The Celestian Alliance were at Rocky and Bullwinkle Television studios for Elmopalooza. A musical celebration. They were the guests of honor. The Flashman with them because they would love to see Elmo. As they got inside, they met Mickey Mouse who was the host of the spectacular and Prarie Dawn who said, "Mickey, remember the sponsors for the show." Mickey said, "This musical special is brought to you by Rority's, the letter S and the number 6."

(A blue experiment came in licking cookies. He was "Experiment 002 a. k. a Doubledip

They met Mickey Mouse who's hosting Elmopalooza. A lot of celebrities are at Radio City Music Hall, Phineas and The Ferb Tones are the opening act. The team was excited to become host of the show. As they left accidentally locked Phineas and The Ferb Tones, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Goofy.

Meanwhile on Sesame Street, Gordon, Susan, Bob, Gina, Lela, Alan, Pleakely, and Jummba. As they got into the limo, they found out that Grover was the driver. He didn't have a G. P. S, so he has to drive it on his own.

Back at R. B. T. V studios, Donald Duck came in telling Mickey that he's on in 1 minute. Mickey said, "Donald, the door is stuck and Goofy who's the repair man is in here with the rest of the crew and Phines and The Ferb Tones." Donald Duck got excited that Mickey was locked up, thinking he could be the new host, but Daisy stopped him and said, "Donald no, remember what happen the first time you ran The House of Mouse?" Donald stopped and walked away in a miserable look. Elmo said, "Elmo will fix it. Elmo can be the new host." They all agreed on it and decided to help. As they got to the studio, Jin and Dai became the co-directors, the ponies worked the cameras, The Flashman worked with the sound equipment, The Midnight Society worked with the special effects, and the birds worked with the lights.

Elmo, Lilo and Gary went on stage. Elmo said,"Due to doorknob problems, Mickey Mouse won't be your host, Elmo knows we're here to celebrate Sesame Street music." ""Then the two-headed monster, Snips and Snails got into a fight with the zooming of the camera. Donald Duck came in and said, "Sorry, but The two-headed monster and the two colts got in a fight with each-other. Worse of all, I don't know what the next number is because Cookie ate the script." Betty Ann, "Maybe we can all take turns singing Sesame Street songs?" "Good idea Betty Ann" said Lilo, "The experiments and I will go up first". "Got it" everyone said. Kiki decided to go first, Applejack, Sample, Fibber, and Nosy went on stage and sang, "Monster In The Mirror" in a country version.

"He sang, "Wubba! Wubba! Wubaa! Woo woo woo!"" Kiki sang, "Wubba! Wubba! Wubba! and a doodily doo. You not Wubba me or I'l Wubba you.".