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Harry Potter and Yet Another Version of His Hogwarts Years

I place more emphasis on Harry's abuse before Hogwarts and more emphasis of what I think an abused boy who lived under those circumstances would be like when he first finds out he's a wizard, including bringing all his baggage with him and dealing with it the way an abused boy would, instead of Harry behaving like he had a normal childhood, because abused children don't do that. This alters how he deals with the magical world when he first gets introduced to it. Also makes his personality different, and his story unfolds differently because of it.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter was abused his entire childhood at the Dursley's.

He was beaten constantly, almost drowned a few times, malnourished and unhealthy.

He grew up to be afraid of his own shadow. He was conditioned to hate, fear, and distrust all adults and authority figures, and most other kids.

He swore that someday when he was big enough he would kill Vernon Dursley for the things he'd done to him and the things he'd forced him to do. Maybe his aunt too for letting him, and possibly Dudley for being his lead tormenter at all other times.

He had no idea magic existed or that he had any kind of future at all that didn't involve delivering hard earned justice to his so-called family.

The local gang kids that he tried to hang around with, who were the only ones that even let him near them, said he couldn't be in the gang until he was 12. It was their rule.

Harry knew that his uncle kept a shotgun and where it was. He wondered if he'd be big enough to use that when he was twelve too. His eleventh birthday was fast approaching and he finally had something to look forward to, he was making plans for his twelfth.

"I'll show them all," he thought, "and then I will finally be free."

So it was that according to the story we all know, Harry had the strange snake incident at the zoo and learned he could talk to snakes. He kept that to himself. Then the owls came, then Hagrid came.

Harry wasn't sure he wanted to go anywhere with this Hagrid character either but anywhere is better than the Dursley's, so he went along to see what that crazy wizard shit was all about.

When they met the goblins and Harry learned he had money and an inheritance and that this man and some Dumbledore character possessed his key and kept it from him all this time, he was furious. But, he kept his cool in front of this giant clown. He would circle back to ask more questions when he was clear of him.

After Hagrid left Harry with his bus fare home, he just waited for Hagrid to clear out then he went right back to Gringotts to ask to see a goblin again. Which he did. And he found out that he could not take out more than ten thousand galleons per year and that two thousand would go to the school automatically for his annual tuition, but the other eight thousand galleons (equal to forty thousand pounds) he could do with as he pleased. Then after he was seventeen he would have access to the rest which was then in total almost eight hundred thousand galleons (or four million pounds). Harry was shocked. He knew he could afford to live on his own for forty thousand pounds per year.

No more Dursley's. He knew it wouldn't be that simple though, he'd have to be sneaky about it.

So he kept asking questions and found that they could sell him a mokeskin money pouch with an undetectable expansion charm that they could also charm feather light for him. He got that and took out six thousand galleons and the other two thousand galleons as five thousand pounds.

Pressing his luck he asked if they knew of any way a kid his age could find a place to live in the magical world, like an apartment or something, without people asking questions because he was a kid. He said he was abused by his relatives and didn't want to live with them anymore, but also didn't want that Hagrid or his friend Dumbledore or anyone else really to know anything about what he's doing and where he's living.

That gave the goblin teller named Grimtooth a huge grin and he said for a small fee of fifty galleons he would personally take him on his break to see someone he knew in a place called Knockturn Alley that could fix him right up. Inwardly Grimtooth thought 'won't this wrinkle the beard of that old goat.'

Harry did a little shopping while waiting for Grimtooth's break. He went back to the shop he bought his trunk from and found out he could exchange the plain trunk he bought for another magical one that had three holds instead of just the one. The first would be the same space as a normal trunk. The other two spaces were basically just two empty fourteen by fourteen foot rooms.

The shopkeeper said that some of the richer kids who got those would often use one room for a library and small study room and the other room for extra storage of whatever they wanted, like Quiddich gear and what have you. He could trade in his current trunk plus two hundred fifty galleons to get the upgrade, and for another one hundred fifty galleons, he would add three runes, one for shrinking/growing, one for featherweight on/off, and the other for access security tied to him alone. He paid the additional four hundred galleons for the full upgrades. They had many more elaborate magical trunks but he thought this would do for starters. He also stopped by a muggle clothing store real quick to get a better fitting set of clothes and shoes, and a ball-cap to hide his scar. He knew he was famous even if he barely understood why and the last thing he wanted was to be recognized.

After that was done Harry returned to meet with Grimtooth on his break who took him to see his friend Fryer, the owner of the Bottomless Flask, an Inn and Bar that was deep within the Knockturn Alley district.

Since Grimtooth was sponsoring him, they got to meet privately with Mr. Fryer without anyone catching any interest. Grimtooth explained who Harry was and the kind of discretion he was looking for. He was shocked that the boy-who-lived would be in his place of all people. So Harry explained some of his life with the Dursley's, to the growling dismay of Grimtooth and the scowling dismay of Mr. Fryer.

"Mr. Potter, while it is true that Knockturn Alley caters to the seedier element in the magical world, I want to re-assure you that not all of us here are dark, and most certainly not all followers of you-know-who. With the story you've just shared I can understand why you would want nothing to do with that hypocrite holier than though Dumbledore and his lot or even the Ministry." said Fryer.

"So, yes. I will put you up here and for my part help keep you hidden from prying eyes. Although I must say I don't know how long you can truly stay hidden from their lot if they go looking for you. I will introduce you to a couple more of my shall we say compatible friends and see if we can help teach you how to stay hidden if that's what you want." said Fryer.

"Thank you Mr. Fryer." said Harry.

"Just call me Fryer for now on." Fryer replied.

Mr. Fryer agreed to give Harry room and board for one thousand galleons per year. He would get the smallest room, and he didn't eat much, and he would only be there during the summer holidays anyway. Plus, he was doing a service to the boy-who-lived. He could give him a break. He would have a house elf bring most of his meals to his room since it wouldn't help for Harry to be seen in the inn very often and he allowed Harry the use of his private back entrance to get in and out for the same reasons.

The next day Mr. Fryer introduced Harry to another friend who knew how to help people stay underground as it were, although this was the first time he was doing this for a kid. But he was recommended by Grimtooth and Fryer, so even though he was the boy-who-lived, he would help him out, and he would also be the last person Harry would casually give his real name to while he was operating incognito.

For one thousand galleons the man, Mr. Swift, worked up a full package of magical false ID for him. This would not pass muster with the goblins, but for casual encounters in the magical and all in the muggle world, he would blend in easily.

First was a charmed ring that gave Harry the glamoured appearance of an eighteen year old young man with blue eyes, sandy brown hair, no scar, and different shaped eyes, jaw line, nose, and chin. Another ring that would alter Harry's voice to match his glamoured age, and a muggle drivers license with the name Giles Kerr. Swift told him to use it only for ID purposes until he actually was old enough and learned to drive. It identified his muggle post address as the one used by the Bottomless Flask Inn in case he needed to receive muggle post mail, and he transferred the owl trace to a secure post office box at the public owl post office that would magically and automatically forward mail to him at the Inn.

Finally, he supplied him an untraceable wand so that Harry could practice and use magic and not be seen in his alternate ID using his primary wand that people would soon learn to someday associate with him. He then spent a few hours tutoring Harry on how to use those things and how to manage his circumstances to swap between both ID's with relative ease while maintaining his cover, and how to use the knight bus to get around until he was older.

Thanking him, Harry donned his Giles persona and ventured into the muggle world to establish a bank account and got an ATM card in his name in which he deposited his five thousand pounds.

Of course while doing all of that and establishing some freedom of movement with his secret identity, he didn't realize that Dumbledore had blood wards and other monitors tied to him at the Dursley's. It wouldn't be a problem in the near term but eventually it would be. It actually never occurred to him that anyone other than the Dursley's would give a single damn what happened to him, and then only because they would miss their servant and their punching bag.

In any case, Harry improved his muggle wardrobe a bit more and being a kid bought some toys and other fun stuff. He was disappointed to find out that he couldn't use electronics at the Inn because they didn't have electricity installed there. He was starting to think the magical people were all barbarians the way they lived and dressed. Oh well, it was still by far the best gig he ever had so far. Hell, he even got to eat regularly and his bruises were starting to fade without new ones to go on top.

He went shopping at the bookstores in both Alley's and did make a start on the new mini-library in his trunk. Being new to magic he didn't really understand much of it and still wasn't sure he was ready to believe some of it, especially potions (mix eye of a what and the tongue of that, and some of what and stir backwards, what the actual hell?) but he went ahead and bought a full set of all seven years Hogwarts books for all subjects including electives, plus the first year mastery levels of each subject that had them...just to get the library up to snuff. That set him back another six hundred fifty galleons.

Then he bought some obscure books on rarer subjects at the bookstore in Knockturn Alley. He found a tome on the lost art of wandless magic, a primer on the mind arts, and a rare book on parseltongue. At first Harry didn't believe it himself, a book written in snake language? It turned out that the descriptions and instructions were written in English but charmed so only a parseltongue could read it, and it included charmed images of moving snakes that would recite the actual spells in parseltongue for him. The pages of the book just looked like pictures of snakes and garbled text in the hands of a non parselmouth.

Harry figured that was enough spending for now, he'd used more than half his annual allowance of galleons already when you subtracted Hogwarts tuition. But with that he had private lodging and board for a year.

He spent the rest of the summer reading, practicing, and in his Giles persona wandering around the Alleys and Hogsmeade. From the Boy-Who-Lived books, he found out about his first home and where his parents were buried and visited Godric's Hollow.

About a week into his new life he put back on his scraps and returned to the Dursley's to let them know that the school was going to put him up year round from then on, so they would not need to worry about him anymore. They were glad to be rid of him. He was far more glad to be rid of them.

Hogwarts Year 1

During the train ride he rejected all offers of company and friendship. He didn't believe in it and was even less interested in people who went on about the boy-who-lived this and scars-that when they first met him.

When the sorting hat put him in Slytherin, Harry didn't argue with it. Dumbledore and many others were disappointed. He noticed he already didn't meet some peoples self deluded expectations of him. He thought they could all go Eff themselves.

When he saw Quirrelmort his budding new Occlumency shields kept him from feeling any pains in his scar, so he noticed nothing more strange about the man than anyone else.

In his first class with Snape, he got the whole 'new celebrity' treatment and answered the first two questions correctly. Snape told him to try harder but took no points, not from his own house he wouldn't. Harry felt a light brush against his Occlumency shields but no one got in. He figured it must've been Snape. He needed to keep an eye out for that one.

Draco tried again to make friends with him, but he told him to Eff off and go play circle jerk with his boyfriends. Draco tried to bully him into accepting him as the leader of Slytherin house because of who his Daddy was. Harry said he didn't care who his Daddy was or what mafia he led, just leave him out of it. He was there to do his seven years, graduate, and get the hell out of that backwards nuthouse. Draco just went away in a huff realizing he just couldn't get a rise out of the kid. At least not the kind he wanted. But, he got the point across and Potter more or less said he would stay out of his way, that's all that mattered.

On Halloween, a Troll somehow got lose in the school and Professor Quirell fainted in the middle of the Great Hall after announcing it. Harry went back to his dorm room as instructed. Later he heard that a Gryffindor girl named Hermione Granger almost got done in by the Troll while she was in the bathroom, except the teachers got there in time to save her.

Beside the regular school work which he was in the top ten of in all his classes, he began struggling with his self identity. He went from an abused muggle boy whose only aspiration was to join the local gang and get up the nerve to kill his uncle-to a magical boy who had maneuvered himself into some personal freedom and most importantly safety from the lunatic asylum he used to live in.

He wasn't sure what his goals should be or what he wanted to do or who he wanted to be when he grew up. He never used to actually think he would live long enough to be grown up. He wasn't lying to Malfoy when he said he planned to do his seven and get out. So far that was the only thing that made sense. So he figured he had seven years to figure it out.

During Christmas someone left him his fathers cloak. Given the message it was certainly one of the faculty. His money was on Dumbledore since he had his vault key too. What other family possessions had this man stolen or kept from him? It was the only gift he got and ironically it was rightfully his to begin with. Harry added that to the list with the vault key, a mystery that still needed to be solved someday.

Unfortunately for Dumbledore, Harry did not use the cloak to explore the castle and find the mirror, nor did he take any interest in Quirrelmort or the stone.

Harry did not bother with Malfoy or Longbottom's rememberall and was not the youngest whatever in a century.

At the end the year Dumbledore had to confront and defeat Voldemort himself, Harry never even knew anything happened.

Throughout the year Dumbledore never even came up with a justifiable reason to meet alone with the boy.

Harry enjoyed his summer, going around as Giles Kerr, out to the movies and other ordinary fun stuff he never got to do before and continued to study and practice magic.

During the school year during breaks Harry spent some personal time learning several parseltongue spells, one good thing was that all of them were wandless. So, learning how to cast those verbally with no wand movements helped him pick up wandless magic faster in general, even for ordinary spells since he was learning and getting used to the feeling of connecting with his magic without the external focus.

He nailed his Occlumency with a parseltongue spell that he found that locked his mind utterly to anyone who did not know his parseltongue password. That said it also prevented Imperious because that spell could not find its target, his mind.

Another useful spell allowed him to mask his unique magical signature to prevent scrying and tracking, even from blood wards (or Phoenixes). He implemented those two immediately since they were so useful to his hiding. With those now he could walk right by Dumbledore while he was actively using magic to find him and he would never know Harry was right there.

The other two he still needed to practice since they took more focus and concentration, was a parseltongue summoning spell which really teleported an object directly to him, an object didn't have to break free of its confines, find open doors or windows and fly from point one to the other like an Accio required.

And the other was his first look at battle magic, a formidable shield spell, more powerful than Protego for stopping foreign magic, but did not rebound a spell, instead it stripped it of its component properties and absorbed part of the raw magic, strengthening the shield. The only thing he couldn't stop directly at that point was a Killing Curse. But he knew from his reading that it could be blocked with solid objects to take the hit for him, so he vowed to learn more about transfiguration and conjuration to aid in that.

Other than that he only learned the normal first year curriculum so far, and he had been practicing those spells wandlessly. The book he got on wandless magic had advice for any student with this aptitude which was to practice all new spells learned in school each year wandlessly during the summer. Therefore by the time he graduated he would be able to perform all the spells he learned either way he wanted.

Around mid summer the blood wards on Privet drive had weakened enough to raise the alarm, which caused a nosy self-possessed and conceited Headmaster chock-full of secret agendas to go investigate the Dursley's.

Dumbledore found Harry was no longer living there of course, learned about the lie that Harry told them about being put up by the school year round and that he had not been there at all since Hagrid took him, except about a week before school started to tell them that lie.

He informed them that Harry was lying and told them that when he found him, he would bring him home.

They told him they would rather he didn't, to keep him or give him to someone else if he wanted. They had gotten quite used to their normal life without the brat and would be quite happy if he never returned.

He impressed upon them that Harry's presence protected both Harry and their family from Voldemort's old followers who would certainly come after them if they knew where they lived. Dumbledore's blood ward protections ensured that as long as Harry was there and called it home, all the occupants of the house were safe.

No one mentioned the point that if Harry were never there in the first place the Dursley's would never have been in any more danger than any other muggle living in England.

Unknown to Harry at first, a bit of a manhunt was secretly arranged by Dumbledore relying on his closest friends from his old crowd. He wasn't about to alert the Ministry to this issue, certainly not the press. Harry had attended Hogwarts after all and was doing well and behaving himself even if he was aloof, dismissive and a loner. The only thing really wrong was that he wasn't returning to his work release prison as assigned by Dumbledore himself each year. He had nothing he could say against Harry except that he 'ran away from home' and he suspected if his 'home life' were to be inspected that would not serve his master plan or his own career all that well. So he was walking around on eggshells while doing that.

Dumbledore knew that if he didn't get Harry back before end of summer there would not be enough left of his mothers protection to recast the wards. So time was already short.

Harry went blissfully unaware of this fact for several weeks until one Mundungus Fletcher started doing his bit for Dumbledore by sniffing out the underground. Which led him to one of his contacts, Fryer at the Bottomless Flask Inn.

Harry overheard that conversation himself since he had taken to sitting around the lounge area just people watching and listening while sipping butter-beers in his Giles persona. As a young pre-teen, he found he was learning quite a lot about the facts of life just sitting there and observing.

When Dung left, Harry sidled up to the bar speaking to Fryer who said "I guess you heard all that huh?" to which Harry nodded and said "yeah."

"Well good then I don't have to repeat it." said Fryer with a grin. "Watch yourself."

Harry didn't know what to make of it. He had no idea why the Headmaster of his school would be tracking his whereabouts. It was also sad to know that if Dumbledore were responsible for him and he'd really gone missing that he'd be dumb enough to spread the word about that in the underground himself. Oh well, he had already concluded that most wizards and witches were idiots and sheep.

Harry watched his back more than usual.

Dumbledore's Phoenix had no luck finding Harry, which spooked him badly.

Harry received his Hogwarts letter for start of term, with a portkey and tracking charm stripped from the letter by the owl post office. He spent most of his time chilling in the muggle world after that.

He visited Gringotts and took out his normal annual allotment of ten thousand galleons which, he divided same as the previous year. After allowing for Hogwarts, paying Fryer, and topping off his school supplies, and making another deposit at Barclays, he now had seven thousand five hundred and five galleons and nine thousand pounds freed from lock-up as he had come to think of the fact that he could only touch so much of his own money each year. He was just optimizing how much of it he could get and keep out of other peoples hands and into his own until he could access all of it.