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Title: Corrupt Justice

Author: Betty Bear

Chapter: 2

Word Count: 3,063

Thoughts: 'Corrupt Justice'


"Hey! Kid! Get the police!" The mysterious stallion shouted towards Ack Knee. His hoof was still placed on the criminal, and he looked angry. Or maybe just serious. No pony was able to tell exactly what he was feeling since his facial expression was rather hard to describe. However, one could deduce that he should be angry right now since a criminal did burst into a little shop and terrorize its customers. Plus, he looked like the type of stallion to hate and disapprove of anything against the law.

Ack Knee only nodded quietly before walking towards the entrance. He didn't see the need to say anything, but he continued to look bored while walking out the door.

'Why is he even walking? He should be galloping?! There is a criminal here!' Mayor Mare thought. She really didn't understand this colt, but she knew one thing. She didn't want to have this criminal in one of Ponyville's stories. He needed to get in jail. Quickly. To ease the citizens.

"Mr. Knee! Gallop!" Mayor Mare shouted after the colt who had finally left the store. She didn't wait to see if he took her advice as she quickly turned around to face the other customer, the criminal, and the mysterious stallion. Speaking of the mysterious stallion...'What is his name?'

Before she could ask, the criminal shouted in pain as his leg was still held in that horrible position. It was really starting to really affect his leg to the point where he thought it would either dislocated or even detach itself from his being.

"Hey! You mind loosening up?! I'm hurting over here!" The criminal shouted as the mysterious stallion only glanced downwards with a slight smile and added more weight. Truthfully, he was enjoying this. After all, this criminal got exactly what he wanted in reverse. Instead of inflicting pain, he was inflicted with pain. "Hey!"

The mysterious stallion didn't reply. He only continued to look down at the criminal.

"Hey, I'm talking to you!"

The mysterious stallion still continued to remain silent.

"I know you can talk, pig!"

The mysterious stallion only blinked then continued his unrelenting stare with silence.

"Why the he-!" The thief didn't finish as an unsuspected blow to the head rendered him unconscious. The lovely mare the thief had attacked earlier had delivered a strong kick to the back of his head, knocking him out.

The mysterious stallion lifted his head up. His hazel eyes staring into the attacker's eyes. His mouth forming a wide smile as he nodded his head in thanks. That stallion really was getting on his nerves. Always talking as if he had a big game. As if his bark was worse than his bite; what a joke!

"Um..Hi. Thank you for saving us." The mare replied sweetly as she smiled gently at him. She was no longer under constant fear. This stallion had took down the criminal, and she knocked him out. The police would arrive at any time to take this lawbreaker into custody, and she would be able to return home in one piece with a very interesting story for her roommates.

"No problem, ma'am.' The mysterious stallion replied. His deep voice easily flowing throughout the store. "Just doing my job to protect you."

"Oh yes. Thank you very much." The lovely mare responded; although, she was a bit curious with what he had said. "I take it you're an officer?"

"Yes. Been in the force for 10 years."

This lick of information had caught Mayor Mare's attention. She was currently looking for somepony who had experience as well as courage and was qualified. She had already made up her mind on getting this stallion as the new sheriff of Ponyville, but she didn't know if he was in law enforcement. Now she did.

"Wow. No wonder you knew that move. You must beat up bad guys everyday."

"Not every day, but only when I need to."

'Ah. So he only resorts to violence when he needs to.' The mayor thought. That was a very good trait to have in ponies that enforced the law. 'And with his years of experience and semi-diplomatic behavior, he's a very good candidate to become the new sheriff of Ponyville! He's so qualified! In fact, he might as well be overqualified!'

Before the mare could respond, Major Mare quickly interjected herself into the conversation.

"Excuse me, said you worked in the police force for 10 years correct? Well...I was just wondering if you were looking for a job?" Mayor Mare asked as she started to move closer to the only two conscious ponies in the store.

"Correct, I have." The stallion answered politely. "I am actually. My last job...didn't go so well."

"Oh? Would you mind if I asked why not?" The mayor questioned. The lovely mare beside her shook her head in agreement. She was just as curious as the mayor for the answer.

"Not at all, ma'am. Some townsfolk complained about me."

The mare blinked in surprise as the mayor only slightly turned her head to the side. Both didn't understand how his citizens would complain about him. To them, he performed his job rather well. Then again, they didn't know him personally or even professionally. Perhaps the townsfolk had a valid reason to complain about him. Perhaps they didn't.

Mayor Mare didn't know if she should continue to with her plan. She was hoping he would be the one, and he looked and acted the part, but she knew from prior experience that work history was also very important. However, his town probably wasn't like Ponyville. Ponyvillians were the nicest and the friendliest of ponies. They accepted and befriend just about anypony, anygriffon, and any other non-dangerous species she could think of.

"What town?" The curious mare asked.

"Caballus" He replied.

"Where's that?" The mare questioned. She never heard of that city or town before. To her, it sounded too foreign to be in Equestria.

"A little while aways from Fillydelphia and Manehattan."

"That name doesn't ring a bell." Mayor Mare interjected again.

"That's because it's a small town surrounded by bustling cities like Fillydelphia and Manehattan. Their fame outshined Caballus's existence."

"Ah." Both the mares said in understanding. Ponyville used to be a nopony town before it started to become popular with the uprising of the Elements of Harmony, the current residence of the newly crowned Princess of Friendship, and the constant visits from Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Now Ponyville appeared as a famous tourist site, and Mayor Mare couldn't be any prouder.

The group stood in silence for a bit as the conversation ended. The mare glanced down at the criminal and disgust formed on her face. How could he try and rob her like that? Even when she said she didn't have any more bits on her. She felt the need to kick him again but seeing how he was unconscious, and she felt content. She would have felt even more content if the only store worker available would show up with the cops. This thief needed to be thrown in prison for a long time. No trial for his sorry butt.

Mayor Mare glanced at the mare before turning her attention to the stallion. She gave him a quick smile before remembering to finish the reason why she joined the conversation.

"Sooooo...would you like the job here mister...?" She didn't finish her question as she hoped he would give her his name.

"Law Enforcement, and I appreciate your offer, but what job are you offering me?" The stallion smiled a bit as he looked down at her.

"Oh! How silly of me to forget! I'm offering you a job as the local sheriff."

Law Enforcement's hazel eyes widened in surprise for a bit. Truthfully, he wandered from town to town in search of a job. Anything would do, but nopony it seemed wanted to hire him. He didn't know why, but he could never get a job. But this mare was offering him a job. And in police no less! And as the sheriff! This was it! This was his chance to finally get a job! However, he didn't have experience as a sheriff.

"Yes! I'll gladly accept the position, but I don't have any experience as a sheriff. I was just a cop." He explained to the mayor. "Would you still consider me?"

"Of course I will! In fact, I want you to be the sheriff!" She exclaimed happily. She had finally found somepony to take the job that tormented her for weeks. She had finally become free from her nightmare. She didn't even need to check his references or look at his resume or cover letter. She was that sure he was the best thing for her town. Her police officers needed guidance and where better from than this stallion. "When the police arrive, I'll take you with me to my office so we can get the paper work filled out, alright?"

"Yes ma'am."

Silence once again filled the room until the lovely mare asked a question with an obvious answer.

"So Mayor Mare, is he our new sheriff?"


It didn't take Ack Knee any more than 30 minutes of trotting to reach the police station; he didn't feel like galloping. He knew the situation was dire; he wasn't stupid, but he just didn't want to gallop. Since that stallion was there on top of the criminal, he was very confident that nopony would get hurt. As long as that stallion was there, his customers were safe, and more importantly, the store was safe. According to popular belief, he appeared to have no emotion, but he did care about his job. He needed the bits, so he could spend them on things teenagers bought.

The police station looked like everything else in Ponyville; nice. A bunch of flowers of many species surrounded the building excluding the pathway to the entrance. There weren't any benches or chairs nearby so ponies wouldn't be able to sit and hang out like at the other stores and shops in Ponyville. The station had the same color scheme as Town Hall as well as a similar structure. The only thing that was different about it was that the building had only 2 stories, had several windows, and a single, wooded door that served as the entrance and exit.

Ack Knee slowed his trotting to a walk as he finally within reach of the door. He pushed it open with his left hoof and immediately started to walk in. He looked around as he moved further into the building. From the looks of it, the police officers were probably busy doing something else; nopony was in the station. It was completely vacant. Nopony was at their desk, nopony was at the water fountain, and nopony was doing whatever else cops did.

"Great. I came here for nothing." Ack Knee said without any emotion present. "Might as well go back."

Just as he turned around, the faint sound of talking caught his ears' attention. He turned his head back around and began to concentrate. He needed to find out where the sound was coming from. He needed to find the source. He slowly and carefully stalked about the room, moving around desks and empty chairs, searching for the sound. It didn't take that long for him. He found a raise in the volume of the sound and began to follow it, listening to its continued crescendo, until it lead him to a door. He had never been to a police station, so he didn't know what room was behind this door. And judging from the loud sounds emanating from this door, it was very clear to Ack Knee that the police officers or some criminals were behind it.

"Oh well. Might as well open this." He said.

He placed his hoof on the door and pushed it open, revealing a bunch of cops stuffing donuts in their mouths while watching a hoofball game. They immediately turned around at the sound of the door opening and blinked. They were caught redhoofed. Instead of them working, they were eating donuts and watching sports. But again what was to be expected? They didn't have a boss to watch them constantly or even show them how to do their job. Sure, they were good, but they seriously needed a role model.

An image of the mysterious stallion from his store came into mind. 'He would make a good boss wouldn't he?' Ack Knee thought. 'He'd make these guys really work.'

The first cop swallowed his glazed donut. He didn't seem to notice that he had crumbs on his muzzle or that he had gotten them on his uniform. Once again, Ack Knee could only think about how mediocre this group was. Maybe this was why crime was problem in Equestria; cops like these didn't do their job and allowed felons to happen left in right while they ate. It was very pitiful.

The second cop had 2 glazed donuts resting on his chest, while he had another donut, pink frosting with rainbow sprinkles. in his left hoof. and a cup of coffee in his right hoof. He appeared to be heavy set, and it really was no surprise since he had all these donuts. His cheeks were puffed up a bit, and in truth he looked like chipmunk or squirrel that stored nuts in their cheeks.

The last cop was actually dead asleep. He was leaning back in his chair with his head hanging off his shoulder, and drool dripping onto his uniform.

Ack Knee could only wonder why they weren't security guards instead of cops.

"Did you need something, Ack?" The first cop questioned.

"Yes. As a matter of fact, I do. I need you to arrest this guy. He entered my store and pulled a gun on my customers." Ack Knee responded boringly.

The cops looked at each other in surprise. Nothing like that had ever happened in Ponyville. Or at least that's what they thought. They didn't really know. Nopony ever came for their services, so they assumed the town was completely fine.

"A stallion with a gun?" The second cop questioned.

"Yes. A gun."

"How did he get that?" The first cop asked the second cop.

"I dunno. Equestria doesn't make guns like that." The second cop stated. He blinked before saying more. "At least that's what I thought."

"Where did he even get that?" The first cop asked.

"I'm not even sure." The second cop replied.

Ack Knee watched as the cops nonchalantly talked about the gun. In his opinion, it didn't matter how the crook had a gun. He had a gun, and he was a danger to Ponyville and his store. And here they were discussing the gun as if they had all the time in the world.

And the Canterlot Royals Wide Receiver, Hot Horseshoe, scores the 4th touchdown! The score is now 20-7! Canterlot is destroying Hoofington!

The two cops quickly turned their attention back to the TV. It seemed as though they had something more important on. A criminal in Ponyville wasn't as important as a hoofball game that would appear on later. Ack Knee frowned.

The cops reacted to the game as they hooted and hollered. They were both fans of the Canterlot Royals. And it was very apparent as they chuckled and make jokes about Hoofington's demise. Unfortunately their fun was gonna have to be cut sort. Some matters like a the public safety was way more important than a hoofball game.

"You two need to come with me." Ack persisted.

The two cops turned their heads towards Ack Knee.

"Why are here? Do you need something?" The second cop asked this time.

Ack Knee could only look at them in surprise. It seemed as though they completely forgot about why he was there even when he just talked to them. However, this time Ack Knee was going to use a different method.

"Mayor Mare said you need to arrest this criminal. She's waiting for you." Ack Knee stated. He smiled as he saw the stallions quickly get off their chairs. When in doubt always mention the mayor's name. The last cop that was asleep remained asleep. It didn't matter; though, they only needed 2 cops to book the criminal and go about their day.

Ack Knee lead them outside of the break room where the two cops grabbed everything that they needed. Ack Knee smiled as he watched them until they motioned that they were ready. They exited the building and trotted towards his store, Coffee Bean.

Author Note: To answer any questions you might have, I decided to give Equestria the gift of guns and electronics since they'll work for this story. I won't give them cars. They don't need them. And Caballus is the second part of the scientific name of horse, Equus Caballus.

The next chapter will finally have some action, so you have something to look for. And yes. I ended a sentence in a preposition. I just violated a rule of grammar. Good thing it's only in the Author's Note and not in the actual story.

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