anna's date

by: elsa lover 36

anna: elsa.

elsa: what?

anna: i have a date.

elsa: who is it?

anna: johnny blaze.

elsa: who is he.

anna: i dont know but he said that i was pritty and he asked on a date.

elsa: did you said yes?

anna: yes.

elsa: you just met him and you are going on a date with him.

anna: i hear a nock.

elsa: who is it?

johnny blaze: is anna here?

elsa: whats you name?

johnny blaze: my name is johnny blaze.

elsa: let me go get her.

anna: who is it?

elsa: it's your date.

anna: yes!

elsa: you just met him you are not going.

anna: please can i go?

elsa: fine but be careful.

anna: i will.

johnny blaze: hi anna.

anna: hi johnny.

anna: where are we going?

johnny blaze: we are going to have a pinic.

anna: ok that sounds piceful.

at the pinic,

anna: so what are we eating?

johnny blaze: we are eating applepie.

anna: ok.

johnny blaze: here try some.

anna: yumy.

johnny blaze: that was good tasting.

anna: yes it was.

johnny blaze: well it's geting late i will take you home now.

anna: how.

johnny blaze: on my motocycle.

anna: weeeeeeee!

johnny blaze: we are at your castle now.

anna: by.

johnny blaze: by.

inside the castle,

elsa: how did it go.

anna: good we ate applepie and i got to ride home on a motorcycle.

elsa: he has a motorcycle?

anna: yes.

elsa: cool.