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Part 1: Egg

Chapter 4: Hazard a Guess


It had taken the criminal duet nearly eleven years to figure out how the time ship worked and to get it running in an efficient and dependable way.

So it was on Melody 'Mallow' Ponds twenty birthday that the pair decided to finally attempt the trip back to the twenty first century, where Melody was sure her parents were anxiously awaiting her arrival.

"I think we should start small, to make sure all the repairs and programming are up to snuff. We don't want to get stranded in the dinosaur times or on a deserted moon or something," Jack advised as he fiddled with the controls, "Besides, the core doesn't have enough energy to accurately go back three thousand years anyway."

Melody rolled her eyes, "If we do that we have an equal chance of getting stranded a thousand years ahead or behind our goal without the proper equipment to make repairs or charge the ship. I say we hazard a guess. By aiming the jump a little less accurately we can make it farther. The worst that can happen is a couple decades off. It's a much smaller gap to have to worry about. Besides, I can wait a few years if need be."

"What about me? I don't want to be stranded in the 21st century if this all goes wrong," Jack scoffed at her plan, "HEY?! Wait, what are you doing!?"

The blonde girl had lunged forward without warning and slammed the ignition lever as far down as it would go, causing maximum acceleration with little accuracy.

"MELODY?! What the fuck?! Those coordinates just say the century? You didn't even aim for a decade?" Jack shouted incensed at the impulsive act. He couldn't do more than hold on for dear life as they pelted through the time vortex with little control.

Throwing out her psychic senses into the time stream, she search desperately for some sign of her mother. She was more closely connected to her than to Rory, simply because she'd only met her father once and she had been a ganger copy at the time.

Several seconds passed as she felt nothing. The ship continued to zip helter skelter through the vortex and Jack continued to scream expletives at the girl.

"I swear to fucking god, when this thing stops I'm going to- What the fuck are you doing now?" Jack screamed over the sound of the engines.

All that could be made of the girl was a scramble of blonde hair as she launched herself at the ladder that lead to the external hull hatch.

"MELODY?! You can't open that while the ships moving the vortex will rip you apar-"

The hatch flew open and the physically young girl was sucked out and away. The hatch slammed shut forcefully and Jack lowered his head, tears in his eyes, knowing that even such an amazing girl as Melody Pond couldn't have survived the rigors of the Vortex.


Melody hadn't thought of the consequences of what she had done. She'd simply felt the sensation of a psychic shout that matched the wavelength of her mother's mind and she'd done the only thing she could think of to ensure she met her mother. She threw herself out of the ship hatch and let the vortex take her.

'In retrospect this might not have been the best idea,' Melody thought as the time energy began ripping into her skin like acid. She was close to dying, she knew that, she could only hope that whatever it was that saved her last time would repeat itself.

Gold light began escaping her body as the vortex's energy reached her muscle. She was dying, what she was also coming back to life. What an odd sensation.

All of a sudden the gold light exploded forcefully and punched a hole in the wall of the acidic fiery vortex, spitting her out, unbeknownst to her, two years before Amy had prayed to Santa. It was that psychic message that she'd picked up on.


Melody woke up in a hospital bed, with a woman beside it, sitting in a chair filling out paper work.

"Oh my," the woman said as she realized the girl was awake, "Let me fetch the doctor, I'll be right back."

Looking around, the twenty year old blinked at all the primitive hospital equipment. Well primitive to what she'd become accustomed to in the 51st century.

A glance at her hands sent her reeling for a moment as she thought her skinned had been badly burned, only to realize that it was simply a different color.

Rolling out of the hospital bed, she ripped the IV from her arm and stumbled to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror.

Upon standing up fully, she realized that even though she had changed again, she was still very short. Even shorter it seemed than her previous physically eleven year old body.

"Bloody hell," she squawked when she finally reached the bathroom mirror, "I didn't know that could happen. And why do I look five?" she groaned.


"Wait, so you mean to tell me that when I met Mels Zuckerman when I was five in school….she was already twenty?" Amy blinked, flabbergasted.

"Give or take, time travel makes it a bit hard to keep up with exact birthdays and what not," Rose replied, "The Doctor here is a prime example. He lost count of how old he was because he kept switching back and forth between Gallifreyan years and Terran Years. Imagine how confusing it is to be 125 in Gallifreyan years and then convert it to Terran years and be twice as many years old, then time travel, not keep count of the years, convert back the estimate and so on and so forth."

"It's true, not to mention all the years I lost due to memory wipe or alternate dimension or closing paradoxes so the time I lived never technically happened. It's all terribly confusing," the Doctor agreed, "I only say I'm over 2000 because it's the best guess I have."