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Tharja froze when she heard Robin say my name. Then she looked at me. I just looked back. I knew hiding was no use anymore.

'Now you know who I really am,' I said a bit lost. The confusion in Robin's eyes was visible.

'How…why…this is getting crazier and crazier…' Robin said.

'The newbord princess you saw, that's me, many years ago. I'm from the future, an alternate future. In my future, the Fell Dragon Grima has awakened and destroyed the world, killing anyone and everyone in his way. The divine dragon Naga opened a portal to this alternate universe. I'm here to prevent my world's fate to happen in this world. I took my ancestor's name, Marth, as a sign of hope. I hoped his spirit would give me the courage and strength to do this…' I silenced. Robin looked at Tharja, and Tharja looked back. It looked like they needed a few seconds to understand what I said.

'So… You're from the future?' Tharja asked. I nodded. Robin was stroking his invisible beard, as a sign he was thinking.

'But then… that means the group of young warriors is from the future as well.'

'How did you figure that out so easily?' I asked flabbergasted.

'It's simple. Gerome knew you, you looked a bit troubled whenever you heard them talk. And it looked like you knew Inigo as well.' I could understand he used that as a theory. I even said that I and Gerome were "childhood friends", thus the only explanation was that I knew him before I went back in time.

'But what significance do they have to fight along?' Tharja asked a bit bluntly. Well, now I'm telling everything, revealing their origins wasn't a big deal compared with what I've already said.

'You know the archer, Noire?' I said. 'That's your daughter.'

'What?!' Tharja said. 'Robin is the father, right? Right? RIGHT?!' I shook my head, leaving the dark mage hissing quietly. Robin looked rather interested.

'It would make sense. There aren't any other taguels or manaketes left, so that would explain Yarne and Nah. And now I think of it, everyone else makes sense too. I need some time to figure out the parents, but I think I can do that. By the way, who I my child?'

'You haven't, as far as I'm concerned. In fact, I didn't even know of your existence. You must have died before Grima resurrected. And even if you had a child, he or she could have already died…' I silenced for a second.

'I used to have a sister…' I said. 'B-but let's not make this conversation even sadder..'

'I understand, milady,' Robin said. I blushed.

'Please call me Lucina…and please keep this a secret for a little while. I need the perfect moment when I tell father.' Then I turned strictly my face to Tharja. 'This concerns you as well.' The dark mage shrugged.

'Normally, I would cast a hex on for stealing Robin, but now I know Chrom will have my head if I do, so… you have my word.' Well, that problem was out the way. I asked my mask back from Tharja and put it back on. Before I reveal myself, I had to fix a problem first; Inigo. I didn't plan to tell anybody about what I did in the past, but I could at least make a second try to convince Inigo my deed was good.

Later, I opened Inigo's tent. Fortunately, he was alone.

'What do you want?' he asked.

'I've been thinking of our conversation a while ago. It must have been hard, your life before you joined the Shepherds.' Inigo looked up at the sudden conversation.

'It was. Everything seems to go wrong in my life. No parents, no love.'

'You still look bothered by your first love, don't you?' I asked. Inigo nodded.

'What if she left you, to prevent you from getting hurt even more? What if she hoped you would forget her and live a happy life?'

'If she had cared about me, she had stayed until the end!' Inigo said.

'But what if she had stayed. What would have happened?' I asked.

'We would have married, I would become a prince and we would have stopped the trouble in our kingdom together.'

'If Lucina had stayed, then your kingdom would have collapsed and nobody would have been happy.' Inigo's eyes widened.

'I have never said a name. How do you know her name was Lucina?' Oh crap what did I say? I was pretty sure my name was mentioned several times. Or did I just make that up in my head? This is not the time to reveal myself. I need a little longer.

'What if I told you, that I know Lucina?' I asked. I saw that Inigo's brain was trying to understand what I just said.

'But that's impossible, cause she…'

'…travelled back in time?' I finished his sentence. 'She told me. Everything. I have a good relationship with her. She is, after all, my descendant. The reason I started this conversation is because of her. She wants to meet you again.' Perhaps this was the right way to make an appointment. I had to set things right. And the only way to do that, is talking to him as Lucina.

'I don't understand her intentions, yet I can't decline her offer. If it were ill intentions, you would have never brought this up. And I trust you, Marth. So, where can I find her?' It was a good thing that Inigo went along, but his pessimism wasn't to my likings.

'She currently lives in Ylisstol. She told me to tell you that you can meet her tomorrow evening at Baker's Alley.' I had settled it. I was going to reveal me tomorrow. Now I could prepare myself for this. No surprise reveal, like with Robin and Tharja. Unpleased with my sudden reveal, yet satisfied with the final outcome, I went asleep. The next day, I went to Ylisstol. I had to buy myself a dress. I decided to buy a peasant like dress. I had to look like I was pretending to be a normal person. My dress had a soft brown color with an off-white cotton apron strapped around my waist. I stayed outside castle Ylisse. I didn't want someone noticing me as myself. Not yet. Inigo first, then the rest. By the end of the afternoon, I walked toward Baker's Alley. My heart was beating pretty fast. I was nervous. I hoped he wouldn't get too mad. I looked around the corner of the alley and recoiled immediately. Inigo was already waiting. I sighed. Lucina Lowell, you can easily do this. I nodded to myself, before walking into the alley.

'Inigo?' I called out his name. It made him turn around immediately.

'Lucina.' His voice was monotone. He didn't look me in the eyes. How should I start the conversation? Yes, I had prepared myself for this, but nothing came up in my mind.

'It has been a while…' I said. The first awkward silence had fallen. How should I continue? But then Inigo opened his mouth.

'It's strange how we have changed…' he said.

'Yes… yet I do not regret my decision. I cared about you, I really did…but…'

'You left me behind, you betrayed me. My own future was broken to pieces, because of you…'

'But I did it for the best,' I responded.

'Sometimes, I still think of you,' Inigo said. 'Our life should have been happy.' He had still feelings for me? I thought he hated me. Had I still feeling for him? No. I have Robin. I had more feelings for Robin when I met him than I ever had with Inigo.

'Inigo, look. Time has passed. I have a new life. I have found a new love and I'm content with that. I just wanted to set this right. I haven't forgotten you. I haven't forgotten you at all. But we have to go on with our lives. You are not the shy guy I fell once in love with. Your opinion about women should change as well. It isn't healthy.' We both became quiet. Inigo looked to the ground. He looked a bit angry, at least offended.

'Then…' he spoke up.

'...Consider this as our farewell. Tell Marth that I quit the Shepherds. I want to go away from this place. I don't want anything to do with you anymore.' He turned around and left the conversation. I became furious as well.

'Then leave!' I shouted after him.

It was the last time I had ever seen him. What he would become, would I never know. I had to let this part of my life go. This chapter was finished. Now I could enjoy the rest of my life with Robin. That evening, I had revealed myself to the remaining Shepherds. I had explained everything with Robin at my side. Although they were confused, they understood the situation. Time had passed. The fell Dragon Grima was defeated by Robin's own hands. I was so grateful we found him again. All the evil was gone, and Robin was back as his old self. We married soon after. We started a family. I was mother of one daughter, Morgan. She, too, was a great tactician. I was not the only one. I cried in joy when I could see Cynthia again. Although she wasn't the same Cynthia, I was more than happy to have her back. After Chrom had resigned from his kingship to enjoy his old days, my younger self took over as queen. I stayed in the castle for many years, along with Robin and Morgan, until I peacefully died in my sleep.