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A Saviour's Journey

Chapter 5: Resolution, Power, and Danger

"We weren't always planet brokers. We used to fight only for the thrill of it. We did kill every so often, but it was necessary. We weren't 'monsters' until Frieza had us in his clutches," He gazed off into the distance, as if reminiscing a fond memory.

He snapped back into focus and threw a quick glance at the boy sitting beside him, then continued. "Frieza changed us. We didn't really mind and saw no problem with what we were doing, though. And, sadly, we began to enjoy the killing. The complete slaughter of entire populations," He closed his eyes and sighed deeply. After several moments, the man stood up. "Let's go. I want to show you something."

The two warriors made their way out of the gravity chamber and walked down the empty corridors of Capsule Corporation. As they made their way through the building, the boy noticed that the man next to him seemed to be focusing his Ki around the two of them. He shrugged it off though, thinking nothing of it.

Upon arriving at the family room, the two found it to be completely dark. The man flipped the light switch.

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOHAN!" Came the cries of many as the room sparked to life.

The boy now identified as Gohan staggered back slightly in surprise. 'No wonder Vegeta was concentrating his Ki the way he was. He was masking my senses from theirs,' A small smile lit the young demi's face. "Thanks, everyone."

The whole group had gathered. His friend, Lime. His mentor, Piccolo. His godmother, Bulma. Yamcha, Puar, Krillin, Master Roshi, Oolong; even Tien and Chiaotzu had made it. And… 'Who's the blue-haired woman?' Gohan thought. He snickered. 'Did Tien get a girlfriend? She seems to be clinging pretty tightly to him.'

The only one's who hadn't come were Dende and Mr. Popo, both of whom had duties up on Kami's Lookout, as well as Korin and Yajirobe, who were never really ones to come to these gatherings.

"Well come on, kiddo! You've got a birthday to celebrate! Come blow out the candles and make a wish!" Bulma cheered.

In the middle of the room sat an enormous cake, atop of which thirteen candles were lit. It was frosted white with blue icing in curl, twist, and swirl patterns. On the top surface of the cake, written in red icing, were the words: 'Happy Thirteenth Birthday, Gohan!' Waves of sweet smells rolled off of the gigantic masterpiece.

The boy's smile widened at the sight of food. He made his way over to the group and stood before his birthday cake. "Thanks again, everyone."

As he said this, Vegeta made his way to the side and leaned against one of the nearby walls. The prince sighed softly. 'Almost no progress as usual. There's not much light in the boy's eyes. Though it did take a slight jump I think,' He scowled. 'Why do I even care?' He glanced at the boy and smirked a little. 'Oh yeah. Because the kid's a saiyan warrior. He's definitely become more of a saiyan than his clown of a father.'

In the time that Gohan had spent with the saiyan prince, he had learned much about the warrior race he was part of. His power had also skyrocketed. It was odd, though. The demi-saiyan's power was far too high for just a year's training. Still, no one questioned it and were just thankful that the boy was making such amazing progress.

Gohan had also learned many of the Z-fighters techniques. He had learned Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, Krillin's Destructo Disk, Tien's Multi-Form and Tri-Beam, and many other useful moves. He'd even started working on a technique he could call his own, though it was far from being complete.

Of course, in the past year, Gohan still performed his mental training with Piccolo and helped Lime along with becoming stronger. Not that the girl needed his training much anymore. She was at the point where she could take on Nappa without even getting a scratch. Her progress was astounding as usual, though even more so now, thanks to the use of Gohan's Gravity Room.

'The girl wouldn't make a bad saiyan,' The prince smirked. 'Nor a bad mate for the boy.'

Gohan had just blown out the candles when Vegeta broke out of his musing. Everyone - minus the hot-headed saiyan prince and the stoic namekian warrior - cheered. Once that was over, the celebrations began.

Gohan went around introducing Lime to the people in the group she had not yet met. He decided to start with Tien, wanting to find out about the blue-haired woman. "Hey, Tien," The boy called out as he approached the three-eyed man.

"Hello, Gohan," The Crane Style master greeted in return.

"Tien, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine," He gestured to the girl standing next to him. "Lime, this is Tien Shinhan. Tien, Lime Lao."

The triclops extended his hand, a small smile gracing his face. "It's nice to meet you. Glad to see Gohan finally has a friend his own age," He threw a quick, questioning glance at the boy, who immediately understood.

"She knows everything about us, Tien. You don't have to worry," Gohan stated, clearing up the situation.

The man nodded. "That's good," Was his simple reply. Tien felt a small nudge to his ribs, and remembered that there was one other person amongst them. The martial artist cleared his throat. "Gohan, Lime. This is Lunch."

The woman now known as Lunch smiled sweetly at the two kids, then at Tien. "Tell them about us, hun," She fluttered her eyelashes.

A faint tint of pink appeared on Tien's cheeks. "Lunch is my fiancee."

The whole room got quiet at that. Then a big, "Congratulations, you two!" sounded out from the group.

Krillin and Yamcha came over to the group of four and patted their friend and fellow human warrior on the back. "Way to go, buddy!" The scar-faced human grinned. He turned and looked at his deceased friend's son. "How've you been, man? I haven't seen you in a while," Noticing the girl next to the kid, his grin widened. "Too busy spending time with your little girlfriend?"

Krillin snickered as Gohan groaned and Lime stared at her feet with a bright red blush. "I should've known…" The boy muttered.

The two Turtle Style masters burst out laughing, holding onto each other for support. Tien shook his head, chuckling at his friends' antics.

Gohan sighed and walked up to the two. Planting his open palms on their chests, he gave a relatively light push with each hand, toppling the cackling pair over onto their backs. Caught off guard, Krillin's and Yamcha's heads collided with the floor, sending a small jolt of pain through their skulls and putting an abrupt halt to their laughing fit. The boy smirked as he watched them get up, rubbing the backs of their heads. Tien gave a small laugh himself at this. "I see Vegeta has rubbed off on you a bit," The triclops remarked.

Gohan gave the Son grin. "Yeah, I guess so. Spending so much time around the guy definitely has its affect," He chuckled.

Feeling a tug on his pant leg, he looked down to see little Trunks smiling up at him. "Hi, Go'an," The lavender-haired tyke cooed.

Smiling right back, Gohan picked the two-year-old up. "Hey there, Trunks. How are ya?" Gohan tickled the younger demi's stomach.

Trunks squirmed and giggled. "Good."

Bulma smiled affectionately at the scene. Walking up to the group, she took the little guy from Gohan and smirked at the young warrior. "Well, are you gonna open your gifts or what?"

The boy laughed lightly. "Sure."

Opening his first present, he spotted an orange Gi with a dark blue weighted undershirt, dark blue weighted wristbands, and dark blue weighted boots with red lining around the ankles and yellow lining running down the middle, both front and back. It was the Turtle Style Gi, but instead of the normal insignia on the chest, it held the kanji for demon, as a tribute to the boy's mentor. Looking at the tag on the gift box, he smiled at Krillin, showing appreciation for the gift.

Next, Gohan opened a box holding a somewhat thick book. Flipping it open a bit, he noted it was a book devoted to the Crane Style of martial arts.

"That's from both Chiaotzu and me," Tien stated. "It's comprised of all of our techniques, and knowledge of the Crane Style."

"It even has information on telekinesis," Chiaotzu continued.

Gohan grinned. "Thanks! This is great!" The boy exclaimed.

Opening his gift from Yamcha, he nearly burst out laughing. "Hair care products, Yamcha? Really?"

The former bandit blushed a bit while the rest of the group fell into hysterics. The whole thing even brought a small grin to Piccolo's face and a smirk to Vegeta's.

"It's the thought that counts…" Yamcha mumbled.

Once the laughter had died down, Gohan move onto the next gift was a capsule case. "That contains three capsules," Bulma began. "The first is a new G.R. model. I'll let you explore all of it's functions. The second capsule is a full study set. I know you're out of material to learn, but I also know you want to continue for your mother. Finally, the third capsule is that space ship you asked me to build." At that, everyone turned to look at the pair.

Gohan sighed. "I suppose I should explain.

Flashback Start

Gohan walked into Capsule Corporation. It had been four months since the agreement between him and Vegeta had been made. Now, he was looking for Bulma. Walking around the compound of the most influential business in the world, he searched out for the blue-haired scientists Ki signature. Finding it to be in one of her labs, the boy chuckled. 'I should've guessed.'

He made his way to her and arrived in front of a door with a passcode lock. Having helped the genius out several times on her inventions, he had full access to all of the labs. Typing in the numbers required to open the doors, he walked in as they slid open.

Looking up from her work, Bulma smiled at the boy. "Hey, kiddo. You need something?"

Gohan smiled back and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, I was wondering if you could make me a ship so I could travel out into space."

"Well, of course I can. But why do you want one?" The woman inquired.

"I want to train without damaging the planet. I figured if I go out into space to an uninhabited planet, I could unleash my full power with no negative repercussions."

"Alright. It's gonna take awhile, though. I became the head of this company not that long ago, after all, and the work load is massive right now."

"That's alright. I could use some more training before I leave anyway. Besides, Veggie would be upset if he lost his only sparring partner so soon."

Bulma giggled. "Yeah, you don't want to disappoint the almighty prince of saiyans."

"Hahaha, yeah. Anyway, thanks for the help, Bulma."

"It's no problem, kiddo."

Flashback End

After the explanation, Vegeta nodded. "I see," He smirked, looking at Gohan with a small hint of pride. "When you make this little trip, make sure you show those who cross your path the might of the saiyan race!" The prince declared.

Gohan nodded, smirking back. "Of course."

Bulma clapped her hands. "Alright, now that that's settled, let's get back to the gifts!"

The next three gifts were presented to him by Piccolo. The first was a bag of Senzu beans, courtesy of Korin and Yajirobe. The second, a book containing a variety of namekian techniques, from Dende. And finally, Piccolo's gift was a purple Gi with brown moccasin and a blue sash. Accompanying this entourage was the ever familiar white cape, ruffled at the collar with pads extending from the shoulders.

When Gohan felt the weight of the cape, he looked up at his mentor with a quizzical expression. Understanding the boy's confusion, Piccolo explained. "Mr. Popo enchanted the cape so that it would increase in weight depending on how much of your Ki you put into it."

Gohan nodded. "Thanks, Piccolo."

Upon opening the next gift, the young warrior sweat-dropped. In the box was a rather large stack of perverted magazines. He sighed, already knowing the present was from the Turtle Hermit and Oolong. Who else would get him something like this? Quickly closing the box back up, he tossed it to the side, accidently hitting Master Roshi in the face and causing the old man to go flying.

"Uhhh, Gohan? What was in there?" Bulma inquired.

Krillin was the one to speak up, having a good idea of what and whose gift it was. "I don't think you want to know, Bulma. It's a gift from Master Roshi and Oolong, let's just leave it at that," The scientist merely nodded, understanding perfectly.

Gohan grabbed the next box and opened it up. As he did so, Lime walked over to her friend and stood next to him, shuffling her feet nervously. In the box was a chain necklace with what looked like half of a locket. Gohan pulled it out and stared at it. It was half of the four star dragon ball.

Looking up, he noticed Lime pulling a chain from around her neck, which revealed what appeared to be the other half of the locket. She opened her half and Gohan did the same with his. Putting them together, Gohan realize it was a group picture of Chichi and Lime in his half, while Lime's half of the locket contained himself along with her parents and her grandfather.

Small droplets of tears welled up in Gohan's eyes. This picture had been taken not long before Goten was born. Closing the locket quickly, the boy dried the small amount of waterworks that had formed. Looking at his friend, Gohan opened up his arms and enveloped Lime in a hug. "Thank you, Lime. This means so much to me, you have no idea," The raven-haired demi-saiyan whispered.

She giggled. "I think I have a pretty good idea now."

Noticing the stares they were getting, Gohan broke the embrace and coughed. "Heheh, what's up guys?"

Krillin and Yamcha glance at each other, grinning cheekily. "If you two need some alone time, we understand," Krillin commented. One glare from the young warrior had them both shutting up very quickly.

Vegeta walked over to the boy. "I believe it's time for my gift now," First, the prince handed Gohan a spandex suit and armor. It was similar to the sets the boy and his father had worn during their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The only difference was the coloring. The plating was a gleaming black instead of the usual white. The normally light brown shoulder straps and stomach guard were a deep green color. And finally, instead of the spandex suit being blue, it was blood red.

"This armor is styled similarly to your grandfather, Bardock's. Obviously it's model is the one you used while training to fight Cell. Wear it well… Gohan," Vegeta spoke, his voice laced with pride, carrying across the room in a current of soft sound.

Gohan merely nodded, too shocked to speak.

"Also, I want you to take this." In the prince's hand lay a crest. "It signifies you as a first-class saiyan elite. Place it upon your armor and wear it with honor and pride."

Gohan took the crest and kneeled. "Thank you, my prince."

"Rise, boy. You have shown yourself worthy of the saiyan race." Vegeta declared.

Everyone watched the scene in shock. Nobody was sure what to make of this. First, Vegeta shows true compassion. Then, Gohan shows complete and utter respect for the saiyan prince.

Gohan stood up and the two saiyan warriors noticed that all eyes were on them. Vegeta growled. "What?!" The prince barked. He walked off to the corner of the room, wanting to avoid the constant staring.

Gohan shook his head. "Is that all of the gifts?"

The boy felt a tug on the legging of his pants and looked down to see his little brother and Trunks holding up a picture. The drawing was sloppy, but that is to be expected of toddlers. It depicted what Gohan thought to be himself, which was confirmed by the messy handwriting under the stick figure that displayed his name. On each side sat two smaller stick figures, the one on the left being Trunks, and the one on the right being Goten.

The drawing portrayed Gohan in his super saiyan state beating up some sort of bad guy. Grinning widely, he looked down at the two little demi's. "Great job, you two! I love it!" He ruffled both of their hair.

Goten cooed and clapped his hands. "Daddy! Daddy!"

Gohan's eyes widened. 'D-daddy? Did he…?' Setting the drawing down, he swallowed air, trying to gain back some of his breath. "I-I'll be back…" The boy said shakily. He ran off down the hall to his right, his eyes stinging.

Trunks looked at his mother. "Mommy? Is Go'an okay?" Goten looked at her as well, his eyes shining.

"Of course he is, sweetie. He just really loves your guys' gift." Bulma replied in a steady, calm voice. She bit her lip, worried for the boy's well-being and state of mind.

Everyone tried to figure out what just happened. Only a few noticed Lime depart, heading in the same direction that Gohan had went moments prior.

Gohan frowned as tears streamed from his eyes, no matter how hard he tried to fight them back. After leaving Capsule Corp. the boy had flown far away. He didn't want anyone to see what he was sure was going to happen.

He sat down and pulled his knees up to his chest, giving into the sobs that threatened to wrack his body. The young warrior had not allowed himself to cry since his mother's death. Now his sorrow came in waves. All of the built up emotion from the past year poured out in this moment.

Gohan felt two arms wrap around him from behind. He leaned back into the embrace and let his tears flow. The presence was familiar, he didn't need to sense the person's Ki. Lime had always been there to comfort him when he needed it.

After several minutes of crying, the boy finally calmed down, the wave of emotions subsiding. Once it was over, the two stared out at the lake in front of them. "How did you know where I'd be?" Gohan asked.

Lime giggled and kissed his cheek softly. "This is your favorite place to go to. Of course you would come here when you needed to let your emotions out. That's how I knew."

Gohan gave a small smile as he wiped away his tears. "Right. Figures you'd know me that well."

"You okay?"


"What happened back there?"

Gohan sighed. "I guess everything just finally caught up to me. Goten said 'Daddy' and it just hit me. I'm the one who's raising him, taking care of him. It's hard, but it's worth it. I love the little guy, and it makes me happy that he can see me as a father, even if I'm not his real one. I won't tell him that yet, though. Not until he's a bit older."

The girl nodded. "Yeah, I get it," She smiled. "Nice to see you have some life back in ya," Lime sat next to him and nudged his shoulder with hers.

Gohan chuckled and shoved her gently. "Yeah, yeah."

The two friends went back to staring at the lake before them, taking in the crystal clear waters and reflection of the afternoon sun. Lime rested her head on her friend's shoulder. "Is this what you fight for? This peace?"

Gohan nodded. "Yeah. It's nice to be able to enjoy moments like these where there are no life and death battles to worry about. I just hope it lasts," After several more minutes, the boy sighed. "Come on, we should get back to the others."

The two stood up and Gohan smirked. "Brace yourself."

"Wha-" The girl was cut off as Gohan scooped her up and shot off into the sky. Lime screamed as the wind rushed past them. Once things had settled, she looked up at the demi-saiyan holding her and frowned. "You don't have to carry me!" She shouted. "You know I can fly!"

Gohan chuckled. "Yeah, I know. This way is just more fun," The boy grinned at his friend.

She just sighed exasperatedly. "Whatever you say…" The female fighter curled up in his arms and closed her eyes, letting the boy's warmth envelope her.

Many moments passed and the pair soon found themselves back at the grounds of Capsule Corporation. Gohan set his friend down and both of them made their way inside of the building. They walked into the family room and sweat-dropped as they noticed everyone staring at them. "Uhhhh… Hey, guys. I ummm… we're back," The boy stated awkwardly. He sighed, as no one made a move to speak. "I'm fine, now. I just needed some time."

Piccolo snorted. "Some? It seems to me like you needed a lot of time, kid."

"What do you mean, Piccolo? We weren't gone that long," The boy questioned, oblivious to the real meaning behind his mentor's statement.

"Tch. You've been gone way longer than you think, boy. We all know the harpy's death had an affect on you, but you never showed any hint of emotion until now," Vegeta intervened.

"Oh… That's what you mean… Yeah, I have been gone awhile, then, haven't I? I'm sorry, guys. I'm better now," The boy spoke, his voice laced with a small amount of shame.

"Don't sweat it, bro. We're all just glad to have you back," Krillin stated with a grin.

"Daddy?" Gohan looked down at his little brother.

"Hey squirt," The demi-saiyan warrior picked up his surrogate son. "I'm back."

Goten clapped his hands and giggled. "Daddy!"

"Go'an is back!" Trunks cheered.

Gohan smiled. 'Things are going to be better now. I know it.'

Two months later found the group gathered once again. They were seeing Gohan off for his trip into space. Tien and Chiaotzu were not present at this time. Chiaotzu was at his palace while Tien was off training. Yamcha was missing as well, too busy being with his baseball career. And of course, Roshi and Oolong were off doing whatever it is they do.

"Do you really have to go, Gohan?" Lime whined for about the tenth time that day.

The boy chuckled. "Yes, Lime, I do. I can't unleash my full power without causing harm to the Earth. With Vegeta's help, Bulma and I managed to get the coordinates for a planet that can sustain life, but is uninhabited. There, I can train without worrying about anything bad happening."

His friend sighed. "Fine. Just... Be careful. Okay?"

He nodded. "Don't worry, Lime. I promise I'll be careful." The two hugged, and then Lime went back and stood with the rest of the group.

Vegeta walked up to the boy. "You might encounter some remnants of the Cold Empire. I eliminated most of it while I was out looking for Kakarot after Namek, but not all. If you do find any, show them what a saiyan can accomplish."

Gohan smirked. "Of course."

After several hugs and goodbyes, Gohan entered his ship and blasted off into space.

'Stay safe, Gohan,' Was the collective thought amongst the group.

"HAA!" The shout echoed through the chamber as the ball of energy ricocheted off the walls and floating orbs. After one last bounce, the energy sped towards the boy in the middle of the room. Gohan crossed his arms and prepared to take the blast head on.

Collision imminent, he allowed his powerful aura to flare to life. At last, the ball of Ki impacted with the young warrior, who took it directly, grunting from the force of the blast. With a great boom, the orb of energy exploded, lighting the room up completely, obscuring the boy's figure to a mere outlined shadow.

After several moments, the flare of light died down. Once it had completely faded, Gohan was revealed with his Gi in tatters and his body slightly bloodied. The demi-saiyan sighed as he uncrossed his arms and settled his power back down to rest.

'The ship should be landing soon. Better get ready,' The boy thought as he took off his Gi. 'Well I don't think this can be used anymore,' He chuckled and tossed the ragged clothes aside. After shutting down the artificial gravity, the boy grabbed a snack, then took a nap, resting up before touchdown.

Hours later the ship shuddered, entering the atmosphere of the uninhabited planet where Gohan would begin his intense training. Once the ship landed, he stepped out and sighed.

'I said I didn't want to harm the planet with my full power, and that was true, but the main reason I came here because I think I might've found a new super saiyan state. I just didn't want to tell anyone that in case I was wrong. Besides, Vegeta would've thrown of a fit if he found out I was on the brink of a new form when he hasn't even reached the second one,' Gohan smiled. 'He's close though. Very close. He just needs a little push is all.'

The Earth's saviour took some time to explore the planet he had arrived on. Minutes later, he sat down in the middle of a gray wasteland area. Gohan powered all of the way up to super saiyan two in a flash, having mastered the state in the past year. This had caused a slight shift in personality, causing the boy to be a little darker. Nonetheless, he remained generally cheerful.

Taking a meditative position, the boy searched inside of himself for several moments. Once he locked onto the incredible well of power deep within, Gohan stood up abruptly and gave a loud and mighty roar, his golden aura sparking to life, causing dust and dirt to go flying in every direction while rocks of every shape and size rose into the air. Tangles of bio-electricity crackled around the boy erratically. His roar increased in volume and pitch as the planet began to shake, his sheer power causing fissures to form in the ground and spread all over.

Gohan's golden hair slowly began to grow, eventually reaching down all of the way to the back of his knees. His aura exploded to a massive size, almost doubling in it's reach. The light blue sparks became even more frantic in their coursing than before.

Back on Earth, Piccolo broke out of his meditation and stared into the sky in the direction of the massive energy he felt, his eyes wide with shock. 'What power! It's enormous,' He would've trembled had it not been for a sudden realization. 'That's Gohan! I know he's been training harder than ever, but to be at such a level is unreal.'

Elswhere on the planet, a certain saiyan prince glared up at the ceiling of his G.R. in incredulity. 'How could the boy have progressed so much?!' He growled, frustrated at being surpassed so extensively. Yet, he couldn't help but feel a great amount of pride in the boy. Gohan was truly worthy of the saiyan race. The prince began his training with renewed vigor, not wanting to remain far behind.

Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha had similar reactions to Piccolo. Lime however, could only gaze into the sky, awe and amazement shining in her blue-green eyes. 'Wow… Is that really Gohan? He's so strong…' The girl held a downcast look. 'Is this what I've been competing with all of this time? There's now way I can reach that kind of power,' Suddenly, determination glinted in her eyes 'But I can at least try.'

In Other World, the Earth-raised saiyan and the North Kai were wide-eyed at the massive energy they felt from Gohan. "I didn't even think power in the living realm could be felt from here!" The blue Kai exclaimed.

"Is that really Gohan? He's gotten so strong! I can't believe it!" Goku grinned. 'That's my boy. Getting stronger and stronger. I hope I can test my power against him someday,' The deceased saiyan laughed. 'I bet Vegeta's getting stronger too. Gee, I wonder if I should've let them wish me back after all.'

Deep within the planet the boy was on, a being of great power stirred, beginning to awaken from the slumber it had been in for so long. Sealed away for eons, the creature once locked in the bowels of the planet would soon be ready to take back what rightfully belonged to it.

Many star systems away, an oblong-shaped space-craft gradually made its past stray asteroids and distant planets. Loud beepings sounded inside of the craft. A high-pitched, scratchy voice laced with malice echoed from inside of the star-ship, rising above the beeping. "What is making all of that racket?!" The voice screeched in its annoyance.

"Forgive me, Master. We have just received a reading, and by my estimation, the power it displays should be more than enough to fulfill your desires. Should we change course away from Earth?" A tall, cloaked figure inquired, kneeling before its master.

"No. We proceed as planned. Besides, I have a feeling we will encounter the being this power belongs eventually, either way," The other figure, small in stature, chuckled darkly.

A few planets away from the boy, four figures bowed before a much larger one. "My lord, a blip has appeared on the radar. The scanners picked up a strong power level not that far from here," A feminine voice spoke.

"Very well," Another voice, deep and rough, replied. "I want the four of you to get us a ship. No one shall compare to me in this universe. I will exterminate this being and then we will move on to Earth."

"Yes, my lord. Right away," The four subordinates quickly went to work on securing a craft fit for space travel.

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