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3rd POV

After the accident with Komui, the news had gotten around to everyone in the order and now everyone all made sure to watch out for a raven black dog and a small silver kitten with the left arm black and a small red scar on the left side of his face. But even so, when the canine wasn't in the vicinity, they would play with the little kitten and fond over him.

But like most days, it was almost impossible to find the silver kitten by itself and not with the large canine.

But the worst part of all, was trying to keep the rabbit and a certain dark green haired female, away from the small animal. No matter how many times everyone told them not to they wouldn't listen and in the end, they usually ended up with a few minor bites from a certain raven haired dog.

"Why can't we see Allen-kun" wined Leenalee as Komui and the others held her back from entering the room that held the kitten and dog.

Everyone sweat dropped at her antics and Komui was seriously considering putting her on a mission to keep her away from the devil inside the room that they were outside of at that moment.

"Because you already have tried a million and so times and still come out the same" Reiver said "Leenalee it's not going to change, enough is enough" he said, a tick mark clearly visible on his head.

Leenalee pouted but finally stopped trying to struggle and let them lead her away from the door. She continued to pout until Lavi had shown up and was now playing with her, even if he was still a bunny.

"Hopefully Komui finds a cure soon" Lavi commented as he watched as Leenalee giggled while playing with his ears in front of a mirror.

"Yes hopefully… I want to see Allen-kun again" she said as she sighed. Lavi looked up at her with his one visible eye and proceeded to jump onto her lap and bob his head up and down.

"Don't forget about me!" he cheered as she giggled again.

"Don't worry I won't" she said with a smile on her face. Lavi felt accomplished.

Outside in the hallway though half of the science division was trying to stop Komui from going into the room and making rabbit soup out of poor exorcist turned rabbit.

"think of it this way Komui" Reiver said as he tied komui to a dolly and wheeled him away from the room where said rabbit was in playing with Leenalee, "at least now you won't have to worry about her trying to get near Allen or Kanda" he finished in a voice of finality.

Komui pouted but accepted his defeat; as long as his Leenalee didn't get any more injuries from said mad dog, he would not try to turn Lavi into rabbit soup.

Reiver and the rest of the science division sweat dropped at their superior and then went back to work.

_with Kanda and Allen ^_^

Kanda woke up the sound of purring and looked down to see Allen.

He smiled before laying back down and resting his head a little closer to Allen's in a protective manner.

Allen was his. And he would stay that way.

Since they had been turned into animals Kanda had noticed how when others came near –his- moyashi, his blood would boil and he would attack them and then bring the small cat just a little bit closer to him. The moyashi hadn't mind and had started to even move a little closer to him at times.

He knew he should have been worried about the fact that he, moyashi and the baka usagi had turned into animals, he knew that he should be worrying as to if they could return to being humans, and He New, that these feelings for the moyashi was weird. But in truth, he didn't care. He was content with how things were going.

He looked at the moyahsi and smirked as the moyashi continued to purr and snuggle into his warmth. Yes, indeed he was very content.

With that said he rubbed his head with the moyashi's and then went back to sleep.

-Sometime in the afternoon (casue I didn't want to end the chapter)-

Allen sat on the table drinking leisurely at the milk presented to him with a satisfied purr in his voice. Jerry had told him that he would give him some tuna for dinner and he couldn't wait for it.

He lifted his head to look around and found that Kanda was nowhere to be seen.

Allen slightly panicked and began to call out for Kanda and turn his head around vigorously.

"Allen-kun" said a quiet and kind voice. He looked behind him to see one of the finders staring down at him curiously.

"Are you looking for Kanda-san?" said finder asked. Allen nodded vigorously. "If that's the case he, you and Lavi-san were called down to Komui's office a few minutes ago. You were to focussed on your food to notice that you were left alone" said the finder as he sweat dropped as Allen gave him a shocked kitty face.

The finder inwardly giggled before scooping up the small kitten and began to walk towards the doors leading out of the cafeteria.

"Meow?" the finder looked down to see Allen giving him a questioning look.

"I'm bringing you to Komui's office. I'm sure Kanda-san is already there" he said with confidence as he continued to walk down the corridor.

Half way down the corridor he heard a ferocious growl and slowly turned around to see a raven colored dog glaring venomously at him. Quickly he put Allen on the ground and proceeded to run away from said couple.

Kanda growled for a little longer and then looked down at Allen who sat innocently in front of him with one of the most relived faces a kitten could make.

"KANDA!" he shouted and raced to said dog before curling around one of Kanda's paws.

"Where did you go Moyashi" Kanda said as he nuzzled into Allen's head before they began to continue to walk to Komui's office.

"I was eating when I noticed you weren't there and Mr. Finder-san (shoot I didn't ask his name) came over and told me we had been requested to go to Komui's office and because you weren't there he said you must have been at Komui's office and that he would take me there" Allen took a gulp of air after the long sentence he had said with no breaks. He was glad he had been found by Kanda and thankful for the finder who had helped him.

Kanda sighed before picking Allen up by the scruff of neck using his mouth and proceeded to move at a faster pace to the scientist's office.

He was glad his moyashi was ok and was actually thankful for the finder who brought Allen to him.

"Just try and pay more attention next time" he said as he saw Komui's office with the door open.

Allen nodded and began to look around. In a few minutes they had made it to Komui's office and what they found inside shocked them both.

"Hello Allen, Kanda" said one of the scientists who was inside the room.

"Should we ask?" Allen asked looking up at Kanda

"I don't think it's really necessary" Kanda replied before placing Allen on the ground and bringing him closer to him. Allen merely nuzzled his back into the large dog.

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