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It wasn't supposed to be like this… so why? Why did it have happen?

I can never fully comprehend what reason there was for this to happen.

It seems like a joke, a silly dream and yet…

Blood ran down his fingers as he clutched the body tightly. He felt her pulse weaken signalling that she was dying, the man standing before him shook with fear from what he had done.

This man shook as he spoke to me, saying that it wasn't suppose to be this way. That she ruined everything. It was a lie… she was the target and embraced the attack, she knew that I would be left all alone in the mountain pass where the cliffs were. She didn't tell me anything, Yumi why did you not tell me? Did you not trust me enough?

Have I done something wrong?

You said that you wouldn't leave me like my mother did that night, now our child is leaving as well. I can't stop the blood, there's too much and I can't heal you because of where he stabbed you.

His cries echoed by the cliff leaving everyone near shocked to hear such a broken cry.

What was going on? Was the first question that came to their minds.

However those standing with the man were rooted to the spot as they watched me crying while I held my wife tightly in my now bloodied arms. I felt eyes turned to slits as I looked at them with shaky breaths. How dare this fool hurt her! She had done nothing wrong! Unacceptable no unforgivable!

I just wanted them dead, gone from this world… reduced to bitter bones while their skin rotting away as they were left to the animals around us. I can't stand them, seeing their faces, hearing their emotions sicken me to the core. Just like the man who took his mother's life. He was just interested in power and wealth, not caring on who he destroyed to get what he wanted. No matter what the cost.

I've had enough of this… I want it all to end… even if it costs me my life.

They all must pay, foolish humans must die for they are the evil that plagues this land. Making us ill with their vile and greed.

No one is going to stop me, now that they've taken everything away from me.

Will Hao kill them?