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EDIT DATE: 19/01/2017


Ariel has never believed that her best friend committed suicide. The file to the death of her friend has disappeared from the police archive in mysterious ways. She discovered that fact by her not so legal hobby: hacking.

The clue she needed to investigate further appeared years after the incident. The note led her to Osaka, Japan. To investigate undercover and not to interrupt her studies she applied for a medical - scholarship at the Touto University in Tokyo.

Will she be able to track down the killers?

[Warning: CANON pairings and CRACK pairings!]

[Follows the CANON loosely - Meaning: could possible change some content in specific cases]

[Content may contain possibly MOVIE, OV, ANIME FILLER or SPECIALS - will be marked to prevent possible spoilers]

[OC - I hope that I do not create a Mary Sue. If it still happens, PM me]

[NOPE to OOC - I hope to prevent it and to let changes occur naturally. If it still happens, PM me]

[Crossover: DC / MC1412 / Lupin 3rd/ Tell me a lie - could be changed later, only the first two ones are secure]

[I don't really check the Rating System, so if you think it is false rated, PM me]

Inspired by following fanfictions (I will add more in the future, I forgot the titles of some):

# "Dream or Not" by MoonRaven95 (On-Going)

When something unexpected happens you usually freeze, right? Or at least get confused and try to convince yourself it's just a dream. I manage to find myself in the world of Detective Conan. What has happened and what will happen next? Weaving a web of half-truths is a likely option and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Hang on tight with me, friends and allies!

# "Revolver" by zXFallenAngelsXz (On-Going)

Transporting into a familiar world filled with murderous psychopaths wasn't what I had in mind for my family's trip to Kansas. In fact, it was the last thing on my mind at the time. Of course, because of that little pest called "bad luck", that's exactly what goes down. I'd fallen down the rabbit hole into shrink-ville, crime cases, thieving, and my "favorite" - black magic.

#"Witch's Apprentice" by sonoci (complete)

The time had come. She'd long forgotten the ancient ritual of apprenticeship, but now that the task was upon her Akako needs someone fit for the job.

He doesn't believe in magic and yet Conan has become Akako's apprentice. As his own powers slowly unravel, they'll cause events that'll change the future, rekindle the past and bring light to the present.

# "When Pandora's Box Is Opened" by mangaluva (complete)

After two long years as Conan, the time has finally come for the ancient battle to come to an end, and fate will determine whether the Silver Bullet will survive the shot unless Shinichi can put his faith in the enemy that was destined to be his ally...

# "Fallout" by The Silversage (on hiatus(?))

A post "Raven Chaser" story. Because "The Raven Chaser" opened many doors…and Kaito worries. Animeverse/Movieverse


I don't own Detective Conan, Magic Kaito 1412, Lupin 3rd or Tell me a lie.

But I own the characters that I created for this story. I don't gain any money or something similar as that. I just start writing for the fun of it.

If you found grammar or spelling mistakes, please notify me. Because English isn't my native language I am bound to make mistakes in that area.

You will notice that the story is multilingual. Usually, I translate the text directly behind it in the brackets in italic. Since the story takes place mainly in Japan, the text sections that are actually spoken in English are stressed bold.

I hope you like the story. Don't expect regular updates. I'll update if I finished a chapter, but it will take time because of my personal life.

Currently, I'm building the whole plotline to prevent future plotholes. If anyone wants an idea in the plot please PM me.


There is no warranty for the acquisition of ideas. When an idea is taken up into the story, the idea-giver will be mentioned in the specific chapter or Arc disclaimer.


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