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Chapter 2: Acclimatizing

As morning came and the sun lit up a Rias Gremory's bedroom, the young Devil woke up, only to bury her head back into Archer's chest, wanting to enjoy a few more minutes of rest.

"Mmmm…" the buxom redhead moaned pleasantly. Even though she'd only been able to get in four hours of rest, those four hours of being held by her new Servant had easily been some of the best sleep she'd gotten in weeks. She knew that she'd have to get up soon so she could get ready for school, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy a few more minutes of cuddle-time with her new Servant.

Yes, that sounds like a very good idea. Rias decided as she tightened her grip on Archer, who on a side note now seemed a lot cushier than she remembered him being.

"Master, it's time to wake up."

Rias suddenly became alert as Archer's voice sounded from behind her, his hand gently shaking her shoulder. Opening her eyes, the Devil saw that she wasn't cuddling with her Servant, but a pillow. As for the actual Archer, he was currently attempting to get his Master out of bed.

"Archer?" Rias looked over her shoulder at him with a confused face. "When… How did you-?"

"I slipped out of bed a short while ago to familiarize myself with the house and also to prepare your breakfast, but you seemed lonely so I substituted myself with a pillow until it was time for you to wake up." The Servant interrupted, answering her question. "I do apologize for disturbing your sleep, Master, but if you don't get up now you're definitely going to be late for school. Breakfast will be on the table in twenty minutes, so use that time to shower and get dressed. There's a clean uniform, folded and ready for you waiting on your desk."

The Master sat up as the Heroic Spirit turned around and left the room, astonished at how he had so easily taken stock of his new situation, and was even taking the initiative in her morning routine. Rias couldn't imagine what it was like to be a Servant, but she figured that it would have taken one at least a little while to adapt to having themselves be summoned from the… What did he call it again? Ah yes, the Throne of Heroes, to the mortal plane – and one in a different world at that – and be bound to serve a Master he'd never met before and knew nothing about. Then again, maybe Archer's ability to adapt to bizarre scenarios like his current one so quickly had been one of the qualities that allowed him to become a Heroic Spirit in the first place, and he'd also mentioned being summoned as a Servant at least once before.

Shaking her head, the young Devil reminded herself that she could spend the rest of the day mulling these thoughts over, right now though she had to prepare for school. Getting herself fully out of bed, she made her way to the shower.

Archer hadn't been completely honest with his Master when he woke her up. While he did do exactly what he'd said, he'd neglected to mention that ever since discovering what his Master was, he had been more than a little suspicious of her, and just how honest she was being with him. Taking advantage of the time she spent asleep, he'd examined the entire house as thoroughly as he could with both his eyes and nose for anything that might suggest that his Master had lied about the way Devils treated humanity in this new world he' been summoned to, in which case, the pact he and his Master shared would be a very short-lived one…

But despite inspecting the entire property from top to bottom in the last three hours, the only thing that Archer's nose could pick up that fell within the bounds of the mystic world was his Master herself, and even after Structurally Analyzing everything – and he really did examined everything – Archer didn't find a single thing that would indicate that his Master had lied about the nature of Devils, or even suggest that she might have malicious intentions towards anyone, human or otherwise.

There was no trophy room displaying the skulls of her victims, no swimming pools filled with blood, no torture chamber containing the screams of its victims still clinging to life and the decay of those who were not, no portal that was connected to the lowest depths of Hell – although that might be because his Master was able to teleport there all by herself at a moment's notice – not even a single grimoire about how to conduct a ritual in which one steals the soul of a sacrificial victim. The fact was, aside from its inhuman resident, there wasn't a single odd thing about this house.

…Although there was one thing that was rather peculiar: a large walk-in storeroom that was filled with over three dozen shelves, and packed tightly together on the shelves were row upon row of manga volumes, along with HD DVDs and Blu-rays for their corresponding anime, plus numerous figurines of their characters There was even another room next to it that was completely identical, except the shelves were only about a tenth full, and there was also an honest-to-Gaia figurine making kit neatly tucked away in the corner next to several cans containing different colours of paint as well as a paint gun.

When it came down to it, Archer could honestly say that he was astonished at how… ordinary the house was.

Well, except for all the manga merchandise, but even those weren't all that strange in and of themselves. He could probably find similar collections in houses all over Japan, if not the world.

Now that he thought about it, the Servant had to admit that he was actually more than a little disappointed. Make no mistake, he wasn't upset to find that his Master hadn't been lying and that she wasn't harvesting the souls of gullible, corruptible humans, oh not at all. Rather, he was disappointed that he had been summoned by a Devil, a creature of myth and legend whose mere existence was leagues beyond anything most humans were able to achieve, only to find that her home didn't even have the most basic components of what could find in even the temporary dwelling of a magus back in his home dimension.

She didn't have a Temple.

She didn't have a workshop.

She didn't have a library.

She didn't have a single magical tome in the entire house.

Part of Archer reminded him that his Master wasn't human, she was a Devil. Hell was her natural home, so it might be the case that she did her training, research, and whatever else she did, down in the fiery depths of the underworld.

But even while keeping that in mind, the Servant of the Bow didn't feel like that was the case. In fact when he took into several things into account – that he'd been summoned in what seemed like a school clubroom, all the Devils present for his summoning had been wearing school uniforms, and he himself was even helping his Master get ready to go to school right this minute – it began to look more and more like he had been summoned by a high school student who just happened to be a Devil.

And was also a bit of an otaku.

Dammit, the Servant sighed maybe I'm just reading too much into things too early. It's been less than eight hours since I even materialized and I'm already debating whether or not I should kill my Master when I barely know anything about her. It's too soon to come to an accurate conclusion about this world or my new Master. As far as I can tell though, she's been honest with me and hasn't done anything to betray my trust. For now I'll just try a wait-and-see approach, and stay true to my word to serve and protect her so long as she proves worthy of it.

His mind made up for the time being, Archer stepped into the kitchen and began the sacred task of preparing his Master's morning meal. Hmm, I wonder what kind of breakfast I should make? He thought about this for a full second before the answer came to him; it was so obvious he could have smacked himself! With the exception of the bedrooms, everything in the house – the walls and floors, the kitchen, living room, bathroom, even the garden – was all structured and decorated in the traditional Japanese fashion.

Knowing what kind of breakfast to make for his Master now, Archer started taking out the necessary ingredients and utensils, and got to work.

Rias had just finished getting changed into her school uniform and opened the door to leave her room, when an abundance of mouth-watering aromas hit her square in the face. When the devil realized that the various scents were coming from the kitchen where her Servant was making breakfast, she made her way to that part of the house just a little bit more quickly than she usually did.

Rias walked into the house's dining area just in time to see her Servant lay out her chopsticks on the table next to her plate before stepping back and allowing her to take in the wondrous sight before her.

The food… for a second Rias could have sworn it was sparkling. It smelled delicious, more delicious than anything she'd smelled in her life. Not even the meals prepared by her family's personal chefs had ever smelled this good!

"Ah, Master," Archer's voice snapped Rias out of her trance and drew her attention over to him, "perfect timing, I just finished preparing your meal. I do hope you enjoy it."

If this tastes even a tenth as good as it smells, I most certainly will. Rias thought as the thanked Archer for the food and knelt down on the cushion to eat with no small amount of enthusiasm, taking in the sight of the meal set before her. In terms of selection, it was just like any other Japanese breakfast, with miso soup, rolled omelette, broiled fish, and fermented soybeans, with some steamed rice waiting in a cooker off to the side.

Rias respectfully put her hands together and said "Itadakimasu." before eagerly filled her plate with fish and several bits of rolled up omelette, and filled her bowl with rice before mixing in some soybeans, as was the traditional style, and then taking her first bite of omelette.

It was everything she dreamed of and more.

Her mouth simply burst with flavour, and Rias couldn't help holding her spare hand up against her blushing cheek as she moaned in utter bliss.

The Gremory heir proceeded to wolf down everything that was on her plate, as well as her second and third servings, in a manner that left her feeling rather embarrassed after she finally swallowed the last bite. She was the heir to the House of Gremory and prided herself on always acting in a manner befitting her noble ancestry, and yet the grace and etiquette that had been engrained within her since she was old enough to walk had crumbled upon tasting the wonderful breakfast that Archer had prepared for her.

Daintily wiping her mouth with her napkin in an attempt to salvage some of her dignity, Rias glanced over at her Servant to find the Heroic Spirit leaning back against the counter with his arms crossed, looking rather pleased with himself, causing the Devil to narrow her eyes slightly in annoyance even as more blood flowed to her cheeks. While Rias didn't really blame Archer for taking what was obviously well-earned pride in his amazing skills as a chef, she certainly could have done without that damn smirk of his.

Instead of verbally expressing her frustrations though, the Gremory heir rose to her feet and turned to face the Servant with a polite smile. "Thank you for the food, Archer. It was truly delicious, and I hope I will be able to enjoy such wonderful meals again soon and often."

Archer simply shrugged. "If that's what my Master wants, then I suppose I have no choice but to comply. Speaking of which…" He then reached for something on the counter behind his back, and when he brought his arm back out again it has holding out a wrapped up bento for Rias to take. "Here is your lunch for the day, Master."

Eyes shining briefly at the prospect of eating more of Archer's amazing food, Rias gladly took the offered bento into her hands and gave Archer her thanks before heading back to her room to grab her school bag and then slipping on her shoes as she prepared to leave, but not before saying goodbye to the newest resident of her home. "Goodbye Archer, I'll be back to bring you to the room where me and my peerage meets after school's over. In the meantime, feel free to make yourself at home." But as she moved to head out the door, she felt the Servant's hand on her shoulder, stopping her. "Archer?"

The Servant had a stern look in his eyes. "Master, you cannot mean to say that you wish to simply leave me here with nothing to do while you go out. As your Servant, I am obligated to remain at your side so I can protect you."

Taking a deep breath, Rias replied "Archer, while I appreciate your concern, you must realize that since I'm going to school, I can't exactly take you with me."

The Servant blinked before realization dawned in his eyes and he moved his hand from his Master's shoulder to his chin, the other one coming up to cup the elbow. "Ah, I see. Apologies, Master, I forgot that you'd never even heard of Servants prior to summoning me, and I neglected to mention that part earlier."

"What part?"

"Servants have the ability to enter an astral state, also known as our spirit form. In this state, we are completely invisible to anyone except for our Master, as well as other Servants. We also use much less prana when in this state, which in turn makes us far more difficult to detect, although those who are attuned deeply enough to the mystic world may still be able to sense us."

The Gremory heir blinked at Archer concluded his explanation. "So Master, now that you know about that little ability of mine, may I accompany you to your school in my spirit form?"

These Servants are just full of surprises. Rias thought in amazement, though on the outside she kept her cool and replied "Yes Archer, I would be delighted if you did."

"Thank you. Now, unless there is anything else, I believe it's time to go."

The Master and Servant walked to the former's school in silence, though as they walked through Kuoh Academy's gateway and set foot on the school grounds, the other students who were still milling about all stopped whatever they were doing in favour of staring at Rias in complete admiration as soon as they noticed her. While none of them seemed to have the courage to actually talk to Rias, Archer could easily hear the numerous comments they made about his Master. A few of them were talking most enthusiastically about her vibrant red hair, others commented on her beautiful face, a lot of the girls talked about her intelligence or athletic ability, with many of them also referring to her as "Onee-sama."

And of course, there were quite a few groups of boys in the area who were gawking at his Master's breasts, some shamelessly so. Others at least attempted to make it seem like they were looking at her face, but even if he hadn't had his C ranked Clairvoyance, Archer could clearly see their eyes dropping back down to her chest.

Although to be completely fair, Archer couldn't hold it entirely against them; his Master was a young woman, No, Devil, of exceptional beauty, and had a body that just about anyone attracted to the female gender would find desirable. As for the boys' – as well as some girls – habit of almost constantly staring at her breasts… as much as the Servant hated to admit it, it was to be expected given how his Master's enormous jugs bounced every single time she took a step or moved her upper body. Honestly, how by all the mysteries and secrets contained within the Akashic Records was that even possible? He knew for a fact that his Master was wearing a bra – he distinctly remembered laying one out for her along with her uniform, and he'd even structurally analyzed her clothes during the walk here just to confirm that she had it on! Twice!

Making a mental note that he might need to take his Master out shopping for some proper underwear when they had the time, the Servant decided to address her as they entered the school's main building and made their way to Rias' homeroom. 'You seem to be something of a celebrity here, Master.'

Rias flinched as she heard Archer's voice sound from within her head, and her eyes shifted to where she saw her Servant, invisible to all but her, casually walking beside her. "Archer?" She asked while keeping her voice down to a whisper.

'Ah yes, I forgot to mention this as well. Due to the pact that exists between us as Servant and Master, you and I are able to communicate with one another telepathically regardless of the distance between us.'

"Well that's certainly interesting," the Gremory heir muttered while doing her best to make it look like she wasn't talking to thin air as she entered her homeroom and sat down at her seat. "But how do I do it?"

'Simply look within yourself and search for the part that you feel is most closely linked to me. Focus on that connection, and I will be able to hear your words, spoken or not, just as you are able to hear mine.'

As the five-minute morning homeroom meeting that took place daily went by, Rias took a deep breath and did as her Servant advised. Sure enough, she soon found what he'd said to look for. It was small, like only a few microscopic cells, but it still felt like an integral part of her very being, and she could also feel what she could only describe as some kind of thread connecting her to something similar inside of Archer. Rias took that link, the pact between Archer and herself, and focused on it. 'Like this?'

'Exactly so, Master.'

Rias shook her head the slightest amount and smiled to herself as homeroom ended and she got up from her chair and made her way to the room for today's first class: English. Every time I learn more about Heroic Spirits, they always seem to find a way to become even more amazing.

'Why thank you.' Rias started as Archer's voice once again surprised her. 'And by the way, I heard that, Master.' Even though she wasn't looking at him, Rias could feel the smirk that was sprouting on the man's face as he spoke. But she refused to give any indication that this annoyed her in the slightest while she entered her classroom and sat down at her desk next to Akeno, who smiled at her and offered a quick greeting, which she returned before focusing back on her conversation with her Servant. 'So, are there any other abilities that you feel you should inform me about? Or is this the last surprise?'

'Hmm, well I can't feel any connection to the Holy Grail, but it does seem like there is a support system in place, so I guess we might as well see how closely it resembles the system I'm familiar with.'

Now Rias was just confused. 'The Holy Grail? Why would a Christian artefact have anything to do with us, Archer?'

'Right, right, sorry. Allow me to explain as best I can. Back in my reality, the practice of summoning Servants first came about towards the end of the 18th century, when three families of mages – the Einzberns, the Tohsakas, and the Makiris, the last of which later became known as the Matous – worked together to summon a magical device known as the Holy Grail. Now to be clear, this Holy Grail wasn't the artefact that belonged to the God of the Bible's son, Jesus Christ, but was instead a wish-granting device that was said to be omnipotent. The ritual was designed with each of the families contributing essential components; the Einzberns provided the vessel that would become the Holy Grail; the Tohsakas provided land rich with high-quality ley lines filled with prana for the Grail to draw upon, and they also developed the ritual used to summon the Servants; while the Makiris created the Command Seals so as to keep said Servants under control.'

'Wait,' Rias interrupted, confused about something. 'As fascinating as this story is, Archer, I'm confused as to why these families of mages would need to summon Heroic Spirits for a ritual involving a wish-granting device.'

'Ah, an excellent question. You see, the way that the Holy Grail granted wishes involved the vessel absorbing the souls of dead Servants. Once all the preparations had been completed, the seven Masters involved in the ritual would have all used their Command Seals to compel their Servants to kill themselves and subsequently be consumed by the Grail and be converted into pure mana to serve as fuel.'

Hearing that caused Rias to clench her teeth as her eyes widened in silent fury. The idea that someone would go through the trouble of summoning and contracting a Heroic Spirit simply to kill it off as a sacrificial pawn for some obscure ritual disgusted her more than she could describe. It didn't matter to her what sort of wish she might have; she would never throw away the lives of one of her own servants! The young devil glared at the Command Seals on her left hand, shaped like the crest of her noble house, and the knowledge of its original purpose made her feel like she had something foul engraved on her hand. She now wanted more than ever to be rid of these crimson marks, but she couldn't; if that happened, she'd lose her pact with Archer. So as much as she despised the Seals, she'd gladly put up with them if it meant keeping her Servant. Taking several deep, calming breaths, she continued to listen to Archer, completely ignoring the teacher's words as he began the lesson, though she at least pretended to pay attention to class.

'By this point the Grail would have absorbed enough power from the ley lines, which when combined with the Servants' souls it had consumed, would allow it to fulfill its main function, and return all the Heroic Spirits to the Throne of Heroes within the Akashic Records, creating a gateway to them in the process that humans would be able to travel through, at least in theory. This was precisely what the Tohsakas in particular wanted, as their wish was to reach Akasha, also known as the Root. The Root, Master, is nothing less than the Wellspring for All Creation, at least for my world, and contains perfect and absolute knowledge of all things, past, present, and future. If it makes things easier to picture in your mind, one could very well consider the Root to be God, except in this case God is a place instead of a person as He is so often portrayed. Reaching the Root is the ultimate goal of everyone in my world who calls themself a magus, and it is one that most magi will do literally anything in order to accomplish.

'Of course, this was not the only wish that the Grail was capable of granting. With that much raw power contained in the vessel, one would have been able to wish for just about anything. The Einzberns wanted to use the Grail to regain an incredibly powerful type of magic that their family had possessed nearly a millennia ago known as Heaven's Feel, and the head of the Makiris wanted eternal youth and immortality for himself. However as the ritual was nearing completion, the three families discovered a troubling fact: the Holy Grail could only grant one wish at a time. And after the first wish, it would be another sixty years before it would have sufficient power to grant a second one. When the three families realized this, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that they all quickly turned on one another in order to claim the wish for themselves. By the time the fighting was done, none of the Masters or their Servants had survived, and no one got the Grail.

'Every sixty years since then, seven mages from across the globe are bestowed Command Seals by the Grail itself, with three of the Masters serving as representatives for each of the three families that originally designed the ritual. Each Master summons a Servant of their own, and then they all meet in the land where the ritual first took place, which is now a Japanese city called Fuyuki. There, the Servants, guided by their Masters, would battle one another to the death until only one is left to determine who is worthy to claim the Grail. And thus, my Master, the Holy Grail War was born.'

'I must say, that is quite an interesting story, Archer.' The heir to the House of Gremory commented. 'But I have to ask, how much do you think the Holy Grail War might have to do with us right now?'

Archer shrugged. 'At the moment it's hard to say exactly. Like I mentioned before, I can't sense any kind of connection to the Grail, and having fought in a previous Grail War myself I could easily recognize it. So if you had some kind of wish that you wanted it to grant, I'm afraid it seems that you're out of luck. However, I can tell that there is definitely a support system in place, but I have no idea who or what's behind it. If I'd been summoned as Caster, I could probably tell you more, but alas that's not the case. Additionally, it would be safest to assume that six other people in this world have also received Command Seals just as you did, Master. And for all we know they've all summoned their Servants by now. We may not be fighting a Holy Grail War, Master, but some of the other Masters could very well be our enemies.'

'That sounds like a good assessment if I've ever heard one.' Rias nodded in agreement before bringing up another point. 'Speaking of the other Servants, Archer, I was wondering if you could tell me more about them. I want to know what to expect should we encounter another Servant and it proves to be an enemy.'

'Adorable and prudent. It seems like I've gotten myself a very good Master indeed.' Archer smirked. In spite of his sarcastic attitude though, Rias could tell that he approved of her desire to learn more about a potential threat. 'So, what do you remember me telling you about the other classes after you summoned me last night?'

Rias thought back to her conversation with him the other night before answering. 'There was Archer, Saber, Rider, Lancer, Berserker, Caster, and… Assassin. You also mentioned that the Archer class specializes in long range combat as well as acting independently.'

'Very good, Master,' Archer smiled. 'I'm glad to see that you were paying attention. Now let's see… Saber is often the most sought-after Servant, as they are widely considered the strongest out of all the classes. They usually have high rankings for all of their stats, as well as strong Magic Resistance and even a Riding skill. Their Noble Phantasm almost always involves their sword in some way, but given the name of the class itself, that's no surprise.'

Rias blinked. 'Noble Phantasm?' To which Archer responded by sighing.

'Right. I'll explain later. Next we have Lancer. Stats-wise, this class is identical to Saber for the most part, except they have much greater Agility, and for some reason they also seem to always have an abysmal rating for Luck as well. They too have Magic Resistance as a Class Skill, but no Riding. Also like the Saber class, their Noble Phantasm is usually related to their weapon, however for Lancer it's obviously a pole-arm instead of a sword.

'Up next we have Rider. Now with them it can be difficult to guess what their stats will be like without encountering them, but they will often have high ranked Agility, and they also have Magic Resistance and a more powerful Riding skill than the Saber class. Their Noble Phantasm will always be related in some way to their mount, which can range from an ordinary but famous horse, to some kind of Divine Beast, or maybe even a dragon. Their mount could even be some kind of mechanical contraption, like, for example, a ship.

'Next we come to the Caster class, which has horrible physical stats, but their Mana will typically be ranked at A, if not higher, which they use to fuel a vast array of dangerous and powerful spells. They also possess the Class Skills of Item Construction and Territory Creation, both of which can be a nightmare to deal with if one isn't careful.

'Now we come to Assassin. Like Caster, Assassin-class Servants often have terrible physical abilities, at least when compared to the other Servants, so they tend to be at a disadvantage in a straight-up fight. However they do have the unique skill of Presence Concealment. With this skill, Assassin-class Servants often target enemy Masters rather than the Servants themselves, and even when they do fight other Heroic Spirits they prefer to use ambushes. So understand, Master, that while the typical Assassin may not be that much of a threat to someone like me or any of the other Servants in a fair fight, this is a class specifically made for Heroic Spirits that like to fight dirty.

'Finally we have Berserker. This class consists of Heroic Spirits that have gone berserk or even insane at some point in their lives. Their distinguishing feature is the Class Skill of Mad Enhancement, which sacrifices the Servant's sanity in exchange for greater power. This class was originally designed so that weak Heroic Spirits would have a fighting chance against the other Servants, but just imagine what would happen if a strong Heroic Spirit was summoned as Berserker.'

Rias thought for a minute about a hero that would fit the criteria Archer was describing, until she remembered how in Heracles' legend the goddess Hera drove him insane and caused him to murder his own wife and children, which resulted in him having to go through the Twelve Labours as penance for his sins. The idea of a Heroic Spirit of that calibre being summoned as Berserker of all classes sent chills down her spine, and had she not been a Devil, she would have prayed to God right then and there that this wasn't the case. Even so, she could at least still hope that such a frightening combination would never come to pass.

Archer saw his Master's expression, and was able to take a general guess as to what she was thinking about. 'As you seemed to have guessed, Master, with the right Heroic Spirit Berserker is capable of matching or even surpassing Saber in physical might. However keep in mind that Berserker-class Servants often fight using only raw instinct, as they've lost the ability to think coherently. Nonetheless, their power in undeniable, which makes them the second contender for the title of "strongest class." Unlike Saber though, Berserker is not a highly sought-after Servant, as their insanity makes them extremely difficult to control, sometimes even with a Command Seal enforcing the Master's will. Additionally, Berserkers have a history of killing their Master, either by outright murdering them or using up so much prana in battle that it drains their unfortunate Master dry.'

Rias frowned as she considered what Archer had told her about the different Servant classes. 'I have to say these other Servants sound like they will be very strong indeed. I can't say I relish the idea of having to fight any of them.'

'No need to fear, Master,' Archer assured her. 'You are the heir to the ancient House of Gremory, and younger sister of the Devil whose strength was so great that he was able to claim the legendary title of Lucifer, and you summoned me. Therefore I cannot be anything but the most powerful Servant of all.'

Rias nearly snorted at his words. 'Hmph. Flatterer.' She did appreciate the compliment, though whether Archer was complimenting her or himself was a matter of debate. 'By the way, Archer, would you mind explaining that term you kept on using? "Noble Phantasm" I believe it was?'

'Of course,' the Servant of the Bow replied. 'A Noble Phantasm, Master, can best be summarized as the manifestation of a Heroic Spirit's greatest legend. Whenever a Servant is summoned, each one possesses a single Noble Phantasm, which often takes the form of their most powerful attack or greatest strength. Also, if a Heroic Spirit can be summoned as multiple classes, their Noble Phantasm can vary depending on which class they were summoned as. For example, who's a famous swordsman that you can think of off the top of your head, Master?'

Rias thought about it for a second before selecting one of the most famous swordsmen in history. 'King Arthur.' Taking Archer's words into consideration, she then took a guess at what the founder of Camelot's Noble Phantasm would be. 'So then, if King Arthur was summoned as Saber, then his Noble Phantasm would probably be the sword Excalibur, right?'

'Right you are, Master, but remember that King Arthur was not just a swordsman in life. So while Saber would undoubtedly be the class that suites him the best, he could also be summoned as a number of other classes had another Heroic Spirit already taken that slot, and each one would probably have a completely different Noble Phantasm. If he were to manifest as Rider, his Noble Phantasm would most likely have something to do with his famous horse, Llamrei, or the spear Rhongomyniad if he was Lancer. In fact I'm pretty sure that the King of Knights could even be summoned as Assassin thanks to the part of his legend that involves the dagger Carnwennan.'

That point raised another question for Rias. 'Archer, if I may, while I do respect your decision to keep your identity a secret, I find myself curious as to what other classes you can be summoned as.'

Archer considered her words for a few seconds before nodding. 'I guess I can understand why you'd like to know that. Keep in mind though that the answer won't really affect our situation in the slightest, as there's no way for a Servant to change its class once it has been summoned. To answer your question though, to the best of my knowledge I can be summoned as any of the classes except for Rider, though Archer and Saber are the ones I'm most compatible with.'

Rias blinked. Archer was capable of being summoned as any class except Rider? That was certainly a surprise, though if she was being completely honest with herself, she did find it a bit disconcerting that he qualified for Berserker. 'It sounds like you've lived quite an eventful life, Archer, having learned so many different ways to fight. I'm assuming then that your Noble Phantasm right now has something to with a bow? Or maybe perhaps your arrows themselves?'

Archer was glad that he was in his spirit form, because while his Master could see him, he was obscured just enough that she couldn't make out certain things about his expression, namely the knowing smirk that his lips had once again shifted into. 'That is a reasonable assumption, Master, but one should never assume anything when it comes to Noble Phantasms, as they come in more shapes and varieties than I could ever describe. There is no guarantee that a Servant's Noble Phantasm will be their weapon, or even that they'll only have one.'

That didn't make any sense to Rias. 'Hold on, didn't you say a little while ago that each Servant only has one Noble Phantasm?'

Archer had the decency to look slightly embarrassed. 'Well, yes and no. You see Master, while every Servant does have only a single Noble Phantasm, it is entirely possible for a Noble Phantasm to consist of multiple Noble Phantasms.'

'…What?' Rias asked, more confused than ever. 'Archer, you're not making any sense. How could what you're describing – badly, might I add – even work?'

The Heroic Spirit spent a few seconds pondering how to best explain the mechanics of Noble Phantasms, before remembering a couple of historical figures that would hopefully help to shed some light this particular topic for the young Devil. 'Master, I believe that the legend of the Norse hero Siegfried would help to clear this up. Are you familiar with his tale?'

'A little,' Rias answered. 'He's the warrior who slew the dragon Fafnir, right?'

'You are correct. He did this with the sword Gram – though in some versions of the tale it's named Balmung – and afterwards he bathed in the dragon's blood, an act that granted him a body that no weapon in the world could harm. Now, both Siegfried's sword and his invulnerability are famous and powerful enough that they are each a Noble Phantasm in their own right. But since they are both part of the same legend for the same hero, they are technically part of a set, and thus qualify as a single Noble Phantasm. Another example of how this could work can be found in the ancient monarch of Israel, King Solomon, who is considered by some to be the richest man in recorded history. If he were to be summoned as a Servant, his Noble Phantasm would probably be the vast treasure that he amassed during his life. And given just how rich King Solomon was, there's a good chance that some of the items in his treasury might actually be Noble Phantasms that he managed to collect.'

'I see,' Rias thought to both herself and her Servant. Yes, when explained like that, it would make sense for some Servants to have multiple Noble Phantasms, even though they were only supposed to have one. In fact, to put it in terms that Rias herself was more familiar with, Noble Phantasms could, in a lot of ways, be compared to certain types of Sacred Gears. The biggest difference between the two, however, was that instead of simply being born with or given the power, as was the case with Sacred Gears, a Noble Phantasm was something that was earned through a lifetime of battles and hardships, to the point where the wielder's deeds carved out a place in history for them. Like Archer himself had said, Noble Phantasms were legends made manifest.

Seeing that his Master was satisfied with what he had told her about the crystalized legends of ancient heroes becoming a Servant's most powerful ability, Archer shifted the topic back to one that his Master had inquired about earlier. 'Now Master, unless you have any other questions, I think it's time I finally answered your earlier questions regarding the mechanics of a Master-Servant relationship.'

'Huh? Oh, right.' Rias realized, remembering how Archer had started to explain that particular part, but then got sidetracked when she asked him to explain how the Holy Grail fit into this, as well as the other topics that had been previously discussed over the course of her English class.

'Now, so far you've covered how you're able to go into a spiritual form and how we can use our pact to communicate, both of which you're doing right now, but what else are you able to do as a Servant?'

'Well by this point it's actually not so much what I can do, but you can do, Master.' At those words, Archer watched as Rias' eyebrows shot up in surprise, much to his secret amusement, which caused him to chuckle slightly. 'Come now Master, surely you didn't think that having a Servant simply meant bearing my Command Seals and supplying me with the prana I need to survive? If the system in place right now resembles the one used in the Grail War, then you will have gained a couple of new abilities of your own that will prove useful if we have to fight other Servants, the most important of which is easily Master's Clairvoyance.' When Rias inquired as to what that was, he began yet another explanation. 'Master's Clairvoyance is what we call a Master's ability to read and assess a Servant. You can practise on me right now; simply channel a bit of prana into your eyes, and then look at me as though you're trying to figure out just how strong I am.'

Rias did as Archer advised, and was surprised when only a second later, all kinds of information regarding her Servant seemed to sprout inside her mind in the form of some sort of chart. She could see Archer's class, and what the ranks for all his basic parameters were and what they meant; that Archer was as strong as thirty men, and that he could briefly double his Strength when he went all out; that he had the Agility and Endurance of forty men; that his Mana was extraordinarily high; that he had terrible Luck. She also knew what kind of abilities his Class and Personal Skills granted him, and what their ranks were as well. However she didn't know what Archer's name or Noble Phantasm was, therefore both those slots remained blank, but Rias figured that if she ever found either of those out, that information would show up in the chart as well.

She only had a few seconds to process all this information before Archer's voice interrupted her thoughts. 'Well Master, did it work?'

'Yes it did, and I must say I am quite surprised as to how much information I am able to gain at just a glance. I also have to point out that your physical capabilities alone are very impressive.'

The Heroic Spirit inclined his head slightly in response. 'I do appreciate your praise Master, but all the same I must ask you to save it until you see me in action. Regardless, it's good to see that you have that ability, as its strategic value cannot be overstated when used in a war between Servants.'

'I can see why,' Rias agreed. 'To be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a Servant with a mere glance will no doubt be of great use when formulating battle plans.'

Archer nodded. 'Indeed. With Master's Clairvoyance, a Master can determine the basic parameters as well as the Personal Skills of any Servant on sight, which as you said forms the foundation of their strategies. A Master can also relay intel on enemy Servants to their own Servant, who in turn can use that information to try to determine the other Servant's class as well as which Heroic Spirit they are fighting against, and then exploit any weaknesses that they might have. Of course the flip side to this is that all Masters have this ability, so be careful to avoid revealing anything about me to your enemies, especially other Masters and Servants.'

Rias gave Archer her word that she would guard his secrets with her life if need be, as the picture that he was painting became all too clear. After all, history was filled with mythical beings, both heroes and monsters, who at first seemed invincible, yet in the end had been brought low because someone had managed to discover and exploit the secret weakness that resulted in their mortality. When it came to heroes, one of the most well known examples of this was found in the legendary warrior Achilles, who was easily one of the most famous and powerful heroes in all of Greek mythology, if not the world. And yet for all his might… well, they didn't call a weakness an Achilles' heel for nothing…

'So Archer, Rias continued, 'you said that being a Master granted me a few abilities, and so far we've only covered Master's Clairvoyance. What else is there?'

'Hmm, well this next one isn't really a new ability that you've gained because you're a Master now, but remember that in the end, all Servants are basically just extremely powerful familiars. Therefore, as is the case with any familiar, you can use our pact to send a small part of your soul into my body. Now since I'm a sapient being, you won't be able to take control of my body as you could with normal familiars, but you will be able to see and hear what I do, and you can even use Master's Clairvoyance through my eyes, allowing you to gain intel on enemy Servants, and whatever else I see that's worth noting without you being at risk. Keep in mind though that you can only do this when I'm in my physical form.'

Rias' eyebrows shot up. 'Hold on, I can do that? But… I've never heard of a spell that does anything like that before...' she reluctantly admitted, embarrassed.

The Servant blinked. 'You haven't? That's strange. In my world it's considered to be a very basic spell for whenever a mage utilizes familiars or puppets.' Archer rested his hand on his chin as he mulled this over briefly before "speaking" to his Master again. 'I suppose we can chalk this up to a difference between worlds, but all the same I would prefer to rectify this problem as soon as possible. Luckily for us, it just so happens that I have C ranked Magecraft. While I may not be capable of doing anything all that amazing with it, at this rank it should be sufficient for at least teaching you some basic spells such as the one I just mentioned, as well as a few other types of magic that you might not be familiar with that may prove useful. Of course I can't guarantee that it will work, seeing that my magic can literally be considered otherworldly, and on top of that we're two completely different species, but it's worth a try at the very least.'

'Yes, please,' the crimson haired Devil agreed. She hated looking weak or unprepared in front of others, especially her own servants. If Archer was offering a way to address any sort of deficiency she might have, she'd accept it.

'Now as for the last thing,' Archer informed his Master, 'to be honest, it really won't be of much use in any given situation, so if anything it's more accurate to describe it as a side effect of our pact.'

'How so?' Rias wondered.

'The pact we share is one that connects the very cores of our magic itself right down to our souls, which also means we are closely tied together not only magically, but mentally as well. This… mental feedback, if you will, has been known to manifest in the form of both the Servant and Master having dreams of one another's past. Though it's worth noting that this phenomenon is far more common for Masters to experience, since Servants don't even need to sleep in the first place, but we can if we so choose.'

Rias quickly went over the things that her Servant had just told her about; she could assess the strengths and weaknesses of any Servant she saw; she would be able to use Archer as her eyes and ears – literally – once he taught her the proper spells for such magic, and maybe even use it on her other familiar if she wanted to; she could eventually expect to be having dreams of Archer's past life, and he of hers.

The first one was both simple and invaluable when facing other Servants, and the second one would be useful once she got it figured out. However Rias wasn't entirely sure if she was prepared for what the third might entail. After all, while Archer seemed to have put his past behind him in favour of devoting himself to the role of being her Servant, Rias had gotten a good look at just how many scars he had on his upper body alone.

…And now it seemed that she would be getting a front row seat to the story behind every one of them in the near future.

Not wanting to continue down that line of thought, the Gremory focused on all the other things her Servant had just told her about; the origin of the Holy Grail War; the other Servant classes; Noble Phantasms; everything he'd explained over the course of her first class of the day. She frowned in consideration when she remembered that Archer had mentioned that a support system had been set up that closely resembled the one used in the Grail War. But by who? Aside from the Grail itself, so far it seemed that virtually every aspect of the Holy Grail War from Archer's world had been replicated flawlessly in this one. Who could have possibly done this? And more importantly, why?

Rias relayed these questions to her Servant, who had actually been asking himself the same questions since before the sun rose, but until now he had only been able to bounce ideas around inside his own head.

'Unfortunately Master, as things stand right now we have no way of finding the answer as to how your Command Seals appeared, or why. It could be that someone wishes to create a ritual similar to the one used to make the Grail and requires the Servants' souls to serve as ingredients, or they desire to start a war and they want the Servants' power on their side when it begins.'

Rias immediately shook her head. 'No, I highly doubt it's the second one. Before I summoned you, I had my father come to examine the Command Seals, as I didn't know of their purpose at the time, and my brother came with him. All they were able to tell was that the marks were meant to be involved in the process of contracting a familiar, but neither one seemed to have any idea what kind of familiar or how the Command Seals would be used in doing so.'

'I see,' Archer frowned in contemplation. If the forces of Hell were planning to rekindle the war against their ancient Heavenly enemies and wished to have the power of Heroic Spirits on their side, it was highly unlikely that they would allow one of their own Masters to be so unprepared, especially if said Master was as important of a political figure as his own Master seemed to be. 'In that case it seems that if someone is planning to start a war, then it most likely isn't Hell.' Or at least if Hell was planning such a thing, they hadn't factored Servants into the equation. 'However that doesn't negate the possibility of the second scenario, as there are numerous other powers to consider, and we've only crossed one off the suspect list. It could be that when our mysterious mastermind was preparing to disperse the Command Seals to the Masters that they'd chosen, something went wrong and one or even all the Command Seals went out and attached themselves to random individuals, you being one of them, Master.'

Rias frowned as she considered her Servant's words. Ever since the Great War had ended, the three factions had been able to enjoy relative peace for the most part. Sure there were brief skirmishes almost every time the different factions encountered one another even to this day, but it was extremely rare for anyone of significant power or political importance to ever be involved in them, as no one wanted to reignite the war that had torn the very earth asunder. If someone was planning to do just that though, it would spell nothing less than worldwide disaster should they succeed. And if that same individual had even a single Servant on their side, let alone all seven, then the war could get very bad indeed to say the least. Heracles, King Arthur, Siegfried, Achilles… if even one of these legendary heroes were to be involved in such a war, their power could easily be the deciding factor for entire battles, if not the war itself. Rias had all the proof she needed for this just from looking at her own Servant; the Gremory heir didn't know who Archer was or what his full capabilities were, but she could already tell that his power was comparable to that of an Ultimate-Class Devil at the very least.

And somewhere out there in the world, there were as many as six other Servants running around, whose identities and Masters she knew nothing about.

As Rias worried over the possibilities, Archer saw fit to inform her of a third scenario. 'It could also be that someone has orchestrated events to have Servants summoned in this dimension simply because they thought it would be entertaining.'

That sentence brought Rias' musings to a halt due to the sheer ridiculousness of it. 'Entertaining? Archer you're going to have to explain yourself there, seeing that I fail to see how anyone could ever find amusement in sending several legendary warriors bound as familiars into a world that, in one way or another, is almost always on the brink of a war that could very well mean the destruction of everything we all know.'

The Servant shrugged. 'I never said I possessed such a twisted sense of humour, nor do I have even the slightest desire to associate myself with anyone who does, but even so it isn't unprecedented. In the world that I come from, there are a small group of beings known as the Dead Apostle Ancestors, and they are some of the most powerful beings on the planet. In fact they're powerful enough that they are each capable of going up against a Servant one on one and stand a reasonable chance of winning. Now, normally it is extremely frowned upon in their culture for one Ancestor to actually kill another, but this doesn't stop them from having their followers go to war against one another, even those they're allied with, simply for fun.'

Rias frowned on reflex at Archer's words while her Servant continued. 'The purpose of that example, Master, is that it shows that when you've learnt a bit about creatures such as the Dead Apostle Ancestors, you eventually come to realize that when something becomes old and powerful enough, it sometimes develops an… unorthodox sense of humour to say the least. For all we know, such a being from your world or mine, or maybe even a completely separate plane of existence, suddenly decided that a good way to pass the time would be to send seven Servants into this world and just… see what happened.'

'Well… if that's the case, then I can't say I'm completely unhappy with their whim, seeing that I've got you, Archer, but I will admit that I find such an idea troubling nonetheless.' The young Devil sighed. This was getting her nowhere; all she or Archer could do right now was speculate as to how exactly she had been able to summon him. 'For the time being though, we lack the means to draw any meaningful conclusions as to what's behind the system that's supporting your existence, as you yourself have already stated. Right now all we can do is continue on with our lives as we normally would until an opportunity presents itself, and act accordingly.'

'I couldn't have said it better myself, Master.' The Servant responded approvingly. And with that in mind, I do believe that it is time for you to be off to your next class.'

Taking a quick look at her surroundings, Rias was surprised to find out that the bell signalling the end if her first class had rung without her even noticing, and her classmates were all starting to clear out. Quickly grabbing her things and making a mental note to ask Akeno for her notes on the class that had just finished, the Gremory heiress made her way to her next lesson, followed closely by her invisible steel-eyed Servant.

The rest of the morning passed by uneventfully for the red haired Devil as she attended her classes diligently as she normally did. As the Master paid attention to her studies, Archer spent most of his time staring out the window, watching the flowers on the trees outside blow in the wind, seeing that the various teachers' lectures were of no interest to him, though he did listen to the Japanese History teacher's lesson about the Heian period.

As lunchtime came, Rias decided to eat on the school roof instead of in her homeroom as she usually did, the bento that Archer made for her that morning held delicately in her hands. Normally she wouldn't be eating alone like she was about to, but the breakfast she'd eaten this morning had shown her that the food Archer prepared was something to be feared. In fact if she didn't know better, she might even go so far as to say that Archer cooking was his Noble Phantasm. The heir to the House of Gremory simply couldn't allow anyone else to see her lose control over the savoury delight that was Archer's food and allow her reputation to be tarnished. And so it for that reason why she had decided to eat on the roof today, where hopefully she would have the privacy she desired that would ensure that in the event that she did somehow lose herself in her Servant's aromatic cuisine again, no one aside from Archer himself would notice.

Stepping onto the rooftop itself, Rias saw that luck was on her side today; no one else was here. With that concern no longer a factor, the redheaded Devil eagerly sat down, carefully placed her bento in her lap, and with no small amount of anticipation, cracked open the lid, finally releasing the wondrous aromas that had been sealed within.

Down in one of the classrooms on the first floor of Kuoh Academy, a beautiful young girl in her freshman year with white hair and two hairclips shaped like cats was taking dainty bites out of a large chocolate chip cookie, when suddenly she smelled something.

Immediately the girl ceased to care about anything, everything, and everyone that wasn't associated with that smell. She got up from her desk, letting the cookie, more than half of it still uneaten, fall to the floor and crumble into dozens of pieces. A few of her classmates called out to her, but since they had nothing to do with that smell, their voices didn't even factor into the girl's thought process as she resolutely made her way up the stairs, her entire being focused solely on finding the source of that smell.

Rias took in a deep breath as the scents of the different foodstuffs Archer had put into her lunch wash over her before she opened her eyes and beheld what he had prepared for her. There was hiyayakko – chilled tofu typically garnished with shaved flakes of bonito, green onions, and seasoned with soy sauce – yakitori – grilled pieces of chicken on a skewer and seasoned with salt or some kind of sauce – tempura shrimp, and of course, white rice with a few toppings to add some flavour.

Each of these food items were common enough that they could easily be found in any bento in the country, but Archer had somehow taken each one to a level where they wouldn't look out of place in the slightest if it were being served at a five star hotel.

As the thought of the tall, dark, and undeniably handsome Heroic Spirit crossed her mind, Rias Gremory found that she could only come to a single conclusion as she looked at the astounding meal he had made for her.

I have the best Servant ever.

After putting her hands together and thanking Archer for the food, the beautiful Devil took a piece of tempura shrimp in her chopsticks before softly blowing on it, and finally taking a bite.

Instantly the taste of the food threatened to overwhelm her and tempt her into forgoing manners in favour of simply gorging herself, but this time Rias was prepared. With no small amount of effort, she resisted the desire to wolf down everything in front of her for five excruciatingly long seconds, and instead just enjoy the flavour what was already in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Archer just smirked as he watched.

However Rias found that her efforts did not go unrewarded, as she found herself actually able to savour what she was eating this time, and thus get the full experience out of every bite. She was aware of how the shrimp's flesh burst apart, releasing the juices sealed inside. She tasted the spices added to the tempura itself, enhancing the experience of every crunchy bite. And even after she swallowed, she took the time to appreciate the amazing aftertaste, something she hadn't done at all at breakfast. Yes, Rias nodded to herself in satisfaction. Cuisine such as this cannot be eaten carelessly. She had made that mistake this morning and paid the price by missing out on the full experience that this gastronomy was able to bring to her tongue. Now she had learned her lesson, and through self-control was able to relish the entire palate.

Oh, and she got to preserve her dignity as well. That was also good.

Ready for the next bit of tempura shrimp, Rias, eyes still closed as she continued to savour the aftertaste, brought her chopsticks down to grab another piece.

…Only for them to collide with the bottom of the bento rather than the food she sought.

Eyes snapping open, Rias looked down at her bento and saw to her absolute horror that her bento was empty – as in, picked clean of every last tempura crumb, grain of rice, and drop of sauce.

What? No! Rias began to panic. Did I somehow eat it all without even noticing? This can't be! I only got to taste the first bite!

But before she could delve deeper into that line of thought, the redhead became aware of a pair of thin, pale legs right in front of her, prompting the most popular girl in Kuoh Academy to raise her head and see a certain white-haired girl licking her fingertips clean, her expression one of absolute bliss.


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