UPDATE: Hey guys sorry this isn't an official chapter. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has read and commented. I also want to let everyone know that I haven't abandoned this idea. Unfortunately my life got really busy, my 2nd kid is mobile and the battle to keep him from trying to destroy is a constant struggle, on top of that we just moved and my work has picked up. I'll try and get more updates for this story because I really did have more to tell.

I wanted to rework the story a bit because I really felt I was writing this very them very immature. I keep forgetting this is like years after Hogwarts, but for the most part they still act like 15year old, which maybe acceptable for Cedric, a little bizarre for Oliver and Cho. So I'm probably going to go back through and see if I can age them up. But that might mean I have to delve into, well not smut, but some implied smut so as a relatively new writer this scares me. Re-listening to the books though which always makes me excited to get back into the fandom/fan-works.

Thank you all for bearing with me. I'll try and get more out soon, though may have to wait until after taxes, because being an adult is horrible.