Disclaimer: I do not own nor did I create any of the A-team characters (main or support) nor do I own nor did I create any of the episodes. That credit is due to Stephen J. Cannell and his associates.

Spoiler Alert: None needed - an independent piece although it does draw on characters introduced in "Black Day at Bad Rock"

Author's Notes/Summary: Faceman saves B.A.

No Phone Calls: by LAGC

Hannibal's plan had come together in its usual fashion therefore the "piece of cake" takedown the Colonel had promised did not live up to expectations. Now the team was embroiled in an all out hand to hand fight with the thugs they'd been hired to stop.

Hannibal was facing off with the knife wielding king thug. Murdock was trading blows with the second in command. Both Hannibal and the Captain seemed to be gaining the upper hand. Face couldn't say the same. Somehow he had been paired off with the biggest slug in the bucket. Not that Face wasn't trying and giving it his all, but the guy was just bigger, taller, and built like a cement dam.

B.A. saw what was going on but couldn't make his way over to the Lieutenant. The Big Guy was in the middle of pulverizing two cockroaches of his own. But seeing Face in so deep over his head caused B. A. to lose the last of his patience. He grabbed each of his opponents by their shirt buttons and slammed them together like cheap cymbals. This rendered them practically unconscious and he dropped them in the dirt where they belonged.

In less than three angry strides, B.A. was at Face's side. The goon had pinned Face against a tree and was pummeling his ribs. B.A. clamped his hand across the goon's shoulder and spun him around. Before the guy could register what happened, B.A. smashed him in the face with two quick as lightening jabs. And another creep was down for the count.

A quick glance around showed that Hannibal and Murdock were successfully securing their opponents. Faceman was still standing but was clutching his side and pale as a ghost. In fact the only color on his face came from his blue eyes. Eyes which suddenly grew quite large as he pushed off the tree and lunged toward B. A.

As the burly Sergeant processed this he also heard Murdock yell, "Gun!" And Hannibal order "Everyone down!" just as the deafening sound of a gunshot thundered. In the next instance Hannibal gave a roundhouse kick to the gunman's jaw thereby neutralizing any further threat. The gunman was one of the double team creeps B.A. had originally engaged.

All was silent for a few seconds until B. A. hollered,

"HANNIBAL! Faceman's been hit!"

The Colonel turned to see B.A. holding Face and lowering him to the ground. A large blood stain was growing on his Lieutenant's right arm. Hannibal ordered Murdock to tie up the thugs and he ran over to his fallen man.

B. A. was now tearing off Face's shirt so they could access and assess his wound. Face was gasping for breath. The pain from the gunshot and most likely broken ribs was taking a heavy toll on him. Running his usual "I'm fine scam" wasn't going to play this time.

"He took that bullet. It was meant for me, man. But the fool jumped in front of me and took it himself, Hannibal." B.A.'s voice was filled with worry and awe without any of his usual gruffness.

"Easy, Sergeant. Everything will be okay. Face, you with me, Kid? Let me see the damage here." replied Hannibal trying to keep his boys calm.

"Yeah I'm here, Colonel," slurred Face.

"Seems like you took a high hit to your arm. It's a clean through shot. I'll field dress it here then we'll get you to a hospital."

"No! No hospital, Decker is too hot on our trail. You fix it, Colonel." Face pleaded through gritted teeth.

"Tell you what, Kid, we'll compromise and head to Maggie's okay." Hannibal offered because he knew Face was right about Decker and Maggie's place was probably just as close as any hospital anyway. Besides Face's wound clearly needed professional attention.

"Good," groaned Face just before he passed out.

Meanwhile Murdock had retrieved the van and was leaping out of it with the first aid kit. B.A. was so concerned about Face he didn't even gripe at Murdock for abusing the brakes. As soon as Hannibal finished his field triage they loaded Face onto the floor of the van.

B.A. growled a warning to be careful, "The fool probably has some cracked ribs from the way that sucker was pounding on him before I got to them."

Murdock took up his post by Face's side keeping pressure on the gunshot wound and trying to keep Face still. Hannibal made the phone call to notify Dr. Maggie Sullivan that they were coming in with a wounded Face. B.A. slammed down the accelerator and rushed his friend to Bad Rock.