Hey everyone! So, starting my first story under SAO. I'm using the anime storyline, obviously, and I'm using the dubbed version for any conversations. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoy :)

The TV in his room played some kind of news broadcast about VRMMOs and the new Sword Art Online game, but Aiden couldn't care less about it. He had been one of the lucky 10,000 who could secure a copy of the game, and better yet he had secured two copies. Why did he need two you might ask? Well, while Aiden was an avid gamer, his girlfriend, Lucy, was just a casual gamer. Aiden thought that with the new technology of VRMMOs he could finally get her more interested in gaming. Aidan himself was an American teenager who had moved to Japan, because of his father had gotten a new job in the country. He was just lucky enough to find Lucy, who was in a similar position. Even better, she was the same age as him. Aiden was a sixteen year-old teenager with medium length, dirty blonde hair. (Around the same length as Kirito's, except more wavy and smooth than sharp and jagged). His eyes were a green, which suited his hair well. He stood around 6' 1" and had a skinny built to him. Despite this, he was still somewhat muscular and weighed around one hundred fifty pounds. He was also a beta tester, but Lucy didn't care enough to try to become one. Aiden still tried to convince her though. As the clock ticked over to 1:00 pm, the brunet grabbed his Nervegear and put it on. He then said the words that would open him up to a whole new world. "Link Start!"

Different colored lights passed by him, and the game logged him in. Being a beta tester, Aiden's avatar had already been created. His in game name read the same as his last name. Chosaint. He suggested that Lucy do the same and name her avatar Ruhe. It wouldn't be the most original, but this way they both knew who to message. The screen read, "Welcome to Sword Art Online!" As the game dropped him into the world. His eyes took a little bit of time to adjust to his surroundings, before he could actually see. The starting area looked just the same as it did in the beta test. He looked at dark purple tunic the game started all players with. He decided that his primary color in the game should be purple, so he choice that to be his hair and eye color. He then saw the leather chest plate strapped to him. "I really wish I could've keep my old gear." Aiden thought to himself. "I hate this starter crap." He looked around to see more and more players spawning into the world for the first time. "Now I just need to find Lucy." Aiden looked around for a bit, before he saw a player with a blue tunic and long black hair.

The purple haired teen walked up to the stranger and asked, "He could you help me out real quick?"

He teen turned around, to reveal his dark colored eyes. "Ya, what'd need?"

"I need you to throw me in the air, so I can find my girlfriend." Chosaint replied.

"Do you mean IRL girlfriend or someone you met here, because if you met her here there's a good chance she's actually a guy."

"No, no, no, no, no. IRL girlfriend."

"Oh, then why don't you just message her?" The teen with dark hair asked.

"She's more of a casual gamer, and doesn't really know where anything is." Purple responded.

"Ahh, I see. Ya, I can help just put a foot in my hand." The player with dark eyes then crunched down and locked his hands into place.

"Thanks." The sixteen year-old said as he stepped into the boy's hands. "I'm Chosaint by the way."

"Kirito. Nice to meet you." Kirito then launched Chosaint into the air.

"RUHE!" The teen in the air called out. A girl with pink hair turned towards the voice, and waved at him. Chosaint waved back, but then he realized that he didn't have a landing strategy.

"I got ya!" Kirito said as he tried to catch the falling teen. Unfortunately, Kirito's strength level was only level one, as was everyone else's, and the dark haired teen collapsed under Chosaint's weight, causing both to slam into the ground.

"Nice try." The teen in purple said sitting on top of the boy in blue.


Chosaint got up and helped Kirito to his feet. "Hey, you weren't in the beta test too?"

"Ya, I was." Kirito admitted.

"Thought you looked familiar." Chosaint said with a smile.

"Ya, you should probably get going through, Ruhe's probably waiting for you."

"Probably. Thanks again." Chosaint said as he began to walk away.

"Wait a sec!" The teen in blue said.


"Add me, so that you can repay me for helping you out." Kirito said with a smile. He then open up his menu and sent a friend request, which Chosaint gladly accepted.

"See ya around." The purple eyed teen said as he waved goodbye.

"Bye!" The black haired teen called out. "Message me if you ever need help!"

"Will do!" The purple haired teen called back.

It only took about a minute for Chosaint to find his girlfriend. She was in the beginner gear that was common for female character, which was colored a bright red. "Made your clothes the same color as your real hair ehh?" Chosaint asked.

"Ya, gotten keep something original, right?" She replied. She had short pink hair, and dark blue eyes. She stood at around 5' 8". "I see you haven't changed anything. Well, except for your hair." It was true. Chosaint had spiky hair that angled off to the right side on his avatar, but it was still purple.

"Hey, you changed yours too." The purple clad player responded. That was true as well, as Ruhe's hair was normally straight and down to her shoulders. Another difference was that she usually had scarlet colored hair, but she keep her eye color.

"I guess you got a point." The pink haired girl said. "Now let's go in to town, and see what the vendors are selling." After adding each other to their friends list and creating a party together, Ruhe began to drag Chosaint out of the spawn area. The issue was that she had no clue where they were going, so eventually the purple haired teen led her back to the shopping district.

"Wow!" Ruhe said as she looked around at all the vendors and people. "And this is only a few of the vendors?" She asked.

"Yep, I read online that you can actually open up your own shops and buy houses once you get enough money." Chosaint answered.

"So we're definitely buying a house together right?" The pink haired girl asked.

"Probably, but it could take some time before we get enough col to buy a decent house." Ruhe looked slightly depressed at hearing this. "Don't worry though, we'll get there. For now let's buy some better weaponry. These basic swords don't do very much." Purple then pulled out the sword on his back. It was a standard one-handed short sword that was given to every player. Some people bought armor or healing items with the five hundred col they're given to start with, but Chosaint thought the best idea would be to buy a weapon so that you can earn more money.

"Well, what weapon should I get?" Ruhe asked.

"Let's just look around and see what fits you." Chosaint answered. After a bit of looking around, they found a vendor selling cheap weapons and shields. As the two shopped, a familiar black haired player ran passed the two. The purple haired player watched a red haired guy run after Kirito as he turned a corner into an alleyway.

"Someone you know?" The teen's girlfriend asked.

"Ya, he's the guy that threw me into the air so I could find you." He answered.

"Seem nice." She replied sarcastically.

"Well he did try to catch me."

"Tried." The pink haired girl pointed out.

"Whatever, just buy a weapon." Chosaint said pouting slightly.

"Well what about that one?" Ruhe asked pointing to a halberd. The vendor took it off the wall, and handed it to the girl, who had a great amount of difficulty holding it up. "I think it's a bit too heavy." She struggled to say. Chosaint helped her give the weapon back to the NPC selling it.

"Try this." The NPC recommended handing her a short sword made of steel. The handle of it was wrapped in pink leather. He also gave her an average size iron shield. The girl slashed the sword a few times before smiling.

"I'll take it." The trading menu popped up, to show the pair cost 400 col. Ruhe accepted the trade and then looked at her boyfriend. "Your turn."

Chosaint already knew what he wanted and quickly picked out a small wooden shield along with a dagger. He purchased the weapons for 450 col and instantly equipped them. "Why a dagger?" Ruhe asked.

"I prefer to use his and run attacks, the shield doesn't weigh me down much, and is just a safety precaution." He replied as he flipped the dagger into a reverse grip and slashed it a few times.

"Well, it does suit you." She then stood on the toes and gave him a quick kiss on the check. "That reminds me, can't you get married in this game?" She asked.

"Ya, but now I don't have the money for a ring." Chosaint responded. "Maybe after a little while we'll get married, but for now we should start training." Purple then began to lead Pink to the fields outside of the city.

"Alright, just block the boar's charge with your shield and then use a sword skill to strike it down." Chosaint said. The pair had been training for a while, and Ruhe was starting to understand the basics of fighting. The sun in the sky was beginning to set though as the clock ticked over to 5:00 pm. The boar charged at the girl, who hide behind her shield. The beast slammed it tusks into the piece of iron, which threw Ruhe off balance slightly, but the boar was even more stunned. "Now use a sword skill!" He called out. Ruhe regained her balance, and brought her sword back. The weapon began to glow red as she plunged the blade in the boar's back. The enemy stopped in it tracks and exploded, giving Ruhe a bit of experience points.

"Yay! I did it!" She called out in excitement.

"Congrates, but you're gonna have to get better if you're going to fight to clear boss floors." Chosaint responded, which caused Ruhe to pout slightly.

"Can't you ever be happy for me?"

"Sure. Congrates Ruhe, you did awesome." Purple said to his girlfriend.

"Thanks." She replied as she skipped up to him and gave him a quick kiss. Chosaint then heard the sound of an enemy spawning right behind him. He turned around to see another boar in front of him.

"Ruhe, take a few steps to the left." His girlfriend did what he told her to do right as the boar charged forward. Chosaint dove over the beast and stabbed it in the back of its head, killing it. The experience screen popped up to show that he had gotten an item.

"What'd ya get?" Pink asked as she walked up to her boyfriend.

"Looks like an uncommon item." He responded. "A purple hair dye item. It lets me change the color of my hair."

"You couldn't do that already?" She asked.

"Nope, have to get dye. I'm sure someone will buy this for a decent price too."

"Paying money for dye?"

"Yep, it's not easy to find. And it's called col not money." Chosaint corrected as he walked over towards a tree.

"Whatever." Ruhe then followed him as he sat down under its branches. She sat next to him and the purple haired teen wrapped his right arm around her. "The scenery in this game is pretty though."

"Ya it is." He responded. The two sat in silence for a while just taking in the surroundings. "I should probably get off for a bit and get something to eat." Chosaint said as he opened up his menu.

"Ya, me too." Ruhe replied as she began looking for the log off button. "Hey, can you find your log off button?" She asked.

"No, is yours gone too?" The boy asked.

"Ya, could it be a bug?"

"Maybe, but if there wasn't a log off button then we probably would've been kicked off the server already."

"The GM isn't responding either." Ruhe said getting a bit panicked. "Can't we take off the Nervegear?"

"No, we can't move our bodies, and my parents are out."

"Ya, mine are too." The girl with pink hair said.

"Something isn't right here."


"They'd put out an announcement or kick us off if something this bad went wrong. I don't think this is a bug." Purple said worried.

"What could it be then?" That's when the bell in the spawn area began to ring, and the pair were teleported back to the bell tower. As they looked around they noticed everyone else was being teleported as well. Ruhe weaved her hand into Chosaint's as she was slightly scared. As the bell stopped, Ruhe noticed a red warning sign. The sign then began to spread until it consumed the sky. A red ooze began to fall from the sky, and it looked a lot like blood. By this point, Ruhe was clutching onto her boyfriend's arm.

"Don't worry, everything will be alright." He reassured her.

The ooze then began to form together and spark, until it formed a giant figure in a cloak. Chosaint was right. Something was definitely wrong.

"Attention, players." The figure that many assumed to be the GM began. "Welcome to my world."

"What's he mean by my world?" Purple thought.

"My name is Kayaba Akihiko. At this moment, I am the sole person who can control this world."

"Isn't he the guy who made this game?" Ruhe asked.

"Ya, he is." Chosaint responded.

"I'm sure you've already noticed that the logout button is missing from the main menu. But this is not a defect in the game. I repeat… This is not a defect in the game. It is a feature of Sword Art Online. You cannot log out of SAO yourselves. And no one on the outside can shut down or remove the Nervegear. Should this be attempted the transmitter inside the Nervegear will emit a powerful microwave, destroying your brain and thus ending your life."

"Is he serious!?" Ruhe asked about as shocked as everyone else.

"I doubt he's kidding." Chosaint replied.

"But the Nervegear can actually do that, can it?" Chosaint didn't reply though. "Aiden!"

"Yes, it could. It works like a microwave and could actually kill you if it was designed to."

The GM continued to talk about how many people had tried removing the Nervegear and ended up killing their loved ones. Apparently 213 people died because of this already. Enough to classify Kayaba as a serial killer as is. He then went on to explain that you could no longer revive a player, and that if you died in the game. You died in real life. Kayaba then explained that the only way to escape from his nightmare was to clear the game. All 100 floors. He then told everyone to check their inventory for a present from him. Aiden and Lucy both looked into the mirror, only to be consumed by a bright light. As the light faded the looked to see each other's real world appearance. "How did he…" Ruhe began.

"Do this?" Chosaint finished for her. "The Nervegear has a built in signaling device, so it can see your face. It also required you to pat down your body, so it could figure out what you're shaped like." Aiden's normal dirty blonde hair had returned to him as had Ruhe's long, scarlet hair. "Akihiro then started explaining why he had done this, but Chosaint didn't care. Ruhe later explained to him that he did it as a sick form of entertainment. To build a new world and interact within it. His explanation only pissed Aiden off more. The giant figure then disappeared and the sky returned to its usual color. Everyone was silent for a second, until everyone panicked.

"We have to go." Chosaint said to his girlfriend as he grabbed her hand.

"Where?" She asked.

"A different town so we can get experience. If we can do the easy quests first, we can get stronger than everyone and beat the game. That's the only way we can live, and things like experience and col aren't unlimited. If we head to the next town, we can also kill the monsters there alone instead of competing with the thousands of players who'll be in the fields around the Town of Beginnings." The pair then ran out of the starting area and out of the gates of the first town. Where Ruhe stopped him.

"Why are you stopping?"

"This can't be real?" She said.

"Lucy, trust me it is. On top of that, it took months for the beta testers to get to floor eight. We're going to be here for a while." Aiden admitted. Fear shot through the girl's eyes as tears began to fill them. She then dropped to the ground in front of him.

"I can't do this. There's no way I'm going to survive." She sobbed.

Chosaint crouched down in front of her and pulled her into a hug. "Everything's going to be okay." He assured her. "You'll live through this. I'll make sure of it. There's no way that I'm letting you die in this game. After all, it's my fault you're here anyways." The couple then stayed in silence for a little while

"You better not die on me then." The girl said wiping her eyes and looked up at him. "I won't be able to live without you."

"And I couldn't get through without you." He assured her back. "But right now, we can't think about that. We have to get to the next town. Okay?" The girl with scarlet hair then nodded and stood up.

"By the way, I'm happy I'm here with you instead of in the real world and just looking down at your body." Chosaint smiled and kissed his girlfriend. The teen opened up his inventory and looked at the purple dye item. He then looked up at his girlfriend and understood what she wanted him to do without even saying anything. He deleted the dye.

"We can always get you looking back to the way you were later." The teen in the purple shirt said as cheerfully as he could.

"No, forget how I looked. I probably look better this way anyways." She answered.

"My thoughts exactly." That's when Kirito sprinted passed the pair. "Looks like we're not the only ones with this idea." The boy said as he sprinted after the boy with black hair, with Ruhe close behind. As the younger teen killed a wolf on the path, the couple passed him. Chosaint looked back, to see that the boy looked a lot like Kirito. "That's what he looks like." The dirty blonde thought.

"That the guy who helped you earlier?" Ruhe asked.

"Ya, I think so."

The three continued down the path towards the next city, but Kirito didn't seem too pleased to have two other people in the new town. This wasn't the main thing on Chosaint's mind though, only one thing that he could think about we're the words he had just said. "We're going to be here for a while."

So how was that? I know it isn't the most action packed way to start off, but I liked it. Also, if anytime is ever bold and in parentheses then its an Author Note. I do hope everyone liked the first of probably many chapter, and be sure to show your support if you did. Finally, if you ever have an idea for a boss, send it into me, because I will be exploring many floors the show did bother with. Don't forget to leave a review or message me with any questions or anything. Bye :D