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Chapter 1

The sun rose slowly above the horizon, its rays falling upon the city of Vale and the rest of the world. On one end of the city, Beacon Academy, much like its name, stood out as a sign for a bright future and peace for the world.

Inside its walls were many teams of Huntsmen and Huntresses in training, the next generation of protectors of the world.

And slowly one by one the students of Beacon awoke to a new day within their dorms, to them this was just another ordinary start to another ordinary day. Save for one team.

Contrary to popular belief, Weiss wakes up the earliest amongst the members of team RWBY. Her immaculate nature and drive for perfection demanded that she wake up at seven o'clock everyday, regardless of however late she slept the night before. Weiss' eyes slowly slid open just before the sun's rays hit her face. She closed them again and took a deep breath before sitting up and stretching her arms out and letting go a lady-like yawn. Weiss looked around the room and saw the usual sight that greeted her every morning; Blake was curled up into a tight ball and sleeping soundly, and Yang had once again thrown off her blanket in her sleep, snoring loudly all the white.

Weiss then turned her attention to the bunk above her. Ruby's bunk. Her gaze softened a little at the sight of it, and the corners of her mouth rose slightly into a small smile.

Weiss stared off into space, looking up under Ruby's bed and let out a wistful sigh. She then noticed movement next to her and saw that Blake started to get up.

"Morning, Weiss," She greeted, same as every other day.

"Good morning to you too" She replied.

It was a routine that they had built up over the weeks of their stay in Beacon. Weiss then got off of her bed and made her way to the bathroom. After taking a shower and having a change of clothes, Weiss stepped out of the shower feeling refreshed and fully awake. Blake then went in after she stepped out and Weiss heard the sound of running water as Blake took her own shower. Weiss took this time to brush her hair and tie it up into a ponytail. Despite her attitude towards things being neat and orderly, not tying her ponytail perfectly behind her was something that she had grown used to. Back when she lived with her family she had everything decided for her, she needed even just one thing that she could call her own, even if it was something as simple as the way she kept her hair. But even with that, she was still subjected to the requirement of perfection, and this can be seen through her her study habits and belongings. But even though one strives for perfection, she remembers that sometimes one will find that imperfection is the more beautiful of the two.

Once that was done, the next part of the routine was to wake up Ruby. Right on queue, Blake stepped out of the bathroom and made her own way to wake up Yang.

Weiss always looked forward to this part of the routine, where she would have a bit of time to just look into Ruby's adorable sleeping face, it was something that really helped brighten up her day. She would only have a minute or so before she eventually had to wake Ruby up, otherwise the others would get ideas, and with Yang that was definitely something that Weiss wanted to avoid.

She stepped on the edge of her bunk and lifted herself up, wondering if Ruby pouted in her sleep again. She remembered the first time she saw Ruby pout in her sleep and she almost had a heart attack it was just so cute.

The moment her head cleared the edge of Ruby's bed, Weiss didn't immediately see her face. She grinned; Ruby was always the most adorable whenever she hid herself under the covers of her bed. It was like Christmas morning for Weiss and she felt like she was opening the best and last present under the tree. Weiss was about to pull the covers off of Ruby until she noticed that there was something off. There was a hand poking out from under the sheets, and it wasn't Ruby's.

Weiss felt her stomach drop at the thought of Ruby being with someone, without her even knowing about it! Weiss scowled and threw off the covers and instantly froze at what she saw.

Blake had just woken up Yang, narrowly dodging the expected swing aimed right at her head by the blonde girl. Yang let out a huge yawn and Blake quickly took a step back to avoid her atrocious morning-breath.

While still half asleep, Yang rolled off her bunk and fell to the floor with a loud thump, the impact jolting her awake. As Yang wobbly got to her feet, she stretched out her arms, pops and cracks sounding from nearly every joint in her body.

By the time Yang was fully awake, Weiss was still staring dumbstruck at what she saw on Ruby's bed. Yang spotted her, and wondered what she was doing.

"Hey, Weiss is something wrong?" She asked.

Weiss didn't respond. This concerned Yang, and Blake looked up at the heiress as well. The both walked towards Weiss and Ruby's bunks and climbed up to see what was wrong. They too were stunned by what they saw.

Ruby was still asleep, there was nothing unusual about that, but it was the presence of five other girls all sleeping with and clinging onto their leader, naked. Thankfully for Weiss, Ruby was still in her pajamas.

The first person they noticed closest to them was a tall, slender young woman who looked to be in her twenties. Her long hair was splayed out behind her and was somewhat similar to Ruby's where it was black up to her shoulders and slowly faded into deep rose red lower down, but unlike Ruby this mysterious woman's hair went from red to silver-white starting out near her shoulder blades and as it went down the silver became more prominent than the red. Her skin color was a creamy white, and not a blemish could be found, save for what looked to be a tattoo of Ruby's emblem on her shoulder. She laid on one side of the bed which was a bit small for her, pressed up against Ruby, snuggling her face against Ruby's shoulder and her arms wrapped around her.

Next was a smaller girl who looked to be around Ruby's height and age. She had a very slim body, though much to Weiss' displeasure the girl's breasts were still larger than her own, with light brown skin. Her hair was cut short, just a bit longer than a boy's cut, and unlike most boys, where the messy look was all the rage, her hair was neat and evenly cut, it was also a light grey color. Yang took note that she too looked like she had tattoos on her body, she could spot two black, intricate, triangular designs running down from her collarbone. In the morning light she thought that she could see other tattoos running along her arms and the sides of her body and down to her legs, the markings looked oddly familiar, but the ones running along her body, arms, and legs were so faint that she simply dismissed them as a trick of the light. This girl was lying on Ruby's other side, hugging her arm and resting her cheek on it, using it like a pillow.

Blake saw another girl, this one was clinging on to Ruby by her waist; her arm lifted Ruby's tank top a bit revealing her midriff. This girl surprised Blake because she was Faunus, but not any kind she's ever seen before. The Faunus girl had a dark brown complexion and messily cut, short shoulder-length, jet-black hair. She had small pointed cat ears, which were tipped with white on the top of her head almost hidden by her messy hair, similar to herself, but she also had a long, slim tail which wrapped itself around Ruby's leg.

Lastly there were what looked to be like a pair of twelve year old identical twins, sleeping near the foot of the bed, each one hugging onto each of Ruby's legs. They had short, bright yellow blonde hair, their bangs were cut even shorter showing off wide foreheads that didn't look out of place with their chubby cheeks and button noses. They too had tattoos like the others, but were more simplistic, running from the back of their necks and around their bodies before ending at their hips, but they also had a series of orange rectangles with red tips wrapping around their waists.

The three other members of team RWBY were all silent, their jaws dropped. Each of them had different thoughts running through their head.

For Yang she had to say that she was proud that Ruby had finally decided to take her advice and become more outgoing and make some new friends, though she never expected Ruby to do something like this! Now she wasn't sure whether to feel proud or jealous of her little sister.

Blake on the other hand was wondering, how in the world were the able to sneak into their dorm? The door to their room was a bit out of maintenance and squeaked pretty loudly whenever it opened and closed so if any of her teammates, especially Ruby, went off to get a midnight snack, Blake would know about it.

Finally Weiss had a million thoughts going through her mind. Is this for real? What is going on here? Did Ruby really just bring five strange girls into their dormitory? Why are they all naked? Who are these people? Why are they snuggling with Ruby? It should be me snuggling with her! Why are they naked?! Why does this harlot have a tattoo of Ruby's emblem on her shoulder? Ugh, what kind of person would do that? Why are they naked?!

Before any of them could say anything, Ruby's eyes slowly fluttered open and she let out a small yawn. Weiss, even in her dumbstruck state, couldn't help but inwardly d'aww at the sight of Ruby waking up. As Ruby's eyes became slightly focused, she finally noticed the three of them all looking over her from the edge of her bed. Her still half asleep mind not able to process why they would all be doing so.

"Um, guys? Why are you all staring at me like that?" She asked.

Yang didn't answer her, but simply gave her a thumbs up and a wink. Weiss didn't say anything and just kept staring at her; it was starting to get a bit awkward for Ruby, but thankfully Blake responded to her query.

"Ruby, could you please tell your. . ." Blake started and trailed off, looking for the right word. "Friends to get dressed and get out of here before Goodwitch finds out. We'll all get into serious trouble for bringing outsiders into the dorms."

Ruby just looked at all of them in confusion. "Friends?" She asked, still not fully awake to take in the situation. "What are you guys talking about?"

"The ones you just got to home base with, silly." Answered Yang, Ruby narrowed her eyes before looking to her left, and seeing the young woman's sleeping face, just inches from her own whose own eyes slowly opened, revealing them to be a bright red.

The young woman smiled and said. "Good morning, Ruby" Her voice was soft, low, and sultry if not without a hint of playfulness.

Ruby just stared at the young woman groggily, blinking several times before her brain processed what was happening. Ruby's eyes widened and her cheeks grew to a faint pink, looking down and around her bed and seeing the other girls that were asleep next to her. She then screamed, flailing her arms and legs around and waking up her bedmates. Yelps, shouts, groans, and whines could all be heard coming from the top bunk. The commotion on the hanging bed caused one of the ropes that kept it attached to the ceiling to snap, tilting the bed at a sharp angle making Ruby and the rest fall off and land on a heap on the floor, with Ruby unfortunately at the bottom of the pile.

The world spun for Ruby as she tried to regain her bearings, she could feel a heavy weight on her body and shook her head to clear it.

Fortunately Yang, Blake, and Weiss all jumped out of the way in time when the rope snapped. They were all leaning over her, wondering what had just happened.

Ruby started wiggling under the unintentional dog pile, struggling to get out. She kept at this for a short moment before she felt her knee brush up against something warm, soft, and velvety; one of the girls lying on top of her let out a small embarrassed squeak.

"Mmm, Ruby isn't it a bit too early for that? Though, it's not as if I mind." Said the tall, longhaired young woman from somewhere within the pile.

Ruby's blush deepened, as she tried to look away from her teammates. She had immediately stopped moving around so much as to avoid any more unnecessary contact as well as trying to ignore the feeling naked flesh against her skin. "What are you guys staring at? Would someone please get me out of here!" She whined out, closing her eyes shut in embarrassment.

And not sooner than she said it, the dark skinned girl with light grey hair quickly wiggled her way out of the pile and promptly threw off everyone else who was on top of Ruby, which resulted with several indignant noises.

A small meep.


"That hurt you meanie!"

"Yeah! What she said!"

When Ruby opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a small delicate hand extended out to her and a voice asked, "Milady?" She looked up to see who the hand belonged to and saw the short haired dark skinned girl. Ruby couldn't help but stare at this girl, even with her tomboyish looks she couldn't help but think how pretty this girl was. Her short neatly cut hair suited her very well and her bright icy blue eyes seemed to radiate warmth despite their color. Then her eyes slowly slid down and her blush deepened to as red as her cloak. She quickly looked away, embarrassed by the fact that she had been staring. Ruby covered her face with one hand to try and hide her blush and tentatively reached out with the other to accept the extended hand.

The shorthaired girl took her hand gently, but firmly and pulled her up with surprising strength. Once Ruby was back on her feet she muttered a quiet "Thank you."

The girl gave a small nod before looking Ruby over, her lips thinning. Without any warning the girl fixed the strap of her tank-top and placed it back on her shoulder then tugged at the hem to straighten out the creases, even going so far as to brush away some of the hair from Ruby's face, making her blush even harder.

That was when someone shouted. "Hey! What do you think you're doing? Get your paws off of Ruby! She's mine!" It was the tall, longhaired woman resting her hands on her hips. Now that she was standing, it showed that her hair reached down all the way to the backs of her knees and that two locks of black and silver hair which curved upwards slightly and framed her jaw. She stood a fair bit taller than every one else in the room; everyone looked towards her, but didn't shy away despite being naked.

Ruby blushed at the thought of someone calling her "theirs". But before she could say anything about it, she noticed that the girl who had helped her up narrow her eyes and glare at the taller woman, her eyes shifting color to a dark red. "Despite what you think, I respect Ruby far too much than to try and 'cop a feel' without her consent, unlike a brute such as yourself."

The woman was fuming now, and crossed her arms defensively, pushing up and unintentionally showcasing her fairly well endowed bust before quickly responding with a quip of her own. Ruby, already used to hearing pointless arguments between Weiss and her sister, went and tuned out their voices and looked around the room. She saw the two blonde kids standing to the side, watching the scene unfold intently. As for the dark skinned Faunus girl, she sat against the wall and glanced around nervously, her ears lying flat against her head, using the previously discarded bed sheet to try cover herself up.

Ruby slowly walked towards the trembling girl.

"Hey, are you okay?" She asked, keeping her voice low so as to not startle the girl.

The girl took her eyes away from the two arguing young women and looked at Ruby, eyes just starting to glisten with tears, she nodded.

Ruby then noticed that once she had turned her attention over to her, the girl's trembling lessened slightly and her ears became raised somewhat though still laid close to her head.

Ruby took this as a good sign and went and sat next to her. Ruby turned her attention back to the two still naked and still arguing women, whose verbal assaults had yet to turn into physical, before going back to the trembling Faunus, who by the time she realized it had already scooted closer and leaned into her ever so slightly. Ruby noted that the girl had stopped trembling and visibly relaxed, her small ears no longer lying flat against her head.

"Do those two always fight like this?" Asked Ruby.

The girl shook her head.

"They don't always fight?"

She shook her head again.

"You don't know?"

This time the girl nodded.

Not sure what exactly to do next, Ruby decided to do the most obvious and try to work from there.

So. . . Um, what's your name?" She asked then a shout coming from the arguing duo caught her attention.

The girl stiffened and tears started to well up in her eyes again. Ruby thought that the shout scared the girl and turned her attention towards to the two.

"Will the two of you stop fighting!" She shouted at the two and the arguing immediately stopped.

They both looked over at Ruby, faces pink in embarrassment and frustration. The both glanced back to each other then back to Ruby before pointing at the other and both yelling. "She started it!"

Ruby glared back at the two. "I don't care who started it, the two of you arguing is scaring her!" Ruby wrapped her arms around the dark skinned Faunus' shoulders protectively.

Everyone's eyes widened at that, then the tall woman looked at Ruby, hugging the small Faunus girl, a hurt look in her eyes. "Ruby, how could you pick her over me?" Her voice trembled.

Ruby raised an eyebrow. "Pick her over you? What are you even talking about?" She then looked at each of the naked girls in their room. "Who are you guys?"

The woman looked shocked at her words, then asked. "Ruby, don't you recognize me?"

Ruby shook her head and answered. "No I don't. Now, who are you?"

The woman looked even more hurt, as if Ruby's words were physical blows. Her knees shook and her shoulders slumped, her voice was shaky.

"It's me, Crescent Rose."

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