Sterling: I have one more question for you… Will you move in with me?

Demi: Yes! *yells happily & hugs him tightly*

Selena: *runs upstairs to Demi's yelling* Is everything alright? You guys have been up here for a while.

Demi: Yeah sorry. I just got excited. Sterling asked me to move in with him!

Selena: AHHHH! I'm so excited for you guys! *hugs him*

Demi: *giggles* Thanks Sel. Btw, do you want to go to the mall with me to pick out an outfit for my date tomorrow night?

Selena: Sure, I haven't been to the mall in a minute. I'm gonna convince Justin to come along *calls out to Justin*

Stelena leaves the room to talk

Justin: What's up babe?

Selena: Wanna come with us to the mal- *gets off by Justin*

Justin: No thanks! I don't feel like being dragged into different stores and carrying all of the bags again.

Selena: Please baby… *gives him the puppy dog eyes*

Justin: Fine… you know I can never say no to you whenever you give me that look.

Selena: Yay! *pecks him on the lips*

Justin: So who else is going?

Selena: Just us and Demi.

Justin: Aw man, Sterling isn't coming with us?

Selena: Nope.

Justin: Can you please get Demi to convince him to come along? I can't be the only guy at the mall with 2 girls.

Selena: *giggles* I'll try. *goes back into the room* Hey Dems, Justin will agree with go if Sterling comes along as well. He doesn't want to be alone with us. *laughs*

Both Demi and Selena looks at Sterling, waiting for an answer

Sterling: *laughs* Sure, anything for you babe.

Selena: I'm gonna go tell Justin the good news *laughing at the couple and leaves the room*

Demi: Yay! Thank you! *jumps on him, her legs around his waist and kisses him* You're seriously the best boyfriend anyone could ask for!

Sterling: And you're the best girlfriend ever! I'm the luckiest man alive to have you by my side. I love you so much! *pulls Demi into a full on makeout session*

Demi: *pulls away from the kiss but kept her arms and legs around him* I love you too babe.

All of a sudden Selena barged into the room

Selena: So are you guys ready to go? Oops sorry… Did I interrupt something?

Demi: Way to ruin the moment Sel *laughs while jumping off of Sterling* Yeah, we're ready. What about you and Justin?

Selena: We've been ready for a while… that's why I came up to check up on you two.

Demi: Oh okay. We'll be down in a few.

Selena: Okay, but you don't come down soon. You leave me no choice but to drag your asses down. *giggles*

Demi: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bye Sel *pushes her out the door and faces Sterling* Okay! I just need to grab my purse and then we can go.

Demi quickly grabs her purse and they were on their way to the mall in Sterling's car

Demi: So what should do first?

Justin: Can we please go to the food court first? I'm hungry.

Selena: You're always hungry. *shaking her head*

Justin: Don't judge! I'm a growing boy.

Selena: I don't see Sterling complaining.

Demi and Sterling laughs at the bickering couple

Demi: Okay guys! Enough! We'll all eat and then we'll shop. No more complaining, understood? *looking back at the couple*

Justin and Selena: Yes ma'am!

Demi: Great!