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LE ENDING #1 (or the "I-think-this-will-be-an-ending-depending-on-whether-I-feel-like-making-it-the-ending" ending #1)

The shadow stepped forward even more into the light, the music playing from the stereo dying. Another song began to play, its steady low beat striking a chord within Hermione as she recognized this song, too.

'Goddess…Whoever worked this stereo really picks the doozies…And I thought the other song screamed, 'SHAG ME!'…Now this one?!' Hermione's thoughts quickly died out once she took a good glance at her Professor's attire.

'Meep…Leather pants…Erp…Silk shirt…Egads…combat boots…Oooohhh…All in black…' Apparently, her brain was still functioning…Slightly…

The man, seeing her opening and closing her mouth ('Looking rather like a cute goldfish…In a white negligee…' he thought), smirked. "Like what you see, Miss Granger?"

Hermione, who had finally snapped out of her stupor, shivered at the tone of his voice. Of course, there was the nominal possibility that she was freezing her arse off in that skimpy nightgown, but the man liked to think he was having an effect on her. He finally noticed the song playing in the room, and listened. A slow smile began to spread across his face as he heard the lyrics. 'Interesting…'

Hermione happened to be thinking the same thing too.

I'll always think of you
Inside of my private thoughts
I can imagine you
Touching my private parts
With just the thought of you
I can't help but touch my self
That's why I want you so bad

The man quirked an eyebrow at her as he noticed her silently mouthing the words. "You know this song, Miss Granger?"

Hermione blushed profusely but refused to duck her head in embarrassment. "Is that surprising to you, Professor?" She smiled impishly up at him, waiting with bated breath for his reaction.

His smile seemed to grow more devilish as Hermione inwardly swooned at it. It seemed to light up his pale face, which was a good thing, in her opinion. 'Lord knows how much he has to go through every day', she thought.

"It's not…surprising, per se…" He slowly enunciated each word in his drawling purr. "Though I always wondered about the preferences of our esteemed Head Girl…Somehow you did not strike me as a B&R type of girl—"

Hermione giggled. "R&B, Professor…And yes, I do like this kind of music…I guess I am full of surprises…"

The man smirked. "Ah, but I'm sure I'll…enjoy finding out just how many surprises you do have, Miss Granger."

Just one night of
Moonlight, with you there beside me
All night, doin' it again and again
You know I want you so bad
Baby, baby, baby, baby

Hermione also smirked as she realized the hilarity of the situation they were in. "Professor," she said breathily, "I'm sure you've recognized how…silly, I guess…Yes, how silly it is to be so formal with each other…You in leather, me in a sheer nightgown…And yet we're still calling each other 'Professor' and 'Miss'…Would you mind calling me Hermione, for once?"

The professor looked down at her (and noticing that she was quite…ample) and said, "Miss Granger, you are still my student, and I am still your teacher. It is not proper to call each other by our first names…Despite our…erm…situation…" And at this the sex-god appeal he had going for him vanished, replaced by an awkward, bumbling man who was almost…

'Oh dear Merlin…Is he blushing?!'

Hermione slowly smiled as she noticed how weak his argument was. As well as the fact that he was trying vainly not to look at her. She leisurely sidled up to him, her heavily lidded eyes looking up at him.

Oooh I get so high
When I'm around you baby
I can touch the sky
You make my temperature rise
You're makin me high

The professor gulped as Hermione drawled in perfect imitation to his own voice, "First of all, Professor, I am your nineteen-year-old ex-student. Technically, as soon as I finished and handed in your final, I was no longer your student. So…" she paused as he smiled, and decided to add a little incentive.

"So, do refrain from giving me that moralistic bullshit, and kiss me." By now, she was a hair's breath away from him. While she waited eagerly for his answer, she took time to admire his face.

Namely, his lips.

Granted, she loved everything about his face, but it was his lips that attracted her to him the most. It was also a magnet to her because she knew she would've never expected him to have those lips.

Full…Soft-looking…Almost pouty…As if he'd just been kissed. Except in a 24/7 kind of way.

It was illegal to have such lips, in her opinion.

Even better was how he used them. His voice never failed to maker her shiver every time he spoke.

Another sin he probably didn't realize he had.

Before her thoughts could run towards the more indecent, they were rudely interrupted. By the very object she had been fantasizing about.

The lips.

Were on her.

And Merlin, did it feel good.

Can't get my mind off you
I think I might be obsessed
The very thought of you
Makes me want to get undressed
I wanna be with you
In spite of that my heart says
I guess I want you so bad

Her groan as she blindly clutched at satin-covered shoulders unwittingly opened her mouth to him. He moaned as their tongues frantically searched each others' mouths. Neither noticed how they were backing up into the nearest wall. At least, they didn't until Hermione shrieked and broke off the kiss.

The professor looked at her in concern. Hermione smiled sheepishly. "The wall…It's cold…"

The man laughed as he bent down to ravish her mouth again, his hands circling around her body to caress her back. She shivered, although now it wasn't because of the cold.

'Yet another trait I love about him…His hands…So large and rough…But warm, and gentle,' she thought. Her hands weren't idle, though, as they worked on unbuttoning his shirt. His nice, black, satin shirt. Her hands, unfortunately, were shaking…And fumbling…Mainly because her brain was distracted by those lovely lips on her neck.

"So, Professor…" she whispered, as she finally finished undoing his shirt, "will you stop calling me Miss Granger?"

He lifted his head and stared at her, eyes almost twinkling. "Very well, Hermione," and he paused to smile as she shuddered against him, "if only you call me by my first name as well."

Hermione looked at him incredulously. He had finally given in. Commence the mental happy dancing. "All right…" she whispered huskily, just before his mouth descended to claim hers once again, "Severus…"

'Oohhh…This feels too good to be real…' Hermione thought.

For the past half hour or more, they had been enjoying themselves as they thoroughly explored each others' bodies. By now, they had pretty much divested themselves of their clothes. Severus was left in his boxers ('Although how he managed to wear those green and silver boxers underneath those second-skin leather pants is beyond me') and Hermione in her sheer black panties and stockings. Including the garter belt.

"I rather like the thought of you in only those silk stockings," he had said, fingering the garter belt holding them up. She had merely kissed him quite senseless in response.

All I want is
Moonlight, with you there inside me
All night, doin' it again and again
You know I want you so bad
Baby, baby, baby, baby

The back of her mind registered that the Muggle stereo that had brought her into this pleasant predicament was still playing the song. She only just grasped the fact that the song was on constant replay. 'With you there inside me…Oh Goddess I'm dying to fulfill this song…' But so far, Severus had been refusing her that wish…Every time she tried to pull down those blasted boxers, he would simply grab her wrists, pull them above her head, and snog her to oblivion. Albeit a nice distraction, it was bloody torture. And to add to the torment, because her hands were trapped, she couldn't discover any hidden spots to torture him back with. Merlin knew how good of a job he was doing as it was.

With her wrists still trapped up until now, Hermione was stuck trying to think of a good way to get back at him. Because that was what this was. A competition of some sort. Designed as a 'who-will-break-first' battle of wills. So far, Severus seemed to be winning. 'Which isn't unexpected, considering that he has a good couple of years ahead of me to know just what exactly makes a person so wanton to the point of sheer blinding lust…And did that make any sense?!'

However, if Hermione Granger knew anything, it was that she was determined. After all that hard work to gain the reputation of a 'know-it-all', she sure as hell had ingenuity. And damnit, she was going to use it. 'Merlin help Severus…' she thought, and snickered.

Oooh I get so high
When I'm around you baby
I can touch the sky
You make my temperature rise
You're makin me high
Baby, baby, baby, baby

But what to do…What to do, what to do…

The proverbial lightbulb went off in her head as she inwardly snickered again. She mentally grounded herself, refusing to be distracted. She looked to Severus's neck, specifically as his Adam's apple, and smiled evilly. Unfortunately for Severus, who was busy mauling her own neck, he didn't notice her whisper, "Handsius Invisibilitus". A milky, opaque hand appeared behind his head, and she mentally instructed it to do something.

Imagine the surprise on Severus's face as the hand yanked his silky hair and pulled his head back. The shock provided her plenty of time to lean forward (since her hands were still trapped) and bite down a bit hard on his Adam's apple. His gasp, half pleasure, half pain, made her smile. She slowly licked her way up past his jaw and paused to hover over his lips.

His eyes, burning into her, gave her the edge she needed to mutter hoarsely against his lips, "Bored now…Play with me, puppy?" She waited anxiously for his reaction, her subconscious in the meanwhile yelling its head off at her. 'PUPPY?!' it screamed.

But she didn't need to worry. Much.

She didn't have much warning as Severus…Actually…Growled.

And pounced.

As his mouth crashed down upon hers, she dimly registered the tearing of delicate fabric.

'…Damn…And I was beginning to like those panties…No matter…'

Her hands now miraculously free, they decided to make up for lost time. They quickly got rid of his boxers, and tugged his hips towards hers. Both groaned at the feeling of flesh against flesh.

"Severus…" she pleaded. "Please…"

"Please, what, Hermione?" he said, his voice gruff.

Her brain, quickly shutting down, struggled to think of the right words to say…But it decided to screw it.

She stared into his eyes, lost inside the onyx pools.

"Take me…Fuck me…puppy."

He, in reply, merely grabbed her hips and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Her mind, still slightly virginal (to her shame), processed the fact that his…thing…'Hermione, you idiot, you're about to be impaled on it…The least you can do is stop calling it a thing'…She wouldn't listen to it, though…The mere thought of it was still enough to make her blush…Which was a bit silly, since her mind was right: She was about to have the brains shagged out of her…By her Potions Professor…And yet she still couldn't call…IT…anything else…

Her subconscious sighed in exasperation, but she chose to ignore it.

'Argh…FINE…His…dick…' Her mind crowed its approval and quickly threw a brief party.

'It's pressing into me…It's rather big…And hot…And hard…And it's about to be…IN me…Why am I so…girly over this? I've done this loads of times before…Why am I suddenly the blushing bride on her wedding night?!'

Severus, who had been watching her face surreptitiously, frowned slightly at the hesitation in her eyes. "Hermione…Are you okay? It's all right if you are not ready to do this…If this is your first time—"

Hermione grinned faintly at his weak attempts at chivalry. It was almost…endearing…watching him try to say what was best for her when his body was obviously having other ideas…

She mentally shook her head. 'I think I'm just nervous because I'm about to have sex with a man that I truly care about…More than any other person I've been with…And it's scary…But…Might as well dive head-in…'

She seized the back of his head, smashed her lips down on his, and simultaneously slammed herself down on him. Both their gasps were stifled by their kiss, but they broke apart as they groaned. 'He feels so…full…So good…Goddess…' They began to move together, Severus grasping her hips to raise her up and down as he thrust into her. She, in turn, rose to meet with his every thrust, slowly dying a sweet death as he stabbed into her over and over again. Their sounds of pleasure overrode the soft music in the background.

I want to feel your heart and soul inside of me
Let's make a deal you roll, I lick
And we can go flying into ecstasy
Oh darlin' just you and me
Light my fire
Blow my flame
Take me, take me, take me away…

The tension of the past hour began to take its toll on them as they moved harder against each other. Hands frantic as they slid over sweaty flesh. Mouths kissing, licking, even biting whatever spot they could find. Their groans and mewls grew louder as their pleasure rose to new heights. They needed to have release. And damnit, if they wouldn't get it soon.

"Severus…please…" Hermione groaned. "Now…"

His hand traveled down to where they joined, and soon found her clit. One quick tug, and she was gone.

She screeched as she clamped down on him, and he yelled at the painful pleasure of her climaxing with him inside her. Both screamed out their lover's name as they came—

And Hermione gasped as she woke up. She hastily glanced around the room, and realized that she was back in her Head Girl bedroom. She glanced down, and saw her normal sleeping attire of flannel pajamas.

And she screamed.


She muttered angrily to herself. "Damnit, this is the millionth time this happened…"

She sighed as she took another look around her room, and gave a start.

There, on her nightstand, was a small Muggle stereo.

And it was playing.

Oooh I get so high
When I'm around you baby
I can touch the sky
You make my temperature rise
You're makin me high
Baby, baby, baby, baby

"Was it a dream after all?" she muttered aloud.

God, she hoped not.

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