At R. B. T. V enterance. made it to the show. "Sorry we're late. Grover got us lost." said Pleakely. "I said, "I was sorry."" said Grover. "That's fine Grover." said Juumba. "Achi Baba saved the show." said Stitch. They saw the kids preforming, "Rubber Duckie." remixed in a Beatles version. Prarie Dawn announced that everyone will be singing now. Phineas And The Ferb Tones got onstage and preformed "Songs" during the verse breaks, Big Bird, The Angry Birds, Kristen, Rarity, Fluttershy and David sand, "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" and Kiki, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Frank, Stitch, Angel, and The Flashman sang, "C is for Cookie". During the 2nd verse break, Twilight Sparkle, Gary, Tucker, Spike, Pleakley and Juumba sang, "You're My Best Friend".

"Songs Keep you Company when you're alone."

"To find a song you can call your own, you can't go wrong"

"All you need is a song!"

Everyone cheered after that.

During the after-show party. Everyone was having a good time and celebrating the music. Phineas said, "What are you guys going to do next?" Lilo said, "We're going to check out the first concert for peace in space, Barbie And The Rockers will be preforming there." Betty Ann said, "I love Barbie And The Rockers." "Me Too! I love their clothes." said Kristen. "We'll be leaving tomorrow morning after breakfast." said Pleakely

The End.