Ok let me start by telling you how this fanfic came about, I asked my good friend BallisticLord (who does my research) to help me get started with my fic Omni-DXD. FYI about 60% of that first chapter is what he sent me, mind you in chunks that I had to edit arrange and add to, and as always helping by making the cover images for my fics. After seeing that chapter and the next 2 chapters I did on my own, mind you he said they were good although a little short, he asked if I would in return make a fic from one of his old ideas which is this Fic. Absorbet-replicantis' physical form (other than the sacred gears it gains) looks Like Phact except it only goes up to the elbow and on the back of the palm is a black spherical diamond. He said he had an idea of an alternate dxd timeline in where their was an OC he made who was Serafall's queen and who else was in the peerage some changes also happened to Rias' peerage because of this whatever just enjoy.

P.S. this story is in a different DxD universe from Omni-DxD

Also Fem Vali and Absorbet-Replicantis has both dragons inside it other changes may be noted later so stay tuned but vali still also has albion

Hope you enjoy


BOLD=authors note




Here is Rias' peerage at the beginning

Rias' peerage
Akeno- Queen
Yuuto Kiba- Knight x2
2 Free Bishops
Koneko- rook

1 Free Rook

8 Free pawns

and here is Serafall's peerage at the at the beginning

Serafalls peerage:
Free mutation queen
Julia Vladi mutation- bishop with same effect as original gasper and julia from Omni-DxD
Yumi Kiba Knight
Free Rook
2 mutation pawns
Akino- (akeno's older identical twin) mutation pawn x3
Free knight
Amber "Amy" Phenex-Bishop (daughter of Lord phenex's sister and Azazel)
Arya Valkyrie- (perverse young Valkyrie who resembles a hotter teenage roseweise) Rook
Emelia "May" Opal Gremory- (Rias' younger identical twin sister) mutation pawn x3

Chapter 1

My Name is Ryuu Tsuki-to-Taiyō O-no-Himitsu or 龍 月と太陽 尾の秘密

I am a second year at Kouh academy.

Because of my size and the fact all the girls think I am adorable I am known as as The Baby prince of Kuoh Acadamy.

I have golden blonde hair that has flat spikes that go half way down my back I am 5ft 1in tall and have deep blue eyes.

In popularity terms I am more popular then Kiba.

Unfortunately I am kind of shy which makes all the girls want me even more.

There are two secrets though that if they were known I would be even more popular first is I am rich, and when I say rich I don't mean loaded or well off I mean if I wanted to I could live in a palace with servants and still have enough money to never have to work again.

The second secret is that I live alone. By that I mean I mean no siblings, parents, nobody but me.

I never knew my parents.

I became rich using my advanced knowledge of statistics and machinery to trade stock under fake identity I created.

Because I mean really would you trade stock with a six year old.

I don't know where I was before I was six, I don't know where I lived, nor do I know who took care of me, I don't remember any of it.

I also had a knack for invention and I don't mean cute little kid stuff or even normal stuff I mean supernatural technology.

One such creation was The Super-Natural Information and Value Scanner, abbreviated as SNS or SNIS, which has been added into PDA's (which it was originally) watches smartphones laptops and even glasses.

Anyways I was walking home from school one day when 3 tall people dressed in black bumped into me.

"Donaseek are you sure this is him, Because he looks pretty harmless to me?" One of the women asked the man.

"DON'T BE AN IDIOT RAYNARE, CAN'T YOU FEEL THE AMOUNT OF POWER RADIATING FROM HIM?" the man whose name apparently was Dohnaseek yelled at the first woman whose name must be Raynare.

"Aww I don't want to kill him, just look at him, he's so adorable, I just want to keep him as a pet and cuddle him and snuggle him!" The Second Woman said dreamily.

"YOU CAN'T KEEP HIM KALNAWAR!" both Dohnaseek and Raynare yell at the woman who's name is Kalnawar. Kalnawar then begins to pout.

All three of them grow black wings and Raynare changes into something very slutty. Raynare and Dohnaseek throw spears at me, which I dodge.

"Kalnawar help us!" Raynare yells at the girl whose just standing there pouting.

"(sniffle) (sniffle) fine" Kalnawar pouts, throwing a spear at me which misses intentionally but Raynare threw one at the same time and I didn't see hers, so it hits me, in my piercing through my right foot and embedding itself into the ground, stopping me from escaping.

I catch the next incoming light javelin and throw it back at Dohnaseek and it sears of the tip of his left wing off.

However Raynare's next one hits me in the back of my left knee.

"Fine if that's how you want to play" I say pulling both spears out and tossing them to the side, "Then lets play-Nya" I say two wings grow from my back the left one is white and the right wing is a dark crimson red color. My eyes change colors as well: my left eye changing to be the same color as the moon, and my right eye changing to be the same color as the sun. I grow a fox tail and cat ears. "Heavenly Eclipse Neko-sune Form complete!" I exclaimed.

"Oh shit!" the three fallen angels exclaimed. Unfortunately they got away, but only after I singed the tip of Raynare's right wing and seared a gaping hole through Dohnaseek's right wing. Even more unfortunate is that I missed because my aim was effected from the large amount of blood I have lost. After trying to bandage the wounds using my shirt I start to flee trying to make my anywhere, anywhere except there.

Their were 5 things I didn't account for.

One even though my wings were gone my tail and ears were still out, which wouldn't be a problem if not for problem number two the fact I was running the wrong way, instead of towards my home I was running back towards school.

The third thing was that because of my popularity I'd be instantly be recognized and while the normal humans would just think it to be some weird cosplay thing my supernatural cover would be blown.

The fourth and fifth things looking back turned out to be a blessing in disguise they were the two girls I ran into: Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri.