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Chapter .1.

Belgarion King of Riva was riding on the Great Rivan Road with his four warriors with him he was coming back from the town of Mira. Suddenly his warriors fall off their horses. Belgarion reins his horse in.

"Who is there?" Belgarion says drawing the sword of Iron Grip

"You are not in charge anymore", a voice says

Belgarion felt the sword go into his body. Someone hit him over the head and everything went black. His last thought was hoping his family will be alright…


High Priestess Princess Maysna was doing a ritual for her beloved God Marak. When her amulet goes hot burning hot.

"Show me!" Maysna commands waving her hands over a bowl of water

She sees her father on the ground bleeding. His warriors down behind him.

"This Temple is a disgrace", a male voice says

Maysna turns around drawing a dagger from her sash that was around her waist.

"It is the Temple of the Gods", High Priestess Princess Maysna says

"Gods? Huh what have they done for us? I have been sent to kill as many of the Royal blood as I can", the man says

"I SEE your death. Leave now and it will not come true", High Priestess Princess Maysna says

"N…", he doesn't finish as Belzeldar knocks him out

"You alright High Priestess Princess?" Belzeldar asks anxiously

"I am fine but Father is not. Is the Citadel secure?" High Priestess Princess Maysna asks

"Now it is both Unrak, his son and grandson changed into bears and killed some. They sent me to find you. Some men got into the Citadel but they are dead now. They underestimated the power we have all together. Let's go", Belzeldar says taking her hand as they now run to the Citadel the Guards let them in.

"Thank goodness you're alright", Beldaran says as they enter the throne room hugging her sister

"Father is not alright. Something happened to him", High Priestess Princess Maysna says

"NO", her mother says

"Where did you see him?" Beldason asks

"100 leagues from Riva on the Great Rivan Road", High Priestess Princess Maysna says

"We will go", Belhawk says kissing his wife's hand in comfort

"I will go with you. I am one that can pick up the Orb", Crown Prince Geran says

"We will be back", the sorcerers says translocating themselves with Geran to where Belgarion was.

They find him lying on the road. Princess Sorceress Polanna checked for a pulse.

"He is alive. Barely. We need to get him back", Polanna says, "Geran pick up the sword and lets go. Belyared stay here we will send someone to collect the bodies"

They put Belgarion on a litter then together they translocate back to the Citadel it took all of them to carry him that far.

"Send for Lady Princess Marissa and all other healers", Princess Sorceress Polanna says a little wobbly

Guards run from the room. Beldason and Beltelg gently transfer Belgarion to his bed. Polanna holds a sheet to her father's wound. It was bad. Lady Princess Marissa hurries in.

"Thou wound seeps poison. One I thou haven't seen before", Lady Marissa says looking at the wound

Belzelder was holding a crying Ce'Nedra back.

"We will have to change his blood to burn away the poison", Beliago says

"Thou do it", Lady Princess Marissa says

Beliago puts his hand on Belgarion's wound and changes the blood to burning orange. Belgarion has a seizure.

"Hold him down", Lady Princess Marissa orders

The sorcerers do. Beliago pulls back after 2 minutes.

"Most of it is gone. But it will linger for about a year. But it has been neutralise. He will be very weak. If he ever wakes up. This poison attacks the brain", Beliago says tiredly

"Let's try the Orb. Geran but it on his chest and say heal. It will probably heal the sword wound", Polanna says

"Come off", Geran says to the Orb having seen his father do it several times the Orb goes into his hand

"Now put it against thou wound", Lady Princess Marissa says

Geran buts the Orb against the wound, "Heal that wound"

The Orb glows and so does Belgarion. Then the Orb glows dimly.

Lady Princess Marissa and Beliago take a look at the wound. Beliago puts a hand on Belgarion's head.

"I have to be truthful my Queen. His mind is locked up with poison. It needs to detox. Here won't wake up till his body and mind our ready. And because of the poison that could be awhile", Lord Beliago says

"I am staying with him till he wakes up. I can't leave him like this. I will sit here to the end if I have too. As he would do for me", Ce'Nedra says taking a seat and holding Belgarion's hand while crying

"As her Majesty wishes", Belzelder says

"We will send meals up to you", Bellona says gently

They leave the room having done all they could.

"We need a meeting about what to do now", Crown Prince Geran says

"I will send ships with messages to our allies. Do you want me to try to get the others too?" Lord Kail asks

"No harm in trying. I heard stories of Lady Polgara's and Lady Ariana's abilities maybe they could help", Prince Geran replies, "Find Margrave Kheon"

"I believe he is in Vo Wacune. I will send for him as well", Lord Kail says

"Better add to the Guards here. Where is Unrak? He is in charge of the Isle of the Winds Warriors", Prince Geran asks

"I am here Geran. I will get on it", Lord Unrak says

"Put two Guards on my father's door. There could be more attempts", Crown Prince Geran says

"I will", Lord Unrak promises

"Where is Lord Torasin? He is in charge of our bow men", Crown Prince Geran asks

"I just came from the north tower your Highness", Torasin says coming to his wife's brother

"Have bowman in the towers. Trade of in 5 hour shifts. They can alert us too if any ships that are not our allies come into Port", Crown Prince Geran says, "Tell Admiral Arrow to increase the patrols around the Isle"

They all leave to do what Crown Prince Geran says

Beliago told his wife Princess Ce'Bridget was happened she went to her younger siblings and gently explained what was happening. That everyone will be looking after them for the moment. The younger kids cried but the older ones knew they had to be strong. Lady Princess Nesmayallindra stood next to Prince Garath.

4 weeks later…

Everyone from all the Island kingdoms sat in the war room at Riva. Holding an emergency Islands Council. There had been no change in King Belgarion's condition. And Queen Ce'Nedra hadn't left his side.

"Lord Sorcerer Beliago, Daughter when will King Belgarion awaken?" King Orson asks

"He might never. There is nothing more we can do", Lady Princess Marissa says to her father

"What about Queen Ce'Nedra?" Queen Arosa asks worried about her sister Queen

"Refuses to leave his side. At the moment no one is ruling the Isle. We need someone to be Guardian of the Orb", Lord Kail says

"Well we need someone to take over in ruling the Kingdom. Who is next in line to the throne?" King Zakk asks

"I am", Crown Prince Geran says

"He will have to take over his father's duties. He is 36", Margrave Kheon says

"I will only do it as Regent. My father IS still alive", Geran says

"So it is decided", King Cedric says

"We will have a ceremony then in two days", Lord Kail says with a sigh

2 days later…

The Citadel was busy with nobility. Warriors were in full armour. High Priestess Princess Maysna would be doing the ceremony. Crown Prince Geran was in his room is siblings were adding the finishing touches to his royal blue robe.

"You will do fine brother", Prince Gavon says fixing the robe

"I never thought it would be this early", Crown Prince Geran says

"No one did. But you will only be a Regent. It's not the whole crown yet", Prince Darion says calming his brother

"Sword or no sword?" Crown Prince Geran asks

That's when someone knocked at the door.

"Come it", Prince Geran says

His sister Princess Ce'Adara comes in carrying something on a pillow.

"That this. It is the Regency sword that was just made. Take it dear brother", Princess Ce'Adara says

Geran takes the long sword of the pillow. It had a silver hilt with sapphires in the hilt.

"I am ready", Geran says, "I will do my father proud. My Family line proud"

"We all will", Prince Gelane says

"I swear to that", Prince Troy says

"So do I", Prince Davon says

Everyone decided they were going to have a Queen Regent too. So Lady Islana was surrounded by the Royal ladies of the Isle of the winds. High Princess Beldaran and Princess Ce'Vanne had gone to get the regency jewels.

"You look beautiful", Princess Aspyen says fixing Islana's hair with her sister Princess Imogen.

"You can look in the mirror now", Princess Elsa says smiling

Islana's blonde hair was in curls down her back.

"Here I have one last thing I bought from Jordan the glass maker", Princess Ce'Bridget says opening out a cloth to reveal a glass flower

"Actually it is from all of us", Princess Illdera says

"It is beautiful", Islana says

"Here let me put it in your hair", Princess Ce'Ianthe says putting the glass flower in her hair

"I think we are done", Princess Ce'Aravina says

"I agree", Princess Ce'Alnana says

"One more thing", Princess Astraea says waving her hand and saying a word

Islana's hair begum's glittery.

"That is a good touch sister", Princess Angelita says smiling

"I agree", Princess Norah says

"I agree too", Princess Aurora says

"She looks like a regent", Princess Nevaeh says

"We are now going to join our husbands. Don't worry you will be great", Princess Ce'Sarah says as they leave

The ceremony took place in the hall of the Rivan King. All of the new alliances nobility were there. Lord Unrak checked over his warriors. And made sure security was tight. Once everyone was seated the trumpets play and Crown Prince Geran and Lady Islana walk down the aisle. High Priestess Maysna begins the ceremony they both sit on their thrones heads held high. Two crowns that were silver and blue where put on their heads.

"Do you promise and swear to look after the people of the Isle of the Winds, Keep true to the alliances, rule fairly in your father's name?" High Priestess Princess Maysna asks

"I solemnly swear to do", Geran says

"I solemnly swear to do", Islana says

The both stand up and warriors draw their swords. As the two walk down the aisle.

"Presenting their Royal Highnesses Prince Regent Geran and Lady Regent Islana"

"Long Live the Regents, Long Live the Regents, Long Live the Regents", the people in the hall say

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