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Triggers: There may be light cursing, and suggestive scenes in this fanfiction. Although the story may have mentions of/scenes with sexual content, there will not be any explicit smut.

The bedroom was pure white, practically glowing, and in the utmost condition. It was hard to believe that a boy, no less a teenager, was living in such a regal looking room. Though, for Eren Jaeger, it wasn't at all unusual.

The wallpaper was a simple white with a cream coloured lining running across the top and bottom. The curtains, the desk, the bed, bookshelves, everything was white. It wasn't his choice, it never was, his parents chose each and every small detail of his room and he despised it.

He often dressed in dark and harsh colours to express his rebellion, but his parents assumed it to be a passing phase and didn't take him seriously. He wasn't even sure why he had expected them to.

Although he'd been raised in a lively mansion since birth, he never felt quite at home. His father, a doctor, had expectations that Eren was certain he could never live up to, and frankly, he had no interest in doing so.

Much like the framed diplomas in his father's study, Eren was just a prop to him. Something to show off to his many spectators at parties. 'My proudest accomplishment yet!' was one of the many cheesy lines he would spout while showing Eren off to his friends. His tone suggested that he thought otherwise, and it wasn't hard to see that his father was envious of his many friends who had better, and harder working children than he.

His mother's love for him was something different altogether. She loved him, and in a genuine sense. This unconditional love was returned by Eren, but became more strained as he grew older. He had been sensing for some time already, that his mothers relationships were more important to her than the one she shared with him. She cared more about looking good to the neighbours, appearing as the best wife and mother in town, that she was nearly neglecting her actual duties as a mother because of it.

He knew his birth was purely for the social benefit of his parents- and he knew that he disappointed them greatly even if they didn't state it out loud. He didn't have an interest in the life they led, and he did love them as his parents, but more than anything, he desired personal freedom.

Laying on a mess of ruffled sheets, Eren was flat on his back. His skin was purely bare, the buff beige tone being the perfect contrast to the soft ivory of his boyfriends skin, who currently sat on his pelvis.

Eren held onto the boys small hips as they bounced up and down, gripping the soft skin between his fingers gently.

Looking up at the boy's blushing face, it suddenly dawned on Eren how different their lives were.

His name was Armin and unlike Eren, he excelled in school but was never used as a bragging right by anybody because frankly, he didn't have many people. His parents had died when he was only ten, leaving him a young orphan in the care of his only living relative, his uncle who spent most of his nights gambling away in another town.

His wasn't wealthy in the slightest, but it didn't seem to bother him either. He was easy to please, usually finding himself absorbed in some new and exciting book.

There was a certain lonesome look about the petite boy, but he wasn't at all the brooding type. It was because Eren knew him so well, and for so long, that he noticed such a small detail, and after having realized it, could never un-see it again.

"E...Eren...?" Armin breathed softly. "Eren... You... You have to move your hips, too..."

Eren suddenly lost his previous train of thought. His lips curled into a small smile and he tightened his grip on the boys hips just slightly. "Sorry, A...Armin. I got a bit distracted."

"I...It's okay."

After they had finished having sex, the two remained cuddled against one another. Eren's arm rested underneath Armin's shoulders, while Armin loosely had his arms wrapped around Eren's waist.

Feeling cozy in Eren's over-sized shirt, Armin rested his head against the open space between Eren's chin and shoulder.

In return, Eren gently kissed the top of Armin's head and pulled him in closer. "Are you comfortable?" he asked, breaking the silence in the room.

"Mhmm." Armin hummed quietly. He closed his eyes, and breathed in the atmosphere. The air felt peaceful, and safe to him.

"I'm so tired of this." Eren had stated randomly.

Armin pulled away from the embrace and stared at Eren with sunken eyebrows. "What..?"

"I don't mean the sex!" Eren quickly corrected himself. "Sorry, I should have phrased it better. I meant that I'm tired of living this way."

"I still don't really follow along." Armin said, curling his hair behind his ear with his fingers.

He had that habit, Eren had noticed, whenever he had felt embarrassed. He wasn't even sure if Armin was aware of this himself, but it was the quickest indicator that he was feeling uncomfortable.

"Suffocating in this house," Eren explained, as he ran his hand up Armin's waist. "It's getting harder to stay here day after day. My urge to run away from here is just getting stronger all the time."

Armin's expression fell after hearing his comments. He stared down at his own hands for a moment before replying, "Yeah, me too. I know what you mean."

Eren casually pulled Armin in closer, and whispered in his ear, "We could just run away together, and leave it all behind, you know. Elope or something."

"You always say that.." Armin murmured in response, as he clung to Eren's chest.

"I know I do, but I really mean it, Armin."

"I know.. but... It's just a bit scary, I guess. The world is so infinite."

"So don't you always say that you want to see more of it?"

Armin remained quiet for a moment. He hid his face in Eren's chest as he gave deep thought to the question. He did love the thought of travelling the world and experiencing it's many wonders that, because of his poor lifestyle, he could only dream about. He didn't want to have any regrets about the choice he made, but he was young, only a junior in high school, and didn't feel he was ready to make a big choice like leaving his current life behind.

"I'm just scared," Armin finally spoke up. "that it might turn out to be the wrong choice, and then we'll never be able to come back."

"That's not true. The world is so much better when it's just you and me, there's no way it's the wrong choice." Eren objected.

Armin closed his eyes. "I know. I like things when it's you and me, but..."

"We could see the ocean, you know?" Eren interrupted. A moment of silence followed, and he knew that he had caught Armin's attention. "We could see any ocean we wanted to. We could go over the hills and far away. We could go any place we ever wanted to. Doesn't that sound better than being stuck in this town forever?"

"Yeah, it does. I want to agree to go with you Eren, I really do. It's just that I don't have any money, or a phone, so what if something happened?"

"I have those things, so we'd be fine. We could stay in motels and stuff."

Armin shuffled around a bit, and looked up at Eren. "What made you start talking about this, anyway?"

Eren shrugged a shoulder. "I just thought that if we wanted to run away then right now would kind of be the perfect time."

"Why?" Armin furrowed his brows.

"My parents are having a party down stairs right now. They know I never go to them, so they wouldn't bother coming up here to see what I'm doing until tomorrow morning." Eren explained. "Plus, your uncle is gone for the night so you could go home and get your things, too."

"That's true." Armin concluded, softly.

"Well," Eren let his voice drift off slightly before adding, "only if you wanted to, though."

Armin's gaze drifted thoughtfully around the room before finally landing on Eren again. "It's not that I don't want to." he mumbled. He then frowned and quietly continued. "I'm sorry, I know I'm being a coward."

"You're not, Armin. Don't say that." Eren sighed. "Hey, listen, I don't mean to pressure you into anything. I'm sorry that I brought it up."

Silence followed Eren's comment, and he thought that he'd accidentally said something wrong again. Unknown to him, Armin was just heavily contemplating the idea. It continued on for nearly twenty minutes, until Armin finally broke the silence.

"I'll go with you." he stated in a serious tone.

Eren was taken aback by the sudden change of mind. His mouth hung slightly open. "Really?"

Armin nodded his head. "Yeah. It's lonely at home, and besides," he smiled. "I trust you."

Eren grinned widely as he watched Armin tuck his hair behind his ear. "If you're sure then we should start getting ready now."

"Okay, yeah, um, then should I go home and get my things and then maybe we'll meet somewhere at a certain time?" Armin asked.

Eren thought for a moment. "It's pretty dark out, though. I won't take long getting my stuff, so we can just walk over to your place after."

"I'd be fine on my own, Eren." Armin objected quietly.

"Yeah but," Eren said as he rose from the bed and began to dress himself. "This is the beginning of our life together. So starting now we should go with each other every step of the way."

Armin sat up on the bed and tilted his head against his shoulder. He observed Eren changing for a moment. "That's true."

The conversation had ended there, but the following silence wasn't at all uncomfortable. Eren had quickly gathered the things he considered to be the most important to himself. Clothing, his cellphone, his wallet, and a few other various objects were tossed into his backpack and then slung over his shoulders. He had quickly written a small note to be left on his bed for whoever who discover he was missing first to find.

By that point, Armin was also fully dressed and the two were prepared to go.

"Should we leave out the window, or something..? Your parents are having a party down-stairs, after all." Armin reminded him.

Eren shook his head. "It's fine. We'll leave out the back door, nobody will even notice." he explained, and then extended his hand toward Armin. "Ready?"

Armin smiled faintly and nodded his hand. He accepted Erens hand, interlocked their fingers, and stood beside him. "Yes, lets go."

Just as Eren had said, the two had gone completely un-seen while walking down the stairway and through the back door. Armin had been a bit nervous about somebody seeing them, but when he had glanced over his shoulder, he realized that everyone was too engaged in their own personal activities to care about anything else.

He wasn't sure why, but he thought that he might have a felt a little disappointed. He was envious, as well, that people so impossibly wealthy existed and that parties were probably just as common to them as school was to him. Although he was dating someone rich, he'd never really felt that way about Eren. He wasn't anything like the way he'd imagined wealthy people to be.

The walk to Armin's house was surprisingly short considering how different his house was from Eren's. They both just happened to live at the edges of their communities, Armin of course being on the poorer side.

The house was small, and had only one floor. It had two bedrooms side by side, his uncle's and Armins, and then there was a single bathroom, the kitchen, and living room. It was a nice, and modest house, and he wouldn't mind living there as much had he not been left on his own so often.

Entering the house, Armin suddenly felt a pang of nervousness. Perhaps it would be his last time being there ever again. Thinking about him was making him feel a bit homesick already but he knew that he had to push those feelings aside.

"I'll only be a minute to pack my things." Armin stated. "You can wait in the living room and relax for a moment if you want."

"Sure." Eren nodded and set his bag down. After he took a seat, Armin disappeared into his room and quickly got to work.

He emptied his school bag of it's notebooks and pencil case. He didn't have much clothing, so he was able to pack a fair amount of his favourite outfits, along with necessities like a hair brush and his tooth brush, those kinds of things. Lastly, and possibly the most peculiar of all, he packed a small and very worn-out picture book.

After he'd finished packing, he decided to scribble up a quick note to leave behind. Had he been given more time, he'd have tried harder to make it more poetic. Instead, he wrote this:

If you're reading this note, then you've probably noticed that I'm gone. If not, then I'll use this as a chance to tell you that I'm leaving this house. But it's not because of you, I promise. I love you lots, but I know that you have a busy life to live. I'm sorry that I've been a burden this long, but I think it's time for the both of us to start a new chapter in our lives. Maybe this way we can both be free.

Please don't worry about me, I'm going to be fine. And please don't phone the police. I'm almost sixteen now, so soon it will be legal for me to live on my own anyway.

Remember to take care of yourself, too. I hope we can meet again some day, but until then I'll be saying goodbye to you.



P.S. I really do mean it when I say that none of this is your fault. You've been great to me. So please don't blame yourself for this!

He held the note in his hands for a few moments and stared blankly at the words. After deciding that he had finished everything he needed to do, he set the note on his desk, and in place of his currently absent uncle, said goodbye to it.

He returned to the living room where Eren had patiently been waiting.

"Hey!" Eren stood up and smiled. "You get everything?"

Armin nodded his head, and that time, extended his own arm towards Eren's and offered his hand. "I'm ready to go now, Eren."

Instead of holding onto his hand like Armin had expected, Eren instead took a step forward and tightly embraced the other boy. "This is going to be such a good thing for us, Armin. I promise."

"I know." Armin mumbled in response as he raised his arms and returned the hug.

"You're really sure that you want to do this? I'm not pressuring you?" Eren asked.

Armin laughed quietly. "I told you already, I want to go with you. It's my own choice."

"I just want to be sure." Eren smiled in return. "If you're absolutely sure, then it's time for us to go."

Armin nodded his head. "Lets go start this new chapter of our life together."

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