The Book of Life 2

Chapter 2: A Deadly Creature

Now, there's something that you don't know about. Because there happens to be another dead person who used to be a member of the Land of the Remembered, but due to his crimes for betraying La Muerte for using his powers for selfish reasons, he remained in prison for a very long time. I'm talking, of course, about a sorcerer. A sorcerer whose powers can be used for good, but due to his selfish attempt to betray La Muerte, he turned to the dark side and became the most deadly dead sorcerer far away in the Land of the Forgotten. His name is El Marico. I may not know anything else about him, but little did I know that he would rise from his grave and take his vengeance on the two worlds.

Somewhere, far away from the Land of the Forgotten, five dead horses rode five dead people towards the gates before they opened. Meanwhile, a bunch of dead bats and other dead creatures roamed the night, making their ordinary animal noises as they go. Later, the five dead police officers marched inside the Mexican-like department called the "Dead Police Prison Security" towards the head of the security. A female dead person is the head of the security prison and her name happens to be Senorita Delores as she walked towards the five police guards.

"Senorita Delores", said one of the dead male police officers, "We have some terrible news we must address. Bats flew from their dark hiding places. Other creatures are roaming across from the Land of the Forgotten. I have a feeling we might be in grave danger."

"His spells don't work on us here", said Senorita Delores, "But if what you said is true, we must alert only someone. Someone like Xibalba, the ruler of the Land of the Forgotten."

"Xibalba?", asked the second dead male police officer, "But Senorita Delores, you know Xibalba has his evil ways as well."

"But he has changed", said Senorita Delores, "It happened a year ago when he and La Muerte made a deal that if a person wins the hand of a fair lady, they would switch places. But it turns out he betrayed her by giving a death medal to someone else. So, Xibalba ruled the Land of the Remembered until another person made things back to normal. He was given a choice to fight a deadly bull in order to gain back his life he stole from him when he used two snakes to kill him. It seemed difficult at first, but suddenly, the power of his heart gave him a chance to defeat it, but not kill it. That's all that happened last year."

"And what about El Marico?", asked the third dead male police officer.

"He's still locked up", said Senorita Delores, "After what he had done, he will stay that way until he turns into dust."

"I'm not so sure", muttered the fourth dead male police officer and Senorita Delores walked into the prison cell.

She walked towards El Marico's prison cell before he spoke to her.

"Evening, Senorita Delores", said El Marico, "How did the inspection go?"

"Don't be smug, El Marico", said Senorita Delores, "La Muerte told me everything a few years ago. You used to be such a good person until the day you betrayed her. The day you became a selfish person and tried to kill her. Good thing your plan failed miserably."

"I worked really hard for La Muerte, but she didn't give me everything that I was destined for", said El Marico, "Her love, her respect, and her dignity. That way, I would've been a humble servant to her. The Land of the Remembered would've been all mine if she had done so in the first place."

"It is her responsibility to protect it from anyone who would dare conquer it, El Marico, and your actions have already failed", said Senorita Delores, "She asked me to make sure you don't use any of your magic spells to get out of this cell. If you try to do so, you will regret it."

Senorita Delores walks away from El Marico's prison cell before he spoke.

"We'll see about that", said El Marico and chuckled evilly before he takes out his left hand to reveal dark magic, "We shall see."

Meanwhile, back at San Angel, Maria is sleeping at the bed with her husband until suddenly, a voice whispered inside her mind.




Maria gets up from the bed and sneaks quietly out of the house she and Manolo now live in. Outside of her new home, she sees ghostly tracks that were printed on the ground and follows it. Later, she finds herself at the end of the pathway towards the same tree where she and Manolo shared their moment before they were killed by the twin snakes.

"Wait a minute", said Maria, "Something isn't right here."

Then, as Maria turns around, she sees a monstrous shadow lurking towards her. She then sees a giant spider. An eight-footed spider, to be exact. This time, with monstrous teeth that can kill any prey that tries to move. Maria takes out her sword and as she moves, the spider moved quick towards her. However, she dodges the creature's teeth with the edge of her sword. Then, a fight ensues. Before it would begin, however, Maria quickly ran under the creature's bottom and a chase ensues. After the creature uses his needle attack with poison on it to block her only chance to escape again, the two started to fight with Maria gaining the upper advantage. She overpowers the creature by jumping onto it's back and stabs it, causing the spider to screech in pain. Before she would finish it off, however, the spider knocks her out with one of it's eight feet.

"Who are you and what are you doing here in San Angel?", asked Maria.

"I am an Arachnido", said the Arachnid spider, "A Mexican spider. Sent here by my master that would bring destruction and ruin to this town. Beware El Marico, woman. Beware!"

Then, the Arachnid spider disappeared into the night, leaving Maria thinking about what he had said.

"El Marico?", asked Maria, "What does that mean?"

The next morning, Maria and Manolo walk around San Angel and she explained everything about last night.

"El Marico?", asked Manolo, "Is that another ancient person of the Mexican tradition or something?"

"I don't know", said Maria, "But one thing's for sure, he might come here and try to destroy San Angel. We need to ask someone who knows about him. Someone who may have a connection to him."

"I know one place where we can get some information", said Manolo, "The Land of the Remembered. La Muerte might know about that person."

"Do you remember the last time you've been there?", asked Maria.

"Last time I went there, I got bitten by a snake in the tree next to the bridge", said Manolo, "Let's go there right now."

Manolo and Maria then ran towards the bridge. Meanwhile, back at the Land of the Forgotten, Xibalba looks at his crystal ball and sees Manolo and Maria at the tree, waiting to get bitten so he can get bitten. That way, Maria would become a skeleton as well. So, he summons two deadly venomous snakes which came out of the tree and bites the two.

As the two fell, they found themselves as skeletons. Maria gasps in horror.

"Ay Caramba!", said Maria in terror, "I'm a skeleton!"

"I know how you feel", said Manolo, "I've had that experience before when I first came here. Come on. We must find La Muerte."

The two came across some skeleton horses and they ran into the pathway to the entrance of La Muerte of the Land of the Remembered.

"La Muerte!", shouted Manolo, "La Muerte!"

The two then see her decorating her palace for another year of Dias Do Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.

"Manolo?!", shouted La Muerte, "Don't tell me Xibalba did this to you again!"

"This time, it's very urgent", said Manolo.

"And you must be Maria, the lover of Manolo", said La Muerte, "Hola, my dear."

"Hola, Senorita", said Maria, "There's something we have to tell you. A creature came to my house and it turned out to be a spider of some kind."

"Spider?", asked La Muerte, "We never have any insects in Mexico."

"Only this time, it gave me a warning", said Maria, "It said, Beware El Marico."

Suddenly, La Muerte gasped in horror and shock.

"It can't be", said La Muerte, "After all these years..."

"What do you mean?", asked Manolo, "Do you know him?"

"I'm afraid I do, Manolo", said La Muerte, "Come with me to my chambers. It's time I've show you something."

Inside the chambers of La Muerte, the three walked along a hallway of the evil skeleton people.

"Who are they?", asked Maria.

"Throughout generations, there have been several people who plotted to rule the Land of the Remembered for selfish reasons", said La Muerte, "And none of them have been even worse than that dreadful tyrant himself, El Marico."

She then shows them the portrait of El Marico.

"That is him", said Maria.

"I have seen what he does", said La Muerte as flashbacks of her connection to El Marico appeared, "Before that, he used to be... a sweet caring person. We became friends as time went by... until that very moment. When he... betrayed me. There were dozens of other people who have died in San Angel and they needed to belong to the Land of the Remembered. But El Marico pushed them away and sent them to the Land of the Forgotten as an attempt to conquer me and rule this land. His actions made me outraged. So, I challenged him to a one on one fight... and when I won the battle, I've sent him away to the prison in the Land of the Forgotten and I haven't mentioned him ever since."

"What should we do?", asked Manolo, "There must be other ways to defeat this El Marico."

"No one knows, but there are others outside the Land of the Remembered who might", said La Muerte, "Any moment, he might escape and try to destroy everything... including San Angel."

"We have to warn everyone", said Maria, "Hurry, Manolo. We have to get back to San Angel. Gracias, La Muerte. It's nice to meet you. Now, please take us back."

"Tell that to Xibalba!", exclaimed La Muerte.

"Of course", said Manolo, "Where can we contact him?"

Meanwhile, back at the prison, an explosion happened as it turns out, El Marico uses his sorcery to attack the guards. Then, he uses an ancient spell in Spanish (Destruccion De Las Muertes) to destroy the rest of the prison.

"I'm coming for you La Muerte", said El Marico.

Sorry it took me five years to get this story going. I've been going through some hard times and now I'm back on track. Enjoy and I'll keep you all posted in the future chapters this year.