Reaper of the Force chapter 2

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"So, I am on the planet of Korriban in the Horuset system. You are a Togruta and a former Jedi, once part of the grand army of the republic, locked in a war with the confederacy of independent systems. Rights, I am just going to nod and pretend I understand any of this." said Ichigo as he and Ahsoka walked through one of the canyons on the former Sith world.

"What is so hard to understand? Where have you been living in for the last five years? A cave?" asked the girl, crossing her arms, looking irritated.

"You would not believe me even if I told you…"

"Try me."

"Fine, fine, you bloody annoyance."

"I am from a planet called Earth, the Solar system, I believe. It is not that developed compared to your worlds, I guess. We just recently landed on the moon." Ahsoka nodded. It was not that hard to believe that there were such worlds, undiscovered and undeveloped.

"There are several dimensions connected with Earth, all of them connected with the afterlife. Long story-short, I ferry the souls of the dead to the afterlife, or if they are sinners- to hell."

The former jedi stood staring at the orange-head in front of her before shaking her head:

"You are right, I don't believe you. Afterlife? There is only the force and we all become one with it after we die. Well, unless you are sith, but that's different."

"Whatever. Believe what you want." Responded Ichigo, not in the mood to argue.

His day has been going quite badly so far. He was just leaving Kisuke's shop on his way to school when a hollow showed up. Leaving his body with the former captain, Ichigo quickly found and disposed of the entity, making short work of the weak fallen soul.

Of course, with his luck, something happened as the hollow was decintregating. As spirit particles flew all around the shinigami, they suddenly stopped their ascend and held still in the air before glowing brightly and launching themselves at the confused reaper. Next thing he knew, he is in a weird room with a hooded figure trying to kill him with telekinesis.

After clearing everything between the two of them, Ichigo considered going back underground for the holo-thing since it was it that brought him there, but considering that it was in a collapsed tomb, kilometers long, it was impossible, even for him.

Nevertheless, he was somehow calm about all this. For nearly two years he has been powerless and nothing has happened and with his dad regaining his powers fully, he was sure of the safety of his family. Plus, he was certain Kisuke will come up with some way to get him back to Earth. Ichigo would not put it past Kisuke for this whole…thing to be his doing in the first place.

Snapping back to the present, Ichigo saw that they have entered yet another canyon, a dense sandstorm surrounding them.

"So where are we going again?" Ichigo asked, raising a hand infront of his face to shield himself from the ever-increasing volume of sand in the air around the duo.

"Ugh… for the last time, we are going for another artifact since you so kindly buried the other!"

"Me? I'll have you know, miss flashy sword, that it was you that brought down the tomb, and my way home I might add!"

"Hey! If you did not mess with Sith artifacts, we both wouldn't be in this situation."

"For the last time, I don't bloody know what a Sith is! I was minding my own business when suddenly next thing I know, you are standing there, blasting me with the Strength."

"It's the Force, you kriffin idiot!"

"Strength, Force who ca- OUCH!" Ichigo suddenly brought an end to their argument, bumping into something, which, considering the ever-increasing density of the sandstorm, was not that big of a surprise.

A strange being was heard infront of them, one that Ahsoka quickly recognized.

"R2? What are you doing here?"

The droid beeped something which Ichigo did not understand and his barely visible shape began moving away, Ahsoka following him without hesitation, while Ichigo only signed, thinking out loud:

"Why do these things always happen to me… why can't it be Ishida for a change…" mumbled the orange-head, rubbing his forehead in annoyance, before following the girl. As they blindly ran across the wall of sand before them with only beeping to lead them on, the storm began to lessen. Nevertheless, they moved for what felt like a good five minutes before eventually coming to a destination and finally exiting the storm, revealing a dead end to a canyon with something akin to an Egyptian pyramid at the end.

Finally managing to get a good look at R2, Ichigo only raised an eyebrow. He did not think much of the beeping but he would be lying if he said he did not think that it was coming from a machine of a sort and his suspicions were confirmed. R2 was a robot… that looked remarkably like a trash can.

"What do you mean master Yoda is here?" suddenly questioned Ahsoka while Ichigo was still lost in though. The little robot began beeping wildly, sounds that sounded the same to Ichigo but apparently were the equivalent of a story to his new alien companion.

"Padowan Tano, to see you well, good it is." Suddenly spoke up an old sounding voice from Ichigo's right that made the shinigami raise an eyebrow at the grammar. It was definitely not the correct way of speaking yet it sounded formal. Maybe it was his own mistake for assuming that the same rules applied.

Turning to the voice, Ichigo nearly took a step back at what was coming against him. It was a small green… thing with large eyes and long eyes, a balding head with little white hair on the sides and back. 'Yoda' was clad in a long, for his size, white robe and was supporting himself on a cane, not really surprising as wrinkles marred his exposed skin.

"I am not a padowan anymore, master." Responded with a slightly hostile edge Ahsoka, a bite almost to her voice before a small smiled appeared on her face. "But it is good to see you again, master Yoda."

"Hmm, done well for yourself, you have. Strong in the force, you are but I wonder – why are you here?"

"Master… ugh… I am I guess what you would call a treasure hunter. A lot of things happened since I left the order."

"Hmm… and to Ilum, you were?"

"What? Oh. OH. No, no, I found it on Hoth, the crystal I mean. It is a permafrost one."

"Rare, they are. A beautiful blade, they create." Said the small master with a smile before turning towards Ichigo.

"Introduce, believe I did not. Master Yoda of the Jedi council, I am." Formally said the green aged Jedi.

"Master, he is abit of a weird case." Spoke up Ahsoka.


"I was… in one of the tombs, you see and when I nearly touched a Sith holocron, something happened and he just appeared, out of nowhere. He claims not to be a Sith and even says he has never heard of them, or the Jedi for that matter."

"Hmmm, darkness within you, I sense, young one. But not of the dark side. Something different, something primal. Great sorrow you carry, great burden, you bear." For his part, Ichigo managed to not be freaked out by all this, only scowling. He may have guessed about his inner hollow, but then again, he literally may have just guessed, assumed sort to speak. Maybe he thought he was in morning because of the all-black clothes? Nevertheless, his scowl increasing, he turned to Ahsoka.

"I did not lie. I have never heard of Jedi or Sith or Korriban or the Republic or anything."

"Truth, in your words, I sense but vigilant we must remain. Unknown, the circumstances of your arrival, are." Spoke gravely the Jedi master. 'Just great.'

"So what do you plan to do, anyways?" questioned Ahsoka.

"I don't know, probably go back to that tomb and wait. A guy back home that is abit…ok maybe a lot of a mad genius inventor would probably notice me missing and look for a way to bring me back."

"Dangerous it is, to wait on Korriban, foolish even." Stated the green Jedi, pointing almost accusingly at Ichigo while still somehow managing to sound sagely despite really just insulting him.

"So what do you propose? That tomb and what is buried within is my only way home." Questioned Ichigo, both in anger yet genuinely curious as of what other options he had. The more he thought about it, the more he realized just how stupid of an idea his was. He was not waiting for a taxi. For all he knew, he could be stuck in this universe forever.

"Come with me to Corrusant, to the temple. For your home, there we can look. Learn more about the Republic, if nothing else, you could." From the corner of his eye, he saw Ahsoka frowning at the suggestion. Ichigo was doubthful at that moment. Temple meant religion and given how involved with the afterlife he was, he kept religion a hand away and yet, the green alien before him seemed friendly enough but so did Aizen and if Ahsoka's frowing is any indication, Yoda was probably respected by her at some point and is to some extent still, yet something bad must have happened. Deciding to go with the 'evil' that he known, he chose in his mind to stay with Ahsoka. That way, the very most that can happen is her poking him with a glowy stick.

"Thank you for the offer, but I'll pass." Stated Ichigo, his eyes momentarily turning to Ahsoka, enough for Yoda to catch it. Giving a small chuckle behind closed mouth, a mischievous look to his large eyes.

"To the two of you, may the Force be with you. You ship, close it is, I trust?"

"It is… sort of. We were planning on going into that tomb so that I may…complete my bounty…" uncertainly finished Ahsoka, shame flowing in waves from her as a blush appeared on her face. Suddenly serious, the small jedi stated in a hard voice.

"Nothing but an execution chamber, in that tomb, there is." Grimly, Yoda climbed into his vessel before turning back forth.

"It warmed my heart, seeing you well, padowan Tano." He stated with a small smile before the hatch closed, hiding him from view. As the human and Togruta watched the ship depart, Ahsoka sighed loudly.

"You don't suppose that just cutting the head of a statue and taking it would count as an artifact?" she idly questioned, eyeing the many hooded statues that surrounded the valley.

"Maybe, but I doubt it." Idly responded Ichigo, crossing his arms above his head and stretching.

"Oh, brother. Let's get going, then."

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