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Goku's POV

The wind felt so nice on my face and a smile had graced my face for some time now. I knew that I should have reacted like the others but it felt so natural to me; therefore I didn't really bother with reacting like they did. I continued to fly till I heard an all too familiar chirp come from behind me. I looked back to see Hakuryuu flying alongside me with a glitter in his eyes that I can only describe as contentment.

"Hey buddy" I said happily and in response he gave me a happy "Kyu!" as he did circles in the air flying up and down at random.

"Oi monkey! Slow down" shouted a very normal, very loud, very annoyed voice; I looked down to see Gojyo, Hakkai and Sanzo running on the ground after me.

"Try to keep up with me you water sprite" I yelled above the wind giggling at the face they made before zooming off to the market.

Sanzo's POV

I watched as the baka saru fly's high in the sky, laughing as we ran after him and the icy silver blue dragon; they looked so happy in flight above us, I had never seen the monkey so happy. He had always had a look, even if just a small sliver, that said that something was missing; therefore I would always try to keep his mind off it.

Looking up again, I saw that Goku had closed his eyes and his wings had stopped beating at the wind; making him glide through the air like he didn't have a care in the world.

"He looks so peaceful, for a monkey" Gojyo commented as he continued to run with us after the two flying creatures.

"Ch, and as soon as he hits ground he'll go back to being a monkey" I said turning my head to look in front of me again.

"What you say?" Goku said as my face fully turned to look forward as I saw Goku floating upside down in front of him. I barely had time to dodge a head full of brown hair before we crashed into each other, but Gojyo wasn't as fortunate for being right behind me; and because of the fact that he was right behind me and I had dodged it without warning him so…. let's just say that he had the unfortunate luck of meeting Goku face to face… literally.

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