Epilogue: Into Her Eyes

Into their future..

Reiko finished reading the last letter. They can't help but cry. As they were crying a ten year old boy with rectangular spectacles and matching green hair and eyes came towards them. He was wearing an orange jersey which tells them he came from basketball practice. The boy was quite tall and too serious for his age. He was always the stoic one amongst the siblings.

"What did you watch or read this time? You always watch those stupid drama and then annoy me with your cries" he stated but deep inside he was worried for them.

They tried to explain to the bewildered boy but they are crying and their words are not making any sense.

".. there was this man, a carrot who looked like you and then he died" both of them said to him at the same time.

"Man? Carrot?" Ryohei raised a brow while adjusting his glasses. "Hey, I'm not a carrot" he shouted to them.

"You looked like a carrot" a deep voice interrupted them. All children turn to look at the new comer. The green head man in his late thirties is holding a black haired baby in his hand. A raven haired woman came after him. She is holding the hand of a two year old boy who also has black hair, pair of black eyes and is playing with a short sword in his other hand.

"It's because of your genes" Ryohei retorted. Midorima just looked at the child with his bored face.

Kaminari smiled as she observe the two carrots in her front. Ryohei is the exact replica of his father Midorima. However their signs are not compatible so they couldn't stand each other's company and will always get in a deadly stare. Kaminari always had trouble stifling her laugh in their intense glare at each other while holding out of place lucky items in their hands which usually a fluffy stuffed toys. Ryohei is currently holding Kerosuke which blissfully reminded her of her young husband. Ryohei had no idea that it was a precious item of his father. Of course Midorima will never mention that to him.

All their children after Ryohei looked like Kaminari. Keiko their next child, is just six years old, while Reiko is five. Both of them love to watch drama and to read books. They are doing well in school and are advanced learner. They also love trading cards which their uncle Takao taught them. This time they are using baby pictures of Ryohei. Kaminari smiled as she felt the dejavu in their actions.

The second to the youngest, is Kichiro. He is already practicing swords, not just a toy but a real one despite being just two years old. This caused panic to Takao every time he visit them. The baby Midorima is carrying, is Yuki. Midorima always hold her when he is home while the baby return the exact fondness for her father. Yuki is a Scorpio that Kaminari learned a sign very compatible with Cancers. That is the reason why Midorima assigned Kaminari a birthday falling to the sign of Scorpio. Midorima was still fond of those signs and horoscopes after all those years.

It has been nine years since their fateful wedding. Yes, nine years, since they already had Ryohei before they got married. It was such a smooth sailing relationship. She had never felt hardship dealing with Midorima. She always understood his antics. At the same time Midorima understood her oddities. Well, it was always Midorima who first give but she never counted those.

For nine years they were already blessed five wonderful children. It will however, change today because Kaminari felt the increasing spasms caused by contractions on her belly. Midorima sensed her pain before she could shout. He already prepare the car for them.

Time skips at the hospital

Midorima was looking at the tired raven haired woman in a hospital bed. She was holding a baby with black hair but this time his eyes are green.

"This will be the last one" he heard her said. Her voice indicate how tired she was after the delivery.

"Yes, this will be" Midorima replied as he placed a kiss in Kaminari's forehead to let her fall asleep.

When she closed her eyes, Midorima smiled. He held the baby carefully in his hands while his mind was already calculating dates on his head. The children's birth date except Ryohei, in his utmost priorities should be compatible with his sign. He just agreed to Kaminari for now but deep inside his mind he could never grant the request, after all seven is his lucky number.

And it was for another letter to tell...


Into their Untold Story (a flashback after the incident)

"His face looks funny without glasses" Midorima heard a woman's voice. He could not open his eyes to looked at her. His head is hurting badly. He tried and see a flash of pink.

"Yeah, and looked at his lips. I did not know Midorimacchi sleeps with his mouth open." He was sure it was Kise he saw a yellow image just now but he can't see their faces.

"You're too noisy Kise. I'll drag you out here." a loud deep voice interrupted Kise. Now it was a midnight blue and the rudeness is unmistakably the ganguro.

"You're waking him up." another voice interrupted but it sends a shiver in his skin.

"I think it's a good thing Akashi-kun" another low voice. He wanted to open his eyes to see them but he couldn't. He was too tired and he can't feel his body.

"Ne, can we eat already?" a lazy voice said.

He tried again to open his eyes. The images were still blurry and the lights hurt his eyes every time he do so. When he completely opened them, the first thing he saw is a raven haired girl wearing a yukata.

"Midorima Shintarou, you're awake. That's good. I thought we would do it without waking you up" the girl said to him.

"You had an obligation to pay on me for all those things you've done... For saving me. You will marry me today." The person becoming clear to him. She was Kaminari and she looked beautiful in those dress. Her hair was surprisingly groomed. How long had been since he saw her. She looked very different now.

He looked at his surrounding. He saw Shutoku's team, Takao, Kuroko, Momoi and the generation of miracles in the room. He suddenly could not breath. He felt his head hurt. Their presence are suffocating him and it was very irritating.

He tried to sit by himself, not accepting Takao's assistance because he did not want anyone touching him. He found his eyeglasses on the table and put it on his face. He then looked at Kaminari. He won't spoke a thing. Silence consume the room as everyone was waiting for his reaction.

"I won't accept you" Midorima finally said. Everyone was shocked by his words.

"You don't have a say in this you ungrateful brat." Miyaji said.

"Midorin, we prepared all of this for you. Kami-chan worked really hard for this." Momoi tried to explain to him but he just ignored their words. He was still staring directly at Kaminari who was too dumbfounded to speak.

"Kami-chan pedaled you with the rickshaw all the way to the hospital that day despite having injury herself. She always stayed by your side. She was too afraid to leave you and will not eat even we are here to stay with you. She was always waiting for you to wake up. How could you Shin-chan?" Takao said. He was serious this time. He looked really angry with Midorima.

Midorima tried to stand up still refusing assistance with other. He could not feel his feet but felt the cold floor upon touching the ground. He walked towards Kaminari.

"Look at you, you can't even look at me properly and then you are proposing to me?" Midorima shouted to Kamiri. Everyone was too shocked to speak up.

Midorima wanted to say all words he kept from himself that moment. He almost shouted in her face but then he calm himself down. When he opened his mind he was more compose though the glare was not leaving his face.

"They say eyes are mirrors to one's soul. That isn't accurate for when I first saw you, I could say without a doubt that no soul inhabited in there." Midorima started. He then lift her chin using his right hand wanting her to return his gaze.

"It is a mistake for my part to be captured by those lifeless eyes, I should have known from the start you are nothing but a bad news to me." He was trying to speak those sentences continuously but his breath was shortening. He did not know how many days since his last exercise. His body felt weaker now.

"So I won't accept you... " Midorima lower his head looking at the floor.

"I won't accept you proposing to me. This is my chance to do this properly." Midorima then kneels in front of Kaminari.

"I'm trapped in this never ending cycle that even if I denied my feelings for a hundred times, it comes back for a thousand times and always lead me back to you.

"In the perfect world, your eyes won't even deserve a second look from me. And maybe that's the reason I am here. I will never choose anywhere because this is the perfect place for me to be.

"I learned that the hard way when I gave you up. I lack the strength to fight for my inner anxiety. I got scared that at some point I will finally be able to see reflections on those eyes. And those reflections will not be mine.

"But I'm glad I listened to horoscope every day. I'm glad I became a meticulous person. That everything is carefully planned and prepared. For everything I do, even as little as using my right hand to pick my glasses each morning, I would not regret. For those little things, my fate leads me to you.

"Today is different though, damn your tradition, damn my fate. I am the one who is deciding it all. So would you Tomiko, trouble me for the rest of my life? Because you know, I really wouldn't mind that."

The generation of miracles and Takao are discerning the scene in their front. The green head is actually proposing. They would never thought of that. Not in a million years.

"Midorin is sweet and tsundere at the same time. I can't believe it" Momoi said in her thoughts. She looked at Kuroko and blushed. She was already imagining him proposing to her.

"Why can't he just say he loved her? What's up with all those difficult words? I can't understand a thing." Aomine cursed in his thoughts.

Kise had tears in his eyes. "Oh, Midorimacchi is proposing. He will have someone now. This is so like a movie ending"

"I'm so proud of you Shin-chan" Takao said in his thoughts.

"So the wedding will still continue, I am hungry now" Murasakibara smiled as he thinks all the cakes he will eat.

"Congratulations, Midorima-kun" Kuroko was the only one who voiced his thoughts but no one heard his low voice.

Akashi walked towards Midorima and hand him something. When Midorima looked at it, he was shocked to see the exact ring he bought for Kaminari before they broke up.

Midorima will never know why Akashi have it but he was too absorbed in the moment to think about trivial things. He looked at Kaminari as soon as Akashi return to his place.

"I tried to fight with this feeling because it did not make any sense at all. It's not supposed to be this way. So you know who really lost? I guess tradition is still a tradition after all. So accept this precious treasure. It's not this ring but my fate, my future, my life because I could only spend it together with you." He continued but stop when he saw something falling from Kaminari's eye.

A single tear race down her cheek. This surprised all of them even Kaminari. Kaminari wiped her cheeks and with wide eyes looked at the moist touched by her fingers. She could not believe what she saw. She suddenly felt weak. Her hand unconsciously raise to the green head. Midorima quickly took it and then put the ring on her finger. Kaminari looked at the ring and then more tears fall down from her eyes. She was crying a decade worth of tears. All emotions suddenly released on that instant. Midorima is patiently waiting for her answer but it was already obvious.

Kaminari did not answer but launched herself in Midorima's body making both of them fell down in the floor. She was topping him again. Before Midorima could react she close the space between their face. Her lips pinned his lips rendering any of his strength left absorbed by an unknown force. It was their very first kiss. He was too shocked to react and knew nothing about this kind of things. But after a few moment his instinct kicks in while his heart finally let go. He closed his eyes and started to kissed back. It was smooth at first but then the momentum escalated at each turn of their heads. As his heartbeat increases, his movement also becoming more aggressive. His brain went to an oblivion state then surrendered to this addicting taste. The more he got deeper into the cavern, the more his heart yearn for its savory. Their ecstasy was interrupted by someone clearing his throat.

"Shouldn't you do that after the wedding and not in the front of us?" Ootsubo said.

"We're only rated T Midorima-kun" Kuroko commented breaking the fourth wall.

"Oh, my virgin eyes." Takao said while covering his eyes but still peaking between the large spaces of his fingers.

Kaminari and Midorima then realized their position. They looked at each other and became conscious of the eyes watching them. While still blushing heavily, Midorima help Kaminari to stand up.

Kaminari's tears are still flowing so Midorima hold her back and said, "Starting today, you don't have to worry about clans anymore. You are no longer a Yamaguchi nor a Kaminari. You'll be a Midorima, and will be mine."

Kaminari smiled to him. It was nice to see a sweet Midorima sometimes. Not that she dislike his tsundereness. She loved him just for anything he wanted to be. All his uncharted side will be explored into their future. As of this moment, her heart was taking control. Looking at the man she fell for, she could not help but smile.

Shutoku then wished them best for their wedding but Midorima decline it. He said it will not be that day much to Murasakibara's dismay. Midorima told them he had to be ready to settle down first. There were lots of preparation to do. They understood that Midorima's prioritizing Kaminari's well being and would not want to let her down.

Despite of that, the generation of miracles still wished them happiness. Even nigou bark to congratulate them which startle them how Kuroko sneaked him in the hospital. Chaos ensue after a nurse enter the room and saw Nigou.

What a lucky day indeed.

After her break down, Kaminari was convinced by Midorima to consult a doctor about her condition. Much to their delight, the doctor said they saw signs of improvement in her so they are positive that she will get better if she takes a rehabilitation program. Seeing it was a good chance for her to be in the hospital with Midorima she agreed immediately.

Kaminari was now practicing to write using her left hand with the help of Midorima who was still in the hospital bed.

"What will I write?" Kaminari asked as she sat down in Midorima's bed.

"Copy this book." Midorima handed her a book and push her away from his bed.

"The words are too difficult. Could you just dictate me something?" Kaminari just wanted to hear more from him.

"Just write a letter or something. Don't disturb my rest." Midorima argued.

"Ok, I'll write a letter but you dictate it." Midorima raised a brow.

"Our love story" Kaminari continued.

"Hmmp, it's a stupid idea. We don't have love in our story" Midorima denied it.

"Come on, please. I wanted to recall all the events before" Kaminari was closing her face to him even when he tried to push her. She was taking advantage of how little he could move.

"I don't want to." But Kaminari was already starting to write. She was smiling while writing. Midorima knew she was just using it as an excuse to learn more from him.

January 20, 2013

To my Ryohei,

"Your penmanship is awful" commented Midorima after seeing what she was writing.

"I'm still practicing you know" she did not mind his words. She frown because she did not know how to write Ryohei properly.

"Who is Ryo- , what's that? Sounds like a stupid name" Midorima could not read what she was writing. The penmanship was like that of a grade school.

"It's Ryohei. I like that name" Midorima's heart twitch. He did not know anyone with that name. Somehow he felt jealous to whoever she was writing to.

"It will be the name of our first child." Midorima blushed after hearing that but adjusted his glasses so Kaminari won't notice it.

"Who said I wanted to have a child with you" he commented but Kaminari just smiled to him.

"And you write Ryohei like this" Midorima grab the pen on her and sampled writing Ryohei. Kaminari looked carefully at his writing. It was really like printed out of books. Kaminari erased what she had written but after some practice it was still unreadable. Some words were destroyed with too much erasure.

Kaminari started writing while Midorima dictates the letter. He was glad Kaminari did not understand some of the words he dictated. He was embarassed at first but after some time he became comfortable with his words. When he glanced at Kaminari, she was smiling. It was a long journey for them and will be longer as he could predict. Words will never be enough to describe how he felt today.

Midorima was perplexed when Kaminari was still writing despite him not dictating. He then read what she write.

I wanted to tell you more about her but I have to end the letter now. My doctor said I needed to rest. I will write to you again.

"You're ending it already?" Midorima asked then looked at the window beside his bed. The sun was already setting. He wondered if their basketball practice already ended.

"My hands are getting tired." Kaminari replied.

"Lazy woman" he commented earning a furrow from Kaminari.

"You're words are difficult. How come you know words like that?" she replied to him. She was looking at her work. It was not that beautiful. The first paragraph was smeared by fruit juice she was eating while writing.

"It was just a common words. You have to study more after this idiot" Kaminari was already used to his words. Making Midorima talk a lot was hard enough so she just accepted whatever he voiced out. She already knew better than that. A looked into his eyes always say otherwise. It is always reassuring.

Kaminari wanted to looked more on those emerald orbs. It was like a magnet attracting her towards them. Unconsciously she went on top of him.

"What are you doing? My wounds will open idiot!" Midorima was trying hard to push her away.

"I just realize it's hard to write when there was no one to write to" she smirked at him. Midorima knows what she was implying. He put some strength into his arms but her face was getting closer. It was making him weak. All he could do was close his eyes.

Suddenly the door opens. It was Shutoku's team. They are blushing while looking at them. Midorima would like to shrink that day. The stares suddenly become deadly and it was directed to the green head.

And pineapples were thrown that day. Lots, and lots of them.

At the other side of the door, a nurse heard a distress shout.

"Why do I always end like this? And Tomiko why are you throwing pineapples too?"


Some Trivia about their children's name:

Ryohei - as per wiki, Midorima's first name was supposed to be Ryohei instead of Shintaro

Keiko - lucky child

Reiko - blessed child

Kichiro - lucky son

Yuki - good fortune

There are other meaning of their names but I only search those closely related to Shintarou's Oha Asa fixation. And yes he planned all their birthdays except Ryohei because you know how Kaminari was kinda taking advantage of him. That's how meticulous I think Midorima would be when he got married that he needed to plan every birth date.

Seven is Shintarou's lucky number since he was born on seven of the seventh month (July 7)

And the quotes above every chapter were the whole proposal of Midorima. I planned it since the beginning so it's a hint that there will be no character's death. The second chapter also hinted that Midorima was not writing any of those letters.

Its done. I've finished a series. As a lazy person this is a great accomplishment. I could not make it any longer because I might not finished it. I know there are many people who don't like reading this kind of story but I really fell in love with Midorima's character in here so I'm planning to write more fic about him. Mido x fem Kuroko anyone?

I'll be forever grateful to those reviews, follow and favs. If you would be kind enough to leave me some more. ^_^

Special thanks to demfeels, you wish for this fic. I hope I did not disappoint you on how it turns out. I knew you would like it better if Takao had a lot of appearances.

I'm closing their letters now. See you next story.