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Chapter 1

It was a quiet day at the order and everything – for once- was silent. The halls were almost empty with the occasional finder, exorcist or scientist roaming the halls trying to get from one place to the other.

Out of all the people who flowed through the hallways, there were three that stood out from the rest.

"Che. Why do I have to get called to Komui's room, with you two Baka's?" stated a very annoyed looking Samurai teen with long flowing raven like hair and a sword at his side as he stared at the other two who walked beside him.

"How are we supposed to know Bakanda" growled a smaller boy with white locks of hair like freshly fallen snow. His eyes were a liquid silver and he had a particular scar that had an upside down pentacle above his left eyebrow and a long scar flowed down the left side of his face in a thin line that then made a lighting like pattern at the bottom of his left cheek. A small thin horizontal scar line attached itself to the large scar and lay under his eye. His features were beautiful if not for the scowl that covered it as he looked at the taller and older male that stood to his right.

"Moyashi-chan! Yuu-chan! Please calm down "said another tall male as he watched his two companions glare at each other.

"It's Allen!" growled the white haired teen.

"Don't call me by my first name you Baka Usagi!" growls the Raven haired boy, Kanda, as he unsheathes his Katana and points it at the large teen that stood in between him and Allen.

The "Baka Usagi" as Kanda calls him, had flame colored hair that stood up and stuck up from his head. He had a scale like bandana on top his head and an eye patch over his right eye leaving only one emerald eye to look out to the world.

He shrugged as he watched Allen and Kanda stalk off towards the head of the science division's office and knock on the door before walking in.

"Ah, there you are" yelled a gleeful voice as Komui came running towards them. Komui Lee, had purple hair and most of the time, wore a construction helmet on his head.

Komui was holding three cups, each with a different liquid in them. As soon as the trio saw this, they began to back away slowly.

"I was wondering if you guys would help me on a mission that only you could do" said Komui in a dark voice as he closed in on the boys who had tried leaving only to find the door locked. (Damn you Komui.)

The boys looked at the liquids with horrified expressions as Komui grabbed Allen and forced the silver liquid down his throat.

Allen felt his stomach churning as he fell to the floor, all he could see was Kanda and Lavi being forced to drink the horrifying liquids in each container. Both ended up like him; on the floor, holding their stomachs and barely able to make anything out.

Soon, everything went blank.

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