Flowery Prologue/Summary:

Things most definitely are not black and white. The so-called leader of the light is shadier than the wizarding world thought.

Severus Snape heard the entire "prophecy" but could only remember less than half, wonder why?

Who was really the seer? What devastation did she foresee? Her daughter, inherited not only her journal, but also the gift. She isn't as loony as she led everyone to believe. The time her mother foresaw has come, and she will fight alongside those who have been wronged just as or even more so than she.

Families, friends and lovers were split, all thrown into their own personal hell, and by whom? The Meddler, the leader of the so-called light, in the name of greater good, of course.

The subject of the prophecy surges, but it's a fake. A true prophecy was made, and boy is the meddler in trouble because you do not mess with the one named after the daughter of the gods of love and war, her brother, or her dragon.

The future is not set in stone. Not all prophecies come to be, and that night years ago certainly changed everything. A new prophecy? To hell with that! Hell's breaking lose, and the golden trio that should have been is unleashing it, or will be soon enough.

Hermione-centric. Fifth year. Dumbledore, Snape, and partial Weasley bashing. Pairings: HG/DM; HP/SuBo; R. Lupin/N. Tonks; S. Black/ M. McKinnon

Re-posted/edited: 8/19/18