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3rd Person POV

(Battle with Loki)

"It appears as though you underestimated us, you're done Loki, it's over." Sona said

"Your hubris is nauseating" Loki yelled emitting shock waves causing hell to shake.

"That's enough Loki" A new voice said.

"Well, well, well if it isn't Levithan's plushy, where is your master" Loki said.

"She has more important things to do than dealing with cowardly trash like you." Ryuu replied.

"Gæta yþ tunga, kuensami" Loki growled.

(Watch your tongue, skirt chaser)

"Loki, gamla hrafnasueltir, trying to stop a treaty because you know that if you would have to cheat to have a chance at beating Odin by himself, now with all these talks of treaties you are throwing a tantrum like an infant because you know your precious Ragnarok will never be able to happen, so you think you can stop the treaty, well in the name of my Master, Serafall Leviathan, you shall go no further, as I will end your mischief here and now trickster." Ryuu said flaring his own power.

"You dare stand in the way of a god, writhe in the agony that is a result of your insolence." Loki said firing a giant pale blue energy sphere about a hundred times his own size at Ryuu. "I am the moon, I am the cat, the fox, the dragon, the demon, Levithan's Queen, and your end Loki." Ryuu said shooting a volley of hundreds balls of energy each the size of a baseball simultaneously at the problematic god. Loki who was hardly injured, as the only damage was small paper thin scratches that the god was now covered in, was livid at being injured. Sent out a shockwave that obliterated nearby terrain making a crater and knocking Ryuu back.

"You need some help dude?" Saji called to Ryuu. "No I'm good thanks though" Ryuu said back shifting his attention

"Loki you insist do you not that the norse faction should keep to its own affairs, yet you are here in hell interfering with matters of the west far from your home in the north" Ryuu shouted. "You seek to chastise me boy, it was the followers of the christian church who forced their beliefs on our followers and you dare have the audacity to make a treaty with us, the biblical factions need to mind their own business instead of sticking their nose in mine." Loki shouted "Your business, you mean killing people and falling their houses, your a murderer, a manipulator and a thief Loki, and if you want norse matters handled by the norse I have someone who would love to repay you for what you did to him and his family, but I guess that's a long list Loki as you ruined many lives and orchestrated the decimation of many families, do you even remember how your recklessness killed a man you cursed his brother to kill his family and then manipulated a warrior to kill him and his last brother, may Hreidmar's last son finally have at you even if he can only take a pittance of the revenge he has right to" Ryu shouted.

"Oh dragon who resides in my head, the one who suffered Andvari's curse, he who watched over Hreidmar's hoard, see that here before me be Loki, the god who stole the cursed treasure from Andvari and gave said treasure to thine father as reparation for his murder of your brother…" Ryuu began but was cut off as Loki fired hundreds of astral daggers at Ryuu. "No you don't" Loki yelled trying to stop Ryuu before Loki would have to answer for his crimes.

Ryuu evaded the majority of the arcane projectiles but a couple pierced him leaving several holes through his torso and more than a few managed to cut or stab him leaving gashes and stab wounds across his body.

"...he paid your family in cursed gold, it is because of his trickery that you were cursed with a curse Andvari intended for Loki, for Loki had robbed Andvari and stolen his treasure…" Ryu was again interrupted by Loki, this time trying to send lightning at Ryu

Ryuu dissipated the attack by throwing a large slab of rock at the lightning. Which shattered when it collided with the bolt of lightning, causing Loki to get pelted by shrapnel.

"It is because of Loki that by Sigurd with Sigmund's Sword Gram, you were slain, Gram, a sword meant not for you but to enact retribution on those who sought to steal it." Ryuu continued attempting to use senjutsu to heal some of his more severe wounds.

"For it was Loki who caused the death of you and your kin, he killed Ótr, and made reparation in stolen cursed gold, a curse which drove you mad, and made you kill your father and as a constant reminder of what you had done the curse warped you…"

Ryuu said

Sona erected large wall of ice between the two hoping to buy ryuu some time

"Turning you into a giant winged beast, as if to mock you for what you had done, ye were gold in color just like the source of your curse…" Ryu said as the barrier shattered as several large ice javelins flew in Ryu's general direction

"Did you think that would hold against me, a god." Loki sneered

Rias shot the power of destruction at Loki's Javelins destroying three.

Ryu managed to dodge all but two of the remaining javelins one making a large hole through his right thigh the other taking a chunk out of his right side.

"But Loki was not done with thee nor thine family and as ye had been driven from sense by Andvari's curse and killed thine Father in your madness, your only remaining kin, your brother Regin raises Sigurd, son of Sigmund, to slay ye, after reforging the boy's father's sword Regin sends the boy to slay you, rip out your heart and bring it to him, on his way back to Regin after slaying you and ripping out your heart, Sigurd was told by a crow that was actually Loki, that Regin would try to kill him mistaking the crow for a raven a symbol of Odin, upon his return Sigurd with a swing of Gram removed from Regin, his head, from its place atop his shoulders, killing the last of your family..." Ryuu said again interrupted by Loki attempting to attack him, this time hurling a giant meteor at him but Issei dragon shot Loki's flaming projectile the force from the impact of the dragon shots detonation caused the meteor to veer, which drastically changed its trajectory causing it to land a considerable distance away.

"I call upon you Dragon King Fafnir, great golden dragon, holder of the title of the Gigantis Dragon, Fafnir, son of Hreidmar, your enemy Loki, the bane of your house, is before us come forth and and enact thine just vengeance." Ryuu shouted before a giant golden dragon came forth as though emerging from Ryuu's torso.

"It's Fafnir" Ddraig announced

"It's Fafnir" Sona said intrigued

"It's Fafnir" Rias said astonished

"So what, it's just Fafnir" Saji said causing Sona to whack him upside the head.

"It is Fafnir" Rossweisse observed with awe, astonishment and respect.

"It's Fafnir" Koneko declared in a monotone voice somehow remaining completely stoic despite the massive dragon.

"It's Fafnir?" Asia asked quietly in awe of the giant creature.

"It's Fafnir!" Loki exclaimed in complete horror his eyes wide and all of the blood draining from his face.

"IT'S ME!" the huge dragon growled shaking the ground before suddenly being on the other side of Loki with something in his mouth. "

Loki attempted to raise a barrier so he could escape but with Fafnir's next attack the barrier shattered and huge deep gashes from Fafnir's claws were seen in engraved into the evil god's chest. Next Loki was driven into the ground making a crater close to three hundred feet deep crushing most if not all the god's bones and then right as fafnir was about to rip of Loki's head a symbol appeared on the ground and a huge barrier was formed the symbol a snake helically around a tree with its tail barely below the surface and the mouth biting a root of the tree.

"I curse you Gremory and you Red Dragon… and to you…" Loki said turning to me an evil smirk on what was left of his face "Njót kuensami" He sneered before suddenly vanishing as I felt my remaining strength leave me, I felt the wind flying by me and I fell from the sky as my vision turned to black.