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A honey-sweet giggle bubbled through the air and stroked at Elphaba's skin. High-pitched, lilting, adorable... She was sure that if she were to stick out her tongue tentatively, she would taste sugar. The sound was like the richest meringue, the most airy whipped cream, so... sweet.

The noise alone prompted a lazy smile to spread across Elphaba's lips, full of simple, pure happiness. The giggle was an instant lift, like the wings of a sparrow flitting from tree to tree, cocking it's head and regarding her with beady, button-black eyes. The laugh felt like flying, that's it! Like soaring above the ground, with no irritating gravity to yank her down. It was heady, and entrancing, and stunning...

"Elphie..." The little voice giggled again. Her begrudging nickname only enhanced the sensation of happiness, sounding light and content. No part of her brain devoted it's time to trying to guess who was giggling, it was too filled with smiles and laughs and kindness.

"Elphie, darling... Do you love me?" The voice chuckled again, but with a hint of lust darkening the illusion. Elphaba shuddered, eyes closed in contentment, before breathing back an almost inaudiable:

"Yes..." An unexpected pair of hands suddenly stroked at her ribs, drawing lazy patterns across Elphaba's taut abdomen. The green woman shivered, and arched into the capable hands, making her draw out the 's' at the end of her admittance.

"Good, because I love you too, Elphie." The voice still was a mystery to her, but Elphaba didn't care much for puzzles when she could be carresed and held like this. The words didn't even compute much with her. She was aware that she had been told of someone's love for her, and had told someone of her love for them, but nothing was important, nothing except- the lips!

Escaped air hissed from between her teeth, feeling soft lips at her throat and fingers travel upwards to her breasts. Elphaba's own hands sparked to life, and they landed on a petite waist. Squeezing and hearing the giggle once more, she wrapped her long arms around the mystery giggler's middle.

Mystery... the giggler was clearly female, no man had a waist that small. And the laugh was too high-pitched for anything but a girl to emit. So did that mean Elphaba was enamoured of women? As well as men? Her dream of Fiyero suddenly seemed very unimportant, compared to the quiet chuckles of her chittery little sparrow. But was this happening real? Or another night phantasm?

Elphaba decided to open her eyes and find out.

What met her was almost heart-stopping in its shock factor.

Periwinkle blue eyes sparkling laughter and love into hers. Thick brown lashes fluttered sweetly, slowly. Golden curls, pale in the moonlight, wild around her face.

"Galinda? Is that you?" Elphaba whispered, her voice small and scared.

"But of course, Elphie! I knew you were the smart one in our relationship." Galinda tipped her mouth down to taste Elphaba's nipples. But another thing dominated the forefront of Elphaba's mind.

"R-relationship?" Since when? Elphaba surmised she'd remember when she engaged ina union with none other that Miss Galinda Arduenna! But with said blonde's mouth on her teat, she was having trouble remembering anything. A soft groan heaved from her mouth, quite against her will, and her hips shot upwards to connect with Galinda's.

"Yes. I see you remember." Galinda lifted her head from Elphaba's breast and grinned at the sound of disappointment. But the desisting of sensual activities cleared Elphaba's head, and she gently said:

"Galinda, to my knowledge, we are not in any form of relationship." The words scarred Galinda, she could tell. But they also spurred her.

"Elphaba. Don't you dare play tricks on me! Don't you even dare doubt our relationship! It's happened, and it's real, and I love you!"

Before the green woman could stop her, the Frottican's lips were on hers, hard and passionte. Galinda wasn't pleasuring anymore, she was proving a point. And an incredibly mind-fogging point at that. Elphaba could barely thing beyond the pressure on her mouth. Before long, the Munchkinlander was kissing clumsily back, and a delighted Galinda opened her mouth, blowing moist, hot breath across Elphaba's sturdy jaw. The couple switched positions, the green woman flipping Galinda onto her back, pinning her down with a searing kiss.

Soft moans and gasps interrupted their heated kiss, nails scrabbling at clothes and fingers twisting in hair.

The abrupt absence of Galinda's lips on hers suddenly jolted Elphaba from her reverie, her lips kissing air and hands clutching at emptiness. Fighting the urge to cry, the green woman curled up, saddeningly awakened from her amorous dream. Her second in the past week! She must a polyamorous woman, to want both males and females.

Why her, of all people?