A Saviour's Journey


"This is the end for you, boy!" A tall figure sneered as he pumped more of his energy into the blast he was using to try and obliterate his opponent. He was a light green color with black spots all over. His chest, lower legs and cranium were covered by black, armor-like plates. He also had black wings extending from his back, giving him an insect-like appearance.

The figure opposite him was a boy, no older than eleven. His hair was gold-colored and completely spiked up excluding a singular bang swaying back and forth in front of his forehead. His eyes were a piercing teal, almost emerald in color. He wore a torn purple gi with brown moccasins on his feet. The boy was currently trying to hold off the energy blast of the monstrosity he faced with a blast of his own.

As the two super-powered beings battled it out to decide the fate of the Earth, more incredible fighters entered the fray in an attempt to aid the boy in his struggle. One of these fighters was a short bald monk in an orange gi with a blue weighted undershirt. Another was a man with a few scars marring his face and black hair that stood up straight. He too wore an orange gi, minus the blue undershirt. A third fighter was a bald man with a third eye above the two regular ones. He wore a green gi that was held up on only one shoulder, exposing half of the man's well-muscled chest. The fourth fighter was quite a surprising sight. He was an completely green man standing well above the rest of the fighters. He had two antennae protruding from his head and wore a replica of the boy's gi.

Though these fighters knew they stood no chance in swaying the tide of the battle, they joined in anyway with courage and determination, unwilling to stand by and watch as this young boy fought to save them all from certain destruction. Each of them threw everything they had at the monstrous creature they before them, desperate to change the current course of the struggle between the two titans. All of this, however, proved ineffective against the evil-hearted being as every attack the fighters threw was easily shrugged off.

Soon though, the last fighter among them, a short man with flaming black hair and black eyes in blue spandex and white armor, joined the efforts to distract the monster. Powering up so his hair was the same golden hue and his eyes a similar shade of teal as the boy's he fired off his most devastating attack, effectively swaying the being's attention towards himself.

With the monster distracted, the boy, hearing his father speaking to him, urging him on and giving him the will to fight, unleashed all of his power into his attack. He pushed everything he had into the blast, the power quickly of it quickly overwhelming the one opposite.

The beam struggle came to a halt as all of the energy was pushed towards the monster. The boy began slowly walking forward, roaring as he kept his energy wave pushing towards the evil he faced. The distance between his blast and the creature quickly began to decrease, until it began to overwhelm and disintegrate the monster.

"NO! I AM PERFECTION!" Were the last word of the insect-like creature before he was completely consumed by the wave of energy, obliterating every last cell until there was nothing left.

A heavy cloud of darkness seemed to lift from the planet, being replaced with an almost overwhelming sense of relief and peace. When the boy was sure it was all over, he quickly powered down, his hair turning black and his eyes fading to black as well. The boy promptly fell down to the ground, breathing heavily from the exertion of so much of his strength. As he collapsed to the ground on his back, he couldn't help but laugh in relief, knowing the battle was finally over. He stared at the sky with his eyes half-lidded.

'I did it dad,' The boy thought, 'I beat him, just like you knew I would.'

And so, on this day, an epic struggle to decide the fate of the Earth occurred. In the end, the conclusion to the conflict came down to one boy. Son of the planet's protector, the boy known as Son Gohan clashed with the monstrous bio-engineered android known as Cell. The being of perfection created by Dr. Gero was no more. Of course, the people of the planet would most likely never know what really happened on this day.

The day of…

...The Cell Games!