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Fire. Incendiary, flaming, burning, scalding heat, licking at Galinda's lower abdomen and a little further down, setting her ablaze. She shifted slightly, aroused yet yearning for a release, letting out a tiny whimper of need.

Cool, slender hands stroked at her thighs, but instead of smothering the flames, the fingers only stoked them hotter, intensifying her arousal. A louder whine escaped between her lips, and a warm, dark brown voice chuckled.

"Patience is a virtue, my sweet." Galinda didn't know the speaker, although the voice was familiar, but she felt quite indignant towards them. They weren't burning with lust. As far as she knew.

Almost as if the voice had read her mind, it responded with an answer to her inaudiable question.

"Now, don't go getting ideas that I don't find you absolutely delectable, my pretty. Because I do. Unnamed God help me, I do." The voice dipped lower in the darkness, seemingly hovering above Galinda's torso. When she suddenly felt lips descend on her stomach, the little socialite arched her spine and gasped loudly. The lips explored her, caressing her bare skin with satin-softness. A skilled tongue trailed across her yearning form, dipping into her navel and swirling across her ribs. Gasps transfigured slowly into moans, and Galinda welcomed the delicious sensations, even if they did cause her heat to flare.

When the lips sauntered casually up her body, inching slowly closer to her pert breasts, Galinda whimpered pitifully, aching for more. Tipping her chest upwards, hoping to encourage those lips to kiss a little higher, Galinda heard another dark chuckle. Unnamed God, even her lover's laugh was arousing.

"Galinda, my lovely, all in good time," the voice was a degree firmer, and Galinda got the impression she was pushing her luck. But the next whispered sentance sent hope surging through her; "I want to taste you." Almost more a hiss than anything else, the words excited Galinda beyond comprehension.

When the hot mouth closed around her stiff nipple, Galinda cried out in ecstasy. Her back arched once more, and the slim hands held her body sweetly. This lover could make her body sing with desire, and sing it did.

As the tongue lavished her nipple with attention, the hands separated, one paying close attention to the other, neglected bud, and the other tracing delicate circles and swirls across her goose-fleshed skin. When her lover began to suck at her breasts like a hungry infant, Galinda cried out:

"Please, whoever you are, please, more!"

All action on her body desisted, and Galinda was left feeling she'd said the wrong thing.

"'Whoever you are'?" The voice sounded hurt, pain laced in the syntax, "Galinda, my sweet, you know me. Don't go pretending you don't. You'll crush me."

Galinda felt overwhelmingly quilty for hurting her lover, and reached out both her hands to trace features with gentle fingertips. They met pointed features, soft as silk, thick eyebrows and a thin mouth.

"Open your eyes, my sweet, and see." Obeying, Galinda slowly lifted her eyelids. A soft face, gazing down at her with love. A soft, green, face.

"Elphie?" Galinda breathed in shock, almost inhaling the pet name. The head nodded, smiling at her.

"You know me." Just then, Elphaba Thropp kissed her with dizzying passion, skill and fire. Just as the petite blond began to kiss back, she vapourised, leaving Galinda kissing air.

Waking up with a start, Galinda felt an unexplainable sadness and tears welled in her eyes. Elphaba had loved her, devoted incredibly skilled attention to her, but only in a dream. Her hands fisted in the bedsheets in frustration. Glancing over at the silent pile of blankets on the neighbouring bed, she wondered what her curious green roomate was dreaming about. Just as her brain began to entertain the notion that it may be her, her common sense smacked her back into humility with a sharp: Elphie would't love anyone, let alone you. She's not one for love.

Galinda turned over, her back to the other bed, and curled up tighter, hoping for numbness.


Shiz bustled with activity that morning, students flitting from the Buttery to the classrooms, from dormitories to lecture theatres, and from vanity tables to bathrooms. Elphaba, Fiyero and Galinda were no exception to this communal morning ritual.

The green woman charged down the hallways, hoping for ownership of the last cup of coffee. When she saw a blue-diamonded hand beat her to the cup, her heart leapt into her throat. Fiyero glanced upwards and blushed. His dream lover (now fully clothed and covered) was staring at the cup in his hands. He tentatively held out the mug to her.

"Would you like the last cup?" He tried for a smile, but it was a meager one. Not that Elphaba noticed. She was too preoccupied with staring at his hands, the image of them all over her willing body strong and powerful in her mind's eye.

"No, no, it doesn't matter." She finally stammered, and spun away, stomping towards her lesson.

As Elphaba entered the classroom, she scanned for a place to sit, ready to absorb her education. Eyes falling on a curly blonde head, she started at the sudden feeling of affection filling her chest. That was unexpected. As the unblemished face turned in her direction, Elphaba felt her heart jump again. It would not be pushed down, this feeling. Galinda smiled weakly at the green woman, and gestured vaguely at the seat next to her.

Elphaba smiled tightly and sat down, imagining those pink, smiling lips pressed against hers. Galinda faced the front once more, and Elphaba swore she detected a hint of a rosy blush in her roomate's creamy cheeks.

Galinda felt her face heat up as Elphie sat next to her. That's not the only thing that was hot last night, a snide voice in her head snarked. Horrified at her own brain, Galinda ignored her own mind, hoping for distraction.

The professor walked in, and both women sighed with relief at the diversion. Each hearing the others sigh, both heads snapped back to look at each other in surprise.