? Doing nothing? I've been spending the last five months buried obscure tombs alongside Lydia and Deaton trying to figure out what's happening. And anyways, you just hit the nail on the head – we don't know what's going on so we can't fix it. This isn't really a physical attack on any of us. It isn't even a psychological attack or really a magical attack as far as I can determine. We have nearly nothing to go on and thousands of books to comb and translate. So, yeah, we're not protecting the supernatural people like we have in the past, but too bad. This isn't like anything we've faced in the past, so they should feel empowered to entertain their own solutions!"

"Stiles has a point Scott," Allison added. "We're trying to fight shadows and mist here. None of this is actually doing anything except exhausting all of you further."

"…Well," Scott hesitated. Stiles glared.

"Scott, you know it's true."

The alpha hung his head, "I know, but I still feel like we should be doing more."

Stiles grabbed Scott into a hug. "I know," he said, "that's why you're the leader."


Nothing changed, though. Everyone grew weaker and slowly creatures started to die. Most incidents were like the satyr – sudden and seemingly swift. The families who had initially stayed after Scott's announcement that they had no idea what was going on began to leave. No one wants to risk his or her children.

And so Beacon Hills began to die again.


Stiles spent an increasing amount of time pouring over the volumes that people were sending Deaton, to the point that he was napping every few hours before returning to his reading. Lydia and Deaton are on the same schedule while the wolves are taking care of their other pack mates. Derek is getting worse (they all are, but apparently born wolves have like no immunity to most things) and Erica is retreating back into her shell. Isaac is beginning to have problems with his lack of strength and Derek's illness and Boyd is the only one apparently able to deal with everything at the wolf house. Allison is splitting time between cursory patrols with her father and caring for the research team who are all feeling the effects of the drain.

"Stiles," Allison shook him awake.

He bolted upright, chest heaving.

She looked down at him, his rumpled clothes, and the deep shadows beneath his eyes. It wasn't like she was looking any better, though.

"Yup, I'm up. Can I have coffee now?"


The phone rings.

"I'll get it," Allison rushed downstairs to answer.

Stiles rubbed his face when his eyes caught on a random ritual in the current block of wood pulp he was slogging through. It didn't look like it would help them currently, but as a last resort… He marked the page.

A muffled thump echoed through the house and quiet sobs followed.

Stiles ran down the stairs to Allison, who he found in front of the phone, weeping.

"What happened?" He asked, but a part of him knew even as he wrapped his arms around the hunter.

"Erica's dead and that's caused Derek to get worse…" Allison whispers into his shoulder.

Stiles hugged her tighter. Yeah, he knew.


There wasn't really enough time to mourn Erica. Everyone pushed themselves to find anything before anyone else (Derek, although Boyd might be a close second from grief) died.

It's not enough.

Nine months after the beginning of this magical drain, Derek is buried in his family plot. Scott takes Isaac and Boyd into his pack, but the bonds are almost nonexistent now.

Stiles still hasn't found anything, but he starts looking at the ritual he saw as a last resort. It's starting to look tempting.

Lydia and Deaton don't know about that ritual. Stiles wasn't even supposed to be reading the book it was in, especially since he had that experience with both the Nematon and the Nogitsune. It was a mistake that it ended up in his pile of books to read (a mistake that's still happening), but now…


Boyd follows Derek and no one is really surprised. Erica's death caused him a lot of pain that he was never going to recover from, especially because her death should have been preventable. If only she hadn't been affected by the Drain.

He was buried next to Erica (who had been buried near the Hale's, against her parent's wishes).

Isaac seemed to have given up with the rest of his former pack mates dead. Scott had been trying to keep him present, but it was a full time job and there are still a few supernatural creatures living in Beacon Hills (Stiles questioned their sanity, but then, he was still there).

At one of the few times he was left to his own devices while not researching, Isaac showed up.

"Hey, Isaac."

Stiles received a nod.

They stood there for a while, just watching each other.

"I don't think it's weak," Stiles finally said.

Isaac let a small amount of tension release from his shoulders.

"I don't think you should do it, Scott will be devastated and so will Allison, but it's your life. I can understand wanting it to end.

"I wouldn't though. I'd want to find what ever – who ever – was causing this and rip them apart. Torture them for months like Derek and Erica were. Slowly peel the skin from their body and break a bone everyday. Add a small amount of poison or something to every thing they ingested, make them reliant upon it as it made their body deteriorate.

"It wouldn't make up for what they suffered. It won't make them come back, but at least they might have some satisfaction from knowing that person suffered like they did. Maybe it's just me projecting hopeful feelings on dead people to justify the death of another person. I don't really care. That person still killed them. I'll kill that person.

"Are you going to help me?" Stiles' voice remain even, barely, despite the rage that thrums though his body and the glee that he can feel from imagining the pain the perpetrator would feel.

Isaac stared at Stiles for a moment before shifting his gaze to the window.

"…I'll help." It was barely audible to Stiles' human ears, but it was agreement.

Stiles nods. "Good. You'll be searching for anything about magic and the ability to absorb or drain energy. I'm currently going through a book of Polish rituals…"


Isaac lasted another half a year before succumbing.

Scott was tearing himself apart during and after the burial.

"Why couldn't he stay? What could I have done?" he sobbed into Allison's neck while she hugged him with silent tears dripping down her cheeks. She shook her head in reply and gripped Scott tighter.

Stiles watched and planned.

That night, he began the preparation for the ritual.


Scott only remained for another half a year before he died.

Allison was nearly inconsolable for a month before she stopped showing emotion to anyone besides Stiles, Lydia, and her father. Still, Stiles found her new lack of personality and emotions to be highly disturbing. Yet another person broken.

Stiles has coped by preparing and planning. He has one chance at this ritual given the lack of magical herbs and not much time to complete the necessary steps.

Lydia had begun to notice, but she was fading rapidly.

Deaton was just a weary shell of his usual self. It has stopped him from being cryptic, but Stiles can't relish the victory.

Allison was so removed from the world nothing would catch her notice.

Chris Argent might have some idea of what Stiles will do, but ignored it in favor of keeping the peace and scanning for information.

Stiles planed in earnest.


He bought a house on the edge of the woods and set up the proper designs and runes beneath the house. Burned the proper things, planed the times, the places, the methods.

Maybe he's no better than Mrs. Blake was, he mused one afternoon while painting the floor with the correct runes from the book. But the he mentally shrugged. It didn't matter anymore. Almost all the people who care are dead or as good as and he hasn't seen his dad for nearly a year. Research took over his life.

That can only help him, now.


The day Lydia died, he killed the first sacrifice.

Twenty six bodies later, he laid their corpses in the correct positions.

Twenty seven, three cubed. Boys, teens like he had been once, with summer jobs and love for their cars like he loved his jeep.

Stiles painted more runes in white and red on his naked body and dimed the lights before he called on the last embers of his spark to ignite and activate the ritual to rewrite history.

His body glowed before it combusted, the fire engulfed the bodies, the Preserve, the town, the state…the world and that future.

Stiles did not acknowledge any of the destruction his ritual caused. Instead, he was racing through the time stream to find a day he could never forget, the earlier the better.


On November 9, 2005, Stiles Stilinski entered the mind of his younger self as he thrashed in a nurse's arms while his mother died in the hospital.

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