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Chapter 1: Friends Forever

Denise Dennison led her daughter to the house next door. She rang the bell, and waited. A woman with medium-length brown hair opened the door. Denise smiled. "Hello. My name is Denise, and this is my daughter, Alexis. We just moved here yesterday. I just wanted to introduce ourselves."

"Nice to meet you, Denise. You too, Alexis. My name is Renee," the other woman replied. "Alexis, would you like to meet my daughter? Her name is Isabella."

Alexis nodded, shyly, her honey-blond hair bobbing in its ponytail, and was led into the house where a seven year old girl was lying on the living room floor watching Ballet tapes. Alexis smiled. "Hello, Isabella?" The other girl turned around. "My name is Alexis. How do you do?" The twelve year old scuffed her shoe against the carpet.

Isabella stood up. "Please, call me Bella. Nice to meet you, Alexis." She held her hand out. "Friends?"

"Friends." Alexis put her hand in Bella's, and shook it.

~Time Skip~

Sixteen year old Alexis sat across from eleven year old Bella at an ice cream parlor. Each girl had two scoops of ice cream in a cone. Bella had vanilla, and Alexis had chocolate. "These will be our men one day," Alexis said, suddenly.

"Hmm?" Bella asked, licking her ice cream.

Alexis smiled. "One day, you will meet a guy that is tall. Maybe he'll have blond or light brown hair, and he'll be handsome." She winked at the blush on Bella's cheeks. "I'll find a guy that's the ideal tall, dark, and handsome type." Alexis sighed, longingly.

Bella's blush deepened. "I'm too young to think of boys."

"Hmm, true. Wait a year." Alexis laughed. "Let's finish the treats, and go."

"Okay, Lexi."

~Time Skip~

Seventeen Bella hugged her best friend. "I'm going to miss you, Lexi."

"I'm gonna miss you too, Bells," the twenty-two year old replied, slightly squeezing the other girl. "I have a surprise for your eighteenth birthday, but it might be late."

"You don't have to get me anything."

"Who said anything about getting you anything?" Lexi laughed. She nudged her friend towards the car. "Go. Before we both cry. Friends forever?"


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