Chapter 1 Arya's pov

"Arya, what is that?"

"Hmm? Oh this good ole-"

"Get rid of it."

Whipping around, I gave the shorter dark haired girl, Eilynn, the deadliest icy glare I could conjure. Her curly black hair was tied back in a ponytail, light blue eyes were as flat as the run over roses in our neighbors yard. Her gaze was zeroed on the delicate object that was sitting in front of me, completely ignoring my death lasers. My arms wrapped protectively around the small, tan vintage television, determined to protect it from my roommates scornful look.

" Absolutely...not." I said, emphasizing the 'not' to make it clear that I wasn't going down without a fight.

Seeing the challenge in my eyes, she admitted defeat and accepted it.

"Well you always bring worthless-"

"Dont even say the j word."

"-junk." She finished, waving her hands at the television set to make a point causing me to gasp dramatically.

"This is not junk!" I cried, putting my hands on my hips, "it is a vintage-"

"Just don't make a mess," Eilynn interrupted, pinching the bridge of her nose in an obvious sign of one of her legendary migraines, usually caused by your's truly.

"Just trust me on this," I hummed, turning back towards my prize, "a few tweeks here and there and she'll be working as if we bought her brand new."

Clearly having given up on any hope of winning in this situation, she turned towards the kitchen to no doubt finish whatever she had been making for us tonight. After an hour or so of tinkering, and oh my God she made a pie, I was screwing in the last bolt on the back of the television. Eilynn sat quietly on the couch, watching me quietly as I threw my arms up into some semblance of a victory dance.

"Do you think it's actually going to work?" she pondered, studying it with intense blue eyes, "It looks fairly old, Arya, what if it turns out to be like that time you bought that-"

I turned to her sharply, covering whatever she was about to say with my hands, "We promised never to speak of that!"

Rolling her eyes, Eilynn tugged away my hands and ignored my mutters of protest, "I'm just trying to tell you to be careful, for all we know, the minute you turn it on it'll short circuit and a blow the power."

Huffing lightly, I grinned brightly in an attempt to reassure my worrywort of a roommate, "No worries, Harvey promised that as long as we don't get it wet or something, it should be fine."

This did not reassure the black haired girl, "Harvey also told you that if you hooked up the iPod to the computer using his 'special power cord' it would download a lot faster than using the cord that came with the thing."

"That was not my fault-" I tried to defend myself.

"You blew up our computer!" she raged, "they had to call the fire department and we had to stay with that creepy guy who lives on the second floor for a few days while they fixed everything; he had blow-up dolls in the bathroom Arya, the bathroom!"

" You mean the dude whose roses you run over everytime you back out of the driveway?" I asked, fiddling with the mess of cords running from the back of the small television set. To be totally honest, Harvey had said more than just trying not to get it wet. Something about not pressing the button on the side of the frame. But right now, I couldn't for the life of me remember what he meant by it. Probably broken.

"The dude whose roses are road kill because of you running them over whenever you back out of the driveway! Without looking might I add!" Eilynn snapped as I took the end of the plug in my hand. I gave her a pointed look that meant that I didn't give many fucks if I killed nature on a daily basis, but that was besides the point.

" Uhuh. Right. Well now...", I said waving the plug at her, "the moment of truth is here."

Eilynn took a step back, putting distance between herself and the television and I, a habit of sorts considering that one time I made lightning in the microwave with a couple of grapes.

Leaning forward, I pushed the old plug into our plug outlet in a slow, deliberate pace that made Eilynn throw a pillow at the back of my reddish blonde head.

"Will you just plug it in already?!" she said, holding the other pillow in front of her as a form of protection from what she thought would be my latest disaster. Geez, thanks Eilynn.

Pushing the plug in completely, we both waited a moment for any sign of destruction that usually followed whenever I brought home anything that came from Harvey. A slow smile spread across my face as I turned to look at my room mate.

" Huh? Huh? Told ya so. Terence hasn't blown up yet." I said, whooping, hands pumping in the air.

Her look was definitely unimpressed, "Really, Terence?"

I jabbed a finger in her direction, equally unhappy with her reaction to the proper name that I had christened the vintage beauty. That woman wouldn't know classic if it slapped her upside the head a metal chair. By the Hulk.

"What? You want me to name it Britney Spears?"

"No, I want you to get rid of it," she retaliated, sitting down behind me on our beloved, ugly green couch she had insisted to buy.

Although I would never in my life admit to her face that was the damn thing was a piece of heaven sent by the good lord himself. Deciding to overlook her smartass remark, I turned back to Terence with a childish glee that only occured when I work on one of my projects involving mechanics.

"Lets see how you run, eh Terence?" I muttered to myself as I began fiddling with the variety of buttons on the side. Even though I had no idea what each one meant, I refused to let Eilynn know of this mainly because she'd give me that "I told you so" look of hers and demand to trash it.

"It's only going to take up space," Eilynn said out loud, watching me from her position, "will it even hook up to anything we have? Like, cable? You know, the thing we no longer have because of your late night 'fix-it' episodes? Are you even listening to me anymore, or are you in your 'zone'?"

"Uhuh…" a pause, " wait, what?" I look up at Eilynn, my finger over what looked like the power button.

"What?" she repeated sarcastically, leaning forward and tugging on a strand of my hair.

Letting out a huff, I decided to ignore her and focus on the small slot that was found on at the bottom of Terence. Sitting up, I turn to my roommate, a mad look in my eyes. Pausing from her hair pulling antics, a look of horror found its way onto her face.

"Oh God, what?"

"Go get a movie! Nownownownow!" I rambled as Eilynn stood up, " You gotta do it. Nowwwwwwwwww."

With a roll of her blue eyes and an amused smile on her face, she made her way towards our bookshelf in search of a VHS. Turning on Terence, his screen with a flash of white before settling for a grey offset tone. I held my hand upwards, not taking my eyes off Terence just as Eilynn returns with her selected movie, handing it to me.

Pushing the VHS in, it didn't even make it in an inch before clashing with another VHS that was already in place. I paused, having not expected anything to already be inside. Pressing eject, a black, unmarked VHS slid out of the slot.

" What the...what are you?"

"Free movie?" Eilynn wondered.

"Sure?" I replied, pushing the VHS back into the slot.

It slipped back in with no resistance, giving a loud whirl as it processed the information on the tape. It rumbled noisily for a minute or so before there was a loud, somewhat worrying pop sound. Before it went all down hill, there was a click and Terence shuddered before the screen went black. Smoke from the back of Terence, signifying his death, my insanity, and Eilynn's victory.

Silence filled the living as I stared at the small television with a mixture of sadness and anger. Eilynn, seeing my face, lost her victorious smirk and put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"Arya, I'm sor-"

"TERENCE YOU PIECE OF SHIT! WHY! WHY OF ALL DAYS?!" I yelled at the now broken vintage television set. I cannot believe that I had spent one hundred bucks on this damn thing that smokes more than I do. Eilynn took a step back from me as I waved my hands in the air in defeat, eyes focused on the Terence.

" Goddamnit." I said, finally cooling down from my rant of rage. Fucking Harvey, giving me broken shit. Sighing, I looked at Eilynn, who looked at me, then we both looked at Terence. Once again, Eilynn was right about the television being a piece, ugh it hurts to say it, of junk.

"We can always try and sell it," Eilynn suggested, trying to make me feel better after so much hope was taken from me within such a short time.

"No," I said, shaking my head, "we'll trash it."

Resting my hand on the screen, I patted Terence and was surprised how cold it felt. I gave a yelp as I felt the cold extend up my arm. Looking down, fear took hold of me as what looked like black putty was snaking up my arm, completely engulfing my arm.

"Ugh Eilynn?!" I yelled out to my roommate who had moved to the kitchen to get dinner out of the oven, seemly over the whole ordeal.

"What is it?"

"Terence is eating me!"

Within seconds Eilynn came into the living room to find me being pulled into the small television. No matter how hard I tried to pull back from the black goo, Terence pulled harder. And faster. Eilynn's jaw dropped as she ran over to me, hands grabbing my free arm to pull me away from the human eating Terence. Her bright blue eyes were the size of dinner plates, her face paler than usual.

"What did you do?!" She asked, trying to pull me back from Terence who was pretty damn adamant about play tug of war with Eilynn who was struggling to keep me from being eaten alive.

"I think I pissed him off!"

"No shit!"

There was a loud whooping sound and suddenly both me and Eilynn were pulled into the dark depths of Terence. For a minute, time seemed to stand still and movement seemed practically impossible. Both Eilynn and I couldn't move through the black goo-like substance that held us in place. My mind was reeling, gears working at a thousand degrees per seconds as I tried to process what was going on. I called Terence a piece of shit and he decided to eat me and Eilynn who looked about ready to throw up. No doubt I didn't look any better considering I couldn't see anything other than my hand which clutched her's like a lifeline.

The substance shoved us forward, like waves against the sand of a beach and suddenly, as if a switch was flipped, I could breathe again. Eilynn was next to me on what looked like tile floors, sounds of gunfire filled my ears as my eyes burned from the lights coming from the ceiling above.

"Where the fuck are we?" Eilynn snapped, eyes wide and alert. Eilynn swore, we definitely have a problem if Eilynn had started swearing. Either way, we were not at home with our ugly green couch or cluttered rooms. No, we were on what looked like a spaceship from the future. A spaceship that was currently under attack.

"Fuck." I managed to get out before looking around at our surroundings of flashing red lights and long brightly lit hallways. Sparks of green flashed under us in different directions, veining across the floor into several varieties of patterns. A small window caught my eye that was directly in front of us. In an almost snail-like pace, I took a peek out the window that showed a scenery of meteorites and clusters of stars shining brightly against a dark violet background. Eilynn came up behind me to look at the circular window just a large meteorite trekked into our view.

" Uh, I think-" I stopped completely when I heard the footsteps behind us and the sound of a weapon clicking right next to my ear.

"Excellent question to ask, almost close to my question," A males monotone voice made us both freeze,"however, my question is: why are you here?"

Looking over my shoulder, both me and Eilynn came face to face with a man of pale complexion with jet black hair that was cut short just above his flared eyebrows, pointed ears peeking out from against his dark hair. He wore a dark blue, long sleeved shirt which fit him snugly along with a pair of black pants. In his hand was what looked like a silver hand gun, and it was point right at us. Eilynn's jaw dropped while I stared in shock at the Vulcan, unable to believe what was happening.

Both of us stood in shock while Spock, the fucking Spock, stood in front of us, waiting for our answer held the futuristic gun in our directions, a single eyebrow raised.

Terence had sent us into fucking Star Trek.