ghost rider of the frozen

by: elsa lover 36

Johnny blaze: where am i?

guard 1: he's awake.

johnny blaze: i said where am i?

guard 2: you are in the arndell dongen.

Johnny blaze: what is arndell?

guard 1: it's a city.

guard 2: i can't beleave he never heard of arndell.

Elsa: he never heard of arndell.

guard 1: queen Elsa!

Elsa: why is this man in the dongen?

guard 1: he has killed the baker.

johnny blaze: what are you talking about?

Elsa: guard are you telling the truth.

guard 1: yes i saw it with my own eyes.

Elsa: you are liying.

guard 1: ok you caught me.

Elsa: you are banshed and you shale never retern agan.

guard 1: ok your magisty.

johnny blaze: so im free to go?

Elsa: yes but where are you from?

johnny blaze: im from new york city.

Elsa: never heard of new york city.

johnny blaze: what time is it.

Elsa: it's geting dark.

johnny blaze: RUN!

Elsa: why.

johnny blaze: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Elsa: guards come quick it's a demind!

ghost rider: you inasent.

guard 2: you monster.

ghost rider: look into my eye's your sol is stanned by the blood of the inasent feel their pain!

guard 2: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Elsa: we have a guard down!

ghost rider: by by.

guard 3: where did the monster go.

Elsa: i dont know but i don't think that's the last of him.