Author's Note: In the first prompt, my depression was talking. It's also why I started so late with working on the prompts. My low mood plus college equals almost no time to write. I might not be able to finish this round. Oh well. This story came easily to me. I've been fighting with my OCD too, for I didn't want this prompt, which is 24th on the list, to be the second chapter, but I wanted to upload it already. So here goes. This story is more for family.


The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Prompt: #24 – Waffle
Main Character: Rosalie
Rating: K
Word Count: 1148


"Momma! Waffles! Waffles!"

The caramel-haired woman turned around to see her three-year-old daughter walking in hurried clumsy baby steps towards where she was standing, in front of the stove, already cooking the waffles her daughter was seeking. Laughing at the precious little sight, Esme bent down to kiss her daughter's cheek, then told her baby girl, "It's almost done, honey. Go wake your daddy."


Turning away from her mother, the little girl wobbled out of the kitchen. Not long after, Esme heard her daughter's giggles.

"Our daughter is extremely happy this morning," Esme heard her husband say, and she turned to see him standing by the doorway to the kitchen, their baby Rosalie protected in his arms.

"Yes. The very first word she uttered this morning was 'waffles'," Esme commented, laughingly.

Her husband Carlisle laughed along with his beloved wife. He went up to where she stood and kissed the side of her nape. "Good morning, love. You look absolutely gorgeous, darling."

Esme let out a light chuckle before saying, "Good morning to you too, Carlisle."


Their daughter caught their attention, to which Carlisle responded with tickles upon his daughter. Baby Rosalie's laughter rang in the kitchen, brightening the room even more that was graced with the morning sunlight streaming in through the windows.

Their baby girl always gave off her warmth any day and it was clear that she was the life of their marriage.

"I wonder why she loves waffles so much," Carlisle said aloud during breakfast, looking at his daughter take her pink plastic fork, getting another pre-cut piece of waffle then opening her mouth to eat it. He smiled lovingly at the sight of his independent daughter.

"Well, all kids have a favorite food. Mine was strawberry," Esme answered in reply, to which her husband eyed her curiously. "Strawberry?"

"Mhmm. My mother used to have it with milk all the time. I grew accustomed to having strawberries everywhere in the house, and I came to love it, just as my mother loved it."

Carlisle loved listening to his wife speak, and the knowledge that even after all the years they've been together, there was still precious little information like this one about his wife that he never knew, secretly amused him.

He was smiling as he imagined his wife as a little girl with her hair in pigtails, walking around the house with a strawberry in hand, on the way to the kitchen to get more of the luscious succulent fruit.

It was only when his wife spoke up that he shook his endearing imagination out of his head. "What was your favorite food when you were little?"

After a few seconds of trying to remember, he answered plainly, "Chips."

At that, his wife burst out into fits of laughter. Amused at seeing his wife enjoy this revelation, he then asked her, "What's so funny about that?"

"I can't believe that you were eating so unhealthily as a child! Your parents were both doctors!" Esme commented, still laughing all the while.

"Well, my mother loved spoiling me. Father was quite a health nut. So every once in a while, Mother would let me have ice cream, chips, every kind of junk food you could think of," Carlisle explained, quite entertained with himself and his memories.

"Momma! Dadda!"

Both Carlisle and Esme looked at their daughter as she held out her emptied pink plastic plate towards them and said, "Waffles!"

Carlisle looked over at his wife and reached for her hand across the table. Sensing he wanted her hand, Esme slid it over to him, and as he took it, he gave it a kiss before then uttering, "You gave us such a beautiful daughter, love. Have I thanked you for giving us this most precious gift?"

Esme's heart fluttered with the overwhelming love she felt for her husband, before whispering the words of her same appreciation, "You made her possible, too, so thank you, too, Carlisle…"

"I love you, Esme."

"I love you, too, Carlisle…"


Amazed at myself for remembering that, especially since I was just three, I chuckled at the memory.


I turned around to the voice of my four-year-old daughter, who then said, "Waffles!"

Though baffled at the sudden déjà vu that was happening, I couldn't help but smile. "It's almost done, honey. Go wake your daddy."


"I hear my little girl calling for me…"

Just then, I heard my husband make fake monstrous sounds, knowing he'd be sweeping our daughter into his arms soon to tickle her. And as soon as I thought it, I heard our daughter's bouts of laughter. I smiled to myself. I was so thankful to have Emmett… So much like my own father the way he treats our daughter…

"What was your favorite food as a child?" I then asked my husband as we sat around the dining table, eating our breakfast that peaceful morning.


Blinking in surprise, I erupted in my own bouts of laughter. "That doesn't seem like you at all! You barely eat vegetables nowadays!"

"Yeah, well, my mother was a health nut. She forbade me from eating junk food, so now, I eat everything but vegetables," Emmett explained with a sour face. I couldn't stop laughing.

"What was yours?" he then asked me.

"What we're having for breakfast right now," I answered with a smile.


I nodded. My husband smiled upon learning that, and then turned to our baby girl who was busily chewing on her waffles. "How about you, little one? What do you love to eat?"

"Ice cream!"

We both chuckled at that, and then continued to eat in the blissful contentment of the day.

As my husband brought our daughter to her playroom, I began clearing the table, and as I stood in front of the sink, washing the plates, I felt his lips upon the side of my nape.

"I wasn't able to say good morning to my wife," he then whispered as he planted a kiss on the other side of my nape.

I chuckled, amused at the repeated kisses that went back and forth, and finally turned around in his embrace, my arms winding around his neck, making sure my soapy hands weren't touching his shirt.

"Good morning, my love."

"Good morning, Emmett…"

I was so thankful. So, so grateful for this life I always knew I wanted. Ever since that day when I was three years old, seeing my parents with so much love for each other and for me.

"Thank you, Rosalie."

Pulling away to see his face, I then asked, "Whatever for?"

"For giving us both the most valuable treasure anyone could ever long for."

On the verge of tearing up, I held my husband closer to me; my head buried in his shoulder, as I then whispered, "I love you, Emmett."

"And I love you, Rosalie."