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3rd POV

It was a normal day at the Fairy Tail guild; well, almost normal.

It was to quiet.

The guild members of Fairy Tail looked at each other nervously. Usually at this time, the dragon slayers would start up a fight about who was stronger, or Gray and Natsu would do their regular routine of taunting each other and pissing off Erza and then involving the whole guild.

But today, there was none of that. No taunting, no fighting, no competing, nothing of the sort. It was just too strange.

Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy sat in one of the corner tables of the guild and, heads on the cold wood and eyes closed.

No one dared to raise the volume in fear of the dragon slayers waking and wreaking havoc all over their guild – well the male dragon slayers, not Wendy.

They had been doing this for three days and it was beginning to get worrisome.

"Natsu…" Lucy whispered as she looked at her sleeping friend. He didn't stir at all. Not even a flinch and it worried her.

"Leave the flame brain alone Lucy" said an annoyed Gray as he stood behind the celestial mage.

Even if he didn't let it show, he was worried about his friend who had been acting like this for three days straight. And when they were awake, they completely changed the subject so that they wouldn't be talking about why they were so tired. Even there Exceed didn't know.

Gray looked at his best friend and rival noting the dark circles underneath his and the other two's eyes.

"They keep getting darker" he mumbled as he decided to survey how the three mages looked. Natsu was currently drooling lava and looked as if he wouldn't wake up for a few days. Gajeel was snoring like Natsu but both were really quiet – that was also strange. And Wendy was using her hands as a pillow, also with dark circles under her eyes.

All in all, they looked absolutely exhausted even while asleep.

As Gray surveyed the trio, Lauxus could be seen in the shadows staring at his fellow dragon slayers. Even if he wasn't raised like them and had been implanted with the power of a dragon slayer; why did it seem like they were hiding something from him, even though they had all sworn to tell each other what they wouldn't tell the others. So why? Why didn't he know what was going on?

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