So I really want this couple to happen. Like seriously. C'mon AOT writers! SOMUCHPOTENTIAL.

There were few things in life that actually calmed Levi's spirit, and tea was one of them.

Every day started the same – wake up, quick exercise, shower, and, of course, some herbal tea. Bengal spice, chamomile, peppermint or acai mango. A slight breeze rustled against the window as Levi glanced outside, stirring his morning drink. The sky cast glowing colors of red and purple, swirling through the faint clouds as the sun awoke from its slumber.

The chair creaked as he sat down, and he momentarily closed his eyes in concentration. In a few hours, the meeting would commence with the other squad leaders and corporals. It would be a day filled with endless discussion of new phases and strategies to claim one of the several walls destructed by the Armored and Colossal titan. Levi took a small sip. For now, he would bask in this moment of silence –

"Levi! Is that you?"

The rim of his teacup bumped into his teeth, causing him to bite his lip.

"Argh, you're not going to believe this! I can't find my glasses! Have you seen them anywhere?"

Finally opening his eyes, Levi cast a fleeting glance at Hanji, who simply squinted at him as she leaned against the doorway. Shirt untucked, jacket inside out, hair messy (more than usual, if that's possible), and glasses perched crookedly on top of head.


He takes another sip as he hears her wails of frustration echo down the hallway. Birds flitter past the window, the scouts are waking up from their sleep, and Levi wonders how long it will take for the scientist to find her glasses.