Hi everybody. I'm new to this fandom, but I had a burning idea in my head. The reason why? I had to read a book for Dutch class and if the main characters' name looks awfully like Lucina's, you can expect me to imagine Lucina as that character. Especially if that character goes masked for a whole part of the story. Sometimes it was awkward, especially because that character becomes a prostitute (DON'T WORRY LUCINA WON'T!).

But anyway, I got this idea and I hope you'll like it.

Setting information: This is in the doomed future. Inigo is still shy and Chrom and Sumia are dead, so are a bunch of others. Some things aren't canon, but I try to keep most things like the game. And I hope I portrayed the characters well.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything (including the picture). I'm Dutch, so my English is horrible.

Today, it was a calm day. No dark, threatening clouds hanging in the sky. No village under attack by the Risen. It was like fate granted me a peaceful day. Finally, after years of chaos, one day of peace. This was the ultimate sign the rumours were true. I sighed and managed to make a slight smile. A smile, it made me think of him. I looked a last time in the mirror: the daisies pinned up in my hair looked beautiful. Not that I was prudish, but being the Ylissian Exalt, everything had to be perfect. The rumours had spread through the country, so I expected many witnesses. Poor Inigo...he was so shy. According to the rumours, he would ask me to marry. First I was quite overwhelmed by the idea, but I loved him with whole my heart. He had finally found the courage to ask me. I stood up and left my room. Inigo had sent me a letter if he could talk about something today in Ylisstol. Two guards opened the great front door of the castle. I held my hand before my eyes to protect them against the bright light. The sun was back. Naga blessed me.

'Milady, are you ready to go to the capital?' one of the guards asked.

'Yes, let's go,' more guards appeared. When I intended to walk, someone ran toward us.

'Lucy! I wanna go too!' Cynthia shouted, while dressed in a resembling dress.

'Oh hi Cynthia,' I greeted back.

'I don't want to miss this,' my sister said happily and hugged me.

'Of...course,' I gasped, trying to breathe, since Cynthia's hug was tight.

Walking around in the open was dangerous, especially in this time. I was able to defend myself, but if the enemy surrounded me with a whole army, I couldn't stand a chance. We walked the path down to the capital. I lifted my dress a bit to keep it clean. Me wearing a dress felt quite awkward, but this was a special occasion. Of course I still wore my scabbard with Falchion. The villagers on the way stopped in their tracks when they saw our presence.

'The queen and princess,' I heard them whisper to each other. Technically, I was queen, but I preferred the title of Exalt. It was five year ago when mother died. Father passed away when I was young, but I still felt connected with him. I sighed. If those damned Plegians hadn't betrayed us during the war against Walhart, my parents would be still alive and the world wouldn't be on the edge of collapse. I would grow up like a normal girl (if you could call being a princess normal). Betrayal...just like the Fell Dragon himself, pretending to be a friend. Or at least, that was what I had heard from my mother. My sister snapped me out my thoughts.

'If you are going to get married, may I be your bridesmaid?' Cynthia asked. I had answered that I would be honoured to have her as my bridesmaid. It was a kind of funny how people ask such questions, while I'm not even engaged yet.

I arrived at Ylisstol. It was crowded with people, just like I expected. Oh wow, the streets were even decorated with white roses. But what if Inigo came for something else? I would like to see the people's faces. Imagine, with open jaws and big eyes, a bit upset, cause they expected they would get a new prince (yes, he wouldn't be a king). I couldn't help but chuckle. The guards had to keep the villagers out the way, cause they blocked my path.

'If you would be so kind to let Your Highness through...' one of my guards said. I knew the people wanted no harm, but it was quite annoying. We arrived at the great square. That was when I saw him. That hair, those eyes, that smile. I quickly walked to him.

'Inigo!' I exclaimed, happy to see him. A deep crimson colour appeared on the lad's cheek. He gently took my hand and placed a kiss.

'Lucina, you're looking b-beautiful,' his voice cracked. 'You have read m-my letter?'

'Yes, what did you want to talk about?' I asked, pretending the rumours didn't exist. I saw panic in his eyes and sweat drops running down his forehead. It looked like he was about to faint. Honestly, I was nervous too. Then he had found his courage.

'Lucina,' he began loudly, so the whole crowd could hear him. People stopped in their tracks and started whispering to each other.

'We have spent a long time together. We were comrades and best friends. We supported each other in times of need and enjoyed the happy times. But now Lucina...you stole something from me. You stole my heart.' The crowd started to "aww" and Inigo grabbed something out his pocket. My heart was in my throat as he kneeled down before me, opening the little casket with the ring.

'Lucina...do you w-want t-to marry m-me?' He let out a sigh in relief. He had said it. My eyes grew, although I had expected it. For a moment, I was stunned, but I threw myself into his arms.

'Of course I want!' I exclaimed and placed my lips on his. The crowd looked how we were locked in a kiss of pure love. Eventually, I let loose.

'Inigo...I love you,' I said. 'No matter what happens. I will be at your side. Until death separates us.'

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