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Chapter 3: The Imprint

Alexis cradled her right hand, it hurt like hell! "Ow! What are you made out of? Stone?"

Some of the wolves chuckled. Paul ducked his head. "No. We're just tougher now than we were before the changes." He looked up at her. "Are you okay? Do you need to go back to the ER?"

Alexis sighed. "I'm fine. It's probably just a sprain."

"I'll call Dr. Cullen anyway." Sam walked to the phone as he spoke. "It might be something more." He dialed, and then said, "Hello. I need to speak to Dr. Cullen. Tell him it's Sam." He waited for a few minutes. "Dr. Cullen, could you come to the reservation? Alexis punched one of the guys. I'd like it if you took a look at her hand." ... "Ok. Thanks sir." He turned to the others, seeing Paul try to see the damage Alexis did to her hand. "He'll be here soon."

"Ok," Alexis sighed, again. She looked at Paul. "Paul, sit down. You're annoying me." She didn't tell him that she also kind of liked his tenderness around her.

Paul dejectedly walked over to the couch, and slouched down on it. The guys snickered.

Alexis shook her head. 'Boys,' she thought to herself. She walked over to Paul, and sat on his lap. She turned her head to the left to see his face. He was shocked. She smirked. When he straightened up, and wrapped his arms around her to keep her steady, she turned back to face forward with her back to his chest.

Bella giggled, actually giggled! She raised her hand slightly, and only her pinkie was raised. She crooked it (twitched it), when Lexi looked her way.

Lexi and Emily laughed at the unspoken message. Lexi winked at Bella.

Embry looked between the three females, confused. "What's going on?" he asked.

Jacob shook his head. "I don't think I want to know."

Emily spoke. "Bella was saying that Alexis has Paul wrapped around her little finger." She laughed again.

Paul leaned forward slightly to whisper in Alexis' ear. "She's right. I would do anything for you." He felt her shiver in his arms, but knew it wasn't from being cold. He smirked. He gently bit her earlobe, and heard her sharp intake of air. He pulled away, smirking. Sam gave him a pointed look. Paul's smirk widened.

When Dr. Cullen arrived, he went over to Alexis. "Alexis, I hope you're not as accident-prone as Bella is." He smiled at the little joke.

Lexi laughed. "Call me Lexi. And I don't think anyone is as accident prone as Bells."

Carlisle and everyone else laughed. "Ok, now. Let's see that hand." He looked it over, and felt each part of her hand. "I think with the pressure of the punch, you cracked your wrist. I'll need to put a temporary cast on it."

"Ah, crap!" Lexi said. "Hey, doc? Could you take a look at my left knee cap when you're done?"

Carlisle's eyebrow rose. "Sure. Any reason why?"

"I tripped over the handle of our landscaper's chain saw two months ago." Alexis shrugged at the gasps.

"What was it doing out?" Bella asked.

Lexi rolled her eyes. "He said, he just took a break to get a glass of water, but it ended up being a half-hour break with our housekeeper." She sneered prettily.

Paul tightened his arms around her waist. Not too tight, just enough to let her know he was a little upset about what had happened to her.

Carlisle put her wrist and hand into a cast, and turned to roll up her jeans on the left side. He felt her knee cap, and said, "I feel the crack, but there's nothing I can do. It's partially healed by itself."

Lexi nodded. "Ok. Thanks, Dr. Cullen."

He rolled her pants leg back down. "You're welcome. Call me if you need anything. Take something for the pain. Come by in a week or two to let someone check that wrist."

"Yes, sir." Alexis smiled. She touched just below her right eye. "Thanks, for everything."

Carlisle nodded. Now that the Emergencies at the hospital were over, he had to leave Forks again to get back to his family. He glanced at Bella, sadly, and left.

Later that day, after Bella had left to go home, Lexi sent Bella a text:

Lexi: So, what's with you and the doc?

Bella: He's the adoptive dad of HIM.

Lexi: You mean the hottie, Edward, that you used to gush about?

Bella: Please don't say his name. It hurts... :'(

Lexi: What happened?

Bella: ...

Lexi: Bells... *-*

Bella: He left me. On my birthday, the Cullens gave me a party and I cut my finger on wrapping paper. Things got out of hand, and a week later, they left. Today's the first time I saw any of them in months. Alice doesn't even answer any of my emails.

Lexi: That SOB! How dare he and his family just leave! So things got a little out of hand (Which, I know you're leaving something out...)? No big deal, right?

Bella: It's not something I can tell.

Lexi: Don't worry. I'll know when it's time... :)

Bella: Why didn't you ask me all of this while I was at Emily's?

Lexi: Didn't think everyone needed to hear it.

Lexi: gtg. Paul wants to talk... ^-^

Bella: :D Good luck! :3

Alexis turned to Paul, sliding her phone into her pocket. "Hey, what's up?"

Paul smiled. "Do you want to talk about the imprint?"

"I can't believe you answered my question with a question!" She laughed. "Sure. What is an imprint?"

"An imprint is the person we of the pack live for. The imprint is the short process that connects the wolf to the person that completes us. One way of explaining is like this: Gravity isn't holding you to the Earth anymore, she is. She is the person you would fight for, die for, live the rest of your life with. You would be anything she needed: brother, best friend, boyfriend, husband, lover." Paul blushed.

"Anything?" Alexis asked.

Paul nodded.

Lexi smirked. "Even be my slave for a week or two?"

Paul smiled. He knelt at her feet. "Anything, Lexi."

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