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Purgatory was happy. Not a state that normally fit him. He tended to be gleeful at best; and today that didn't even apply to him, take away a kid's toys, and he is likely to be a little bit miserable. Purgatory's entertainment was the massacring of monsters; something that wasn't available to him at the moment.

But, it was refreshing to feel Percy so active. Keep it up at this rate, and he may be back before the end of the week. Purgatory knew that Percy had missed Thalia; the only friend he hadn't been betrayed by before he was tossed into the pit. Now, Artemis had informed him that the daughter of Zeus was still in 'mourning', and that Thalia had refused to interact with anyone that she viewed as even partially responsible for the wrong.

Their brother and the whore were still alive and kicking. That really pissed both Purgatory and Percy off. Apparently Poseidon had convinced the council that the perpetrator was worthy of leniency, since he was a new god at the time. Most of this was done through fear; the rest of the council hated the cocky brat, but they weren't willing to anger the sea god. Had Poseidon done as much for Percy? Twice over Hero of Olympus?

Not even close. He had turned his back on his 'favourite' son in an instant.

But every cloud had a silver lining. And this one was obvious; Percy/Purgatory would get to kill the two. He was shaking with anticipation at the thought.

Purgatory was pulled out of his thoughts when a wolf walked into the clearing in which he was sat. It was obviously from the hunt: They were much more domestic than the wild counterparts. The animal slinked over and sniffed at the green eyed man, shooting him what the hybrid assumed was a suspicious look; it was difficult to tell on a lupine face.

Purgatory wondered whether one of the hunters was trying to scare him be releasing a wolf and sending it after him. He hoped that none of them were that dumb; Hellhounds were slightly more intimidating than the hunting wolves. Granted, he knew their size was deceiving, but the single wolf stood no chance of so much as injuring the immortal.

Which the wolf seemed to realise, as it bounded back into the woods, heading back toward the hunters camp. Purgatory smirked as he heard a girl's voice curse. Apparently one of them was that dumb.

He sensed two girls approaching him, not from the same direction as the annoyed yell. Not a god, but a partial immortal; meaning that it must be a hunter. Very few would willingly be near him, meaning that it was either a pair that was accidentally coming to him, or not. If not, who'd it be?

"Hey, Zoe." He called out when the pair was close enough to hear. "And... Jasmine?"

"That's right. I don't suppose there's any point in me asking how you do that?"

"None at all." Purgatory replied with a smirk, turning to face her. "What's up?"

"Just wanted to see how you're fitting in." Zoe said, to her friend. Well, her friend's alter aspect.

"Meh. It's better than I expected. Most of your 'sisters' have taken Artemis' word as gospel. Only the one's done anything so far."

"She told them that there was every chance of you retaliating in kind to whatever they did. That's the most likely reason." Zoe knew that her sisters were unhappy to have a male present.

"Yeah, she's right about that. Although Percy might object to some of my methods." He smirked at his friend.

"About Percy... did he really speak up today?" Zoe asked, hopeful.

"Twice, actually. He told me to accept this 'duty', and he actually took control to save Jasmine." Purgatory once again looked delighted at the fact.

"Do you think..."

"I hope so." Purgatory smiled. "If today's any indication, he'll start taking full control soon enough."

"Wait..." A nervous voice spoke up, and Purgatory turned to Jasmine with an imitation of a kind smile. "Why do you want him to be in control? Doesn't that mean you would lose control?"

"Yep. But Percy's the one with a reason to... well, to exist. It's much nicer seein' the world through his eyes than mine." Purgatory shrugged. "I'll still be around, but I don't do well with most situations, and I'd rather not have to bother with them."

"Oh." Jasmine understood well enough the difference between the two aspects, it had been explained to her by Hestia earlier in the day, and she had noticed the difference between the two. Both physically and the feel she got around Percy. Around the one with Sea green eyes, she felt safe, around the one with poisonous green eyes, that really wasn't true.

Purgatory would not hurt her. But she was right to be nervous around him. Hell, everyone would be right to be nervous. He was without morals. He based what was right and what was wrong on what Percy told him to do.

"Are you ever going to tell Zeus just how strong you are?" Zoe asked, amused at the idea.

"I may be crazy, but I'm not an idiot. That wouldn't end well for anyone." He shook his head. "They'll probably find out soon enough, but I'm in no rush." He still smirked. "Although it would be funny... Eh, I might show some of my strength when we end up at the camp." Unspoken was the fact that it'd be to get back at those who betrayed him.


"Milady, which group did you want me to accompany?" Purgatory asked Artemis.

Artemis looked over to the man with a frown. He had no weapons with him when he arrived, where did he get that bow from? It was a grey long bow, slung over his shoulder, with a matching quiver sitting next to it on the hybrid's upper back.

"The 4th group please, Purgatory. It consists of hunters recruited in the last 5 years."

There had been a large amount of new girls joining recently, mostly from the camps because of the less than pleasant males running them. However, these 19 were less passionate in their hatred of men, meaning that there would be less chance of an incident.

The hunters had split into 5, the 5th staying behind for the day, 4th being Purgatory's group, 3rd containing Phoebe and Atlantis; two of the most senior hunters, 2nd having Zoe, and several over 200 years in the hunt, and the first being the one Artemis would lead. Hestia tended to only be around when the concentration was high; being in the evening, as that was when the risk of monsters was highest and her presence would help chase them off.

"Alright, is there somewhere in particular we'll be going?"

"Yes, you'll be in the north, the council has learned that there is a very real danger from Alaska, and so we regularly patrol the border."

"Okay, anything else I need to know?"

"No. There shouldn't be any incidents, but be on guard in case, monster activity has been picking up recently."

"Right." A tint of disappointment was in Purgatory's voice.


'Thank Chaos she was wrong.' This certainly qualified as an incident. And Purgatory was enjoying that fact.

He assumed this was set up as an ambush for the hunters, as he picked off a second Empousei, about a dozen of them, which was believable as a coincidence, but along with them was a gang of Cyclops and a pack of HellHounds. The hounds were quickly nearing Purgatory, so he dropped the grey bow he had been using, and pulled Riptide out of his pocket, flicking the lid off, and letting the 3 foot sword replace the writing utensil.

Purgatory ran forward, quickly closing the distance between himself and the group, and dodged past the first, swiping his trusty sword through its hide, and reducing the beast to dust. The next, he stabbed through the top of its head, before lopping the 3rd's off, and slamming the pommel onto the fourth ones head, smashing its skull. By this point he had succeeded in drawing the attention of the remaining 6. With a flick of his wrist, Riptide flew at one of them, at the same time as the hound's movements slowed, and Purgatory lifted his foot.

The slow moving beasts were rocked as the foot slammed down, occurring simultaneously with the bronze blade catching it's target in the shoulder. Time sped up as the HellHounds were sent flying into each other, and multiple were knocked groggy, for too long to evade what was to come.

Concentrating, Purgatory set his hand on fire, before forming a fireball out of the licking flames and tossing it into the air, where it hovered and multiplied, forming 5 identical balls that rocketed toward the downed enemies; igniting each and quickly burning themselves out, along with turning the animals into dust.

Quickly retrieving Anaklusmos, Purgatory turned his attention to the Cylopses. He tossed the balanced blade into his left hand as they charged at him, unthinking. Two of them fell as silver arrows sprouted from their throats, and the next fell as Purgatory stepped past and cut his leg off at the thigh, before finishing him by Riptide piercing him through the heart, bronze tip protruding from the thick skinned chest.

The black haired man tore the blade free, and savagely hacked the head off another. The body carried on forward for 2 steps before dissolving.

Purgatory leapt upward, and kicked one in the head, sending him to the ground, his neck snapped and head at an angle, before he burst into a pile of shining ash. The smaller figure then landed on the largest Cyclops, and slit the hulking figure's throat. The grey skinned monster dropped to the ground as he crumbled into dust, at the same time as Riptide embedded itself in the sixth Cyclops' chest, reducing him to golden powder that mixed with his brethren, and the hunters finished off the final, a dozen arrows sprouting from the single eye in the centre of his forehead.

Purgatory, as well as the majority of the hunters, stayed on guard for several minutes, but nothing else came. The scuffle had taken them to the end of the day, and it was time to head back to the camp.

The only disappointment that the currently happy man had was that he didn't have to do use any of his actual weapons. It had been an annoyingly long time since he got the chance to really let off some steam. Another thing he would get to do when they got to camp.

But which ones would he use?

He felt tickling sensations on his arms and upper back at the thought of using his symbols; though he hoped that Percy would be back by then, and get to use 'em properly.


Artemis looked up as Purgatory, along with the hunter she had put in charge of 4th group, entered her tent, Purgatory stopping to hold the flap open for her; an action that was strange to see from the less than sane aspect. The girl looked a little uneasy, while Purgatory was smirking widely. Something had happened.

"Was there an incident on your hunt?"

"Yes, Milady. We encountered a force that consisted of Empousei, Hellhounds and Cyclops'. We suffered no fatalities, but several of us were injured." She said it like something changed that.

"*Sigh* Did you encounter my brother on the way back?" She assumed, since they miraculously recovered. All three donned frowns at the mention of the sun god.

"No, Lady Artemis."

"So how were you healed?"

The hunter glanced over at Purgatory.

"I rewound time around them, so that they weren't injured." Purgatory shrugged.

"He also dealt with the majority of the monsters single handedly, and didn't suffer any injuries himself." The hunter seemed begrudgingly impressed.

"Is this true?" Artemis asked Purgatory.

"Yeah. Sorry, I should've dealt with the archers first."

"Milady, he was right in the order he went about things. The HellHounds were the more pressing threat. They were massive, and probably would have killed at least a few of us, since we haven't been trained much in close quarters yet."

"Okay, then, thank you Purgatory." Artemis said, sincerely.

"I was glad to do it." Purgatory smirked, before his eyes glazed over slightly. "Oh, and Percy says he would be willing to help teach them close quarters combat when he's back properly and has re-assimilated to the world."

Artemis waited for her hunter to complain about the prospect of being trained by a male, but found no voicing forthcoming from the girl. Evidently, they had been impressed by his fighting.

"I will consider his offer, thank you."

"Our pleasure." He smirked at the goddess, before he seemed to randomly raise his eyebrows. "Umm, may I speak to you for a second, Milady?"

Artemis was curious. "Of course. You're dismissed, Jen." The hunter bowed respectfully, before she exited the tent. After the girl had left, Purgatory addressed the pre-teen appearing goddess.

"Lady Artemis, Percy wants me to ask if there is some reason that Jessica girl refuses to obey you regarding my being here?"

"You only need look so far as your brother to know the answer to that."

"Which one do you mean?" Purgatory growled out.

"Cameron." Artemis said, eyes narrowing slightly.

"Of course." Purgatory snarled. "I fucking hate my siblings."

"Siblings?" Artemis asked. She knew what it felt like to be hate her siblings, but was unsure of any, other than Cyclopses and Cameron, that Percy had had bad relationships with.

"Any chance you can tell me what the little bastard did to Jessica first?" The goddess frowned, but figured this was fair enough. She averted her gaze from the furious poisonous eyes, and set about the tale. He did deserve to know, after all. "Unless she'd be upset by your telling me?"

"No, she tells everyone she can the story about the boy that is hailed as a hero. Even though he's done nothing to help anybody." Artemis was getting aggravated, something that worried Purgatory.

"Hey, you don't have to convince me. I hate the little shit already."

"I know, but even when proof is found that he's a rapist and traitor, my family lets him go free." Artemis spat the word 'family' with a noticeable amount of distaste.

"Don't worry, I intend to... shall we say punish him, next time we go to whatever camp he dwells in." His arms itched again. He may have to heal him 7 times, just to get the chance to use each of his symbols on the bastard. "Hey, what are his domains, again?"

"Minor god of Bodies of Water."

"Hmm, I wonder... Anyway, what's the story?" He had gotten an idea. Well; Percy had gotten an idea, but it'd have to wait.

Artemis sighed. "Jessica was originally a Greek child of Ares, and so was in Camp Half-Blood at the same time that we were visiting. We were playing our traditional game of capture the flag, in which the hunt was thrashing the campers, no surprise there, and Jess got separated from the rest of her cabin. Ares' children are far from considerate enough to notice. Poseidon's son wasn't supposed to be in the woods; no gods were allowed in the game, which meant nobody was on guard for him when he arrived. Athena's daughter refuses to see the bad in him, and so didn't tell anyone he was missing. While she was on her own, Jessica felt somebody grab her and pull her into an alcove. He tore her clothes off and removed his own, and, when she tried to run tackled her, pinning her down. Thalia, thank Chaos, arrived at that moment and, in her own words, 'shocked the hell out of him'. Poseidon tried to get her punished for that." Artemis gritted her teeth at this fact, and was briefly silent, before she continued.

"But myself and my Father put a stop to it. Even so, he wasn't punished because he 'didn't actually do anything'." Purgatory was worried about the anger radiating off the virgin goddess. "Shortly after, Jess joined the hunt. She seems to hate everything to do with the would-be-rapist. That, unfortunately, includes you."

"Thank you, then." This response surprised Artemis.

"For what?"

"Still accepting me. As much as we hate it, Percy is a son of Poseidon. They seem to have wronged you and yours a lot. Oh, and I'll make sure to let Jessica see me get my revenge on the bastard; I assume that'll help her."

"Yes, I'm sure it would... You said you hated your siblings. As in plural?"

"One of the very few reasons I don't detest your father completely." Purgatory said with a smirk.

"What is?" Artemis had seen no evidence of any friendly feelings towards Zeus, but was curious as to what it was.

"Similar to the situation of Zoe. He had watched your adventures enough, and so he took the correct course of action. But first, can I hear from you your feelings for Orion?" Artemis's expression darkened even further than it had in the previous tale.

"I absolutely loathe him." Artemis spat out. "Why are you asking me this?"

"When you put him in the stars; Zeus tossed him into Tartarus." Purgatory replied, and saw a pleased expression flash across Artemis' face. "I encountered him during my time there. Well, Percy did."

"Of course, I believed the tale that is told to the campers: That he was a wonderful hero, who did no wrong. Hell, most think you loved him. I don't!" He exclaimed as Artemis growled, and began growing golden; a sensitive subject for her, indeed. "We didn't, however, know how much of an ass he is. Not for quite a while, even in Tartarus. He welcomed me as a brother, and Percy told him about his adventures. After that, he did the same." At this point, Purgatory's eyes were glowing slightly.

"He told us the stories from his perspective. About how he 'took' Merope, the princess; he actually expected me to have raped girls, too. He was blinded by Oenopion, eventually got his sight back, and took revenge on the city. Because of a punishment he completely deserved. Then he told us of how he joined your troup; impressing you with his archery, and assuring you that he was a homosexual; which you believed, and so allowed him to accompany you on hunts. He raped your hunter, Opis, and was intending to do the same to you." Her eyes widened. "Ah, you didn't know that, I assume. Well, he actually said that he 'almost got the virgin goddess to spread her legs'. And that he would've just taken you, and that you'd have liked it." A scowl was on Artemis' face.

"I was impressed by his talent, and may have had a slight infatuation, though now, I don't think it even counts as that much."

"Now?" Purgatory picked up on that, and was confused as he saw the goddess' eyes widen, as her neck reddened.

"Nothing!" She yelled, a little too fast. "But I am still annoyed that Apollo didn't see fit to tell me this before I put him in the stars. Though I suppose if he ended up in Tartarus, it was a good thing." She smirked at the thought of Orion in pain. "Did he mention that he did have homosexual tendencies, and that he somehow insulted Apollo by 'coming onto' him? Even though my brother was going through his phase at that point." She mumbled at the end.

"No, but Percy didn't exactly give him time to elaborate." Purgatory said, an amused grin stretching across his face.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, now there is a physically 85 year old son of Poseidon wandering Tartarus. That's the permanent version, but Percy also made him feel... shall we say a lot of pain."

"How much?"

"Umm, well he did still have a connection to his constellation, meaning that when Percy started separating it, it felt like he was being torn apart. It looked pretty unpleasant. Then, he threw him into a pit of giant scorpions; which made him scream like a little girl, before losing control of his bowls and bladder, and being laughed at by a massive amount of the residents."

"Thank you." Artemis smiled at Purgatory, though it was meant for Percy. And Percy felt proud of himself, and Purgatory, for that fact; making the Aspect in front of her happy too.


"Good evening, Aunt." Artemis smiled at her favourite member of her Olympian family. The kind goddess was in a 10 year old form. "Why have you chosen to age slightly tonight?" She received a non-committal shrug in return.

"No particular reason. And yourself?" Artemis, likewise, had aged slightly, appearing about 14 instead of 12. The two had a similar chain of thought leading to this.

"The same. Why did you want to see me?" It was odd for Hestia to actually make a scheduled meeting, since the two were often around each other. At the moment, the silver goddess was postponing her duties of piloting the moon.

"Oh, I was just wondering if Percy was fitting in, and, more importantly, if you had told him of what was coming up?"

"Percy's fitting in as well as we could have hoped for, although a few of my girls are acting up; they haven't done any real harm." Then, Artemis shrugged. "I haven't told him, but I think it will be good for him: he seems to be anticipating his meeting with his brother. And maybe Thalia will finally get her closure, too."

"Is this why you haven't told him, then?"

"Mostly, yes. But I think he also needs to adapt to the real world more before we put undue stress on him... Even if he'll only get a few more days."

"Fair enough, then." Hestia sighed, "How do you think Poseidon will react?"

"To his son dying?" Hestia nodded. "I think it depends on what Percy does, assuming he's back by then." She punctuated this with a worried frown. "He could probably make Cameron fade; based on what we've seen so far. If that is the case, he and Poseidon may well come to blows. But, I think Poseidon should understand if Percy just sends him to Tartarus. Key word being should."

"He didn't complain when Percy was sent there." Hestia uttered, bitterly.

"Who knows... he had always called Percy his favourite son. Nobody understands why he favours that boy so much. I suppose he has some strange sense of loyalty toward the insect." She sighed audibly, "After all, I never got the impression that my uncle was such a fool."

"Nor did I." Both of the goddesses strongly disliked this behaviour from the sea god. They, along with the vast majority of gods, hated Cameron with a passion. Not to mention the traitorous bitch that he was dating. Artemis was entertaining the idea of getting revenge on the Athena spawn on behalf of Perseus, though she may have to get in line for that pleasure.


'You gonna come out this time? Or do I get the pleasure today?' Purgatory questioned, stood in front of an orphanage's door. As he stepped forward to enter, a voice resounded in his head

'Wait...' His commander said back, his voice still quieter than the pair remembered it being. Purgatory had the odd sensation that accompanied Percy taking charge, without being wholly back.

He watched his leg raise in front of him, bent at the knee so that the flat was half a metre from the wood. Then, it snapped forward, and punched the door inward, impacting near the hinges, and turning it into a dangerous projectile. Purgatory heard a startled yell of pain accompanied by a thud.

His arm whipped forward, throwing a steel knife to the left, and a shwelp that signified the second man's neck being pierced, sounded.

He watched himself step into the entrance hall, grabbing a third by the neck as he charged at the broken doorway, hoping to get the drop on the intruder. His eyes didn't even turn to the attacker, as he flicked his wrist and sent him careening into the wall. Percy dismissed whether the man survived or not. He knew the horrible conditions of this place.

Stepping over the bodies as he went, Percy walked through the next door and into the main room. He was hit by the smell as he did so, and Purgatory felt himself cringe at the stink. He was in an office, with three doors, counting the one he came through. This room was damp and slightly moulded throughout, but obviously wasn't the cause of the rancid odour. He stepped to one door, which turned out to be locked, and tore it free, walking through and finding the room apparently empty.

"Shit." Purgatory heard himself murmur.


'I was hoping they'd be in here.'

'Why does that matter?'

'The other one only has paperwork, and other official stuff.'

'What? So where are they?"

Percy turned their head, and pointed his eyes to the corner. Purgatory was shown the trap door, blending in to the brown wood, that he had missed before.

'The three must be in there. And they aren't responsible for the smell of rancid meat.'

'Are you saying that they're in there with...'

'Corpses? I think so, yeah.'

Percy, by this time, was stood over the entrance. This was definitely the source of the stink, and both of them hoped that Percy was mistaken, and that there was another floor, or that the room wasn't full of paperwork. But, given that the girls were likely suffering immensely in the room below; they didn't have time to check.

With a slight creaking sound, the black haired man's fingers dug into the wood next to the locked door, and wrenched the square out of the floor.

With barely a gag, Percy descended the now visible staircase, eyes instantly adjusting to the low light. He wished his eyes hadn't done, as he was greeted by a less than pleasant sight.

He had suspected that a person had died in here; given the disgusting stench. But now he saw that there was a pair of expired youngsters, lying side by side on one wall; the bodies were deteriorating, discoloured to the point they'd be hard to recognise if you didn't know that was the starting state was of corpses.

What was just as unbelievable as the condition of these bodies, and the fact that the two remained in the basement, was the fact that the other 3 present were still alive.

While this was true; they were extremely underfed. The three girls were little more than skin and bones, and huddled together. Either out of fear or necessity regarding warmth, Percy couldn't tell. Anyway, none of them looked up as the powerful figure, barely suppressing his anger, approached.

"Hey," He said, softly. "Are you awake?" From the fact that he got no response, Percy assumed they were unconscious. Laying a hand on two of them, and making sure the third was touching her sisters, he imagined the medical tent in the hunt, and they disappeared with a dark flash.


Diana was sat in her tent, having just dismissed Atlanta and now waiting for Thalia and the others to arrive, when she heard the commotion start.

"Milady!" Speak of the devil... Thalia burst into her tent. "Something's wrong with Percy! He's- He's attacking-"

Diana didn't wait to hear the final word, as she sprinted outside. Had one of her hunters attacked and gotten hurt in the retaliation of Purgatory? She arrived on the scene with a panicked train of thought.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" She heard Purgatory roar. Of course, he didn't get a response, given the fact that the target of his anger was pinned against the tree, a foot off the ground, by his throat.

"Purgatory... why are you strangling my brother?" The black haired man's hand was glowing as it pressed against the other's neck, as Apollo tried to pry the clamp off of him.

With a final growl, Purgatory let him go. "You're lucky I managed to pry control from Percy. He may well have made you fade for this." He turned to Artemis, away from the downed figure, and responded to her question. "Those girls the sun god sent me to collect; his daughters. They were damn near dead." Diana glanced at the hybrid's clenched fist, and saw ichor dripping from his palm. The furious figure turned back to Apollo, and almost attacked again. "You bastards have completely disregarded what Percy was given as a promise." Oddly, the sleeve of the black jacket Purgatory was wearing caught fire as he finished this, and the air seemed to bend around his right hand, and darkness spread from the clenched fist.

Purgatory felt his weapon forming, and forced his hand apart at the same time as he turned his attention away from the cause of his rage.

"Did I hear Thalia?"

"Oh, yes, she and the others have returned apparently. I think she is still in my tent."

"I did what I could for the girls, but my powers are more focused on fighting than healing. I presume he will help them, but can you be there when he does, so that they know the situation?"

"Of course. I'll see you later, Purgatory." It struck her that he had been more consistent in this interaction than she was used to. Maybe anger kept him centred?

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