It's been four months since Godai has seen either of the detectives. He's gotten an email or two requesting information, and the occasional text from Yako about where they were now. But they have been out of the country for a good long while. So Godai doesn't think too much of it when he's summoned to the office to catch up with them now that they're back in Japan.

He regrets not being more suspicious.

"Oh my god." Godai moans, pressing the heels of his hands painfully into his eyes. Wishing he could erase what he is seeing, and therefore eliminate the thoughts about how the ordeal came to be. "Please tell me you're just fat."

Neuro scoffs disdainfully. "Useless slave, you are below even the lowest of mammals if you can't recognize a pregnant woman. More than just the extended belly, there are also the tender and enlarged mammary-"

Godai manages to blissfully block out most of Neuro's overly-fond descriptions (and most of the nearly lewd gestures) by focusing on slightly less traumatizing things. Math, kanji, the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend and yet the monster before him...

"I hate you both." Godai sobs, falling forward to rest his head against the coffee table. "You're starting a plague on the earth by combining two monsters."

"So you don't want to be the godfather?"

"What?" Godai lifts his head in surprise meeting Yako's eyes. She's sitting straight with her usual calm and unflappable gaze, though she does smile apologetically for Neuro's behavior.

"You've done so much for us both, and, I mean you know I trust you with my life. And even though he denies it so does Neuro, so I really couldn't think of anyone else I rather look out for…" she trails off, laying her hand on her stomach. "Plus if you can handle Neuro you can handle anyone, Godai."

Godai feels himself blushing. "Fuck- I mean," he fidgets, scratching his cheek, "o-of course. I…" he bows his head, unable to look at them suddenly. "Thank you." He manages to mutter, acknowledging the honor. "I won't let you down."

"You better not or I will make sure you suffer in hell for all eternity." Neuro grins. "I'll be there supervising you myself!"

"I don't fucking doubt it."