A man of 30 years slowly opened his eyes. Today will be like any other day, he thought grudgingly. Going to the bathroom, he took a quick shower, and began shaving. A well built man, with messy black hair and green eyes stared at him from the mirror. A lightning bolt scar on his forehead angrily stared at him, reminding him of his past.

The man reflected on his past, what lead him here. Like others he was joyful when Tom Riddle was defeated, but soon he realised he had nothing to do. Prophecy fulfilled. He did one thing he knew doing, fighting, he became a hit wizard. His best friend joined him, but it was short lived. Ron and Hermione got married and soon left the hit wizard ranks. They wanted a less dangerous job since they were expecting a child.

Years past and they slowly drifted apart, he threw himself more at work. They had to give time to their own family. He always wondered if he should get a wife and start a family, but something always stopped him. Mostly it was his work, but few other thing contributed to decision. One of those things, people were afraid of him. He killed greatest Dark Lords of all times, without any honor. Instead of grand duel people expected, Tom received a bullet to the head. He used a muggle weapon against a wizard.

He had to thank his uncle for that actually. During the war, he found Dursleys to make sure they were safe. Despite how they treated him, he still loved them as his family. Uncle took him aside and thanked Harry for getting them out of country before killings began. A lot of Muggles were murdered. Harry told him the problem he had, he never could land a good hit on Voldemort during all their duels together. That's when Uncle Vernon suggested using a gun. Bullet could travel faster than most spells. Combined with wit-sharpening potion, you were almost unstoppable. The wit sharpening potion, allowed you to process everything faster, so time for you in a sense slowed down.

A lot of people saw what Harry did and started experimenting with muggle technology. A lot of dangerous weapons were produced. So Ministry had to step in and fully prohibit such tinkering, or face time in prison. Few people disagreed after Harry stepped in and supported Ministry's decision. But there were always a few who didn't listen, and started tinkering in both muggle technology and dark arts at same time.

Soon after some psychopath came out and started killing Aurors left and right with the gun charmed to rupture all veins in the body when the bullet even touched the person. Harry personally took the person out with his own invention. That's when people began to fear him.

Soon after Harry in decision with Ministry decided to update Auror's and Hit Wizard's arsenal. They now got a standard issued gun that shot tranquilizers. Regulations updated. And gun trafficking strongly controlled. The trafficking regulation greatly helped muggle counterparts to almost eliminate any blackmarket guns.

Harry took out a cigarette and lit it. Sitting down behind a desk he started looking through paperwork. He now worked from home. And was only called when something significant happened. That meant he had nothing to do almost every day. The Paperwork was mostly minutes of meetings and sometimes contracts to hire his help abroad. Taking a drag he leaned back in his chair.

Suddenly a lit fireplace turned green and a Minister's face appeared. Shacklebolt smiled. "Good Morning Harry"

Harry nodded in acknowledgement. "I hope it isn't just a soliciting call."

Shacklebolt frowned "Harry, I consider you my friend and I see no problem with calling my friend to just ask how he's doing"

Harry smiled. "Why not come in person?"

"You know perfectly know fine why I can't see you in person. I'm on a job. Anyway I called to ask if you're free this evening. I want a mock duel between us. And no wit-sharpening potion of any kind this time"

"Anything you say Minister" Harry mockingly bowed

"You cheeky bastard" Shaklebold smiled and fireplace turned back to yellow licking flames.

Harry smiled and returned to paperwork. Unknown to any of his close friends he was transferring departments. He was going to Department of Mysteries. Harry wanted to do something new, since he was called less and less to solve a problem. Last time he was called to a job was over year and a half ago. Truthfully he was also running out of money to feed himself. The money his parents left him were enough to go through Hogwarts and live peacefully for 2 extra years. That fund was running dry, and he needed a new job. He applied for transfer over a month ago, and he had been on trial by Unspeakables ever since.

A barn owl swooped in through open window and dropped an official letter on his desk. Opening it he saw 'Strongly Confidential' on top of the letter.

'Mr. Harry James Potter

After much scrutiny by our top officials, we would like to invite you into our midst. This decision should not be taken lightly as you'll be under a confidential vow, and will have to lie or redirect any question asked about your work. This work can and will drive gaps between the biggest friends. If after this consideration you still agree to join the Unspeakables, then reply to this letter and attach it to the owl this letter was sent with.

Yours truly

Unspekable Vesemir'

Harry dipped a quill into the ink ans scribbled a message on the back of the parchment.

'Thank you Unspeakable Vesemir,

I know this decision should not be made lightly, after much consideration, I agree to join your midst.

Thank you again

Harry James Potter'

Harry signed a letter and sent off with the owl. Taking a drag on the cigarette. He asked out loud. "What possibly go wrong?"

AN: Starting a new book, hopefully not as pathetic as last attempts. What could be improved on? And I already have Beggining Middle and End somewhat planned. Also I'm an Uni Student so expect really slow updates. Some inspiration are in order I guess, First and Foremost are Max Payne 1 and 2, then Fanfics: Time Mr Potter? by Tw15teD, Case 129 by Silens Cursor, Elizium for the Sleepless Souls by Voice of the Nephilim and finally Unatoned by SeriousScribble