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"Why can't you just warp out of this part of the galaxy?"

Kirk's eyebrows shot up, shooting a look in my direction as we jogged down the left wing of the ship. After a lengthy explanation about how Eilynn and I ended up on the Enterprise added with the Star War's lingo followed by what exactly was attacking the ship and what might be inside his ship, Kirk had allowed me to step out of the glass prison. On one condition.

"If what you say is true and all of this is coming from this... portal generator, then you're going to help us close it to keep more these guys from coming into our world."

"Well, that's great because it might be on another ship."

Kirk didn't even bat an eyelash at my comment, instead of allowing the glass door slide open before throwing me a phaser all while giving his pilot, Sulu and the rest of the crew to maintain the current course of action. I had nearly shot Kirk when he had stormed past me with a few security officers running out to assist in the defense against the enemy, blue eyes on me.

"You're with me."

True to his word, the captain had made sure I had stuck by him the entire way through the Enterprise with me looking for both Eilynn and him looking for where the breach was all while passing injured members of the starship. Neither of us had spoken until the moment I asked about using the warp system.

"How do you…", He shakes his head, " It needs a charge time. The ship's cooling period is marked by minutes after the last time it's used."

"And how long is that going to be?", I asked as the ship gave another jump at the impact of the fighter's weapon's blasting the deflectors. Cooling period? I wondered what type of calibration was involved in jumping something so large through a warp stream.

"Currently, about fifteen," Kirk said in reply as we made another turn onto a hallway that looked like a tornado ran through it. Thankfully, there was no injured officers insight except for burn scores marring the white walls.

"And there's no way to accelerate the time gap?", Kirk gave me a searing look, "Like you know, possibly jump start the thing so it can reset."

"Then what? We'd lose all the power in the ship. Scotty's doing the best he can."

"How would you know? It's a possible-"

"No, we're not taking the chance of losing the generator."

"Or you can take the chance of being shot into nothing!"

Kirk's eyebrow twitched, blue eyes narrowing into icy slits directed at my face. I was made aware of the phaser he currently had possession of. Both of us glared at each other and for the first time, I had officially found someone I hated more than that ugly green couch back home.

"How the hell would you know how the functions of the Enterprise work?"

"I know enough to know there is a way to tweaking the equations involving the warp system!", I hissed, "But you're too prideful to admit I'm right!"

"Excuse me? This is coming from some strange who trespassed on my ship-", Kirk growled, coming to a stop in the middle of the hallway to glare down at me while I jabbed a finger at his chest.

"- On accident! It's not my fault I ended up on a ship being captained by a fucking asshole with a damn ego bigger than the galaxy."

Kirk took a step closer into my personal space, eyes blazing with pure anger before opening his mouth with a deep growl. My feet stayed planted to the floor, mouth curling up into a smug smirk at the sight of the man.

"This asshole of a captain is about three seconds from booting your ass into space and-"

Kirk barely had time to finish his threat when a flash of red zipped in between the space where our faces almost met. More soon followed as a group of six stormtroopers fired their blasters in our direction, causing both Kirk and I to cease our pissing match to fire back at the white-clad members. My eyes found a door on the right where there was just enough cover for two people to fit. Without thinking, I fired the phaser before launching myself towards the door as a blaster shot just missed my shoulder. A rustle of movement behind me indicated that Kirk was close behind with his own weapon aimed at the Troopers. I felt the captain slide behind the nook, leaning slightly to take out one closest to where we were hiding.

"Fuck, you weren't kidding," He said next to my ear as I rolled my eyes with a low sigh of annoyance.

"What? You thought I was lying?", I hissed, dodging a poorly aimed shot to my head before firing my phaser over the nook.

"No! Maybe," Kirk replied over the sound of lasers slicing through the air, "we're going to need to find that breach a lot faster."

"Luckily," I fired again, "Stormtroopers can't shoot for shit."