After driving around for what felt like quite some time, Jean pulled his motorcycle into the parking lot of the apartment complex he and Marco lived at.

Pulling his helmet off, Jean ruffled his hair until he assumed it looked presentable. "Hey, what was with that back there? You okay?"

Armin removed his own helmet as he slowly nodded his head. "I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me. I'm fine now, though." he said, which was at least half of the truth. He did know what was bothering him, but he felt as if it were easier if he didn't bother to explain.

They didn't exchange anymore words after that point. Silently, Jean headed in the direction of his apartment room, and Armin trailed him with small steps.

Upon entering the apartment, Armin immediately recognized his bags set on the edge of the couch located in the lounging section of the room. The other half of the room, separated by a thin and short wall, appeared to be the kitchen. With a small stove, refrigerator, and high cupboards, it was a modest but tidy room.

"It's no palace, but it's just the two of us living here anyway. Pretty neat for two guys, huh?" Jean commented, triggering Marco's entrance, who sauntered in through the bedroom door.

"No thanks to you." Marco laughed. "I do all of the hard work- Oh! Armin, sweetie, you look so pale. Are you alright? Did Jean say something mean to you?"

Jean rolled his eyes, and gave Armin no time to respond. "He just got upset about the crap with his boyfriend."

Armin quietly nodded his head to the comment as he continue to scan the room slowly with his eyes. He of course trusted both Jean and Marco, despite having only met them once. Marco especially had left a big impression on Armin, and he felt as if he could depend on him for guidance and support.

Naturally, Armin didn't want to become a burden to either one of the boys. Mentally, he had already begun to form a plan for the next step he would take. It wasn't anything elaborate, of course. He was only planning to use either Marco or Jean's phone to call Eren, he had his number memorized, and then he would try to talk things out with him. He felt as if he had acted immaturely and impulsively during their argument and he wanted to apologize for it. He couldn't deny that he still wanted to return home, and he hoped secretly that he could convince Eren of that as well. The rest of his plan relied solely on what Eren's response would be.

"Anyway. Armin, I put all of your stuff on the couch. We don't really have a big apartment, and there's just the one bedroom so I hope that the couch will be fine." Marco explained.

"Thank you." Armin murmured mindlessly as he returned his gaze to the much taller boy. "I hope it wasn't too much trouble to bring my things here."

"Not at all," Marco smiled meekly. "Now, go take a seat and I'll make tea for everyone."

Jean let out a satisfied sounding whistle as he kicked his shoes off. Armin took the gesture as a sign that he should remove his shoes as well, and quickly followed suit.

After plopping himself onto the couch sloppily, Jean gave a few light pats to the cushion beside him. Taking it as a clear sign that he should sit beside him, Armin made his way over to the couch. He felt a little uneasy being in a new setting with people he barely knew, but did his best to keep a calm composure.

"So, you're... fourteen, right?" Jean asked, in an attempt to make small talk.

Armin smiled meekly as he shook his head. "Fifteen." he answered, but quickly added, "I'll be sixteen soon."

"Oh, well, you look fourteen." Jean commented, casually grabbing the television remote and turning it on.

"Um... I'm not sure how to take that remark, but.." Armin muttered awkwardly.

"Jean, don't be mean!" Marco's voice boomed from the kitchen. He rested his hand on the counter, placing his other hand on his hip, an intolerant expression on his face. "He's already having a bad day."

Jean glanced passed the television and shot a glare of confusion in Marco's direction. "Huh? Since when is saying someone looks younger a bad thing?"

"When you're almost sixteen and want people to treat you like an adult, of course." Marco laughed under his breath while rolling his eyes.

"Huh." Jean huffed as he sunk back into his seat. He glanced over at Armin, mumbled a quick, "My bad" and then returned his attention to the television screen, where a vibrant and vivacious cartoon was playing.

A moment later an ear-shattering whistle began to emit from the kettle, signifying that the water inside had finished boiling. Marco grabbed the handle and began to pour the hot water into three separate mugs. The designs on which were all rather questionable- the first looked rather Christmas-esque with it's snowflake design, the second was an orange cup with black spiders drawn around the rim, and the third was a simple white cup with bold black letters spelling out 'EAT ASS.'

Feeling slightly embarrassed by the vulgar writing on the cup, Armin tried not to look at it as he focused his attention on the cartoon playing on the television.

"Armin, how do you take your tea?" Marco asked, as he opened the small refrigerator and pulled out a jug of milk.

"U..Uh.." Armin stuttered, momentarily forgetting his tea preferences. "Milk and just a bit of sugar is fine."

Marco quickly fixed all three teas up and then walked them over to the couch. He handed off the child-friendly Christmas themed mug to Armin, and the less than appropriate 'EAT ASS' mug to Jean. He kept the Halloween mug to himself.

"Believe it or not, that's one of our nicer cups." Marco commented, shifting his gaze between Armin and Jean's mug. "Jean thinks being gross is funny, don't mind him."

"I think it's funny in like, an ironic way." Jean explained, his cheeks burning slightly with embarrassment.

Armin laughed along in an attempt to be polite, but only ended up feeling more awkward afterwards.

Marco shrugged his shoulders, his smile warm and inviting as he chimed, "Well, it's not hurting anybody so it's fine. Anyway, I hope the tea is to your liking."

"I'm so sorry that you have to go through all this trouble." Armin replied with a timid smile. "Honestly, I never meant to become such a bother on the two of you. I really should have called home instead, but.."

"But you didn't." Jean cut him off. "So stop apologizing already. We already told you that it's fine by us."

"I know that, but..."

"Enough already." Jean concluded as he pushed a hand forward and ruffled Armin's hair with it. "Instead of constantly apologizing to people, just learn to thank them. It makes both sides feel better- and there's nothing to be sorry about in the first place."

Struck with shock at Jean's words, Armin stared blankly at him with his mouth slightly ajar as he processed what had just been said to him. It made something deep within him burst, a feeling of surprise and realization at the bad habit he didn't realize he had.

Armin slowly brought his mug toward his lips. He held it firmly with both hands, coddling it briefly before he finally took a sip of the beverage. The taste itself was incredibly bland, but it wasn't because of the way it was prepared. Armin recognized the blend as the same one he drank at home, a cheap brand.

For a brief moment, the aroma of tea wafted into his consciousness, bringing him back to his home. Sitting by himself at the couch, he would coddle his cup in the same way, brush his lips against the rim softly as he waited for it to cool down enough for him to drink. Staring at the beverage's soft beige colouring, he often found himself wondering when his uncle would return home.

"Thank you," Armin finally uttered as he snapped back to reality. His smile was gracious, and genuine. "I drank the same kind of tea back home."

"So it's fine then? What a relief." Marco smiled in response. "I'm glad."

After a few hours of leisure lounging on the couch and a lengthy discussion about various things, Armin finally built up the courage to ask if he could borrow Marco's phone. Luckily, he was happily granted permission by the older boy, and was given his phone to use for as long as he'd like.

Armin felt his fingers twitching nervously as he began to dial Eren's number, which he had memorized since the boy first got a cell phone. Holding the phone to his ear, the ringing echoed through his mind, making his body feel cold and anxious.

He had expected that Eren would answer him immediately. Out of worry, or maybe he'd also wanted to apologize. He knew they hadn't seen each other for nearly an entire day since their fight, and he had naturally assumed that Eren would be eager to hear his voice, the same way he was.

But that wasn't the case, it seemed. He received no answer at all. Instead, he was quickly redirected to Eren's voicemail.

"Yoooo, it's Eren Jaeger and I'm too busy to take your call. Leave me a messa-"

Armin hung up before listening to the rest of the message.

Immediately, he tried to call again. Maybe Eren had misplaced his phone and had been fumbling around to find it. Maybe he was in the shower and was just getting out to answer it. There could have been many reasons as to why he didn't answer his phone.

"Yoooo, it's Eren Jaeger and I'm too busy to take your ca-"

Armin hung the phone up again. He sighed, and gave it one more try.

"Yoooo, it's Eren Jaeger and I'm too busy to take your call. Leave me a message and maybe I'll call ya back later." BEEP.

He let the message play fully out and took a deep breath before speaking.

"Eren...? Maybe you're busy right now. I'm sorry to bother you. Um... Well," his voice cracked nervously. "I wanted to talk about everything that happened earlier... I hope you're doing okay. If you want to talk to me then I'm borrowing Marco's phone, the one we met at the aquarium. You don't have to... but um... Again, I'm sorry to bother yo-" his voice was cut off by the long, loud beep signifying that his time to leave a message was over.

Slowly moving the phone from his ear and ending the call, Armin handed the phone back to Marco. "Thank you for letting me use it." he smiled meekly.

"He didn't answer, huh?" Marco's eyebrows slumped downwards in concern. "I'm sure he just has his hands full at the moment. He'd answer you right away otherwise."

Armin nodded his head, doing his best to believe in Marco's word. "I just hope that he's okay."

"He's fine, and he'll call back when he can. I'll wake you up right away if he calls during the night, alright?"

"Thank you, Marco."

"Now," Marco stood from the couch and brushed off his jeans. He felt a slightly numbness in his thighs from sitting for so long and patting them quietly. "It's gotten pretty late, so you ought to get some sleep after the day you've had."

Grabbing a rolled up blanket from the end of the couch, Marco unwrapped it and draped it over Armin's shoulders. "If you feel upset or can't quite sleep, then feel free to wake me or Jean up and we'll keep you company."

His body unconsciously moving on it's own, Armin lifted his arms up and wrapped them around Marco's neck. Cheek-to-cheek, Armin could feel his own face burning up with embarrassment, as he hadn't fully processed what or why he'd suddenly embraced the other boy. Whether it was because he missed Eren so much, or because he felt so grateful to Marco in that moment- he was unsure. Perhaps both were contributing factors. Despite whatever deep reasoning he had for it, he shocked even himself with his impulsive movement.

Unexpectedly, Marco wrapped his arm around Armin's small back and gave him a firm, warm squeeze in response. The embrace felt nostalgic somehow- like the same hug that an older brother would give, despite Armin not having any siblings of his own. He concluded that Marco just had a very trusting and inviting vibe.

"Good night, Armin." Marco said as he pulled away from the hug.

Armin lowered his arms, and curled up in the blanket he'd been given. "Good night, Marco."

Armin was awoken suddenly the next morning by a heavy pounding beneath where he was laying. When he opened his sleepy eyes, the first sight he saw was of a frumpy looking Jean with messy bed hair.

"Wh..Wha...?" Armin managed to mumble.

"Time for breakfast." Jean announced. "You're a surprisingly heavy sleeper, by the way."

Armin propped himself up with his elbows and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Through his cloudy vision, he watched as Jean walked back to the kitchen portion of the room and grabbed a pan from the stove top. He began dishing some kind of food off onto plates, but it was hard to tell what it was exactly.

It took a moment for Armin to fully sit up and get himself awake. After yawning into his hand, he inhaled a large breath of air and suddenly the inviting aroma of breakfast reached his nose. Eggs, toast and... something cheese-y?

A moment later Jean entered the room and handed a plate to Armin. Looking at it closer, he could see that breakfast was a curious mix of toasted bread, scrambled eggs, and a heaping portion of macaroni and cheese.

Shortly after, Marco brought over three mugs of tea, and set them down before taking a seat beside Armin. "Did you sleep well?" he asked, shoving some of his own food into his mouth.

Armin, with a spoonful of macaroni in his mouth quickly nodded his head. He swallowed back before responding, "I'm still a bit sleepy, I guess, but it was nice."

"That's good." Marco hummed.

The rest of the meal was spent in silence. Although Armin didn't feel very hungry, he still forced himself to down his entire plate, leaving only a bit of crust from his toast behind. He finished off his tea fairly easily and then took a deep breath. He hadn't realized it, but somewhere along the way, he felt as if he had gained his energy back.

After eating, Marco suggested that showering might help Armin feel a bit better as well, so he decided to give it a try. The water felt incredibly refreshing against his skin, and he stood in the shower for a long time, reflecting on past events.

Naturally, Eren was the strongest force in his thoughts. He hadn't returned his call, and it was unusual for Eren to be away from his phone for any longer than an hour at a time. It made Armin incredibly worried to think about- what if he got into a fight and it was more than he could handle? Worse yet, what if he were seriously injured lying in the gutter somewhere... or even, dead.

Armin quickly shook his head, trying to erase all negative thoughts from his head. It couldn't have been possible. Eren managed to make his way through everything somehow. It's one of the things Armin admired about him so much, after all.

That's right. Eren had to be fine. He was probably just still angry- and rightfully so.

Having made up his mind, Armin got out of the shower and put on a fresh set of clothing. He dried his hair with his towel and then brushed through it with his fingertips before using a real hairbrush to finish off the job.

The first person he encountered after leaving the bathroom was Jean, who was pacing around in the living room area.

"Hey kid," he greeted, not looking up from the ground. "I've got to go to the store later. You wanna come?"

Taken aback by the sudden invitation, Armin slowly nodded his head. "S...Sure, yeah."

"Cool. Be ready soon, then."

It was only a little over an hour later when Jean re-entered the room, telling Armin it was time to go. Although still unsure as to why he'd asked for his company, Armin slipped on his shoes and followed just a few steps behind him.

Jean was like an endless record on loop as they walked to the store. He spoke a lot, and about silly things. He'd often repeat things he said at the beginning of the conversation, and without realizing it, continue to say essentially what he'd said only moments ago. Though Armin didn't particularly mind listening to him ramble on about his college adventures, and so on.

Without warning, Jean suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned his head back to look at Armin. "Hey, what's your last name?"

Armin stopped walking and stared up at Jean with a raised eyebrow. "Arlert, why?"

"Huh. That's why." Jean answered, as he pointed his finger forward.

Following the direction in which his finger pointed, Armin noticed a curiously placed sign in the front window of the store. In bold letters at the top, the name "ARMIN ARLERT" was clearly printed.

Taking a few steps forward, Armin could see that more writing followed his name. Beginning to read the letter, he began to realize who had left it there.

'My phone is broken, so I'm sorry if you tried to call me and thought I was ignoring you. I know you said you were going home, but Reiner said he saw you at 'that place,' but when I went there, you were already gone. Maybe you went home after- but I doubt that because he saw you with some guy on a motorcycle. I don't know who he is- or if you'll even see this, but I want to see you and talk about everything. I don't know where you are, and you probably don't know where I am, but I figured you'd probably come here at some point.

Anyway, I want to see you, and I don't know if you want to see me but if you do then we can meet. I'll be waiting for you for three different days. I'll be at that place 'over the hills and far away' from 9am-3pm until Friday. If you don't show up then, I'll take the hint that you don't want to see me (or that you just didn't see this, I guess...) I would put the address I'm staying at, but as this is public, I don't think it would be a good idea.

I hope I can see you soon,

P.S. I know you must be angry at me, but please consider meeting with me anyway. I'm worried about you.'

After finishing the letter through once, Armin quickly scanned it again and then once more after that.

"From your boyfriend, huh?" Jean asked, startling Armin, who had been so absorbed in the letter that he had forgotten he was there. "He's making things so complicated, why doesn't he just put the address of where he's staying?"

Armin quickly grabbed onto the letter and pulled it down so that he could hold it. "Well, people might make fun of him for writing this and then egg the house he's staying at or something."

Jean laughed quietly. "True. I'd probably do that."

"What time is it now?" Armin furrowed his eyebrows at the letter. "I think that I've already missed the first day..."

Looking at the time displayed on his phone screen, Jean announced, "It's four."

"Just by an hour..." Armin sighed. "I guess I'll try to meet with him tomorrow, then."

"You're actually going to go?"

"Well, yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I?"

Jean shrugged his shoulder. "He was kind of an ass, wasn't he?"

Continuing to stare down at the note in his hands, Armin shook his head. "No... I have to go because I'm the one who needs to apologize."

It was around nine when Armin woke up the next morning. He had intended to wake up sooner, but since he'd been up so late the night before thinking about what he wanted to say to Eren, he ended up waking up much later than planned.

He quickly scrambled to get himself ready. Jean was gone to class for the day, and Marco appeared to still be asleep. Armin made sure to leave a small note behind explaining where he was going and when he planned to be back.

The distance from the apartment to the ocean was a bit too long to walk, so Armin concluded that taking the bus would be the best option, especially considering how he'd overslept so much. Luckily, he had just enough change for a ride, and was glad that he wouldn't have to trouble Marco to borrow any.

Much to Armin's surprise, the bus was surprisingly full. He took a seat at the front, by a lean, brunette person with a friendly smile. He smiled briefly at them, to be polite, but did not for even a second consider the reaction it would set off.

"Where are you headed to, stranger?" they grinned widely from ear-to-ear, revealing a set of surprisingly crooked and white teeth.

"Oh, um," Armin smiled awkwardly while twiddling his thumbs nervously. "The ocean. How about you?"

"How lovely! I heard it's supposed to rain this afternoon, though. I hope that that doesn't put a damper on your plans." The stranger responded with too much enthusiasm, completely ignoring his question.

Armin half-smiled as he tucked his hair behind his ear. "Y...Yeah. I hope so too."

The conversation had ended there, but the silence that followed it was just as awkward. It felt like the air was growing thinner, in such a small space, with so many strangers. Regardless of this, Armin took long, deep breaths and held on to them, exhaled as he counted to 8 in his mind, then repeated. A simple, but effective method he used when feeling his anxiety on the rise.

Ten minutes into the bus ride, he could feel his body finally relaxing as a result of his breathing exercises. Briefly he closed his eyes, imagining the soothing waves of the ocean in front of his eyes, the reflection they would create against Eren's bright eyes as he turned to see Armin, and the warmth of his embrace overpowering the coldness of the ocean airs.

It was at that point that his vision was quickly cut off by the abrupt and ear-shattering bang of the bus swerving, and colliding with an oncoming car. The buzz of noise surrounding was sudden, and overwhelming. The screams of people in the streets, the honking of cars, the skidding of tires avoiding the collision, the gasps of the passengers on the bus, and the driver himself cursing underneath his breath as he quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and left the bus in a hurry.

The sudden movement of the bus had caused Armin's seating neighbour to jerk into him suddenly. They laughed quietly, the only sound of enjoyment around, and smiled. "Sorry about that. That caught me by surprise." they mumbled, with a snicker.

People from the back of the bus had started to swarm towards the front in an attempt to catch a glance at what was happening.

Feeling his breaths getting shorter and more restrained, Armin gripped on his chest and began heaving quietly.

"Hey, are you okay?" his seating partner questioned quietly, so as not to attract any unnecessary attention.

Armin nodded his head slowly, although he wasn't quite sure of his own condition. He had never had a panic attack before, but for some reason, he felt certain that he'd been on the brink of one for the entire day. The added trouble of a bus crash certainly wasn't helping his case.

Before he could answer in words, the bus driver quickly returned to the bus and ushered everybody back to their seats.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems that we'll be stuck here for some time." he announced, his face looked as if it had been drained of it's colour. He wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief and then sat back in his seat. "Please, everybody, remain seated until we've gained permission to move again."

As expected, the news seemed to be anything but good, which did little to ease Armin's feelings of panic.

"Hey. Lets switch seats so that you can breathe out the window." The brunette stranger insisted.

With little energy to argue, Armin agree'd and swapped seats. He lifted his face and propped his chin on the bottom of the window, taking in a deep breath, holding it, exhaling it while counting to eight, and repeated.

"So, I never caught your name?" the brunette smiled quietly as Armin settled into his seat finally.

Armin stared for a moment before meekly answering, "It's Armin. What's yours?"

"Ohh, how unique." the brunette exclaimed. "My name is Hanji Zoe. It looks like we'll be stuck here for some time, so we might as well talk a little bit, hm?"

Nodding his head slowly, a sudden thought occurred to Armin. "N...No, wait. What time is it, do you know?"

Rolling up their sleeve, Hanji glanced at their watch briefly before answering, "It's quarter to one now."

"What?" Armin whimpered in shock. "How long do you think we'll be here for?"

"It depends on the damage, really." Hanji began to explain. "Lets say it's just a small bump and nobody is injured, it'll probably still take around an hour to get moving. But if there's a lot of damage, or worse yet, major injury or death, then we could be stuck here for a few hours."

"Oh God, I hope that it's not anything nearly that bad." Armin murmured in horror.

Of course I don't want anybody to be hurt or dead, and I especially don't want Eren to miss meeting me for the second day in a row. He must think this is my way of rejecting him...

"Well, I'm sure it's fine. Ah! The police are here!" Hanji announced louder than expected, attracting the attention of many passengers who stared out the window in response.

Following the sets of police cars was an ambulance and fire truck. A policeman who exited his car hurried over and knocked on the bus door. He firmly ordered the driver to come outside for a moment, and the nervous driver immediately listened to the command.

It was hard to distinguish their exact words, but Armin could pick up a little bit on what they were saying.

"...move... bus... responding...dead..."

Armin gulped quietly. "D...Did you hear that...?" he whispered to Hanji. "They said dead... Do you think someone died..?"

"Not yet, we can't be sure." Hanji attempted to re-assure him. "After all, the men are just getting out of the ambulance now, see? They haven't confirmed any deaths or injuries yet."

"Right, right." Armin nodded his head along to convince himself. " They mentioned a boy... a pedestrian... I hope he's not hurt... Well, I mean...I hope that nobody is hurt." he continued to mumble as he nervously bit his thumb.

"You look pale." Hanji commented, elbows propped on their knees as they rested their chin in their hands.

"I'm just a bit worried, I guess... This doesn't look very good." Armin answered quietly.

"Are you worried that you won't make it to the ocean today? There's always tomorrow." Hanji attempted to encourage him.

Armin took a few deep breaths and then shrugged his shoulders. "My boyfriend is waiting for me... So I don't want him to wait too long. Also... This pedestrian boy thing is making me feel a little bit uneasy..."

"Oh. You're worried it might be him?" Hanji asked. "Well, I'm sure it isn't... I mean, we don't even know the details yet. Of course it could be- but hell, don't assume anything yet!"

Although hesitant to do so, Armin listened to Hanji's advice and did his best not to worry. Regardless of what he tried to think about, thoughts of Eren would quickly come flooding back into his mind. It just couldn't be helped.

What if Eren, frustrated with Armin's lack of absence, went storming down the streets on his way home, and was so blinded by his fury that he accidentally walked into oncoming traffic? Worse yet, what if he was so heart broken that he purposely ran into traffic in an attempt to take his own life?

No. No. No. Eren would never do that. Never. That's not something Eren would do. Eren is okay, and he's at the ocean. He's probably angry- but he'd never jump into traffic over it.

Of course... accidents still happen.

No! No! It couldn't be. There's no way. Eren is more careful than that.

Armin did nothing but consume himself with thoughts of constant denial.

What has felt like an eternity later, the bus driver returned to his seat. He was quiet for a moment, and the entire bus held their breath in anticipation of any news about what was going on.

"Well, I imagine you've all realized it by now by a car collided with us." The bus driver announced to the silent passengers. "If anybody on this bus experienced an injury, please come inform me about it. "

Nobody moved.

"I'll assume that we got lucky, then. I'm not so sure about the others... They seem to have some injury." The driver announced nervously, wiping another bead of sweat from his forehead.

Leaning in towards Armin, Hanji whispered quietly, "Maybe somebody really is dead. I've never seen a dead body before. Would it be wrong to ask if I could go check it out?"

"H-Hanji..!" Armin squeaked quietly. "That's horrible. What if somebody really is dead..?"

"Right. It might be the only time in my life that this opportunity comes around." Hanji stated. Although their words sounded like a joke, they wore a serious expression.

"Well, if we're allowed to leave then I want to go too." Armin sighed.

Just to check. To make sure Eren's not there of course.

"Why don't we then?!" Hanji's eyes glistened with excitement at the thought. "Excuseee me! Mr. Driver!"

The driver slowly turned to face the two, looking troubled, possibly anticipating the announcement of an injury. "What is it..?" he asked, hesitantly.

"My little brother here has to go potty." Hanji explained, pointing a finger at Armin, whose face immediately burnt up into a bright red at the accusation. "I don't think he can hold it anymore. This really isn't good for him... Y'see... He sort of has this sensitive bladder and if we don't go to a bathroom soon, it's going to be everywhere, and honestly, that would be an awfully big mess for you to clean."

The bus driver gulped nervously. "I really... I don't know if I can let you go yet. I'll have to see." he murmured as he exited the bus in a rush.

"S-Sensitive bladder? Really?" Armin grumbled quietly.

"It was that or nervous diarrhea." Hanji smiled in amusement. "Anyway we can go see if it's your boyfriend that got hit or not."

A few moments later, the driver returned. "Alright, listen everybody." he stated. "You're all free to leave at this point, if you'd like. If you still need to arrive to your destination, you're welcome to stay. It's three-twenty now, and we should be moving again in about an hour or so."

After receiving permission to leave, many people began to file off of the bus. At the front of the group were Hanji and Armin, who had hoped to get a glimpse of the scene. Unfortunately for them, too many officers and cars surrounded the scene and they were quickly herded away from the immediate scene.

"I'm so disappointed." Hanji sighed. "Looks like we won't get to see a dead body today."

Armin furrowed his eyebrows. "That kind of worries me, but I'm a little relieved too."

"Just watch the news tonight, and you'll find out more about this." Hanji smiled, as they gave Armin a pat on the shoulder. "I must be going now. Lets meet in a plane crash next time!"

With that, the odd stranger from the bus was gone, but a strong feeling of worry and impending doom remained strong in Armin's heart.

There was only one more day for Armin to potentially meet up with Eren, and he prayed, with every ounce of his being, that Eren was safe and would be there to see him.