It is an undeniably mistake to be captured by those lifeless eyes, I should have known from the start she was nothing but a bad news to me

Chapter 1: Into Her World

Oh for the love of God these will take me forever.

I picked up all the letters and arranged them by date so it will be just like reading a story book. However some parts especially the topmost and bottom are stained and may not be readable. The penmanship is also not helping. It looked like it was written by a grade school.

I looked at my little sister whose eyes are still filled with curiosity and awe but I realized the night is getting deeper and kids like us must sleep now.

"I guess you need to sleep now Reiko-chan." I told her but before she could utter her protest I continued, "The letters may not be understandable just look at these writings, but don't worry I'll bring them to my bedroom and see if I could decipher them. I will tell you all about it tomorrow, with actions if you like."

"Really onee-chan?" she said with a smile and excitement.

"Yes, so sleep now, okay?" She raised her finger indicating for me to make pinky promise.

"Okay, goodnight onee-chan" she as we reached her room.

When I am already in my room, I lay down on my bed still holding the letters. I looked at the window and stared at the stars. The night is still beginning for me and so are they…

January 31, 2014

To my Ryo****,

As I mentioned in my previous letter, I got into some serious quandary with a girl that maybe psychotically challenged. I still could not believe what I got myself into. My sole purpose from the beginning was just to attend my classes peacefully.

She elucidate that their family stringently believes that the stronger ones should always prevail. In any circumstance that a man lost, he should relinquish all his precious valuables to the more domineering one and if a woman lost, the entirety of her fate would be capitulated which in much simpler sense, she will be a faithful wife to him.

I utter my protest saying it is purely inadvertent, that those thugs just gotten on my way and she just happened to be in the place. I would have never intended to save her and even if I did, its absolutely nonsensical she think of that as a lost.

She did not seem to be bothered by any of my sentiments. She just continued walking towards the school gate. I would have thought she already forgotten about my presence if not for the mere fact that she halts once in a while as if waiting for me. The gatekeeper was still there but she also did not mind nor acknowledged him.

She walked pass him but the gatekeeper did not even protest. I almost thought she could be invisible like Kuroko or I am just hallucinating that a girl suddenly walked by and claim my future. That thought was improbable but not entirely impossible. I was about to felt a little relief until I caught a glimpse of fright on the gatekeeper's eyes.

When I was about to enter, however, he got back to being austere and closed the gate on my face. I was torn from being irritated that I have to go back from the start again and maybe met a second wife or glad that a wall separated me and that thing.

"He's with me" she said which the gate keeper immediately complied and let me in. Just like that.

It was my first time seeing her in school. She could be a senior for all I care. That must be the reason that gate keeper already knew about her. She could be a local bully herself and those thugs earlier were not really pestering her but rather she was one of them.

I continued walking towards my class while the girl was still in my front but I kept myself in a safer distance. I felt something was about to happen. A noisy monkey usually would be pestering me by this time of the day. He usually brought a bad omen to my peaceful surroundings. As expected he suddenly hinder my field of view. I should be used to ignoring him as it was a daily occurrence but not today. I was wary that they will meet and for God only knows what will happen if Takao knew. I averted my gaze out of the girl immediately as a precaution.

As if I haven't had enough, the girl suddenly stops walking. I did that too and was about to change my course when Takao's stupid hawk eye noticed it all. He said that the girl looked like trying to say something to me. I immediately replied that I did not know her. So Takao did his daily dose of idiocy and decided to drag me to her and then he introduced himself.

We then learned that her name is Kaminari Tomiko. Now it has a name, it will be harder for me to get rid of it. Takao introduced himself saying some useless facts about him that we really did not want to know. He then introduced me for formality, as he said, that I am too popular not to be known for. Kaminari then said that I got a nice name which no way warmed up something on my face. It's definitely the hot climatic conditions here in Japan.

Takao asked what she was about to say to me earlier and if she was a fan of mine. I'm not like Kise who adored being surrounded by fans but I am quite bewildered that she did not even know we are in the basketball club. It should be obvious not just for my built but for the reputation we made in middle school. She then said that she was not that into basketball. Poor individual, it was a disappointment.

To my horror, she dropped the bomb right then and there. She casually said that she is my fiancé without even asking my opinion for that substantial matter. Takao, on the other hand, must have laughed his ass off that day.

Takao said some mindless arguments about me and marriage having absolute zero compatibility. He also said I am too inhuman to marry someone much less a person. He asked me if I was playing a prank on him because he said that I really caught him off guard.

Luckily the bell rang and I got an excuse to leave. I did not like breathing the same air as them thinking I may caught their disease. Takao run after me but I still ignored him. He then said that Kaminari and I will be perfect couple. His brain must be the missing link between prehistoric australophitecus and that of a snail. He lectured to me what I already know about Kaminari being a name of the god of thunder and storms. He was trying to humor my belief that man proposes, god disposes. He fascinatingly predicted that in our marriage it will be "Midorima proposes, Kami disposes." He thought he was being funny.

After class, he pestered me again about Kaminari so I have to tell him what happened earlier. I was expecting for him to laugh again but he became disturbingly serious this time. He said that family traditions are valuable to some people and we could do nothing but respect it. I raised my brow from his statement but then I caught him covering his mouth to inhibit his oafish chuckle and almost crying face which was comparable to the aftermath of the turtle we used to dissect in biology class. He said that I am far too lucky to meet someone with that tradition because he was certain before that I will end up forever alone.

Takao also said that Kaminari is too beautiful to be rejected and that I should not give her up. He said that she will be my future, my only chance to have little Midorimas running in the face of the earth. As he continued his bickering, I came to a realization why I prefer to listen to horoscope and interpretation of position of stars rather than to the people I came in contact with.

I told him I don't trust her especially her eyes for which he did not deny to be scary. He then asked me what Oha Asa said about finding my fiancé that day and our compatibility. I said there is no such thing and I prefer not to know. Takao said that we needed to ask her sign because it will be important for my future.

In my mind, I was hoping that I would never encounter her again. However, we saw her right away as we arrived in our next class. There she was, sleeping alone in the classroom with heads down but there were disgusting saliva flowing at the side of her mouth. I hate untidy people the most.

Takao wake her up thinking that her classmates already left and she was late for her next class. When she woke up, she just asked us what time it was. As if there was no worry to ditch her class. Then to our surprised she said this was her classroom. That was when we learned that she was our classmate. It was unusual because this was first time we saw her after classes started almost three months ago.

She told us that she always lost around the school commenting how big the building was and how the hallway looked exactly the same anywhere she went to. So once she saw a classroom she was supposed to be in the day, she sleeps there until her classmates come. Takao said it was a genius idea but I am not amused. I hate irresponsible people.

She was at the back but I could feel her gaze constantly boring at my back but when I turn my head she was already looking down. After the discussion, I didn't got up immediately because I was still writing some important notes. She passed by my desk then told me my penmanship is good and it looked like printed from books. I ignored her as she left the classroom.

During our basketball practice, Kaminari sat on the sideline watching. I completely ignored her presence but Takao was making a fussed out of it. The others dropped the ball they were holding when Takao mentioned that she is my girlfriend. I even heard Miyaji slapping his face saying it was all nothing but a nightmare. I would like to agree on him for the very first time.

After the grueling practice, Takao made Miyaji angry again which is not new. When he had enough, he decided to threw pineapples at him which is also not new. But to my horror, Takao being stupid, decided to hide at my back. I saw Miyaji directed the pineapple towards me. As the pineapple get closer and bigger in my vission, time slowed down. My body became stiff and the only thing I could do was close my eyes and wait for the impact.

And then it happen on an instant. I was surprised that only a juice splashed in my face and some even reach my mouth making me taste the sourness and sweetness at the same time. When I opened my eyes, the pineapples were already sliced and lying on the floor. The other people in the gym have surprise looks in their faces. Takao was facing Kaminari with dropped jaw and wide eyes. I then saw her holding my katana. She must have sliced the pineapples before it hit me. I don't know for sure but the way she drew and returned the sword looked like she was a practitioner of Battōjutsu.

We left the gym after Takao and I were ordered to clean the pineapples. I was not even at fault and it annoyed me that Kaminari just watched us clean her mess.

On the way home, Takao asked Kaminari the date of her birthday. It took long before she answered and said will be on the Saturday of that week. She asked us to go to her house so she could introduce me to her family. I did not want it so I was about to refuse but Takao agreed for the both of us. He whispered to me that he will accompany me saying something about fun and enjoyment. I knew for sure he just wanted to watch me tormented. Kaminari left us before I could decline so it left me no choice.

That evening I was surfing the net when I accidentally came across the compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer. Since I remember Kaminari's birthday is on the twenty-sixth of October, she is definitely a Scorpio. It said on the article that Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, and Scorpio is a Fixed Sign. Once the couple have a common wish, it will come true. However, if their opinions clashed, Cancer will be the first to instigate an argument and Scorpio the last to finish it. I remember what Takao said about me proposing and Kaminari disposing. This is not definitely good.

I did not know what came to me that weekend. Maybe I was certain Takao will be persistent if I didn't show up. I saw him already in the rickshaw and offered to pedal for me.

It was almost a nerve racking experience crossing a cemetery to her house. I asked Takao if he was sure that it was the right place but he assured me it was. He pedaled faster when he saw an old looking house just in the middle of the cemetery. The gate said Kaminari so it was no mistake.

Takao cursed me when he saw my lucky item, a teddy bear which he said was too cute and too fluffy. He asked why should my lucky item not the katana I brought the other day to make me look tougher. He said that it is an important matter that I leave a good impression to the family given Kaminari's swords performance the other day.

I explained to him that this was not an ordinary bear like he think it was. It is an upgraded version of the original tommy the bear which is quite popular to many. The eyes are now bigger and the paw are more realistic and it was all necessary to increase my luck that day.

I assured him that nothing could go wrong until we learned Kaminari belongs to a powerful yakuza and she is not just a member, she is the leader of them.

When the gate was opened, several men wearing traditional long black kimonos and bearing swords lined up in our path. We could not backed down now.

I am almost intimidated. Almost.

I'll end this for now. I'll tell you more about the meeting in the next letter.

Yours truly,

Midori** Shin****u

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