Danaus plexippus – The Monarch Butterfly

Pairings: 11/River, 4/Romana, 9/Rose, 10/Rose, 1/OC. Amy/Rory, Clara/Danny. 12/Rose WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey Pairing.

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Prologue – The Laying of an Egg


Like most butterflies, the majestic Monarch has five stages of life. The Egg, the Larva, the Caterpillar, the Butterfly and finally it culminates in reproduction, and the story ends just as it began…With the Laying of an Egg.


1940 New York City

"I'm sorry, but what? How is that even possible?" Danny Pink asked the young looking blonde as if she'd grown another head, "How can a person have more than one face, let alone twelve!?"

Rose Tyler smiled in understanding, bouncing a baby boy with reddish brown hair on her knee as she was once again interrupted in her telling of the story of River Song's life.

"You were born in the late twentieth century and are currently sitting in an apartment over 40 years before you were born…and you're wondering how a person can have twelve faces? I can see why you didn't like him at first," Rose smirked conspiratorially at her husband. The aforementioned husband chuckled good-naturedly as he brought a hand down to rest on the swell of his wife's pregnant belly.

"He's not much to look at, but he can do a mean front flip," the Doctor replied, using the hand that wasn't resting over his unborn child to run his fingers through his silver curls.

The baby in the blonde's lap leaned forward, reaching for the red head lounging in the armchair adjacent to the love seat that Rose and the Doctor were occupying.

Amy reached forward and pulled her adopted son into her lap, admonishing the doctor succinctly, "Be nice to Danny, Doctor, or I'll hide the Jammy Dodgers again and convince the TARDIS to do the same every time you try to get more."

Straightening his posture and crossing his legs, he silently agreed to better behavior for the sake of his beloved cookies.

"Now, you were saying…Rose was it? The name bit is still confusing me," Rory interjected once the Doctor settled down.

"Oh, right, and you can call me Rose for now, it'll make more sense once I've finished explaining. Now where was I?" She asked aloud.

"You just finished telling us about how our daughter Melody was born on Demon's Run and were about to explain what happened during the time she was missing after her first regeneration. The most River ever told us was that she'd regenerated into a toddler. She never explained how she'd gotten to Leadworth in the 1990's from 1969 in the US," Amy supplied helpfully. Her face clearly showed how eager she was to learn more about her lost daughter.

"Ah, thanks. You see, when you met Mels Zucker, when you were seven, that wasn't your daughter's second body, it was her third. She regenerated into the seven year old you met almost forty years after she first regenerated at the age of nine in 1969. It all started when she was found by a Time Agent by the name of Jack Harkness. He was the reason she always felt most at home in the 51st century."

End Prologue


TBC in – Part 1: Egg

Chapter 1: The Tiny Rebel

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