Author Note: I believe I'm getting better with the format. I learned that you shouldn't use Microsoft Word 2010 to upload your story on this site; it's much better to use the Copy-and-Paste option which is what I am using by the way. I'll still use Word for spell checking, but that's about it.

This story was inspired by the amount of prejudice the world has when it comes to sexuality and race. Most of us by now understand that we can't change who we are, and that we should embrace it; then, there are others that'll just never adapt and accept it. Those are the ones that make degrading comments, and try to lower self-worth. I just want to say that I have nothing against homosexuality. I was raised to be tolerate and be nonchalant about things like this.

The character, Law Enforcement, was inspired by the large amount of corrupt cops in the Law Enforcement system. They tend to pick on people because they believe they are above the law. That they make the law, not enforce it, and while everyone is a potential victim, they tend to target the people they despise the most. They don't even have to know you; all you need is a certain trait that will just make them hate you. Traits like beauty and knowledge, sexual and gender identity, height and weight, race and ethnicity, and sexuality and social hierarchal status.

Disclaimer: I do not own the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise. All characters that appear in this story belong to Hasbro and My Little Pony except for my original antagonist, Law Enforcement.

Title: Corrupt Justice

Author: Betty Bear

Chapter: 1

Word Count: 2,471

Thoughts: 'Corrupt Justice'


Major Mare sighed for the fourth time this day. In front of her was a list of viable candidates that would become the new sheriff of Ponyville. So far each resume and cover letter she read proved how experienced and qualified the pony really was, and because of that, it was very hard to pick the right type of pony to be sheriff. He or she would have to adapt to her town's friendly nature. They would have to connect with the citizens, and grant protection whenever the Elements of Harmony were off defending Equestria. So far each piece of parchment she read showed how qualified these potential sheriffs were, making it all the more harder to pick the right one.

Major Mare once again sighed as she moved the stack away from her. She really did need a break. All of this was just too much for her right now. 'Perhaps some coffee would help me think more clearly.' she thought as she reached for her brown coat, a Heart's Warming gift from the local fashionista, and put it on. She then closed off her office lights, and started down the hall to the nearest stairs all the while thinking about who to hire.

'Townie Cooper would be a great candidate. He has experience in the Royal Guards and was a police instructor in the Manehattan Police Department, but he didn't list any actual field experience; then, there's State Snitch who does have field experience, but not enough training. Also, I had contacted his references, and they told me he isn't what I'm looking for.' Mayor Mare thought as she finally reached the stairs, and started her descent. 'If only there was a candidate that could be like the both of them.' She had finally reached the front of Ponyville Town Hall. She told her receptionist that she was going to be at Coffee Bean, so if any calls came for her they would have to leave a message.

It was only a five minute walk to her destination, so obviously it didn't take very long. She had immediately looked around the almost barren shop, observing some couples and friends, before walking to the bored pony behind the cash register.

"Hello and welcome to Coffee Bean where every cup of coffee is blah blah blah. How may I help you?" The bored pony asked in a very monotone and bland voice that was slightly cracking.

Mayor Mare had blinked in surprise at his lack of enthusiasm for his workplace, but why should she be surprised. He was a teenager, probably around the age of 15 or 16. He had a bad case of acne meaning he mostly just started puberty. He was slightly taller than her, and he had tired and apathetic eyes. He wasn't interested in his work as he looked like he just didn't care, which was also understandable since Coffee Bean only paid five bits an hour with no overtime. He could easily be home talking to his marefriend or doing whatever.

Mayor Mare looked at the menu for a minute before looking at his name tag. "Well, Ack Knee, I would like to purchase a Mixed Berry Cappuccino Swirl." She said as she looked him square in the eyes.

"That'll be five bits." He said as he held out his hoof expectantly.

Mayor Mare raised an eyebrow at this, but said nothing as she searched through her coat pocket. Forking over her bits, he gave her a receipt, and went into the back to fetch her drink.

'I wonder if he even knows who I am?' She thought as she decided to use this waiting time as an opportunity to look at all of her fellow consumers. She turned her head to right, looking at pony that was near the exit. This pony was a young, light yellow-orange coated mare. She had a straight, light brown mane with the a strip of yellow at the base of head and neck. She had delightful blue eyes and a simple smile no doubt from drinking her cup of coffee. To the table at the mare's left was a mysterious stallion. He wore a worn down cowpony hat, and a matching brown coat that was similar to her own article of clothing. His head was pointed down so finding his eyes was pretty much impossible, so was his mane. She did; however, notice that he had large hooves for an average stallion, so she believed he was a fellow earth pony. And finally his coat color was hazel, and that he didn't have a drink, just a newspaper in front of him that wasn't opened. He seemed to be asleep as he didn't touch his drink or newspaper.

"I wonder why he's here." She thought, but before she could come up with any more questions her coffee had arrived.

"Here you go. Have a normal night." Ack said before turning his back, and walking to the employee's break room.

Mayor Mare shook her head before turning her head around to find the best place to sit and drink. There were so many places to chose from because the coffee shop was practically empty, but she decided to go with the table that was second closest to the door. In hindsight, she never chose this kind of area to sit at since ponies from the outside could always peek at whatever she's eating or drinking.

Just as she sat down to enjoy her expensive drink, and take a break from work, the front door opened. A stallion had approached the empty cash register looking this way and that before leaning over, and emptying all of the bits the store rightfully owned. He continued to put bits in his now bulging bag before turning around to face the only three customers in the whole restaurant.

"Okay, so here's how it goes down! You got bits and I want 'em! So put'em in here!" He shouted as he started walking over to the yellow-orange mare. He thrust his bulging bag towards the terrified mare, glaring at her as he stared her down.

"" She stammered as she shakily started to pat down her saddlebags. "I...I...I don't have..any...l-l-left. I..I.. used.."

The thief didn't say anything as he just stared at her; his menacing green eyes staring into her terrified blue ones. Suddenly, he reached and put his right hoof in his bag before pulling out an expensive looking gun. He pointed it towards her, and repeated his earlier statement.

"Give me your money!" He yelled so loud this time, that bored looking teen finally emerged from the break room. How he didn't hear the criminal's yelling earlier was a mystery.

"Excuse me sir, but we don't allow guns here." Ack said boringly. It was amazing really. He had to have noticed the gun that was drawn, and was currently pointing towards the lovely yellow-orange mare. Instead, he was bored. He obviously didn't care that a thief was wielding a dangerous weapon.

"Oh? You don't say!" The thief said as he focused on the brave teen in front of him. He shoved the terrified mare off her seat before walking towards Ack Knee. All the while, the strange stallion that was supposedly sleeping, slightly lifted his head up to observe the scene before him. Currently, Mayor Mare was sitting in her car with a frown on her face. She was holding her cup in her right hoof, and was watching the thief very closely. However, she turned her attention to the mare on the ground. The terrified mare was currently having tears roll down her face as she struggled to get back up mostly due to her shivering and shaking. The mysterious stallion saw Ack Knee standing before the thief, and was facing him with a bored expression on his face. The thief had his back to the mysterious stallion. 'Never turn your back on justice.' The mysterious stallion thought as he swiftly, and quietly moved out of his seat.

"I can do whatever the hell I want!" The thief yelled in Ack's face as he pushed the gun up to the colt's underside of his jaw. Ack Knee only swallowed, showing a bit of fear, but still managed to keep his composure. "You think I'm scared of you!"

"No I don't. I honestly don't care what you do, but I won't have you point a gun at my customers." Ack Knee told the criminal in his usual bored tone. Mayor Mare knew that if that colt survived this encounter, assuming she did too, she was going to hand him the Town Recognition Award for protecting some of the civilians. Mayor Mare moved from her table to where the young mare was, helping her off the floor. Of course she quietly moved, or rather it would have been quiet if she hadn't hit the table. Immediately, the thief turned around, and glared at Mayor Mare.

"The buck are you doing?! Get away from her!" The thief yelled at her as he continued to somewhat watch Ack Knee. He, however, failed to notice the mysterious stallion moving stealthily about. As a matter of fact, it seemed that everyone in the store failed to notice the mysterious stallion was no longer at his seat.

"I was helping her off the floor, you brute!" Mayor Mare told him sternly as she glared up at the thief. How could he expect such a scared mare to get up after a forceful push like that? He was truly a criminal.

Meanwhile Ack Knee finally noticed the mysterious stallion was missing. He wasn't at his table so where could he have gone? Ack's question wasn't going to be left unanswered as the mysterious stallion finally made his appearance.

"Hey." The strange stallion said as he stood directly behind the criminal. His deep voice resounding throughout the entire coffee shop as he narrowed his hazel eyes. His mane was still hidden from his cowpony hat. Interestingly enough, he looked even more intimidating. He was definitely bigger than the average stallion, but smaller than buff stallions such as Big MacIntosh and Bulk Biceps.

The thief jumped a bit at the voice, and immediately whirled around. He never had a chance to bring his gun to face the larger opponent because the mysterious stallion used an Ancient Equine technique known as the Xang Jun. The mysterious stallion had basically moved to the left of the gun, and used his right hoof to grab it. He twisted the thief's hoof counterclockwise at an angle till his hoof was pointing somewhat upward. By now the thief was screaming in pain due to the feeling of his joint being twisted at an abnormal angle. The stallion pushed down with enough force to knock the gun out of the thief's hoof. The stallion then moved his hind legs in a classic hip toss position. He lifted the thief up off the ground, and flipped him over his body all the while the criminal screamed. The criminal hit the ground on his side with a loud thud.

"Argh! Buck!" The criminal swore as he tried to squirm due to the pain he was receiving; however, he was hardly able to move since the mysterious stallion was still holding his hoof at an impossible angle.

Even after all that excitement, Ack Knee had a very bored look on his face. Mayor Mare and the lovely mare had their mouths open for completely different and yet totally similar reasons. This stallion took down a threat very quickly, and without breaking a sweat! He was knowledgeable in disabling a criminal, and he was definitely stealthy. He was the perfect candidate! Now all Mayor Mare needed to know was if he was experienced in law enforcement.

'And his name.' Mayor Mare thought. 'I need to know his name.'

Author Note: Expect the updates to be monthly. As a college student, an ECG Technician-In-Training, and a wait-listed Emergency Physician Scribe, I would not be able to update this story weekly or even biweekly; however, always know that I am constantly working (or thinking) on it. As for any suggestions, I am open to it. If you see any mistakes, or if something does not make sense go ahead and PM/review me. Critique makes a writer better. As for my chapters, I like them to be short, so expect around 1,000 words to 4,000 words. I promise that what I miss in quantity I can make up with in quality.

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